Zu Mein Mameh

(Posted by Kaminetsky)

(In Yiddish)
To My Mother,

I have arrived at the frontlines of the Greek Islands today alongside the British Colonials from the Pacific. They seem quite similar to the Scottish troops from my childhood. Many others are here as well from across the world, some from places I have only read of. I believe that the men here have had some great difficulty since their arrival, though things seem relatively calm now.

Tonight I was sent on my first mission with the other troops. I have drawn Turkish blood on their own sands, mameh. More bothersome than this however, is the lack of sad feeling I have for my work. More than anything, I cannot help but wonder if my actions here flow all the way back to you in Tiberias. I pray to Hashem that the minions of the Sultan do now exact revenge upon you unknowingly for my actions.

Baruch Hashem,

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