Zoya Novikova

Zo Very Zoya!

Zoya is a young woman who is fairly intelligent. She is the daughter of a merchant who deals in seeds and grows plants for sale. To that end, she herself is an aspiring botanist and there's no one really better to ask about what to grow, when or all sorts of herbal remedies.

She was called back from University to help her family though and now works in the surplus store, helping dole out well, surplus. She's a cheerful, irrepressible presence who would happily share a blanket or crust of bread. But when the subject moves to her family, she is deliberately vague and quiet. They probably evacuated without her in a hurry. She was the poor kid left on the bus stop and in a sad turn, the trend continues. Funny how amidst all the carnage in Stalingrad something as simple as a forgotten kid happens. But all in all, Zoya is a smart kid whose heart seems (mostly) to be in the right place.

Rumor has it she speaks a second language, but doesn't seem too keen on revealing which. She also seems to get in trouble a lot for being the kid who asks too many questions, making bad puns or joking around. Her commissar impression (complete with finger 'stache) almost got her thumped a few times, and she is rumored to be the recipient of the second worst spanking at the local elementary school in the history of for putting flour in one of the teacher's scarves then running screaming claiming it was a ghost. So if you need a cousin, sister or what have you, feel free to poke Fischer or Novikova in game or via mail.

As for her stance on Communism, Zoya is a bit ambivalent veering towards neutral. She seems to be a good citizen for now though, likely out of concern for friends and the need to survive. She does have a devoted attitude towards her cousin and seems to think the world of her.

Fun Zoya Facts:

Zoya loves jokes. Loves them.

Zoya seems to have a fair knowledge of explosives. OoOoOO.

Zoya may or may not be related to Zod. But unlike Zod, there is a Zoya.

Zoya has a penchant for explosives. She tried sniping, but is sadly far too wriggly. She seems to be a decent shot though.

Zoya will not break you.

Zoya always seems to make a careful distinction between Fascist and German.

RP Hooks

  • Novikova works helping sell surplus plants, veggies and seeds. Let me know if you'd like in as a worker or someone interested in something like that.
  • Need an impish, irreverent relative? No problem!
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