Yulia Morozova
Yulia Morozova
Portrayed By Veronica Lake(!)
Gender Female
Age 25
Aliases Comrade Nurse
Place of Birth Stalingrad, Russia
Occupation Nurse
Rank Comrade


Only child born to a factory worker and a seamstress in 1917 Tsaritsyn, now Stalingrad. When her parents were both killed in the Civil War, her "aunt" Olga, actually a distant family friend of her mother's, moved into their communal apartment to take care of Yulia — and for the living space. Yulia and Olga lived in one of the smallest apartments in the building.

As a member of the Young Pioneers until she was 15, Yulia grew up firm in Communist ideals. She eventually denounced Aunt Olga during a Young Pioneers rally, for 'anti-party activities'. With Aunt Olga out of the picture, a new roommate moved in, Anya, a student at the technical institute. Despite having very different schedules the two girls were on good terms and exchanged addresses when Anya moved out shortly before the siege. A Fedor Petrov from next door was also one of their friends.

While working, she took classes to become a nurse, and obtained a position at the public hospital a year or so before the war began.


Ice blonde hair crowns the top of this tall girl's head. Tall might be an understatement: she's one inch away from being a towering six feet. Her hair has two utilitarian styles, it seems: braided and draped over a shoulder, or pulled back into a severe bun.

Alert blue eyes are set below a pair of straight eyebrows so light they're almost invisible. Her skin itself is a pinkish pale due to being all too accustomed to living in the cold. Her broad shoulders loom above an otherwise narrow frame and her face has a usual expression of bland stolidity.


  • Is familiar with Maschenko, a physician, whom she has worked with at the hospital.
  • Though an adept and professional nurse, she thinks a little suffering is good for the soul.
  • Prefers to be occupied rather than idle.
  • Doesn't like cats (?)
  • Enjoys reading, swimming and has seen 3 movies in her life: Mother, The New Babylon (dragged to see by her aunt) and Circus.

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