Who Needs Ammo

Sonja takes hold of the hand, and peers at it. It seems pretty competently bandaged, though. "It itches?" she asks, and shakes her head. "It's healing as well as can be expected I think for a cut. Just needs a little more time. "

Valentin replies, "No, it just hurts a little. I'd go mad if it itched and I couldn't scratch it." He snickers, but then sighs at her last comment. "Expected. I'm not being useful, stuck here and doing nothing…" The pale Finn adds.

Sonja mms. "It really doesn't look all that bad to me. Just a deep cut. I've seen men go out with greater wounds than that, especially when they need is great.". Oho! Valentin not pulling his weight?

Pentti kicks off his skiis and puts them against the wall before stepping inside, happy as a Finn can be he tosses a somewhat heavy bag on the table before sitting down. "Better than to be outside and doing nothing", he tosses in a comment at Valentin.

Marko watches the nurse take care of val, he hmms and waits, keeps calm

Nurses always complain about patients sneaking out while they should be recovering. Now Valentin's being a good patient and it seems they -want- him to go out! Unbelievable. The farmer sighs and replies, "Well, I won't be very accurate out there if my hand starts hurting when I need to fire my rifle."

Sonja mms, and looks a bit doubtful at Valentin. "Well. I wouldn't really know, I don't fire rifles. But I do know its not a very serious injury, just a little cut.".

Valentin nods to Sonja. "I'll see what I can do if I go out this week." He says, moves over to one of the wooden chairs around and sits. Leaning back on his chair, he looks around and sighs. What a boring day.

Sonja smiles faintly at Valentin, and settles onto a stool, to ponder. She wouldnt be encouraging people out to fight normally. She ponders Erkki. He's got a scratch on the leg. He won't be allowed to go out.

Of course not. He's her fiancee, but this poor farmer can go out whenever he pleases. But obviously Valentin didn't hear her thoughts. He's busy with the playing cards at the moment, shuffling the deck over and over. At least it's good to keep the mildly injured hand doing something. It won't be of any use if it goes completely stiff.

"Hey Sonja, I got some more tea and a strainer." Pentti nods towards his bag, "I don't need it, so I'm willing to part with it for almost nothing."

Sonja perks a bit at that. So she wont have to eat tealeaves anymore? "Oh?". She eyes Pentti's spiv-bag. "What is… almost nothing?" she asks, and shifts a bit.

"Oh", Pentti shrugs his shoulder, "I guess you don't have any sugar? I could use some more of that. A dance with Emma the next time we have a break in battle? And a really sharp small knife, don't you doctor types have that?" He doesn't seem all that hopeful that Sonja will actually have something to trade with.

Sonja mmms. "Sugar? Well. I've not used all that bag you gave me. I don't like tea too sweet after all.". She gets up and heads over to her small pile of belongings, and digs out the sugar bag. Which is half full. "I don't know, a quarter of that, maybe?". While Pentti is left with the bag, she pulls out a puukko. As she has one too. "Mmm. I don't think I should really trade this. Its sharp though.".

"Half, and I'll find a smaller knife elsewhere" Pentti gets out the strainer and the tea and puts them on the table, gesturing at them, "You don't need more than that, do you?" He gets out a few cans of various Russian food-stuff. "These are also up on the market if someone feels for a change."

Sonja shakes her head. "Don't really have anything else to trade.". Other than the stuff Pentti already gave her out of the warmness of his icy heart. "You have something to put the sugar in? I'm not giving it all after all. I'll be alright with just the tea strainer.".

Valentin eventually gets bored of shuffling cards, which gradually tires him. Leaving the deck aside, he stands up and drifts over to his bed. "Going to get some sleep now, people. Have fun." He chuckles and lies down, shifting a little in place in order to get comfortable. Sooner than later, he falls asleep.

Marko shrugs and goes back to his bed, he lies down and watches the cieling.

Pentti gets out an almost empty bag of sugar, "Pour it in there." He looks around to see so nobody is watching before he gets out some morphine, "And take this, but don't tell anyone where it came from."

Sonja pours sugar into Pentti's bag, and then blinks at the ampoule. "Where did you get that from? The Russians?" she asks, surprised, and swiftly puts it away in Papa's bag.

Pentti grins a bit, "Those things come with a no questions asked price. But we need them and now we have them, right? Who knows how they ended up here." He holds up his hands and looks pretty innocent. "Maybe we won't have to waste vodka on surgery anymore."

Sonja ohs. "You heard about that?" she asks, and blushes a tinge, faintly sheepish at her butchering skills. "There was some morphine too. Just not much. He didn't seem in too much pain anyway, and today he's gone, so I guess he's better."

"Probably down in Pyyvaara, singing in the sauna if you got him drunk" Pentti takes a wild guess. "I hope we get a break in the action soon, then I'll be doing just that. To hell with the war, I'm sure it can go on even if I'm getting drunk."

Sonja ohs. "Thats a good point.". She reaches up to her face, doubtless still a bit stained from the blood spray Tuomas achieved the other day. "I could use a wash as well.". She glances around for Emma or Marja.

Neither of whom seem to be about, but Joona seems awake and aware at that precise moment. "I'm not playing bath-time escort again," the youth remarks with a light chuckle as he tilts his head away from the wall. "But if Pentti's buying, I'll happily get drunk too."

"You know who made it back from the road? After we went down close to Raatevaara." Pentti asks Sonja while looking around in the cabin. "The carpenter and his sister, that retarded one from down south. Worked with books? And, well, someone else manning the MG. I think that's it." He looks over towards Joona, "I'd be happy to sell you some."

Sonja blinks . "The carpenter and his sister? You mean, Markus and Ansa? Ansa's been wounded already, she goes out fighting." she enlightens. "I can make it there on my own this time I think." she tells Joona.

"Names here, names there, but are they back?" Pentti asks, fishing up a cigarette, well stocked with those now after the massacre. "They were digging down on the side of the road, but I got cold and had to get up and move. There was just so much snow around that I couldn't move wihout heading down on the road, lost sight of them after that."

"Wait… which one is retarded?" Joona asks, suddenly taking greater interest in this conversation. "I mean, the brother… thats obvious, but…" he trails off, a brow arched as he fishes out a box of wooden matches and tosses them Pentti-ward.

Sonja ohs. "Digging? Oh. Holes.". Smart, she is. "It's easy to get lost. I remember when they came to Raatevaara and I took Erkki's sled the wrong way.".

"The guy talking about books while hiding in the corner. From Paltamo?" Pentti answers Jonna first before looking back at Sonja, "The wrong way? How did you manage to go the wrong way? Where you on your way to Helsinki or Moscow?"

"I'd guess Moscow, if it were going to be the wrong way," Joona remarks, smirking a bit to himself as he watches the older pair go back and forth like this. "I can't think of a way being more wrong than that…"

Sonja frowns at that. "Well. We were supposed to go to Torevaara, I ended up almost going to Puras instead. There were Russians there apparently, so just as well we realised we were going the wrong way when we saw the road.".

"Erkkis horse would probably have kicked them out anyway." Pentti mutters. "And when is he going to be ready to fight?" He speaks up now to be sure that Sonja can hear him, "So far I've been hitting the trench and pretending to help him out while we have been out there, but back at the road we got a real awkward silence because I had traded my ammo for a cup of coffee with the Mister in charge of military things, and with no Erkki around to make noise that got spotted real soon."

Sonja ahs. "Well, I don't know. He's got quite a big wound to his leg." she replies gravely, with great seriousness. "And thats important, you need to be able to run after all. And ski. And, uh.". She eyes Pentti. "You gave away your bullets for a cup of coffee?".

Pentti nods at Sonja, "It's not like I ever hit anything, so I figured why not?" He rubs his nose, "And it was quite cold out there, nothing like a warm cup of coffee to get you back into things then, eh? Well, tea for you I guess."
Valentin has connected.

"Pentti's also a lover, not a fighter…" Joona remarks wryly as he begins going over his rifle's mechanism in an idle fashion. "Just ask Niko…" he mentions, grinning a bit to himself as he cleans an oils the firing mechanism of his rifle.

Sonja shakes her head at that. "Well. I hope the Russians do the same thing you do." she offers to Pentti. And then picks up her tea strainer! She may be covered in dried blood, but she's planning on using this sucker.

Pentti stands up and looks over at Erkki, "They don't like coffee as much." And with that he heads out the door and sets off down south.

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