These Dreams Are Made Of Plans

Luukas carefully makes his way inside, having taken a break outside checking the local area. His limp is slight, as if some bruising might still remain in his leg. There's a nod given, a simple one, to those he sees as he heads towards the stove.

Teppo has been fidgeting and restless all evening, and has finally found something to occupy his time. His rifle has been broken down into it's main components on a blanket and he is carefully cleaning and oiling each element in turn.

Luukas looks over as he pours some water into a pot, setting it atop the stove to heat up for tea or coffee. "Did you hear the word that's going 'round?" over to Teppo. "About that Russian bigshot officer coming to the Juntasranta hell-hole that the army wants killed?"

Teppo looks up, having to remove a carefully held screw from his mouth before he can answer. "No." he says, a simple answer to a question that seems to have piqued his interest. "Are they wanting to do the killing, or are they leaving it up to us, like that armoured car?" he asks, gruffness rather than bitterness is the weight to his words, although there's a certain
amount of grim pride in them too.

Luukas shakes his head as he stokes the fire up a bit in the stove. "I haven't heard the fellow speak directly, but it sounds like they want us to do it all ourselves. From forming a plan to getting our rears outta there once it's done." His eyes return to Teppo. "Sounds almost like a suicide task. Big Ivan's gonna have an armoured car there as his limo, with tanks on the call
nearby, most likely. At least a platoon or two of guards patrolling, with squads in guarding the lakeside and road. A rat's tail artillery piece has been moved into Juntasranta, they said, to add to that machine gun nest up there."

Teppo listens to Luukas, absently wiping down the detached bolt of his Mosin-Nagant with an oily rag. "Sounds like we could all get ourselves killed, eh? he says evenly. "You know if we're going to do it for them?" he adds, almost as if Luukas has said nothing at all about the improved security.

Luukas eyes Teppo, "I haven't heard anyone down here say anything more about it. But if I were to guess, I'd say yes. Someone will try." in a level voice, glancing to the pot of water to check if it's boiling.

Teppo gives the bolt one last swipe with the rag and slides it home, returning it to its correct channel, cycling it a few times to make sure the roughness is gone. "It would be good to see of their officers with his brains spread out on the snow." the hunter says, as if discussing a
favourite meal or pleasant memory. "I mean, the other day should have them wary, that….
That might freeze their piss. What's this bastards name, anyway?"

Valentin had been silently staring out the window for a while, looking at the desolate arctic landscape. Eventually, he decides to join the conversation of the other two men, at least to get informed on the apparent report that came in last night. Preferring not to have any of them
repeat the whole thing for him, he just asks, "Is there a written copy of this report? Sounds like a very tough mission…"

Luukas shakes his head, "They said his name, but I can't remember it. A Russian general." He quickly shakes his hand, a drop of boiling water having spilled over onto it, "Errh!" with a quick huff of his breath. "But he's a bigshot Ivan. Making his rounds inspecting their positions I think." Back over to Valentin, hearing his question. "Not that I know of, unless someone else wrote it down." and shrugs, "I didn't." Teppo shrugs, as if the name was merely curiousity. "A Russian general, almost as good as a big bull….." he says. chuckling as he
swabs down the rest of the rifles metalwork. "But I bet the meat is sour as old piss." he
adds, cracking a smile. "Just for the antlers….."

Valentin shrugs. "Sounds like another stealth mission. There's no way we can beat them in any other way but a quick surprise attack. Who's this Russian officer anyway?" He comments and finally asks, trying to get more information about the mission. The farmer hopes they'll get at least some support from the regulars, since otherwise it pretty much sounds like suicide.

Luukas shakes his head a little while pouring the coffee. "Not a regular stealth mission. Not just a matter of going in and sniping." He takes the cup now full of steaming coffee and heads towards the table to take a seat. "Because of how much security. Snipers to take the general out, yeah, but it has to be coordinated or the snipers won't get out of there alive."

Marko wakes from his slumber inside his bed, he notices the talk about general, "Hello people. What is going on?" he asks from his bed.

Teppo nods in agreement with Luukas, although with his lack of experience of things martial, it's a laymans opinion. After all, the other day was his first action with this stalwart band….. "Maybe some sort of plan, to keep them chasing all over. A fire maybe, or something big and noisy."

Luukas shakes his head a little. He hears Marko's greeting, and looks over to the wounded man's cot and nods. "Hello. Nothing going, just talkin." in his thick Ostrobothnian accent. Back to Teppo. "Don't think that's the way to go, or they'd just grab him into that armoured car and haul off, for us never to see him again." He looks down at the cup of coffee, considering.

Valentin gets an idea from Teppo. "Well, yes, a distraction. A group of our men could try and attack the town for a brief moment while a lone sniper takes the officer out. Once that's done, everyone retreats." He explains. It sounds nice in theory, but it'll be probably much more difficult to pull off. "It'd have to be something simultaneous and really quick, because
our distraction team might get wiped out if the sharpshooter takes too long and, as Luukas said…" He gestures towards him. "…the officer could be promptly taken to safety."

Luukas nods then to Valentin. "I had an idea, but just an idea. Not sure it'd have any chance of working unless we were really lucky and those Russian dogs were nearly blind." He wipes his lips with his forehand. "A sniper team, maybe two or three with scoped rifles at least." and nods. "And it'd need some antitank mines, a fellow sneaking onto the only road out and setting them without being seen." His chest draws a weary breath in. "I do remember one of
the Regulars saying they might be able to get us a mortar. But heavens, who here has any experience using one?" and shakes his head. "Not me."

Vesa stirs on his pallet, scrubbing his fingers against one eye. He squints a little, tipping his head towards the sounds of voices before he hauls himself up to sitting.

Teppo likewise shakes his head. "But mining the road is a good idea, if you can do it without a patrol shooting your arse." he says, putting the finishing touches on his rifles toilet before reloading it, checking each stolen round of ammo for soundness before clicking it into the
magazine. "And assuming we pick the right road….."

Marko hmms, "We can try a simpler way. Well what if we get dressed as Russians and walk to their camp as their patrol?" he asks to Luukas

Valentin replies to Teppo, "There's only one road that leads to Juntusranta, and it comes from the north. This cabin's a couple of kilometres - -south-, so it's a tricky situation." Then he turns to Luukas, "But… Reconsidering, the less people we send, the better. Less chances of
detection and potentially less wounded people." Finally, he addresses Marko, "Well, how
many Russian speakers do we have? And how do you intend to escape alive from the town?" Val chuckles.

Vesa frowns a little at Marko, scratching the back of his head where the hair is still sticking up from his lying on the pallet. "The first Russian who asked you why you were wandering around aimlessly would shoot you, Marko." He rubs his nose, looking at Valentin. "I speak Russian." The kid is Russian by birth, after all. "Markus and Ansa too."

Luukas shakes his head a little. "One problem." he states. "The one road goes from the north, right. And that's the only way the tanks could come in. So mining that is definitely a good move." But then he looks over. "The trouble is that armoured car…that's what the general would fly off in. And it's light enough to go on the ice, like the rest of their convoys that went
down from Juntasranta to resupply Suomussalmi."

Valentin gasps lightly and replies to Luukas, "But they can't traverse the snow, can they? The road is their only means of escape! If we attack the town long enough to scare the officer away, they'll take it and hopefully bite a mine."

"But we've taken out armored cars on that road before," Joona puts in for his part as he sets aside the Mosin he'd been caring after for most of the morning. "Without mines…" he adds as a point of fact. "Its a matter of flanking the road, and with the mines we wouldn't have to risk as many men in an ambush position."

Vesa starts glancing around the cabin on reflex, pondering their supplies. "Have we got any satchel charges or F-1s left to make mines with?" He asks no one in particular, pulling one foot up on the pallet.

Valentin shakes his head at Joona's comment, "No, no, no. We can't pull off an assault like that. The town will be swarming with Soviet soldiers. The mines will get rid of the armoured car and the officer before they know it!"

Teppo grunts, not having the patience or experience to puzzle it out, instead moving to pour himself a cup of coffee before going back to his bunk to drape himself in that heavy reindeer hide blanket of his.

"Shame we couldn't have taken that Russian car….. it would have kept up." he mutters, warming his hands on the mug and listening to the others. Marko hmms and considers, "We may have a way to take out cars. It wont work on tanks but the cars. If we manage to flat their tires, they will not going to move anywhere. Then we can blast them." he considers, "Cant we use some kind of chunk metal? or…" he thinks hard, "We can oil the ground and when we shoot the road itself, the oil will ignite and burn down the cars tanks and any infantry too…"

Luukas shakes his head. "The armoured car would be able to avoid the road. That's what I meant. It could drive out onto the ice of the lake if they saw we'd taken control of the road." He sighs. "And remember their patrols. Just ONE platoon outnumbers us. And they have at least two platoons plus two squads patrolling outside the town. Inside the town, it's a machine
gun nest with that blasted new machine gun, and a big antitank and artillery field gun, a rat's tail."

Valentin shakes his head again and comments as if he were experienced in this. He bangs his fist on the wooden table and explains, "No, no. We can't carry out prolonged attacks. It has to be something quick and efficient, like mines or sniping, as it was suggested earlier."

Vesa gets no answer, and so is left looking dubious at best about mining the road without any supplies. He just raises an eyebrow, folding his arms as he sits back against the wall and listens.

Teppo says nothing, savouring the warmth of the coffee, even though it's bitter without milk or sugar. He seems thoughtful, but apparently lacks a better suggestion than those raised already.

Marko scratches his head, "I just said an idea. It may work. Oil in the road and igniting it with a bullet or molotov will probably be useful."

Joona opens his coat to show three F-1 grenades dangling from inside. "Kept hold of a few just in case," the youth remarks once more, an idle shrug offered as accompanyment. "Glad I did now… anything left in those tanks we took out on the road the other day? Shells? Anything?"

Valentin sighs, "It won't immediately kill our target. The tyres may burst, but in that case it'll just be immobilized, and we'll have to expose ourselves to finish the job. Not to mention someone will have to be already there to fire that bullet or throw that molotov." He explains and concludes, "No, it doesn't work."

Luukas looks over to Joona and offers a nod. "And we've got a few other things a good demo man can make into mines, I bet." He draws up his chest, taking a deep breath. "Here's the base idea I had. This assumes we can get the regulars to send in a mortar crew to support us, and that we can get some mines made to take out vehicles laid on that road." He pauses there.

Vesa glances over at Joona and his stash of grenades. "That'll make one mine, at least…" He says thoughtfully with a nod, then runs his fingers over his mouth. His eyes flicker back to Valentin and Luukas, still listening.

Marko scratches his head, "Did you ever think what would happen if the tires get burned? It wont be only immobile, they wont be able to move. The whole place will be caught in fire and they will be burned alive."

"Anyone care to go salvage left over munitions from those tanks then?" Joona wonders as he lifts up from the floor and draws his rifle strap over his head. "Isak and Vesa managed to turn the shells from the last armored car into AT mines… a few more might turn the tables. Especially on the ice, if we blow a hole in it that river will buckle and those vehicles will
drop like stones."

"How long would it take to drive away from a fire?" Teppo asks, sounding somewhat tetchy. "And that's of your oil didn't get covered in snow so you couldn't light it." he adds, grunting. "We need to get someone from the town to put a mine -in- the bastards precious car, so when he runs like a puppy he's blown to pieces."

Valentin deadpans, "Metal isn't flammable." And adds, "It'll take a good while for the fire to sufficiently heat the tin can up to suffocate the crew and passengers. The Russians will most likely put the fire out and rescue the officer before that."

Marko considers, "Metal isnt flammable yes, but it can ignite the oil inside the armored car." he shrugs.

Luukas shakes his head, frowning a little. He goes quiet instead of speaking to continue.

Marko says "Plus we can have our own rifleman to kill the crew which goes outside."

Valentin sighs at Marko's remark. "It's still not fast enough. We're gambling too much there, and we'll need men on the spot at the same time. Considering there'll be dozens of Russians crawling about, it's just not feasible." At his next comment, he almost feels like slapping his own forehead. "No, that -doesn't- work!"

Vesa looks over at Joona. "Isak might still have some AT mines from the last time we made some. Should see what he's got and if it's enough before we start messing around with more shells right away." Potentially equals big dangerous boom, after all.

Luukas nods to Vesa's suggestion slowly, still frowning slightly as if looking discouraged from earlier. "If he does, that would be good." is quietly stated.

"Fair enough… but I'm still curious if any of the mounted small arms might be salvagable…" Joona remarks with a shrug. "Besides which, if we can rig one right, and haul it into place, couldn't it be used to ram one of the lighter support vehicles off the road?" he wonders, a brow arching. "Those are draft horses aren't they?" he observes, moving to the window to
look at the animals that have been pulling sled for them the last few months.

Valentin speaks again, "If we're taking the road option, it'll have to be a very small, sneaky team carrying the mines. They'll lay them on the road and get the hell out of there. Once they do their job, we'll have to somehow scare the officer enough to attempt to flee Juntusrant. He'll have to use the road as his means of escape, and hopefully his armoured car will bite a mine in the process." He pauses for a few moments, glancing at the other men. "If we take the sniper option, it'll have to be an even smaller team, one or two skilled marksmen who'll have to get close enough, snipe the communist dog and run away at the earnest. Ideally, we'd have some riflemen further away in order to cover their escape if things get hot." The pale Finn explains the second choice on his mind.

Teppo seems to agree with the wounded man. "It would be a cold wait, but we'd be needed." he says, nodding at Valentin's idea. "Of course if those tanks are on your heels, all the rifles in the world won't help, so maybe we'd need explosives whatever happens."

Vesa looks back at Valentin, listening to all that. "Does it have to be one or the other? Sounds like the snipers should try anyway, regardless of the mines." He scratches his upper arm. "What happens in the first plan if they get past the mines?"

Valentin turns to Teppo and replies to him, "The tanks are stuck to ice and roads, I think." Then he addresses Vesa, "Well, both plans at the same time might work, yes… And if they get past the mines, well… We fail." He chuckles. "Got any better ideas?"

Luukas nods a bit to Valentin, then to Vesa, "My idea was to do both. Mines and sniper." But then he frowns, "Here's the problem. There is no position free from the Russians to even see the town square from. There are platoons on patrol to the east and south, and squads patrolling the road to the north and the ice to the west, where the town's on the lake shore." His breath draws in again, "That means any potential sniper position is right amongst the
Russian dogs."

Marko Scratches his head, "I am out of ideas."

"Unless they are hunting someone elsewhere." Teppo says, chuckling over the rim of the mug, his face wreathed in steam. "Maybe we should send out a patrol of our own, to keep them busy. They know we are hiding somewhere, maybe they'll chase us over the hill trying to find out where we're hiding." A dangerous suggestion, given that any long pursuit could mean facing many Russian guns or the killing numbness of the winter night. "We're fucked," Joona puts in, shrugging a bit at this. "Some one would have to camp out on the side of a hill for a few days until a prime shot came up for this Colonel…" he notes, giving a shake of his head. "Assuming some one could avoid the patrols for that long without getting himself
picked off or dying from exposure." He pauses, scratching at several days worth of stubble gathering on his chin. "And I don't like the idea of risking any more men than we have to at this point… We're short handed as it is, maybe ten able bodied people, including the Kohornens, among us…"

Valentin replies to Luukas, "If we have squads on the west and north, I think there are some marshes just west of Juntusranta. I think that's the best spot, in my opinion."

Luukas shakes his head to Valentin, "The lake's west. Clear open ice they can see across." He draws up a breath, "But south is where the frozen marshes are. And that offers the best cover, even if the Russians are patrolling there." His voice lowers, "Just means the snipers would have to be absolutely sure they go in unseen, and set up right there, in the swamp, even
as Ivan patrols." He looks around to Joona. "The key is coordination. While the snipers sneak in, another team sneaks around to lay the antitank mines on the road. At one set time, the Regulars start shelling with a mortar and the snipers all take their shots on the big guy at once." A firm nod. "The rest of the team has to someone lay down covering fire to get the snipers back without getting killed on the spot. How to do that is the question. How we get
the snipers back alive."

"I think its two men…" Joona remarks with a mild manner. "One to draw fire, the other to sneak into camp and slide past the patrols and the people trying to pick off the sniper and sneak into the Colonel's quarters and slit him ear to ear, then run…"

Teppo drains the last dregs from his cup. "Who is goos enough to dodge all those Soviet pigs once they start looking for them?" he asks , huddling up in his hide, drawing his arms and legs against him till he's just a blanket with a head. "They'd have to be quick and quiet not to get

Valentin nods to Luukas and frowns some. "I remember they're a small marsh right between the ice and the town. Only squads would be patrolling that area. We may have more cover in the south, but there'll be - -platoons- roaming there." He comments.

Marko hmms, "Cant we use our main gun?"

Valentin shakes his head. "I doubt we'll be able to move it across the snow, and we'll have to leave in a hurry. That means leaving it there, return it to the Russians."

Luukas responds, "And that is why the snipers might be committing suicide. And would die unless we have a machine gunner set up south of that swamp position due south of town to cover them."

Lieutenant Sari makes his way across the snowfields that leadup to the Cabin. The older reservists disguards his skiis outside the cabin door and procedes inside. He quickly surveys the crowd inside trying to find someone who might be in charge.

Luukas is seated, sipping the last dregs of coffee after the others have gone silent. He looks up towards the window as the sounds of movement carry with the wind.

Lt Sari removes his cap from his head and his scarf from around his kneck. The cabin warmth is refreshing compared to the bitter cold of outside. The Lieutenant looks about the room once again, "Hello?" he says waiting looking for anyone who might give him the time of day. After all he was a complete stranger just wondering into their cabin.

Luukas rises up to stand, taking a look at the stranger's uniform. "Luukas Svenonius. Can I help you, sir?" and straightens. His leg's still got some bandaging, but he seems able to stand on it.

The Lieutenant nods to Luukas, "Well I'm not here for your help, but it is the opposit. I was sent down here to make sure that you guys understood the mission that was delivered last night." The Lieutenant looks around, "Please tell me you recieved the mission? Our messager never returned last night." The idea of the plans possibly falling into the enemy hands had the
Lieutenant a bit worried about having to scrap the mission before it even got off the ground.

Luukas frowns a bit, "I didn't personally see or hear your messenger, lieutenant, but I did hear others talking about the message that was brought." There's a nod, and he steps back to offer a place for the officer to take a seat, within reach of a pot of coffee on the stove. "To take out a Russian general inspecting the garrison at Juntasranta, yes?"

Marko is listenning the conversation between two men with interest.

The Lieutenant takes the offered seating being glad to be off his feet for a change. Once seated, he opens up his jacket allowing the cool air inside to mix with the warmth of the cabin. He speaks up correcting Luukas, "Its only a Colonel, not a General. This is his 3rd trip to the front and this will be our 3rd attempt to take him out. Our forces are currently held up to the north engaged with enemeny units and we do not have the manpower to spare. We
figured since this was your area, that you might be willing to take advantage of the situation presented to you."

Luukas takes a slow deep breath, letting it out through his nostrils. He comments, "I see", while turning to pour himself a new cup of coffee, adding it to the grounds of the cup he'd just finished. "A colonel. We were hoping it'd be a general." with a faint nod.

The Lieutenant nods, "Based on our intellegence he is a very capeable commander, one of the few that was not purged. The five Battalions under his command will cerntly feel a sharp draw in moral from losing their commander."

The Lieutenant leans back into his chair a bit, "As I said earlier, I was sent down here to make sure you guys understand the mission and I am here to answer any questions that you might have. What answers I dont have now, I will try to get to you before the Colonel arrives."

Luukas nods slowly. "I didn't hear from your messenger directly, but I got the impression. Even if I mistook Ivan for a general." He grimaces, turning to look away for a moment. "Most of our best snipers are dead. I'm one of the few left. We were talking strategy, tactics, to use earlier." He looks back to the lieutenant. "We could really use a mortar team coordinating
support. "

"Luukas wants another notch in his rifle stock," Joona remarks with a derisive snort. "Did you want his death to be very public and visible, or was that not part of the briefing?" the youth wonders, a brow arched as he waxes morose for the moment.

The Lieutenant nods, "The 81mm Mortors are currently trying to be aquired for you guys. We where expecting them last week, so we have plenty of targets already designated for our troops. If we can execute these targets in time, we will have motor support for you…this is assuming they arrive at all." The Lieutenant then turns towards Joona. The Lieutenant seems a
bit put off by the tone that Joona put into his words, but the man answers anyways, "We only care that he is taken out. He is an effective leader with a knack for logistics, which is currently one of the bigger problems Ivan is dealing with right now. We cant afford this Commander to fix the problem and streamline to Helsinki."

Luukas looks over to Joona with the corners of his lips still turned down in a frown, then back to the lieutenant. "Accomplishing what you're asking involves coordination, maybe even discipline that your own troopers might be better able to provide than the men out here. I'm afraid we may not be up to the task." and states that grimly.

"What he means to say is that no one else here thinks it would be wise to send in every able bodied man we have and leave the road undefended," Joona notes, cutting his eyes right back at Luukas. "Where as the rest of us are in favor of trying to drive the Colonel out into an ambush, on the Ice Road to the north…"

The Lieutenant listens to Luukas's words carefully nodding along. The man mulls over his thoughts for a moment. When Joonas speaksup, the Lieutenant says, "It is illadvised to make the attack from the north. There is a Company plus of Russians up there pulling security along the road for the Colonel's vist. I would avoid the roads if possible. There are three tanks
templated to be at this unit. We dont know where they are at or what status they are even in. If you plan on doing a road ambush, you need to first know where those tanks are at." His attention shifts to Luukas who appears to be handling himself much more maturely on the matter, "I know what we are asking and it is no easy task. I ask at a minimum, you at least go check out the site when the Colonel arrives and make the call then."

Luukas starts to say something in response to Joonas, but closes his lips instead and looks to the stove as if considering what the lieutenant says instead. He keeps quiet while the officer speaks, then finally takes a breath, released with a sigh. "We'll scout as best we can. I promise
you that." and nods as his eyes regard the military man. "What exact day and time do you
expect him to arrive? It sounds like his security will be large enough to patrol fully around the town once he's there."

"Outside the two companies holding North and East of the town…We are expecting anywhere from 15-20 more troops within the town. Some of which might be on patrols to the south and west. It is difficult to determine what the enemy is planning at this point." The Lieutenant pauses just a moment before he continues, "His detail is expected to arrive three to five days from now. We should know more within the next day or two."

Luukas finally nods a bit, quietly. "We'll try to keep an eye on movements up there." But then his voice lowers, his tone becoming more grim. "Juntasranta has always been a hellhole for us to hit or raid. I think we've lost more men 'around there than any other Russian position." His expression holds to the officer, emphasizing a grimness associated with a view of the mission without much hope.

The Lieutenant nods, "Every unit here has taken loses, its the sad truth to war. I still strongly encourge that you guys create a plan and once you arrive on scene to determine if the objective is still achievable."

The Lieutenant then looks about the room at the other wounded civilian soldiers. "It is not a simple mission and if it was, we would have won the war already."

Emma bustles about tending to the wounded, paying only scant attention to all the planning going on with the Lieutenant.

Luukas slowly nods back, "I know" quietly, the young man seeming weary for his age. "I'll scout myself to provide information about movements up there. If the men here want to take up this mission, to try to make it work, I'll do my best and offer all my experience as best I can." He pauses there,looking up as Emma moves around tending the wounded.

Emma changes some bandages, oblivious to Luukas' glance in her direction. She then steps back, placing hands on her lower back and leaning back to stretch. Too much time spent hunched over.

The Lieutenant nods to Luukas, "Very well. The key to the mission is planning. All our intel only gave us a 24hour window to work with which was hardly the time to formulate a capeable plan. With the time you guys have, I am sure that you will be capeable of making it happen." The Lieutenat stands from his chair and reaches into his pocket to dawn his hat and scarf, "I have further busienss to attend to the south. I will stop here on my way back north."

Luukas draws his chin up, "Of course, sir." and tries to keep at least a measure of formality, setting his coffee aside as he steps over to the door to draw it open once the officer is ready. To the men that came in alongside their NCO, his expression is steady, sober and serious. No
joy to be seen or celebration, just all business.

Luukas makes his way over nearer to Emma, "How soon will those wounded men be able to go?" quietly, a seriousness in his tone.

Emma lets out a little sigh. "Each man is different. Heals at his own pace. I can't answer that with any certainty."

Luukas quietly nods, "That officer wants us to do something big this weekend. What some would say is a suicide mission." He frowns a little, very slightly shaking his head. "And it would be suicide if we don't have enough fighters to organize it." Looking away, frowning, he starts to move towards the rear cots. "Pray for all the men here. I'll add you and Sonja and
Marja and little Henrik in my prayers."

Emma frowns worriedly at his description. "Well, I'm sure every man who's able will be there." A pause, and then she asks, "Why so dangerous? Can we really risk losing anyone else?"

Luukas shakes his head a bit, not looking back towards her. "We've lost alot already. But they always say it's for the greater good. How killing this one smart Russian colonel will cause them to not fight as well in the battles the regular army's facing."

Emma doesn't pretend to understand tactics. She just sighs. "Well, I will keep you all in my prayers."

Luukas bows his head to nod. "We wouldn't have made it this far without you and your sisters, and your father. I know this body of mine's only still around and not rotting in the snow cause you all stood steady and worked to save it, like the others, sacrificing your own time and needs." He tries to manage a smile, turning his head to look back to her. "When this war's over, I hope you can enjoy everything you missed out on. Dancing, family times
together, listening to a good old-fashioned musical tune, and getting to know people without the fear of war."

Emma smiles faintly at his praise. "Thank you, Luukas. But it's not really necessary. My father is a doctor, Sonja and I are nurses… this is what we do. It's our duty." She looks down a bit, nodding, when he talks about missing out on things. "There will be time enough for all of that later. And it's not so bad here. It's almost like a family, sometimes. There's always
Henrik and his drum." She quirks a tiny grin.

Luukas lets loose a chuckle with her comment about the toddler and his drum. "Well, some day you'll have your own little drummer boy or girl to look after, eh?" and by reflex presents a grin to Emma. He clears his throat after that, and draws in a breath to try to not seem as emotional and connected. "Anyways", and nods, "I'm going to try to get some sleep. The
lieutenant's going to want me to organize the others, or at least try to get them to put something together." The Ostrobothnian's head nods a bit, and holds there for just a second as he looks about to head to the back to turn in.

Emma looks mildly uncomfortable when Luukas talks about potential future children, her smile turning somewhat awkward. She doesn't say anything to that directly, and just nods. "You'll need your rest. Plan well." A little smile there. Luukas might be a bit uneasy, too, and responds to her suggestion directly, not adding to the family talk himself either now. "You too. I need my leg to finish healing. Probably be doing some scouting around
Juntasranta through this week." A simple little casual smile offered, briefly, before he
turns and heads into the back to find a cot, sitting on the bed to remove his boots and undress enough to be comfortable under the covers for some rest.

Emma gives another nod. "Yes, you'll want to make sure that heals up well." Before going out and getting shot again, she does not add. "Goodnight." Emma offers the quiet goodbye, and then moves off to check on someone else.

Luukas crawls in under the covers, and rolls over to rest and perhaps eventually fall asleep.

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