Take The Pain And Awwww

Luukas comes in with Antti's help, his leg badly bleeding. He can'tseem to stand on it, using his ski to just slide prone.

Antti mutters as he helps the Ostrobothnian along, "One more shot, eh?" he jests dryly, as he calls out, "If the medics arent awake, someone kick them!"

Luukas gasps for a breath as Emma takes over with emergency first aid. "Ears are frozen, they got me bad in the leg." stating the obvious.

Emma looks up from her book as the men return from war. She's on her feet in a flash, grabbing the medical supplies and directing Luukas to the nearest cot. "Here, have a seat, let me take a look."

Luukas swallows and nods, his blood soaking through one pants leg. "Got the guy in the gun pit in the arm. Another one saw me. Think that one was in a house. ARRRR!" His words are interrupted with a cry out of pain as the leg gets shifted a bit.

Valentin eventually manages to get back to the cabin, lurching slowly as he got hit in several places, his right hand above all, so he had to push himself with just one pole. "I -said- I had a bad feeling about this!" He says, quite loudly, repeating the same thing he said back in the marsh, close to Juntusranta. The pale man lies down on one of the bed, and Marja's
quick to tend to his wounds. "Thank you, Marja." He says kindly.

Antti does a spot of duty as a spare leg for the second time in as many days, helping Luukas toward the cot, wincing with the shout. "You scream like Ivan, Ostrobothnian. How bad is it?" he asks once Emma has had time to look at the injury.

Marja is, indeed, on her feet as quick as her little legs will take her. She nods immediately to Valentin, giving him a worried, quiet smile…"Of course, of course…just… just take a breath and relax, I will take care of you… And… " Luukas needs her also. She actually curses softly,
"Anyone who can help, get the clothing, gently, out of their wounds… then I'll clean them

"I'm sorry," Emma mumbles as her ministrations cause Luukas to shout. "It's deep. My father will have to look at it later to say for sure, but I think it will be all right."

Luukas shakes his head, "Just a bad hit." and takes a few quick breaths, "I think your dressings stopped the bleeding. Hurts like the devil." as he grits his teeth again. "Good work Antti. I woulda froze without your help getting back. I owe you whatever booze I find on a Comissar's pack."

Vesa stands up as they start trickling back in, grabbing whatever arm may need to to be grabbed to help them along to pallets. "Did the AT rifle do any damage, Antti?"

Marja sees her sister has Luukas in hand, and so she focuses upon the now mostly unconscious Valentin's wounds. It's probably best he's asleep as she begins to clean the worst of them out.

Antti sniffs and nods. "Commissars carry all the good booze.." aside to Vesa, he adds, "Hit the Rat's Tail twice, and put a hole through the chest of a gunner.. but this gun doesnt bite as hard at the Solothurn. Didn’t seem to do much to the field gun."

Emma looks up at Antti as he starts talking about blowing holes in people's chests, her brow furling slightly. But then she refocuses her attention on Luukas' leg, cleaning out the fabric and debris from the wound before dressing it. "There, that ought to keep for now."

Antti lets out a long breath. "Well, I still have both legs without holes in them. Be back in a couple hours.. See what I can do to make sure Ivan doesnt follow the dotted line back to us."

Luukas swallows, and just offers Emma a couple nods with his eyelids closed tight. "Hurts, but can't be as bad as it was before." and tries to bare his teeth as if trying to manage an attempt at a smile. With the help of the others, he's gotten onto one of the cots for the wounded. His hands draw off his rifle and pack and other gear, dropping them aside.

Marja watches as her sister works, though Marja, somehow manages to get all of Valentin's wounds bandages…"Probably best he sleeps… they… they all need rest." She states, worried and stern… her eyes flickering back to Vesa a moment but he seems to be recovering well… so she just makes certain her patient is tucked in.

Emma makes sure Luukas is settled into the cot, and then touches his arm, offering a little reassuring smile. "No, it's not so bad as before. You'll be fine." She watches Antti go back out, with a slightly worried frown.

Luukas draws in a deep breath, both hands shivering for a moment, "Could you please get me coffee. Some hot towels or something for my head. My ears feel a bit numb, itchy."

Luukas 's ears show clear signs of frostbite. Even his nose has the telltale signs of exposure.

Emma nods, "Of course. Here, you need to stay bundled up as well. It's freezing out there." Even when you're not getting shot. She gets him some extra blankets and then fetches the requested coffee and an extra towel (which she warms by the fire briefly) for his head.

Marja finishes with Valentin, then looks to emma and Luukas.."Is…is there anything I can do to help?" She asks either of them, now just feeling a bit useless… but always happy to help.

Luukas groans a bit, trying to sit himself up using just his elbows. "Thanks" breathed out, one hand trying to grasp the coffee cup and shift it to his lip. "Maybe…" trying to think as he looks over to Marja after her question. "Maybe wipe that blood off? My whole trouser leg was sticking to me from the blood. It soaked down my leg."

Emma settles the warm towel around his head, "You just need to get warmed up, and you'll be fine. It's not bad." She nods to Marja. "You can finish cleaning him up if you'd like."

Marja nods simply, "Of course…" And she then dips down, getting another towel and carefully dampening it before she moves for his leg and begins to clean up the rest of him. She's gentle and quick, carefully recovering/warming every part of him after she finishes. "You get some rest, Luukas. You need it."

Luukas nods a bit, moving a blanket to cover his shorts while the trousers are pulled the rest of the way off so the leg can be cleansed. "Thanks Emma, thanks Marja. I know you both sometimes probably feel in Sonja's shadow, cause she's older." A moment's groan of pain, but he relaxes once again and tries to rest. Eyelashes seem to draw down lower.

Marja steps back up to his forehead and leans over, giving his skin a quick, sisterly kiss as she smooths his hair back…"Just slee… you know we are here to help… just rest.." She finishes tucking him in and then goes to her sister… Marja is looking far better, still bandaged in a few
areas and the skin upon her cheek pink and a touch scarred, but… well, she's been in an
oddly good mood the last two days.

Emma shakes her head, "We're all just happy to help," she assures him. "And Marja's right. You just need to rest. Sleep well." She moves off to let him do so, turning her attention to her sister with a concerned eye.

Marja sees that look of concern in Emma's features and she just blinks, giving a bit more of a smile… Was she caught? "…What?" She asks her sister, though she's slightly blushing in that oddly… guilty and yet so young an innocent way.

Luukas nods a bit, trying to settle himself down and relax for getting some rest. "Thanks" as his eyes open for a moment after Marja's soothing affection. No words, just a look to the two sisters before the eyes close again and he tries to keep his leg still and pulls up the blanket.
Eventually he starts drifting off.

Emma wasn't really suspicious, just generally concerned. That is, until she sees Marja's odd blush. Then she looks at her askance with a slight smile. "You're in an awfully good mood," she notes, moving off to the corner that the Korhonen family has sort of claimed. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better."

Luukas eventually drifts off, the pain succumbing to exhaustion. There will be times he wakes up during the night, but with Emma and Marja looking after him and the others, the patient care is fully handled.

Marja follows after Emma towards their private corner, though Marja has been sleeping in a cot she's set up next to Vesa, well, almost since Vesa was hurt. She settles down onto her old cot and still blushes…"Yes… I… Well, occasionally there are things to be in a good mood about…" Now she's practically bursting, it seems. She's been wanting to talk about this.

Emma's eyebrows go up slightly at that. She settles down on the cot next to Marja, looking at her sister expectantly. "Oh?" She has an inkling, and can't help but appear mildly amused.

Marja looks over, mainly to be sure that her father isn't near or listening, and then she leans closer to Emma and whispers with a none too subtle smile…"Vesa kissed me." She now just grins, and blushes, all at the same moment.. it's the warmest she's looked since the war started…"He said he liked my hair, but then I asked him if he did… but he was very nice,
and then he asked me to pull my scarf down and he kissed me. ANd it was very nice."

Emma is rather torn, all things considered. Worry, faintly, but who can fail to be at least a little happy after seeing the look on Marja's face.

Emma regards her sister with a gentle smile. "That's grand, Marja. Vesa's a nice young man."
Marja nods immediately, still blushing…"Yes, he's very nice… and he kisses very nice." She chuckles a bit to herself and crosses her legs in that childish, folded manner beneath her on the bed. She was still so young in some ways, right to her pigtails that she wears to this day.

Emma's cheeks redden a bit as well. She's somewhat at a loss, honestly. Emma has never had much luck with the boys, so this is a bit outside her area of expertise. "I… uh… I'm sure he is. Does." Whatever. Ahem. "You just…" Damn, where's Sonja when you need her? "Just be careful, Marja."

Marja tilts her head as she sees Emma's cheeks redden and, well, Marja cannot help but grin… She laughs a moment…"You are blushing? Why are YOU blushing? And… it is a kiss… Why… I mean… what bad could happen with a kiss?" And then Emma might see the wheels working in marja's head… She looks over to the sleeping Sonja and Henrik… some questions beginning to fall into place.

"I'm not…" Emma protests lamely, which of course only makes her blush more. Marja laughing at her causes her to frown in indignation. But then she tries to sober up. This is serious business here. She clears her throat.

"There's nothing wrong with a kiss… though Papa would be angry at me for saying so. It's… other things." She follows Marja's gaze and nods. "You don't want to end up like Sonja."

The older sisters probably got their proper anatomy education, but Marja is the second youngest… probably grouped into the baby category still, and… simply hasn't gotten that far in the books, especially not with the war. She tilts her head… looking back to her other sister…"…How did that happen to Sonja, Emma?" She finally asks, plain and simple…

Emma's brow furls, not having expected that question. And still no Sonja. Emma clears her throat. "It's… umm…" Sigh. Well, someone has to tell the poor girl. She starts to… "So…" and then chickens out. "You'd better ask Sonja."

Marja chuckles a moment, her eyes shining a thought at the excuse for gossip…"Alright… I think I will. It…it'll be funny to see her face. As long as I don't have to ask daddy. You -can't- tell Daddy. He'll kill Vesa."

Emma smooths out her skirt. "Goodness, no, don't ask Papa," she says, somewhat appalled by the idea. Or more likely the implications for Vesa. "And don't worry, I won't tell him." She slips an arm around Marja's shoulder gently and says, "I'm glad you're happy, Marja. Just be careful."

Marja nods immediately and leans into Emma's hand…."Yes… yes, I will be… we all have to be, of course…"

Bo snorts as his sleep is interrupted by the girls talking, normally he'd just roll over but he had heard something about 'daddy' and 'kill vesa' which brought him to his senses. As Bo is sitting up he swings his legs over the side of his cot and says sleepily, "Mmm.. whos killing who?
wha?" he rubs at his eyes and yawns broadly.

Emma pats the arm lightly and then rises. "Indeed." And then she flees, before any more awkward questions can be asked. "Nobody's killing anyone," she assures Bo. "I'm going to go lie down for a bit." She starts to move over to her own cot.

Bo looks over at Emma, "Now wait one blasted minute… what on earth are you talking about no ones killing anyone.. I heard someone say something about vesa is gonna get killed… and by who?" he asks Emma still with a very sleepy tone.

Marja blushes a bit, biting her lower lip as she considers telling Bo or not… finally she just manages…"I was just teasing, really… Nothingis happening to Vesa.."

"It was just a silly joke," Emma says, supporting her sister's remark. "You needn't concern yourself with it."

Bo shifts his gaze to Marja, seeing her blush makes him a bit puzzled at first till it dawns on him, "oh… oh I see.. alright fair enough.." he smirks at Marja and winks, "careful you don't go getting in too much trouble with the boy now" he chuckles at her before laying back down on his cot and pulling his blanket back over himself.

The sound of snow being stomped loose from boots precedes the opening of the cabin door, and Antti stepping quickly inside, closing the portal behind him. A long breath let out. Blue eyes narrow as the farmer wonders flatly, eyeing Bo, "who's getting in trouble now?"

Marja smirks, just a hint, and still blushes, turning her head to settle against her sister's shoulder.. SHe's aparently getting just a bit tired now…"…No one is in trouble for anything!"

Emma shakes her head in bemusement. Oh, the joys of living in a tiny cabin. She gives Marja a reassuring squeeze and then heads off to her own cot, to go to sleep.

Bo just makes like hes asleep, not wanting to give anymore away. He snores fakely hoping to feign sleep and maybe hopefully crossover into a real deep sleep.

Antti hrms, wordlessly at the assurances, loosing the parka, and crossing toward a seat. Bo gets one more suspicious looki for the fake sleep, but Antti's attention passes fro the other, soon enough.

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