The sound of bells from a horse is heard, as Erkki approaches Jari's little house via sleigh behind a sturdy work-horse. It's evening, the chill is bitter but endurable and Erkki isn't driving too fast, the horse trotting up to the house where Erkki pulls the reigns and stops the animal. He jumps off and checks on the horse, rather sure that Jari would've heard him already.

Viinikainen has indeed heard him, although the sound doesn't cause any more activity than Jari opening the door and nodding his head in towards is, quickly closing the door again so he won't let out more heat than needed and then going to check on the coffee while he waits for Erkki to come inside.

The horse is fine, so Erkki tethers it and throws a blanket over its back, giving it a pat before he walks on inside without even knocking - he saw the nod from his friend earlier and nodded back. He stomps his feet to get the snow off before opening and stepping into the warmth. "They heard the wolf up north a bit," is the first thing he says. They've already greeted each other, in a manner.

"Many?" Viinikainen puts the blackened coffee pot on the table. "Must have walked in from the east." He sits down by the table and looks at Erkki, "Haven't seen any tracks of them in these parts for some time."

Erkki takes off his fur cap and the thick wool coat and then takes a seat at the table. He needs a shave and is a bit dirty, he must be coming in directly from some patrol or some visit to somewhere else. "Two or three, they think. They hadn't found the tracks yet," he grunts, reaching out for the pot to fill up into a cup. "And it was a few nights ago, then they heard nothing more so maybe they moved on."

Viinikainen looks like he doesn't quite agree with the last statement, "It looks like it will be a hard winter." He pauses for a moment and looks out the window, as if to make sure he is right. "They'll move closer to where people live and try to find something to eat." He goes silent for a little longer. "If they are around here, it would probably be good if someone rounded them up and got rid of them."

Erkki slurps some of the coffee, closing his eyes at the taste - he's not had a cup all day. He opens them again and squints at the law enforcer. "I don't have a wolf pelt," he says and that simply means that he's up for the job.

Viinikainen nods and after making sure it is cool enough, drinks some of his coffee. "How far from here? You can probably borrow Mikko's cabin if need be. The one we stayed in when he invited us to hunt with him." He looks over Erkki again, "Been far?"

"I've been up with uncle Juha," Erkki explains, his uncle living a days travel northwards or so. "Not too far from Mikko's." He takes another sip of the hot coffee, scratching at his bearded cheek. "You're not coming?"

Viinikainen shakes his head in a no, "Few people here. Still a lot of work." He moves around a little on his chair to show that he's not all that pleased with his choice. "Paperwork."

Erkki isn't pleased either. He grunts again and finished the first cup, refilling it immediately. "Don't understand why you took that job," he says sourly. "People can take care of themselves. Let them get drunk and kill themselves if they want." He's conveniently forgetting that there were several times that he would've died from the cold cause he was so drunk, if not for being saved by the local police.

Viinikainen shrugs a little. "People can't." He too empties his cup, but doesn't fill it up again, "And while some people never will learn, some people just need a reminder to be able to." He looks at Erkki, "And a country is built with the law."

Erkki snorts at that, trying to brush it off, but Jari's words are always taken seriously so he can't just shrug it off and pretend that it's stupid. "You got something strong?" he instead asks, trying to change the subject. He lifts the cup to emphasise.
Viinikainen stands up and goes to collect a bottle from one of the cupboards, pouring some into both cups, tossing some more firewood into the fire before he sits down again. Ending the previous conversation,"I should build something new this summer. The wind goes right through the walls here."

Erkki gives Viini one of his rare smiles as something strong is indeed offered. The man used to be a veritable drunkard but now he's more moderate with it - he gets really drunk a few times a year but otherwise he's keeping it to a sane level. He glances around the small house, then nods at Jari. "I'll help you. You want something bigger than this?"

Viinikainen looks around the small cabin. "Maybe something that can be made bigger without wrecking everything" He rocks back and forth on his chair a little. "In case I need more space." He looks at the fire, "Only room for one to live here as it is now."

Erkki stares suspiciously at Jari. He takes a sip of the now much stronger brew. "You getting married?" He's not exactly asked his friend about his romantic dealings - it's not something he wants to talk about, much.

Viinikainen empties the cup, taking a few moments to catch his breath before he speaks again. "No. Not that I know of." He stands up to put the bottle away, ending any hopes of ending the evening in a fog. "But..", he shrugs and sits back down.

Erkki makes no protests as the booze is removed; he only wanted something to warm himself up with from the inside. He's lost in dark thoughts for awhile, staring into the fireplace where flames are dancing hypnotically. Shaking out of it, he gives Jari a quick grin. "But you never know," he fills in, finishing the sentence for his friend. "This is a good solid cabin. We can make it bigger."

"Thought of anyone to bring along?" Jari finally asks after some more silence. "Sure there is fur enough to bring someone else along." Poking around some in the fire, "Although the skin should be worth a decent amount."

Erkki gives Jari a sour look. Erkki doesn't have friends as much as acquaintances he can either bully into doing something or tempt with rewards of some kind. A wolf pelt would be reward enough. "I'll ask a few," he promises. "Won't go my self, won't do any good." He stands up and walks over to the window to peer outside, checking up on the horse again.

"I'd go if I could." Jari defends himself. "Maybe I can free up some time in a few days." He rubs his chin and nose. "I can't make any promises."

Erkki returns to the table but doesn't sit back down. He finished the spiked coffee and puts the cup down, reaching for his coat and fur hat again. "Don't worry about it," he says and he means it. "Either you can, or you can't. I'll get you a wolf pelt."

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