Surgery Raid

Matti walks into the cabin, stoming his shoes noisily out on the porch, before stepping in. He nods to Korhonen, before heading directly towards the fire. Where he /hopes/ a pot of water is on the boil.

Topi has been asleep. Yes, he's been like that a lot since becoming wounded. Now he stirs, and looks around, blinking a few times.

Korhonen has put some water on to boil, as it happens. Half of it has been poured into a separate bucket, where he's using it to clean some of his instruments. But the remaining water is still in a kettle and can be used for coffee. He returns Matti's nod, offering him a cordial smile as well. "Did you see anything out there?" he asks Matti, before moving on to Topi in his 'rounds.'

Matti sets about making the elixir of life from the hot water, glancing over his shoulder as Korhonen speaks to him, "Not really, no. I went to check my traps near the lake, but no game there now." Only a little while ago, he would have been extremely leery about admitting to having traps anywhere. Now, it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Topi looks around for a few moments more, before calming down a bit. "Ah, still here," he mutters, before he nods a bit as he overhears the words being spoken, "Wise ones, those creatures. Staying away from the fighting."

Korhonen just nods to Matti, apparently not fretting to much about where he's doing his trapping. They all have larger concerns right now. "Let us see how you're coming along," he says to Topi, kneeling down to have a look at him. "Open your shirt if you would, please. I want to see how the treatment I applied to your chest is coming along. That was a nasty injury you took."

Matti filters coffee into the pot, taking the kuksa from his belt to pour the black liquid into it. He looks at Topi and Korhonen with mild curiosity, interested in seeing what kind of condition the other man's in.

Topi shakes his head with a bit of a grin at Korhonen. "No, no. Nasty is when one lose a body part," he offers lightly, before opening the shirt, a bit slowly.

"Your chest contains some fairly important body parts, my friend," Korhonen says wryly as he unwraps the bandage on the man's chest. "You would do well to show more concern for them." After a moment's worried frowning, however, his expression relaxes. He even looks surprised. "Well. You are a lucky man. This is healing cleanly. If I did not know you had been shot just days ago, it would be difficult to tell."

Matti sips his coffee, moving to position himself before the fireplace, thawing out here. He raises his eyebrow at Topi and the miraculously healed wound, muttering, "Good to have you here, doc." After a moment, he adds sourly, "I've seen combat medic who should have been working as butchers, instead. Had one work on me, too."

Jaakko pours himself a coffee and makes a rare but good natured joke at Matti's expense, "That would explain your face then."

Topi shrugs a little, "Well, there's no real use in worrying, you know. Life is what we make of it." He then pauses a little as he hears that part about the wound, "Does that mean I can get up and do something useful again, then?" He offers a grin as he hears Jaakko's comment, and offers a light, "Do you really think even a butcher could mess it up that much?"

Jaakko chuckles at Topi's reply as he has a seat at the table.

Korhonen does not seem to find much amusement in Matti's comment about medics but he does smile a little at Jaako's joke. "These are difficult conditions to work in. It is draining, even on one who has had proper training." He waits a moment to answer Topi's question, brow furrowing. "Your leg still needs rest, but you can move about and do some light tasks, as Jari sees fit. But do not push yourself. You are mending well. I would not have my work spoiled." He chuckles, grinning faintly at Topi.

Matti squints darkly from his low crouch near the fireplace, muttering, "You boys have nothing to brag about, let me tell you. Man got a scar, he can call it a war injury. But if you have a hawk's ass for a face at birth, then it's no wonder that only the moose will look at you that way. So maybe you two should go out catching bullets with your heads, too." Needless to say, his scars - for those who've been in a sauna with him - are elsewhere.

Jaakko grins and salutes Matti with his coffee cup, "Touche‘"

Topi snickers a bit as he hears Matti’s words, shaking his head a little, "I tend to be allergic to bullets coming towards me," he replies, before he nods a little as he hears the doctor's words. "Just as long as I can get out of here…" he mutters.

Korhonen nods to Topi before straightening and moving off. He goes over to join Matti, and get himself a cup of coffee. "I shall try to allow us to escape this mess with as few scars as possible. I only pray it will all end soon. The Russians came like a wave, before I could even think. Now, those bears have overrun my clinic." He frowns darkly as he stirs his coffee. The idea of Soviets mucking around in his surgery is destressing.

Jaakko voices aloud to the room, "We planning to strike again today?"

Matti shrugs his shoulders, "Maybe, maybe not. Depends." The Red hunter doesn't eborate on what it depends on. He looks at Korhonen darkly, then turns to stare into the fire. "You better hope that it /doesn't/ end soon, doc." The grim look on his face makes the meaning of that easy to understand. Not much of an optimist, Matti.

Topi looks over at the doctor, shrugging a little. "It could always have been worse, doctor. After all, you and your family got out, right?" Great, one of those that always find something positive in everything.

"Perhaps," Korhonen replies softly, in response to Matti, his own tone grave. "I would have the Russians gone from our land soon. I will not have my children live under the thumb of the Soviets." He smiles at Topi, nodding. "I have my family, thank God." But there is a trace of sadness to his smile. He has lost family not so long ago, if not to the Russians.

And he's gained some family too, not that Erkki has cared despite that it's also his family by blood. Erkki's now stomping his feet outside of the cabin, heralding his arrival before he slides inside. The door is hurriedly closed behind himself to not let the warmth seep outside, and gloves, hat and coat is quickly removed as he scans the room. "There any coffee?" he asks coarsely.

Antti stirs to waking as the door is opened and closed, the elder of the Matikainen brothers rubbing at his eyes before sitting upright where he had lain down against one wall. He takes a look around the cabin before saying anything.

"We're fighting a defensive battle. The Soviets have far too many men, for us to score a military victory." Matti remains quiet, staring into the fire. After a while, he mutters, "If we want to survive, we have to inflict enough casualties to make it politically unwise to continue fighting, for them. And that means a war of attrition." Not a very pretty picture, that the slender man is painting. "We have to be butchers, if we want to win. To kill them, and then kill more of them, and kill until everyone's sick of being killed." He doesn't sound like he finds that exciting. Wordlessly, he points to the pot on the table, indicating that there's coffee there.

Luukas comes out from a back room, a long knife in his hand he'd been sharpening and polishing with oil and cloth. There's a nod given to the doctor and Matti, looking around for a moment as if checking the situation.

Korhonen's expression hardens as Matti goes on. "We are still men. Still humans. And still Finns. We cannot allow the Russians to take that from us. What you describe…how would we keep our souls, in such a fight as that?" He returns Luukas' nod cordially enough. Erkki is not so cordially received. The man receives a cool look but no real recognition.

Antti clears his throat from the gravel of sleep and mutters, "Where's water?" before weighing in on the discussion going on. "Nothing soulless in shooting russian soliders 'til they go away, doctor."

Erkki grunts something at Matti that supposedly is meant to be a 'thanks' as he goes after the pot, filling up a mug of hot coffee. He shoots another look around, focusing on Matti and what he's saying. "Who says we will keep our souls?" he says after a slurp of coffee, giving the doctor a toothy, unpleasant grin. "That's silly talk. We are men, men of Finland. No need for stupid talk about the soul. We don't need souls, we need weapons and ammunition."

Sonja stirs in the blanket pile, to the sound of talk of killing. She stays put where she is, but reaches out to pull sleeping Henrik over to her. Miraculously, he remains sleeping.

Matti glances from Erkki to Korhonen, frowning. "Incredibly, Erkki is right." He does seem to find it incredible that he's agreeing with his cousin. "If we have a soul, then we shouldn't consider it too great of a sacrifice. We're few, and the people are many. The few have to make sacrifices, for the good of all." A trace of communism still lingering there?

Luukas looks over to the other men steadily, lips not yet parted to speak. His brow furrows slightly as if touched with a tinge of worry before he pours a mug of hot coffee for himself after Erkki's done. The man then takes a slip before setting the mug aside for just a moment and sheathing his knife.

Matti also returns Luukas' nod. Forgot that from the earlier pose.

Jaakko takes a drink from his cup of coffee as he quietly listens. Setting his cup down he clears his throat and sits up straighter in his chair. Looks about the room then offers, "I have no military experience, but I've been thinking. Since we are so few what if we made cut and run attacks where they would never expect it. Like oh I don't know say maybe their field kitchens? I think we disrupt them when they should be most safe. What is the word..umm..demoralize?" As he finishes he looks about the room seemingly embarassed for perhaps talking out of place, then he shrugs and sits back in chair.

"We must fight. I understand that," Korhonen says to Antti, as if struggling with his own thoughts. "But we cannot let the Russians take from us our humanity. I remember the war…" The Civil War, he no doubt means. The memory of it makes him shudder. "We must be soldiers. We must drive the Russians back. But butchers?" The doctor is splitting hairs, and he probably knows it. He frowns darkly at Erkki, and looks even less pleased when Matti agrees with him. "Some men…" he says with a level look at Erkki. "…do not have souls worth troubling over. For the rest of us…we must hold on to what we are. What we care for."

Antti shrugs once commenting toward the doctor, "I'll lose no sleep in shooting some russian who came to try and take my home, doctor. Nothing wrong with killing them until they leave." Rising to his feet and stretching til his back pops a bit, the farmer looks around at who is about, before muttering for the attention of, "Matti.."

Luukas very slowly nods following Korhonen's words. "We are Finns, not Russians. Let the difference mean something." before he takes another sip after lifting the mug again. "Let each of our lives mean something." The short young man's eyes then withdraw their gaze a bit, looking down slightly with a frown before lifting the mug of coffee again.

"You're a child of a more civilized age, Johannes. But the Russkis don't care about any of that. If we don't fight like bastards, they'll take everything from us." There is some sympathy in the look he shoots Korhonen, however. Shrugging his shoulders at Jaakko, he looks up at his brother, "What's the plan?" Apparently, he's guessing Antti wants to do something exciting.

Erkki looks down into his mug at Korhonen's words, making a grimace but otherwise not retorting or commenting. He finishes his coffee and puts it down by the stove, sitting down next to remove his boots with an ear to what Matti and Antti are talking about, trying to hear what they're saying.

Jaakko finishes his cup of coffee and pours himself a another. Opening the pot he sees that there are mostly only dregs left and so busy's himself with starting another pot.

Korhonen sighs deeply at Matti's words, but he doesn't argue with them. "Perhaps, Matti," he says simply. "Perhaps…" He quietly mourns a more civilized age over his coffee, listening as the others talk of plans.

Antti doesnt keep his voice from anyone, as he answers Matti, "Thinking it's been awhile since we took a couple shots at Ivan. Figure a few take the horse and sled, head down to town, fire off a few shots apiece and come back. Maybe grab a few supplies if we can, but nothign fancy. Jari around?"

Luukas stares towards the timber of the wall, slowly sipping from the mug of coffee while the beverage is still hot. "My father said that many men ceased to be men in the war." The words simmer for a moment as he takes another drink. "Let's not do anything today that we would be ashamed of telling our children about years after this war is over. A man can be a good Christian and still a fighter. The Red Army has no such concern about their souls, but I'm not in the Red Army." Over to Antti, then, he turns a bit, "We can get the doctor's medical supplies from the surgery. They're needed if he's going to be able to treat bullet wounds when one of us gets hit in the future."

Erkki shoots an involuntary glance over at Sonja and Henrik as Luukas talks about children. He stares at them for a long while, lost in thoughts, then shakes out of it and puts his boots back on after inspecting his socks. "Jari isn't here," he says but doesn't offer details. The civic guard is probably out nosing around somewhere, collecting information from nearby areas.

Sonja senses eyes upon her, and looks up from cuddling the now awake Henrik to eye Erkki, with a mostly blank expression. She has a few pithy comments but now is not the time, so she stays quiet, and goes back to the toddler.

Antti eyes Luukas sidelong, "I never do anything I'd be ashamed to tell my children Ostrabothnian." At Erkki's answer he nods, and mutters, "Without him, then. What rifles feel like a bit of exercise?" he wonders of those present. Of Luukas again, he wonders, "Want to run a circle around them like last time, sissi?"

Korhonen regards Erkki as he eyes Sonja and Henrik. Just regards him. But he watches him very carefully, as if waiting for the man to do something he can take offense for. "We must all take care of our own families," he says. Heavily implying that Erkki and his do not intersect. But he's more interested in the talk of his surgery. "Do you need help getting in? I know my way around my own home well enough. And it will be a simpler matter to show you myself what I need."

Erkki points over at the machine gun. "If I get some assistance with that one, I can do some damage," he suggests. "Perhaps provide the necessary distraction for some to get into the surgery," he adds grudgingly. Might not like the doctor on a personal level but knows that he's very much needed, and his gear as well.

Luukas nods a bit. "A machine gun might be better than that big antitank rifle that we lugged on the sled the other day." He draws in a deep breath, letting it out with a sigh. "If your surgery's the building I think it is, doctor, it's in full site of the Russian artillery battery on the west side of town, and its crew." A slight shake of his head. "This is a tough one, because the man going in has a good chance of not making it out." There's a step over to set the now-empty mug down into the sink. "Erkki, you're right about distraction being needed. The key is how to get whoever's needed to go into the surgery in there without the Russians picking them off as easy targets."

Antti sniffs once. "Sled can carry both guns," to the subject of leaving the S-18. "Take the machine gun and the Solothurn to the east of town, open up on armour or big guns with the beast there-" a thumb at the AT rifle, "And let the machine gun chew up Ivan. Should keep enough eyes on the east to let a few sneak into Korhonen's." A level look toward the doctor. "You take a bullet in the back, and we're all in bad shape doctor. You sure you want to try that?"

Sonja gets up at that, and goes a bit pale. Her old man is going out there? She heads over to him, speechless, and takes one of his hands.

"Well, whoever it is that goes in has to be quiet like a ghost and preferably rather quick too," Erkki says, stating the obvious while he goes over to check the machine gun and ammunition, making sure it's in order. He nods to Antti suggests, looking thoughtful. "Still going to need assistants with that. So, Antti and I and two more that provides distraction."

Luukas murmurs low, "But where I saw the surgery, it was in the west end of town. There's two gun batteries, one east and one west. Distracting the ones to the east won't keep the ones on the west end from shooting any Finn they see trying to sneak in."

"We would be in worse shape if I did not get all I needed," Korhonen replies to Antti. "You are right in your concern, but there is little choice. If…" He chooses not to finish that sentence. "…my daughter Emma has some medical skill. She has worked with me much. And young Markus has competence enough to act as a medic, should he need to. I remember something of bullets, Antti." A somber look comes to his face. "I was a young man in a war myself." He turns when Sonja takes his hand. He had almost forgotten she was there. "Do not worry, my dear. Just take care of Henrik. We shall deal with the rest."

Erkki scratches his unshaven cheek, nodding thoughtfully at Luukas. "So, what else can we do?" he asks generally.

Luukas grimaces a bit, "Well. I have a plan, but I don't know if it's going to solve all the needs." He looks around for a moment, then nods to where Antti is. "Alot like the last time we harrassed their artillery position. A group moving into the woods just north of the part of Raatevaara where Dr. Korhonen's surgery is, holding there till a pre-planned time at which they open fire. Another man, or two, moves around to flank and be at the south. When all their eyes are looking north, trying to shoot the group that's opened fire, one man sneaks into the town from the south to go to the doctor's surgery and get what's needed." He looks down a moment. "The doctor might have to be the second of that pair, waiting south till the one that goes in brings back supplies. It's the only way I can think of making sure the right gear and medicines are brought out without the doctor himself having to go in."

"I like it. It's a simple and doable plan," Erkki says, who isn't known for his unnecessary praise. "What about the eastern position though? We could spare a few men to keep them occupied from the north as well, open up on them from two positions."

Antti frowns. "And what if Ivan is sitting Korhonen's parlor? You'll need more than one man, no slight to you-" he notes aside to Korhonen, "But no man alive should want to pick a fight with three or four of the bastards in one room." A drawn breath, "We cant set still for long.. Whoever goes in will have to be fast. Very fast."

"One man may have difficulty moving it all out alone," Korhonen says. But he concedes, "It is possible, though." To Antti he nods with a dry grin. "I am not the most imposing of men, Antti. This I understand. And there are faster men than I."

"Or very very stealthy. A good man can sneak into the house without them seeing. But it's a gamble." Matti mutters this, from his post near the fireplace.

Luukas looks over to Matti and slowly nods. "I've no family here. Since I came up with the plan, we have a saying in Ostrobothnia…'Put up or shut up'. I'll put up." Then back to Erkki, "Would be good to have just one man taking sniper shots at the goons to the east, from cover. Takes a shot, sneaks off to hide, takes another shot from another direction. Just to keep the eastern group occupied."

And what Timing. Olli comes back from whatever it is he does when he's off by himself, (You probably dont want to know) with a somewhat sick looking grin on his face.

Erkki's gaze falls at Matti at talk of someone stealthy taking potshots as if for him, Matti would be the natural choice for it. "Alright. Who'll assist me and Antti?"

Antti mutters aside to Erkki, "I'll get the horse and sled ready. Come on out, and load up your gun when this talking's done." With that the farmer hefts the solid weight of the S-18, settles it on his back, and starts out the door, with a grunt.

"There's a road to the East. Not a good place, to be sniping. The ground to the South is forested, so that's better. I could set up a position there, even if the high ground to the north where Erkki and Antti will be is best." This, from MAtti.

Luukas shakes his head a bit to Matti, "Where Antti and Erkki will be at has no line of sight to the eastern battery's position. We need someone around the sauna, then, taking a shot or two, then drawing back to hide and reappear with surprise to shoot again." He looks down a moment, "The doctor could wait in the field near the farm while I sneak into town from there."

"Whats the mission, boys?" Olli snorts as he pokes his head into the cabin, "We going to blow up the town?" For some reason, Olli really has a hard on for the idea of blowing up his neighbor's houses.

"Getting medicines," Erkki grunts, then moves out to assist Antti with the horse, lifting up the machine gun and grabbing an ammunition belt. "Whoever assists us, grab as much ammunition as you can."

Matti mutters, "I'll be on the ridge, East of Erkki and Antti. Olli might do well, if he shooting at the same position as me, but from the South."

Isak steps into the cabin, noting the surge of activity compared to the normally complacent exterior. Hearing positions being called out, and the mentions of medicines, he hesitates for but a moment before piping in, "You can't surround them, I am told there are too many."

Luukas nods to Matti, "Sounds good." The short young man then turns to the doctor, "What do you think? Would you like to be the one waiting for me to sneak in and bring back your supplies, at the farm, so you can check to be sure I got what's needed?" He looks Korhonen over for a moment, "You'd have to be good at hiding, so they don't see you. I won't be doing any shooting and neither should whoever waits for me there."

Jaakko rises from his chair zipping up his parka and pulling on his gloves as he gets ready to join in.

"So I follow the Hero then?" Olli asks as he unslings his rifle to check the load.

Jaakko moves outside the cabin to ready his gear.

Korhonen nods to Luukas. "I can manage to hide, if I must. I have some ability to sneak in me." He grins, but it's not a particularly jolly grin. The doctor feels the importance of this mission.

Matti shakes his head at Olli in disgust, but doesn't say anything. He moves out of the cabin, kicking on his skiis.

Luukas steps in to grab his rifle, then comes out from the cabin, heading towards the sled.

«Ground Vehicles» Erkki gets into Sled.

(From Sled #304) Luukas steps into the sled, following Antti's lead as that man gets the reigns.

(From Sled #304) Luukas looks out from the sled, "Doctor, it's best if you got in. I know this sled moves faster than a man can ski on level ground."

(From Sled #304) Erkki waves to Isak. "Get in! We need you with us, you can assist me and Antti with the big guns, we won't do much good without assistance.,"

Jaakko gets himself settled onto the sled.

Isak blinks as he's addressed directly, then rolls his shoulder to make sure the rifle is firmly in place. Giving a grunt and a nod, that's all that was really needed, he headed toward the sled and climbed in without too much difficulty.

(From Sled #304) Luukas looks over to the doctor again, then motions to wave Jaakko in. "C'mon. Just in case I need someone to carry me out. No shooting unless they shoot at you, though, if you're gonna be at the farm approach where I am."

(From Sled #304) Antti settles into the seat on the forward bench, after making sure the draft horse is hitched in solidly, "We ready?" he prompts evenly.

(From Sled) Luukas lifts a hand, "Need room for the doctor." He looks over to Jaako and Olli, "Can one of you ski along the side instead?"

Jaakko nods at Luukas, "Aye, I'll only fire if we're fired upon in order to cover our retreat."

Matti simply nods, hopping off the sled. He puts on his skis, and sets off southwards.

Olli gets out as well. "Not so fast, hero," he says, strapping on his skiis, "Lets go do this."

(From Sled) Luukas looks over, "Still room for one more." stating that as both Matti and Olli had gotten out. "One more can fit."

Jaakko looks at the Dr. "You be sure and keep your head down."

(From Sled) Korhonen keeps his head low as he ducks into the back of the sled. He nods to Jaakko. "I have no particular wish to get shot, I assure you," he says with a faint smile.

Jaakko grunts "neither do I."

Isak reaches down and scoops up a box with a few cartridges of ammunition as he tries once more to climb into the sled

(From Sled) Luukas nods to the others. "Okay now. Group in woods with the big guns will need to hold their fire till Jaakko, the doctor, and I have had time to sneak around and reach the farm."

(From Sled #304) Erkki knows how to drive the sled but he's left the reigns to Antti who's better at it, sitting at the front with him. He nods simply to Luukas to show his understanding of it.

(From Sled) Antti nods without looking back at Luukas. "Just like last time."

(From Sled) Luukas nods to Antti, "Right, only this time we won't be shooting at all from the south."

(From Sled) Antti sniffs once and nods. "For me, just like last time."

(From Sled) Luukas gives the man a nod, then settles back into the wooden seat.

(From Sled) Isak sits in the sled, trying to keep himself upright while the sled swishes and slides along the ice and snow. So far, he's keeping to himself, still a bit awash with surprise at the war upon them… he'd only found out a day ago after returning from a trip, and was doing his best to reconcile the sudden shift in his existence.

(From Sled) Jaakko asks of Antti, "How much farther?"

(From Sled) Luukas turns as he notices one man in the group is someone he's not seen before. "I'm Luukas, from the lumber camp. Hope you've had your service training already." and manages a short hint of a smile.

(From Sled #304) Erkki is quiet and untalkative, in a contemplative mood. First time he actually uses the machinegun in real combat - he shifts where he sits, pulling his coat closer around himself.

(From Sled) Luukas says that to Isak.

(From Sled) Antti mutters back, "well clear the grass, and hide the sled in the marsh ahead. Then sneak off on foot from there."

(From Sled) Korhonen holds himself as still as possible as he rides with the others in the sled. There is a quiet, somber tension about the doctor. His service in the Civil War was many decades ago and he hasn't seen any real action since the Russians came. This night will be something of a test for him.

(From Sled) Luukas nods then to Antti's statement.

(From Sled) Isak nods quickly. "Years ago." The words had snapped him out of his reverie, and he paid closer attention to his more immediate surroundings. "Isak, out of Linna." While Isak seems young enough to be fighting with the rest of them, it's obvious he's had a few winters under his belt.

(From Sled) Jaakko readies his skis making ready to jump off the sled.

(From Sled #304) Erkki starts getting ready too, grabbing his skis first, jumping out and putting them on before reaching in for the machine gun and the ammo belts.

Korhonen takes a bit longer than the younger men to slip on his skiis. The doctor's still fairly spry…for a man past his fiftieth birthday.
Antti draws the draft horse to a stop behind a tall drift of snow, and hops down off the driver's bench, to once again shoulder the weight of the S-18, grunting once, and taking a few breaths before starting the slow trek toward the southern trees.

Luukas climbs off the sled, getting his rifle slung over onto his back. "Jaakko, where's Jaakko?" and looks around.

Erkki is not normally following anyone else but Viinikainen, the two being old friends, so this is a new experience for him to follow another leader. Erkki's not a leadertype himself - nobody likes him enough to let him lead much of anything. He now looks expectantly at Luukas, waiting for the word to move southwards to get into position.

Luukas squints towards the sled, perhaps wondering if Jaakko's fallen asleep inside it or has gotten stuck. The young lumberjack steps over nearer to Dr. Korhonen, "You, me, and Jaakko will need to move west. We won't need to sneak till there, where we move south to cross the road. The Russians will have a good view of the road, so that's where it's tricky."

Jaakko double checks his gear to make sure it will be silent as they move in.

Luukas gets his skiis back on from the sled, ready to slide west with Jaakko. He nods to the doctor as if motioning him to close in to move with them.

Jaakko nods towards Luukas to indicate he is ready to move.

Aino quietly stands to one side waiting for the order.

Arto is, for now, sticking with Erkki, it would seem - he's been here all along, just quiet. He leaves the sled to put his skis on as well, content to keep quiet and wait.

Jaakko nods his head towards Aino, "You best stay close to trees. That blue coat will be easily spotted against the snow."

Isak climbs out of the sled, slipping skis on and looking for the nearest heavy thing to lift. As it turns out, it's the ammo box he pulled onto the sled, and a few other simple supplies. With that in hand, he moved to follow the rest.


Coordinates : 28 5

The forest is thick and almost impossible to move through, the tall pine trees grow close to eachother, and the space they don't occupy is mostly covered with bushes and smaller trees.
It is currently dusk.
This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -14 degrees Celsius.

Erkki moves south stealthily, moving slower with the heavy gun he's carrying. He points to a position that looks good and gestures to get a foxhole dug.

Antti places himself at the base of a tree, peering through the thick woods to catch sight of the Soviets, and thier Field artillery in the Finnish town ahead.

Antti mutters lowly to Erkki, "Dig in for yourself.. It would take me too long to get the Solothurn in and out."

Arto heads south with the others, holding his rifle in the manner of one who still isn't terribly enthused about the prospect of shooting people. He nods to Erkki, and stops when Antti does, trying to peer ahead along with him.

Aino follows the group south watching carefully for orders. She focuses her eyes on the town ahead though her attention is not solely capitvated by it.

Erkki shoots Antti a mirthless grin and nods at him, moving a bit to the side, beginning a careful digging in the snow behind a boulder to set himself up there.

Antti returns Erkki's flat grin with a sullen one of his own, as he deploys the monstrous gun, and lets out a slow breath, slowly drawing aim on the center mass of the Sovier field gun.

Erkki gets some assistance to dig the foxhole and gestures for Isak to get inside of it with him whenever he's close enough. Isak has the spare ammunition after all.

Arto apparently can't see anything of note in the village, so he stops standing around to help out Erkki with the digging. With that out the way, he dusts off his hands.

Isak catches sight of the gesture and nods, following in with the supplies they brought with them, sliding down into a more defensible hiding spot.

Antti has only the trunk of a nearby tree for cover with his antitank gun, though with the white snowcape over his torso and gun works, only the barrel and hius legs can be seen, even by his fellow Finns. Muttering aside, "Take cover, and open fire from here, when the shooting starts.

Isak works with Erkki to get the machine gun deployed, doing small jobs that any mong could do, like clearing away some of the snow and handing over the rounds.

Slowly but safely, Erkki gets ready. Machine guns sure don't make for swift fighting but if they hit? It's not fun to be Russian then, for sure. He knows what to do, not because he's done this before but because he's trained similar scenarios in faked battles. Still, he shudders suddenly, squinting down into the village where he used to live only a few days ago. He's got some dried meat along and he offers some over to Isak.

Isak looks around, seeing all seems to be set. He nudged the box of ammo into a slightly more stable position before crouching in the foxhole and leaning against a tree. He seemed at home there, resting on his haunches, and glanced over at Erkki when the man offered a bit of meat. Nodding his thanks he took it, and gripped half against his back teeth.

Luukas slides slowly, silently, between two buildings keeping ducked and low. He stops and turns towards the one labelled as Korhonen Surgery.

Erkki sees faintly that Luukas is sneaking into the town and he sits up a bit, hastily swallowing the meat and putting his hands on the machine gun. He points with a careful gesture to show that it's soon time.

Isak continues chewing through the bit of jerky, then tosses back the last half when Erkki leans forward. His hands rested in his lap, and the man seemed still as a statue. People were rarely as skittish as animals… but the cost of failure was a lot more than a missed meal.

Luukas enters the building, leaving the door cracked open behind him. The man is keeping quiet.

Ivan is ostensibly on duty with two others. He's not really looking very diligent, however. After all, the enemy are miles away, and by all accounts running all the way to Sweden.

Luukas carefully lifts a box and stuffs it with what gear he remembers doctors seem to need. Bandages, medicines, surgery knives, anything he's seen medics use.

Erkki nervously touches the trigger, wetting his lips behind the hood over his face. He forces himself to breathe evenly, to be patient. He glances at Isak to see that he's calm and okay.

Ivan reaches out to grab Vasili by one shoulder, and points northwards.

Luukas creeps back out, now carrying the box. He swallows seeing the Russian point north, but he himself turns to make it back around that building.

Vasili looks around to the north - but then lets out a shout, having spotted Luukas in the street. He raises his rifle…

Luukas grabs some rifle ammo as he sees the man spot him, and quickly pushes off towards the south.

Mikhail sees him too!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Erkki fires his Lahti-Saloranta at Ivan but misses!
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Ivan with your Lahti-Saloranta! Your accuracy is 5 percent!

«Ground Combat» Antti fires his S-18 Solothurn at 76mm Universal Gun but misses!

Isak remained still as he rested against the tree, and were it not for the occasional curl of warm breath from his nose, one might think he were a statue. Of course, that was nothing compared to the thrumming of his own heartbeat that he could hear in his own ears, and the fact that he could barely see the Russians down in the town because he couldn't actually focus his sight… but that's not important, right?

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (28 3)!
«Ground Combat» Jaakko fires his Pystykorva at Vasili but misses!

Erkki starts shooting immediately upon that. "Assist me with the ammo," he asks of Isak in a low call, and starts preparing for another shot.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Vasili fires his Mosin-Nagant at Luukas but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Erkki fires his Lahti-Saloranta at Vasili but misses!
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Vasili with your Lahti-Saloranta! Your accuracy is 5 percent!

«Ground Combat» Antti fires his S-18 Solothurn at 76mm Universal Gun and hits!
«Ground Vehicles» Antti hits 76mm Universal Gun (#306) in the SIDE!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Mikhail fires his Mosin-Nagant at Luukas and hits!
Luukas suffers 3 wound damage to his left arm.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Ivan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Antti but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Aino fires her Pystykorva at Mikhail but misses!

Luukas is trying to keep out of sight, but obviously failing at that now. He's pushing off with the poles, trying to move on out of the square. A arm gets knocked bloodied to one side, "Yow!"

Isak looks over at Erkki, blinking himself out of his stupor at the shattered stillness, and begins to move toward the gun, his brain barely conscious of his surroundings. Of course, that doesn't help him much, and so he forces himself to take a calming breath before helping to load the ammo for Erkki

«Ground Combat» Luukas moves South <S>.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Erkki fires his Lahti-Saloranta at Mikhail but misses!
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Mikhail with your Lahti-Saloranta! Your accuracy is 5 percent!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (29 5)!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (28 3)!
«Ground Combat» Jaakko fires his Pystykorva at Mikhail but misses!

«Game» Isak assists Erkki!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Vasili fires his Mosin-Nagant at Erkki but misses!

Aino focuses on trying to make her shots hit, levelling rifle at soviet soldiers.

Erkki shoots once more and is out of ammunition, those GMs not exactly holding a lot of it. On the other hand - they don't weight a ton either. He curses as he's being shot at in turn now, ducking down briefly while reloading.

«Ground Combat» Erkki reloads his Lahti-Saloranta!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Ivan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Erkki but misses!

«Ground Combat» Antti fires his S-18 Solothurn at 76mm Universal Gun but misses!

«Game» Isak assists Erkki!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Aino fires her Pystykorva at Ivan but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (29 4)!

Antti squeezes off a pair of solemn shots, not even stirring as a bullet throws up snow beside him, but aiming another shot.

«Ground Combat» You notice Aleksander arrive at Raatevaara.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (28 3)!
«Ground Combat» Jaakko fires his Pystykorva at Vasili but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Erkki fires his Lahti-Saloranta at Aleksander and hits!
Aleksander suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Aleksander with your Lahti-Saloranta! Your accuracy is 28 percent!

«Ground Combat» You notice Drago arrive at Raatevaara.
«Ground Combat» You notice Yuri arrive at Raatevaara.

Antti ducks back out of sight. "I'm pulling back.."

Drago comes in with a heavy gun, leading the Horde…

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Erkki fires his Lahti-Saloranta at Drago but misses!
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Drago with your Lahti-Saloranta! Your accuracy is 23 percent!

«Ground Combat» Aleksander moves into Houses.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Ivan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Erkki but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Vasili fires his Mosin-Nagant at Aino but misses!

«Game» Isak assists Erkki!

Erkki nods to ANtti and begins preparing to head on out too. "Help me with the rifle," he asks fo Isak, starting to undeploy the thing while ducking bullets. "Time to get the hell out!"

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Aino fires her Pystykorva at Ivan but misses!

«Ground Combat» Erkki undeploys his Lahti-Saloranta!

«Ground Combat» You notice Vladimir arrive at Raatevaara.

«Ground Combat» Antti undeploys his S-18 Solothurn!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (29 4)!

«Ground Combat» Drago moves into Houses.

«Ground Combat» Yuri moves into Houses.

Isak pulls the rifle off his shoulder, tossing out a quick 'ja' before resting on his knees and raising the thing to his shoulder, squeezing off a shot.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (28 3)!
«Ground Combat» Jaakko fires his Pystykorva at Vladimir and hits!
Vladimir suffers 1 wound damage to his head.

«Ground Combat» Erkki moves out of Foxhole.

Aino turns her head slightly back keeping an eye on the battle and nods her head to indicate she heard.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Isak fires his Pystykorva at Drago but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (29 4)!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Aino fires her Pystykorva at Ivan but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Ivan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Antti but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Vasili fires his Mosin-Nagant at Aino but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Mikhail fires his Mosin-Nagant at Jaakko but misses!

«Ground Combat» Yuri deploys his DP 27!

Erkki jumps out of the trench, somehow managing that feat despite the heavy weapon over his shoulder, the ammunition belt flaring out behind him as he begins rushing northwards. "Isak, come on!" he shouts. "Let's get out of here."

«Game» Aleksander assists Yuri!
«Game» Drago assists Yuri!

Yuri works on bringing the machinegun into action, peering northwards into the snowy forests, while fumbling with the bipod.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (28 5)!
«Ground Combat» Isak fires his Pystykorva at Yuri but misses!

Antti is backing away through the trees slowly, under the weight of the S-18.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Ivan fires his Mosin-Nagant at Antti but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Vasili fires his Mosin-Nagant at Aino but misses!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» Mikhail fires his Mosin-Nagant at Jaakko and hits!
Jaakko suffers 1 wound damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» Vladimir moves into Korhonen Surgery.

Isak hears the call to leave, just enough to throw him and his shot goes wide. With a growl he moves to shoulder the rifle and get the hell out of there.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (29 4)!

«Game» Aleksander assists Yuri!
«Game» Drago assists Yuri!

Erkki curses violently as Isak doesn't listen to him but continues to shoot. He is forced to ignore him, instead heading over to Antti to help him with the heavy weapon, burdened as he is already. Seeing that Isak finally listens he draws a breath of relief.

«Game» Erkki assists Antti!

«Ground Combat» You notice Matti arrive at Forest.

«Game» Drago assists Yuri!
«Game» Aleksander assists Yuri!

«Ground Combat» Ivan tries to fire his Mosin-Nagant at Antti but his weapon is jammed!

«Ground Combat» Vasili reloads his Mosin-Nagant!

«Game» Isak changes his style to Sprint!
«Ground Combat» Isak moves out of Foxhole.

Antti continues slipping northward, as the irregular hiss of bullets after him pauses.

Erkki is pushing through the snow, heading towards where his skis are nearby, bullets whizzing around his head and splintering trees nearby.

«Ground Combat» Erkki moves North <N>.

Coordinates : 28 6

The ground is uneven under the snow, and with some bad luck you might find some open water under thin ice in one of those holes. While there are large spaces of open ground here, trees and bushes cling to wherever the ground is dry enough to support them.
It is currently dusk.
This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -14 degrees Celsius.

Luukas skiis up to the sled, his arm bleeding as he makes it onto the frozen swap. "Armoured car, moving in from west!"

«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of vehicle weapons from Road! (27 5)

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!

Luukas has his pack full of medical supplies, now trying to step the skiis towards the sled.

«Ground Vehicles» Luukas gets into Sled.

«Ground Vehicles» You hear the sound of vehicle weapons from Road! (27 5)

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!

Erkki is rushing in from the south, grabbing his skis on the way. He sinks down into the snow and curses, dropping the machine gun briefly so he can get onto the skis to move more easily. Hearing Luukas, he turns his attention towards the west. "Perkele," he curses. "We have to wait for the others, can't leave them." He points south. "They should be right behind me."

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Raatevaara (28 4)!

«Ground Combat» You notice Isak arrive at Swamp/Marsh.

(From Sled) Luukas calls out, "Jaako and the doctor, they hadn't crossed the road yet! I was there ahead when the armour pulled in!"

«Ground Combat» You notice Antti arrive at Swamp/Marsh.

(From Sled) Luukas quickly drops the supplies into the carriage of the sled, unloading extra ammo he must've grabbed as well.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from Raatevaara (28 4)!

Erkki is panting slightly, leaning against the sled as he hauls the machine gun into it. Quite a lot of the ammunition has been spent - it won't take long before they need to find more. "Wait, you saying the doctor and Jaakko are trapped?"

(From Sled) Luukas calls back over, "They were behind, hadn't reached the road yet. The car came in while I was on the road. So it's between them and us."

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Grass (29 3)!

Antti trudges up out of the woods as rapidly as he can, breathing heavily, and sweating despite the cold. "Whats wrong?"

Isak makes it to the sled and coughs from the exertion, trying his damnest to not pay attention to the blood splatting from his lips when he does so. Hearing about the doctor, he lifts his head, having dumped the spare ammunition into the back. "Where?"

(From Sled) Luukas dumps some ammo into the sled, then rips out a first aid kit as he tries to bandage his bleeding left arm. The camou suit is now red at the upper arm there.

(From Sled) Luukas hurriedly bandages his arm, at least stopping its bleeding though the man's skin must be freezing from the weather.

(From Sled) Luukas calls out, "Move west, see if the car's on the road south of there."

Luukas hops out from the sled, trying to pull his jacket back over the arm. "They don't have cover if they're trying to cross the road there."

Erkki nods at Luukas. "Let me switch to another weapon, someone give me their Pystykorva," he suggests, beginning to drop his machine gun.

Erkki considers it. "You think they'll be stupid enough to try to cross the raod there? Wouldn't they go more west instead?"

Isak pulls his rifle from around his shoulder, obviously no longer needing it, and climbs into the sled. He's not much good with the widening crimson stain in his coat.

Luukas darts a look to the others, his arm now bandaged by himself in the sled. "We can't leave the doctor and Jaakko to face that armour alone. Drop your gear into the sled. I put the supplies therre and ammo."

Isak looks over at them all, having handed his Rifle to Erkki. "Go, I will watch the supplies."

Erkki simply nods and gives Isak's shoulder a pat. "Rest easy, don't move unless you have to," he suggests to the wounded man, then slinks off westwards after Luukas.

(From Sled) Isak bleeds quietly.

(From Sled) Antti sets the Solothurn down with a thud in the back of the sled, and slips into the driving bench, getting the draft horse moving to turn the sled facing northward.. But not starting off just yet.

Jaakko slowly skis in bleeding from several worunds. His right hand is wrapped in a scarf, his head wound though slight is bleeding something awful.

Luukas skiis up behind the doctor and Jaakko, looking winded as his one arm's a bit weakened from the hit.

Matti skis in from the South. His head is covered in a mask of blood, but otherwise he seems more or less fine. He weaves a little from side to side as he skis, but the wound doesn't appear to be absolutely critical.

Erkki meets the three halfway, moving much slower than Luukas. He simply turns about to return to the sled but this time he doesn't get into it, chosing instead to use his skiis now that he's not carrying the machine gun.

(From Sled) Jaakko climbs into the sled with considerable effort, having been shot in the hand and arms.

(From Sled) Korhonen legs it onto the sled, breathing hard from his adventures in the combat zone. The doctor is unhurt, though the same can't be said for the men around him.

(From Sled) Antti raises his voice to carry a bit, "Get on, already! Dont want to wait around for Ivan to catch up."


Coordinates : 28 11

The tall pine trees are mostly scattered in small clusters around the area, and while there are some open spaces, smaller trees and bushes have laid claim to most of it.
It is currently dusk.
This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -14 degrees Celsius.

Erkki is the first to arrive back at the cabin, seemingly moving unhindered and not with the machine gun, instead with a Pystykorva slung over a shoulder. He skis right up to the cabin and steps out of them, leaning them up against the wall even as he spies southwards, knowing that the sled shouldn't be that far behind.

Sonja is waiting rather nervously inside, having heard all hell break loose to the south just now. She peers out of the window cautiously, wondering if its Russians who are coming…

(From Sled) Isak manages to add in a 'Do what you can' while keeping his eyes closed. It really did make things easier, honest.

Jaakko gingerly hops down off the sled ignoring his skis he makes his way to the cabin and throws open and hold the door.

(From Sled) Luukas rubs his eyes a moment as the cabin comes into view. "Whew", letting out his breath all at once.

Erkki is already there, having skiied on in advance. As the sled comes up, he moves towards it to help move the wounded if they need it. "How bad?" he asks generally of anyone hurt, scanning the group.

Jaakko looks inside the cabin and calls to Sonja, "We have wounded, one maybe serious."

Luukas has a large red splotch on the white of his snow suit, spread on the left arm near the shoulder. It seems to be padded with a bandage underneath now, "Three hit, none killed. I dunno where Olli is, though."

Luukas adds, "We got the medical supplies. Doc's in the sled, treating wounds."

Antti hops off the sled bench, into the snow, and lends a pair of hands in helping move any of the injured that the doctor says are safe to move.

Korhonen steps out of the sled, staying by it to assist Isak out. "Were you injured?" he asks Erkki, giving the man a quick once-over. He thanks Antti for his help in moving the wounded. "Take him inside."

Jaakko suffered a graze across his forehead which bled a lot making it seem worse then it was. The blood has since dried in the cold, there is a red patch on his left chest and scarf wrapped around his right hand where a machine gun bullet had gone clean through.

Luukas rubs his nose for a moment before turning to lean into the sled. "I'll try to carry what I can in my good hand and pack."

Erkki shakes his head. "I'm fine," he replies tersely, leaning in to help Luukas with an arm. "Leave it, I'll take it," he grunts and grabs for the items Luukas talked about.

Sonja looks over everybody with an attentive eye for hurt, and seems mostly satisfied. "Just a few scratches… and thank God." she says with some feeling when she sees her father climb out of the sled.

Isak climbs out of the sled with the assistance of the doctor and crew, finally opening his eyes to look around and move toward the cabin where he was led.

(From Sled) Luukas stuffs what he can into his pack. "I can make it. Just keep the horse steady."

Luukas draws himself back out from the sled, medical supplies and ammo held against his body and filling his pack.

Jaakko quietly holds the door open.

(From Sled) Matti nods to Korhonen, getting out of the sled. He does seem pretty much ok at that, aside from the bandaged graze on his forehead. As he gets out, he mutters, "I heard rifle fire from his way for quite some time, and then silence. The Russians were moving to flank him, but I figure he got away. Not sure, though." This concerning Olli.

Luukas draws the chill arm into his lungs with a deep breath. "Did anyone kill any Russians? I couldn't see…they both saw me, though. I heard your guns start shooting right after they got me in the arm."

Antti mutters to Luukas, "Took out a Field Gun. Ivan got hit a couple times, but I did'nt see any of them die. MAtti, what about you?"

Jaakko confesses to Luukas "I fired as soon as I saw them get a bead on you. I hit one in the head I think."

"I hit one in the arm or hand I think, but didn't see anyone getting killed. They were covering up pretty good. One of the universal guns got blown up though," Erkki explains, shooting Antti a grin.

Luukas grunts as he hears what Jaakko says, but just nods to that and speaks no criticism. To the others, he listens and nods as well. "Did hear what sounded like steel flying. That one gun being knocked out is good news. Gotta get word to the Border Patrol posted at the lumbercamp."

Jaakko moves in the cabin letting the door shut behind him. Taking a seat at the table he cautiously unwraps his hand revealing a good size hole clean through his palm.

Luukas empties his pack inside the cabin. "Maybe someone should sweep the sled trail, or something to camouflage the tracks."

Luukas continues, "To make it seem like we drove the sled out to the frozen river."

Antti answers Luukas, "No, not over the river. My farm is that way. Maybe make it look like we moved east?"

Erkki nods to Luukas. "I'll do it," he grunts and goes to untether the horse from the sled so he can ride the beast bareback instead.

Luukas nods to Erkki, "thanks." He then looks out, and waves, "Olli! Ho!"

Isak is escorted into the cabin and moves into a space where he can rest, content for a few minutes to just get a handle on himself before he ends up passed out. The doctor's work seems to have helped though, he would have expected this to be worse.

Eventually, Olli makes it back to base, his face flushed. And hell, he looks out of breath. "Hey," he says, skiing over to Luukas. "We get the medicine we needed?"

Luukas mutters the others, "I grabbed some ammo clips they had for those Russians." Then speaks up to respond, calling out, "Yeah! Glad you made it back! Some of us were wounded, but none killed."

"Good to hear," Olli says, stopping now to catch his breath, "How many dead Russians? I killed one before their machine gunner saw me and I took off."

Luukas has a large blood stain spread on the white fabric of his snow suit on the upper left arm.

Antti settles down against one wall of the cabin, and starts reloading the spent shells into the big S-18.

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