Viinikainen is by the stable where the wagon of weapons is parked to give it some protection from wind and weather, he's currently speaking with the man overseeing it, who is, to nobody's real surprise, another local civic guard member.

Sonja slips into the area once again, without Henrik in tow this time. An advantage of having a house filled with sisters is, theres no shortage of babysitters. Apparently Viini is her goal once more, as she heads over to him, and then waits, politely, as he speaks.

"Right", Jari finishes up the conversation and turns around and sees Sonja standing there, the black mark on his record. "Yes?" he asks the waiting woman.

Sonja clears her nervous throat. "Well… I was talking to Matti earlier…" she begins. "About what will happen to this place, if most of the men go.". She glances over the guardsman, and then back at Viini. "You think it's safe here?" she begins. "Matti said even Suomussalmi is going to be destroyed…".

Viinikainen points east, towards the so called road, "What would they do here? We have a hard time going anywhere, an army wouldn't do any good here." He sighs a little before he continues, "But it's hard enough to always have food in the winter as it is, being a little closer to the main roads could help."

Sonja relaxes a bit at his words, and nods. "Thats what I had hoped. Theres nothing here the Russians could want. In that case, I was wondering if maybe, something should be organised with the village here… so we can get by when the soldiers are gone.".

Markus has arrived.
Markus arrives from the West.

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Olli arrives from the South.

"Well, I don't know how many, or when." Jari pauses for a brief moment, "I am sure anyone who can be useful in the end. Food will be the biggest problem." Well, hardly news there. He looks a bit tired for a moment, "Save it up"

Sonja nods again. "Well, I was doing that earlier, but it is already running out it seems, people are hoarding." she points out. "But, I don't want to have to leave here." she says a bit doggedly.

Viinikainen rubs his eyes, "No use for them to do that, we'll have to share what we have before all this is over." He eyes Sonja again, "Nobody is forcing you to leave anywhere ..yet. But maybe it would be for the best."

"I don't really have anywhere else to go. Maybe if my father wanted to go, but. I'm not sure he will, and where would we go? We've been living here for decades now." Sonja says, a bit wearily herself.

"Well don't go anywhere then. Stay right here." Jari shrugs his shoulder just slightly, "Maybe it is for the best, I just got word that the russians are bombing most major cities."

Markus has recently been out of town taking care of business in a neighboring town. Having just gotten back last night he finds himself now in town running a few errands. On his back is a rucksack that appears to be nearly filled with varius items from his completed tasks today. It appears light in weight as it doesn't appear to slow him down as he moves through the street. He appears to be in a relaxed and happy mood.

Sonja ohs. "Is this your community face?" she asks, with faint amusement. She edges away, sensing she's probably pissing him off somehow. "You must be busy I guess, right?".

Viinikainen just eyes Sonja, probably pissed off enough by now. "Yes, quite busy. So, .." he nods to Sonja, and then turns towards his office, before spinning around and walking into the stable to the war-wagon.

Sonja shakes her head slightly as Viini busies himself with war games. And looks about the street, such as it is, a little forlorn. War has arrived, and the village isn't going to be as it was for quite some time. She focuses upon Markus as he shows up, and blinks. Well, at least someone is happy.

Gustaf steps out of the Iloinen Kukko, putting on his hood in an effort to retain body heat in the -11 degree Celsius weather. The snow beneath him crumps as he walks out, but he suddenly notices a small group gathered around in a conversation. He walks very deliberately and very slowly past them, being a little nosy and trying to eavesdrop on them. It is apparent that he's spying. And no, he's not a Russian spy.

Markus continues on his path till he notices Sonja. He gives the woman a firm nods, "Morning." Its a rather simple statement, but with the bitter cold outside there are doubts that he wants to be kept outside for long.

Viinikainen starts counting the ammo on the wagon, a quick task, he turns around and grins at the guy in charge of the wagon and weapons. "Just like in the military, not a whole lot of shooting during our training." He walks back out of the stable and picks up a pipe which has been fixed with the help of some old newspaper.

Sonja gives Markus a snow-thawing smile, and a nod. "Good morning, Markus. Not seen you lately much." she says amiably, and moves over to the shelter offered by the wall of the tavern. And there, she peers at Gustaf, noticing him for the first time. "Do I know you?" she wonders, peering at him, as if his face jogs a memory.

Gustaf turns to look at Sonja, and shakes his head. "I ahh… am from Paltamo," he manages, clearly surprised at being caught for eavesdropping. In his hand is a paper bag that holds something. In a quick change of subject he asks, "What is all the ruckus?" His head turns to give a curious look at the war-wagon. Perhaps he hasn't heard the news, but of course, from his demeanor he seems like a… loner?

Markus realises he might have been cought in conversation which he had hoped to avoid. This might have shown a bit in his facial expressions, but he does his best to cover them up. The cold helps too. "I've been up north doing some carpenter work. Earned some good money which is nice. That much closer to moving back to Helsinki and going back to school."
As Gustaf talks, Markus goes quiet and just listens for the moment. Then when Gustaf quiets down, he responds, "Have you been living under a rock? The Russians are coming, and they are not coming with to have a picnic and share stories of old. They want to take over."

"Paltamo?" Viinikainen puts away the pipe again, stepping up to Gustaf. "You're a long way from home in these times." He eyes Markus for a moment too, "The Russians are bombing Helsinki, soon you'll have no school to go if it keeps up."

Sonja squirms at the talk of Russians, uncomfortable. "I find it a little hard to believe what the Russians would want with this place." she admits. "You are studying?" she asks, curious. "I didn't know that. What are you studying?" she asks Markus, one of the few in the village who appreciates that sort of thing.

Gustaf 's mouth opens. And yes, he's been living a rock, but no offense taken. The paper bag drops onto the ground, and some medicine spills out onto the snow. His eyes begins to wander in disbelief, as he tries to regain his composure. Quickly, he goes to floor to pick up the precious medicine but as he does so, he looks up at the rest. "Russians are invading?" he repeats, suddenly sounded like either he's hyperventilating or excited or nervous or all of the above.

Markus slaps his hand against his forhead at Viinikainen statement. It was something that was an obvious course of events, but forwhatever reason Markus has not put it togeather. His mood no sours a bit as the thought of his dream being delayed or even postponed permenitly. "Crap, I never heard even thought about that." You would think with his education that he would have been a bit brighter, but this proves otherwise. As Markus speaks, this time to Sonja, he appears a bit disappointed, "Well I was hoping to study in aerodynamics and build airplanes. I still have a lot of schooling left. If I went to school full time, maybe 3 or so years left." He shurgs his shoulders loosely having just realised that his dream might never come true.

Gustaf continues, "Why… I… I would never have thought this would happen in my lifetime!" But then he gasps in instant revelation. "But my papa… the bookstore… who will take care of my papa, bookstore, and family?" Sounds like this guy has major issues. What a freak. "So, are they calling up the reserves?"

Viinikainen looks at Gustaf, "Are you a bit slow boy?" He looks at the medicine, "I'm Jari, nimismies of this area, so before you ask anythign else let me ask again. What are you doing here? And what's that for?", he nods towards the medicine.

Sonja ahs at Markus. "Well, I was thinking of studying medicine or some such originally, but then reality intervened I guess." she says, with a wry smile. "Don't worry - I'm sure theres been some sort of mistake, and then after the politicians make up, the university will be back to teaching again.". The verbal assault of the lawman catches her attention then and she looks over Gustaf again. "Where is your bookstore?" she wonders, curious.

Gustaf eyes Viinikainen, but pointingly ignores the 'Are you a bit slow boy?' comment. "It is medicine. For my papa." He raises the paper bag and points to it. And to Sonja he answers, "Paltamo, where I journeyed from. The medicine would have taken forever to get to Paltamo, and my papa is very ill."

Viinikainen narrows his eyes, "And you travelled here? For medicine? Instead of Oulu? Or any city for that matter." He looks at Sonja, "Is it true he …, nevermind" He looks back at Gustaf. "You're a long way from home boy, go home, the papers to join up might already be waiting for you. And.." he shakes a finger at Gustaf like he's lecturing a school boy, "Don't ever try to lie to me again. Go home." And with that he turns around to march off towards his office.

Markus turns towards Sonja giving her a nod, "I would sure hope so, but the weapons being handed out say otherwise." The mans eyes dart to the wagon and he wonders when he will collect his rifle. A short glance towards Gustaf and Viinikainen makes him think he will bother the nemissis about the issue later.

Sonja looks over Gustaf and his tale, and frowns at the harsh reception. "Hey, my father is a very good doctor." she points out to Viini. He did have a lot of XP after all… "Hmm. Maybe thats why I recognise him." she eyes Gustaf.

Gustaf eyes Viinikainen as he leaves and simply shrugs. He turns to the others and nods, probably eager to get on his way home. "I must go now… if the Soviets are coming, then I must get my papa his medicine before I do anything else." He sucks in a deep breath as he prepares to ski back home… or hitch a ride if possible.

Viinikainen vanishes into his office, closing the door quite hard after himself.

Markus watches Gustaf, the outsider to the village, "It might not be safe travelling alone if the Soviets are on the advance." The man gives a loose shrug at the thought leaving the Gustaf to his own choice on the matter. Markus then looks towards Sonja waiting to see what her two sents on the subject will be.

Sonja blinks at Gustaf. "It's a long way. And yeah… I wonder if you could even find transport in Suomussalmi anymore. Maybe you could mail it to him at least instead.".

Gustaf frowns in response to the two, but they have a point. "I will have to try… my family must be worried about me. I must say goodbye to them before I join up with my reserve unit." he says, eyes surprisingly with utter defiance against the odds despite his meek personality. But of course, such idealism will wear off quite quickly once reality sets in…

To Markus, Gustaf was an outsider. While Markus has spent a good deal of the last few years himself out the village, he did spend a his childhood here and did occasionaly visit from time to time. So whatever it is that Gustaf decides will no doubt be forgotten by next morning. "Well, its just dangerous to travel. Do what you want." Markus says with a shrug of his shoulders.

Sonja nods. "Well, Suomussalmi isn't all that far away I suppose, a bit far to ski though. I was going to go there tomorrow as it happens, to pick up some supplies for my fathers clinic. I keep being told how hard times are ahead from people, we're trying to stock up.".

Gustaf finishes putting on his skiies and begins skiing towards home again without saying other word.

Sonja shakes her head a bit at Gustaf's back. "They really are crazy everywhere else. Let alone Paltamo. I never even been there.". And she heads back to her house.

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