Still Tomorrow

((Just after the fight for Pyyvaara))

«Game» Vesa moves into Cabin.

Sonja gives Vesa a hand into the cabin when he arrives, minus half a leg. "What is it with legs these days…" she mutters, as she does her best to drag him into the cabin. "And so I see, Marko.".

Vesa stumbles into the cabin, more hopping than anything. His leg drags a smear of blood as he holds onto Sonja's arm, his face dead pale. "I don't know, Miss Sonja."

Marko sighs and looks to Vesa, "What happenned? Did we win?" he asks

Sonja eyes the leg. "Thats too serious for my own skills. And we are running out of nurses. You will have to wait for my father.". She helps Vesa over to where Luukas lies, poetic really.

Vesa nods a few times, not really processing what Sonja's saying to him. He just spills himself onto wherever it is she brings him to. His trouser leg is torn, his leg ripped by bullets in two places though from the amount of blood it's hard to tell that it's not just one wound. He nods quickly to Marko, before he squeezes his eyes shut. "Yes. We got Pyyvaara."

Marko nods his head, "That is good. Unfortunelly I was out of battle fast…" he sighs, "I need rest." he says and closes his eyes going to sleep after a few minutes…

Sonja blinks. "Well, thats good. We'll be going back to Raatevaara soon then?". She looks around. "A lot of wounded but nobody has been killed yet, aside from that drifter.". Even Sonja can't help but be impressed.

"I don't know." Vesa keeps his eyes shut, his hands pressed into tight fists against his chest. "Mannikainens are still down there. I don't know what they will do." His accent is much worse, making the Finnish sound rough as he tries to relay the information.

Sonja ahs. "They are not wounded, then?" she asks, just to check. "It is just you and… Marko?" she wonders, glancing over at the sleeping one.

Vesa swallows, turning his head on the makeshift pillow. "They shot Matti…hand…I think. Antti too, his arm. I couldn't see very well." It takes Vesa a second to pull his thoughts together, but then he adds quickly, "And Mr. Fisk, they got Mr. Fisk. In the hand again." He does his best to give a weak grin.

Sonja ohs. And frowns. "So why aren't they here?" she asks. "You can't let wounds go untreated you know. They'll get rotten if they aren't careful. Especially in this warm weather.". She shakes her head at mention of Niko. "It's always Luukas' legs or Niko's hands.".

"They were gonna stay till Mr. Viinikainen came, or something." Vesa's eyes drift open halfway, and he squints at Sonja. One of his hands closes around the dented metal piece he's wearing around his neck, holding onto it tight enough to keep his knuckles while.

Sonja frowns a bit at that, and reaches out to pat a shoulder. "Don't worry, Vesa. You'll be alright. You'll just be bored for a bit I'm sure… with Luukas to talk to." she says with an impish grin.

Vesa forces a tight grin at Sonja, not letting go of that metal. "Least it wasn't in the head. They got bad aim."

Sonja can't really argue with that. "Lets hope God keeps his eye on us, we seem to be doing well so far. You won't be getting shot at for a while yet anyway, Vesa, so don't worry about it. I think you've done your duty enough, in fact.".

"I'm not worried." Vesa keeps babbling, talking in short bursts with his breaths. His body is tense enough to crack bones, his right foot twitching every now and again. "I got two of them. I killed two…" He'd meant to sound triumphant about that, but there's more in his tone. It sounds almost like a confession rather than triumph.

Sonja rests a hand on Vesa's forehead. "Vesa, calm down." she says, worried, but forcing her voice to be calm. "It's all over now… you just have to rest. Or you might hurt yourself.".

Vesa closes his eyes, pressing his teeth together as he swallows. His eyelashes are wet. "It's snowing. Did you see?"

Sonja nods. "Yes, I did…" she says, and takes a hold of his hand, having little else she can do. "Means it'll stay warm for a while most likely."

Vesa sniffs, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping her hand. When his face relaxes again, a tear makes a trail from the corner of his eye that he doesn't really notice. "Maybe…it feels really cold…"

Sonja feels somewhat helpless, and worried as well, and reaches out to check his temperature. Where's her old man when she needs him dammit??? "Vesa, don't worry, maybe the stove needs some more logs. I'll put some on in a minute, it'll be hotter then. Keep talking to me till then.".

Pain is fuzzing up Vesa's mind like a swarm of buzzing insects. He tries to shift around on the blankets as though pain were something he could get away from by moving, his good leg scraping his heel against the floor. "How's that girl…I was taking care of her bandages…"

"Saimi? She's alright. Acting like she isn't even wounded. It's healing well." Sonja replies. "A few more days and she'll probably be demanding she gets sent out again. I'll keep an eye on her, don't worry.".

"I hope they get some stuff from Pyyvaara," Vesa goes on, talking in a babbly stream. "Maybe there's food or something…maybe there's a bed Henrik can have."

Sonja smiles at that. "I'm sure they are taking everything that isn't nailed down already, if past experience means anything. It's not something you should be worrying about, anyway.".

"I'm not," Vesa says, managing a tight smile. "I hope there's food." His brain latches onto that one thing. "God keeps giving us rabbits. I hope He doesn't get mad that I'm really sick of eating them."

Sonja hees. "Well, needs must. Better rabbits than tree bark, so I figure He is being generous. And there are those tinned tomatoes if you prefer… I think the Russians are eating worse than we are.".

Tears keep trickling down Vesa's cheeks, making small blotches on the bunched blanket under his head. "Tomatoes would be really good…I wish we had fish. We're gonna be eating rabbit on Christmas."

Sonja mms. "Well… the river is not far to the west, maybe someone will fish, if they can dig a hole without the Russians noticing. We might have something other than rabbit for then.". She keeps a hold of his hand as he lies there, still worried about him. "You are hungry now, or you just want tomatoes later?".

Vesa's eyes drift closed, then halfway open again. "I just want to taste them…a little bit…" He admits. "Are there any tins open?"

Sonja shakes her head. "I don't think so, we only got them the other day. Unless Erkki stole a can." she sniffs. "But that doesn't matter, all these people in here, if we open a can it'll be eaten fast.".

"I just want a little bit," Vesa repeats, closing his eyes again. Not even that hungry, just attached to that idea in his pain-wracked brain. "Even if I could just smell them."

Sonja can manage that, and heads over to the swag bag filled with Red Army issued tomatoes. She gets the corner of the can open with the help of her puukko (for even Sonja is a Finn ultimately), and returns to Vesa's side with her brightest nurse-smile. "Here?" she offers, holding it out.

Vesa uncurls his hand from around the metal thing he's wearing round his neck, his fingers bumping the can as they drag up to the lip. His fingertips dig into one of the soft tomatoes, gouging a chunk off that he then gets clumsily to his mouth. That's like heaven, right there, and he closes his eyes. "They're really good…try some."

Sonja smiles, amused and pleased that theres something able to cheer him up, even if it is communist tomatoes. She fishes one out, and takes a bite. "Makes a change from rabbit." she agrees. "You want to see Henrik?" she asks, while wiping tomato-y fingers on a cloth.

Vesa chews slowly on that mushy bite, as though that's the only one he's ever going to taste again. When she mentions Henrik he smiles a little. "Yeah…can I?"

Sonja has noticed Henrik is awake, if sleepy, and uses all her weapons. She heads over to the toddler, and picks him up, carrying him over to Vesa. And jiggling him, as Henrik looks a bit unhappy at being disturbed so.

That makes two unhappy young men in the cabin tonight. Vesa's hand trembles as he lifts his arm, keeping his elbow braced on the edge of the cot or whatever this is. "Henrik." His fingers make a little wave.

Sonja holds Henrik close, so he can display his angry frown to Vesa in more detail. He makes some sort of unintelligible noise, but it doesn't sound too amused. Sonja jiggles him some more. "Grumpy today?" she asks.

Vesa cracks a small grin at the look on Henrik's face. He turns his hand up, touching Henrik's fingertips with his own. They're still tomato-y, yum. "Hi, Henrik. Just wait till you gotta get up every day and work."

Sonja laughs at that. "Nobody understands what thats like as a child. You may as well not bother with that one.". Henrik wraps a hand firmly around one of Vesa's fingers.

Vesa wiggles the finger that Henrik's holding on to, with a tense smile. "If I have any kids, I hope they're a lot like Henrik." A few months ago that would have been a 'When', not an 'If'. But these are iffy days.

"You're not going to die, Vesa. Trust me on that." Sonja tells him. "My father needs a look at you, it's true, and you aren't going to be walking for a while, but… well. You aren't in as bad a state as Arto was in, and he's almost walking around now.".

"I'm not gonna die today," Vesa corrects without looking at her, and in a low voice. "There's always still tomorrow, though."

"Tomorrow, you'll be in this bed, as you are today." Sonja tells him firmly.

"People die in beds." Vesa replies. Maybe it's just pain that's got him entrenched in this thinking. He rests his head back tiredly, letting his fingers fall from Henrik's grasp. "I'm really tired."

Sonja nods. "Of course you are. You'll heal better asleep, too.". She backs away from him, taking grumpy Henrik with her, who glances up at his mother. "Good night.".

Henrik . o O (Bah, wake me up, make me sleep, wake me up again, typical.)

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