So Much To Learn

Vesa has finished putting some freshly scrubbed 'bandages' out to dry near the fire, the cloth still lightly stained despite the vigorous cleaning. The last batch came from Saimi's leg, which he cared for while the girl slept. Probably just to avoid getting into an embarassing situation. Girls' legs and all.

Korhonen is standing by the fire. Also engaged in a cleaning task, though he's watching a bucket containing surgical instruments he's washing, rather than bandages. When Vesa approaches he offers a nod to the young man. "Your help is much appreciated, if I have not said it before. You show great care with the wounded."

Vesa rubs his hands together quickly to dry them, fingers chapped. A sharply dented metal piece that he's kept in his hand most of the day has been wrapped and knotted around with a thin piece of leather, and now resides around the boy's neck. "I'm glad to help, sir." He looks down into the bucket Korhonen's working with, crouching down next to it. "What are those for?"

Korhonen takes a step away from the bucket so Vesa can better see it. "Just some instruments of mine. Scalpel, some clamps, that sort of thing." He tilts his head, regarding Vesa thoughtfully. "Have you an interest in medicine, lad?"

Vesa raises both brows a little as he looks at the instruments, as though half-expecting them to come flying out of the bucket on their own. He looks up then, at Korhonen. "Yes, sir. But I don't know anything about it. I'm a carpenter. I can make the bed for the wounded to lie in, that's about it." He gives Korhonen a wry grin.

Korhonen gets a dry chuckle out of Vesa's expression. "They aren't going to hurt you on their own, lad. They are designed to heal, in point of fact. If you can look at a gun, these should be quite tame." Not that he's entirely happy to make that statement. He just nods at the last part. "Perhaps you are. But who knows? The world takes funny turns. You may come out of this with the skills of a decent medic."

"You have to go to school for that stuff, don't you?" Vesa says, wrinkling his nose. Staying crouched down, he reaches into the bucket to pick up the clamps, provided Korhonen doesn't stop him. From the look on his face he can't figure out what the hell those things are for. "How do you heal someone with this?"

Emma comes over to where the two men are talking, stretching out her back after being hunched over checking on various of the wounded.

Korhonen chuckles. "There is a bit of schooling involved, yes. But it is not so bad. I rather enjoyed my studies, in truth." He allows Vesa to play with his instruments all he wants. "It is used in surgery. It holds things together. Arteries and such. Very handy." He looks up at Emma's approach, offering his daughter a tired smile. "You work too hard, you know."

This thing's been on someone's artery?! Wait-…Vesa stares at the clamps in his hand, then looks at Korhonen suspiciously. "What's an artery?" His attention flicks up to Emma, and he gives her a small but bright grin. "How are you, Miss Emma?"

Emma returns Vesa's smile, offering it to her father as well. "Not as hard as you, Papa," she offers lightly. "Hello, Vesa. I'm well, thank you. And yourself? Helping Papa sort out the instruments?

Korhonen pauses a moment, as if looking for a way to explain. "They are…tubes of muscle. Like pipes inside your body. They carry blood to the heart." To Emma, he shakes his head. "I am accustomed to hard work." Hard work at a clinic back in a little village, maybe. But the war is something else and it's taken its toll on the old man. Not that he'll admit it.

Vesa ohs, turning the clamps over in his hands to get a better look at them. Then he pulls his sleeve back a little from his wrist, looking at his skin and the veins visible…then back at the clamps. He frowns thoughtfully, then turns his attention back to Emma and Korhonen as they talk. "He was telling me what they do," He says, holding up the clamps a little. "And about arteries."

Emma says ""This is more work than any of us are accustomed to, Papa," Emma points out, knowing better. "Even you. But it must be done." She smiles slightly at Vesa's interest. "You can't really see the arteries. They're down under the skin, so they're protected.""

Korhonen grins at Vesa. And Emma, while he's at it. "She could tell you nearly as much of such things as I," he says, with obvious pride in his daughter. "I told the lad he had the makings of a medic. And you have proven a fine one, Emma. I have been thinking. When this is over, perhaps you should go to Helsinki. For proper schooling in nursing. Your uncle would be more than willing to put you up."

Can't see them? Bah. Vesa gives up on his arm, and on the clamps for now. He puts them back into the bucket and picks up the scalpel then, but just briefly. His eyes flick back to Korhonen and Emma as the doctor talks of sending her to school in the Big City, his expression rather impressed.

"Nonsense," Emma protests lightly about being able to tell as well, though she does give a proud little smile at the compliment. The suggestion of going off to school takes her by surprise. "I don't know, Papa. It's so far away. You've taught me so much already." She shakes her head slightly. "But he's right, Vesa. You do seem to be suited to it."

There is only so much you can learn in Raatevaara," Korhonen says. Not without some sadness. Much as he loves his adopted village, it didn't afford his children as many opportunities as Helsinki. "Think on it. Both of you. I have more work to do." With that, he picks up his bucket of instruments and prepares to return to it.

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