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Saimi wanders into the area, limping lightly as she swallows and heads in from the south. She's favoring one leg still as she breathes to herself, looking around. She looks exhausted. So tired….

Sonja is still in the cabin, reluctant to move out to more dangerous places. Besides, she has Luukas to look after, whose leg, while on the mend, is still looking pretty gory and horrible. At the moment she's washing the wound, while Luukas is mostly asleep, doped up on morphine still.

Vesa remains outside for a while after Jari's funeral, though he moves away from the newly dug and decorated gravesite. Eventually he comes back to the cabin, stepping out of his skis and pushing open the door, tugging his rifle off his shoulder.

Saimi walks into the cabin, her skis outside as she leans back and smiles quietly. "How are you Sonja?" she asks, coming to sit close to her friend with a grin. "I'm still alive!" she laughs out, "They even fired artillery at us!" she says, nodding sagely. "But we lived."

Sonja doesn't quite know what to make of Saimi's… levity? She gives her a funny look. "Well." she says. "Your humour doesn't seem to be suffering at least.". She pokes at Luukas' leg, and then bandages it back up again. "You didn't get hurt at all?".

Vesa sets his rifle down near the wall, tugging his scarf and hat off. As usual it makes his dark blond hair stick up in wild tufts. He glances over at the sound of voices but doesn't interrupt, gently blowing on his hands to warm them.

Saimi grins wide, with a smile. "Nope! God is on ourside, he Must be!" she says, nodding sagely.

Sonja has to smile at that. "Well, I have hoped so. If any cause is just it's surely ours." she relents. "Still, I hope He doesn't plan on calling you to Him any time soon.".

Saimi nods with a smile. "Oh, I agree. I have no wish to die either. I still have to get married and have children. First though, I want to do this thing. I won't bring children to a Soviet Finland." she nods sagely.

Vesa sits down at the table, pulling one booted foot onto chair seat and wrapping his hands loosely around his knee. His gray eyes idly watch the conversation going on.

Pentti enters the cabin, putting some Soviet propaganda fliers back into his backpack at the same time. He eyes the new surrondings, finding his target quickly enough as he sees the coffee. He pours himself a cup and starts to do away with some layers of clothes as he waits for it to cool off some.

Sonja nods, and shrugs, a small shrug. "The Soviets don't sound very godly to me." she agrees. "I read some of your book." she adds, and heads over to her blanket pile to dig out Saimi's communist manifesto book.

Saimi blinks, nodding quietly. She should have expected Sonja to be able to read it. "Did you like it?" she wonders, giving a smile. "They aren't real communists, you know." she says. "The way they treat their soldiers makes it obvious- I'm surprised they don't give only half of them Ammunition. Matti told me they'd even blow up their own men if it kill even one of ours. Crazy, if you as me."

Vesa watches Sonja's back as she fetches the book and they start discussing the Soviets, his expression very hard to read. His brows do draw together a little bit, just watching.

Sonja shrugs. "I don't know, it seems to be a pretty dangerous book, to me. All about struggle and revolution. I don't think it really applies to us either, no factories out here, are there.". She eyes sleeping Matti. "He's a proletarian?" she wonders, doubtful.

"Oh, not real communists?" Pentti sits down by the table, looking over towards Saimi. "Good thing I didn't do like they suggested in their fliers. They sure had me fooled."

Saimi smiles a little. "In his own way…" she says, looking at her older brother. "There is no perfect system, Sonja. But I think communism is much better. Would you like your child to be educated? And you not have to pay for it? We should all be so lucky to be educated, and that he not have to work in a factory if we had them? I've heard horrible things about the children in factories. Wha thappens to them!" she looks over at Pentti with a smile.

"Books aren't dangerous, Miss Sonja," Vesa says out of the blue, from his seat. "Just men who think they have to kill." He shrugs. "Men who'd easily shoot your family to get that 'education' she's talking about."

"Someone has to work for everything though, seems to me working for the State isn't the best, is it? What if I didn't like it?" Sonja asks. "Or maybe the State didn't want any more nurses, or something. Stalin has done some terrible things, I have heard, worse than working in a factory.".

Saimi shrugs. "But that's not supposed to happen in real communisim. The leader should live in the same house as you and me. And we all get along and share everything. We've all got the same things- and at first, we might be poor, but in the future we might all be wealthy!"

Pentti blows on his coffee, "Those who understand their gibberish say they get to hear things like that when they sneak close enough to a motti. Me, " he nods towards his backpack, "I know what those kind of words are worth. And who would want to live in the same house as Kuusinen?" He keeps his eyes on the coffee, careful not to spill anything as he blurts out his opinion on communism.

"After you shoot everyone that disagrees?" Vesa says to Saimi tensely, folding his arms over his chest. "Guess that means less people to share with, doesn't it. Just kill everyone until there's enough things from the dead to give out, and when that runs out, go and kill some more. Maybe that's their grand idea."

"Stalin lives in the same house as everybody else?" Sonja asks, doubtful of this. "I don't know, you'd need a pretty noble person in charge to be like that.".

Saimi frowns. "He's supposed to! But that's why they aren't real Communists." she says, looking back to the others, as she just gets quiet, sitting near Sonja. "Forget it then." She says- arms crossed.

Sonja shakes her head. "Idealism isnt very pragmatic.". She indicates Vesa. "He lived there for a while, so he knows what it's like. And Matti doesn't seem to think much of Soviet Russia either. And he even fought for them once.".

Saimi frowns. "I don't see why everyone has to talk to me about my beliefs right now. I'm fighting for Finland aren't I?! Why not send me to a camp again, if you don't trust me!" she says, standing up and starting towards her bag and book- taking the thing from Sonja. "It wouldn't be the first time, would it?!" she asks of them.

"It's not like it matters. Both sides are great with big empty words" Pentti ignores Saimi's outburst. "Show some sisu, hakka pelitta boys, fight for Finland on one side and kill your officers and join your brothers, we mean only well. Same difference. Not like anyone with a sane mind would spend the energy to listen to any of it."

Vesa shrugs to Saimi. "You're the one talking about them." To Sonja he shakes his head, frowning. "Believe in this stuff hard enough and it doesn't matter what's actually happening, does it? Nobody really cares what it's like in Russia. It's all about the should-be's. Not about the people who are dead."

Sonja holds up her hands at Saimi's outburst as she gets the book taken from her. "Hey! I didn't start anything, I was just curious about your book is all."

Saimi crosses her arms, and frowns, holding the book close to her heart. She returns to her seat and just sits quietly. She looks at the others quietly.

Vesa stands up, gently shaking out his stitched leg. He moves around the table to the coffee he'd set on the stove during the funeral, dipping two cups into it. Filled, he brings them carefully over to Sonja and Saimi, extending one to each. "Let's stop this, please? Peace has to start somewhere, doesn't it?"

Pentti pulls his backpack in close and opens it up, digging around for some time during Vesa's peace negotiation, "Anyone got anything to trade. I have the markings off two captains up for sale."

Sonja blinks. "I'm not causing any ruckus at all, so, stopped it is.". She goes back to Luukas, and focuses on The Job. "I hear… Jari is dead?" she asks. Sonja takes the offered coffee too, wordlessly.

Gustaf has arrived.
Gustaf arrives from the West.

Vesa leaves Saimi's cup by her, glancing back at Pentti. "Think we got lots of insignias already," he says with a wry grin. The Russian accent had gotten a bit stronger a few minutes ago, but now it's back to intelligeable. He looks back at Sonja and rubs the back of his head. "Yeah. They think a patrol got him. We just buried him outside."

Sonja shakes her head, and goes very silent at that, picking at Luukas' bandaged leg in a way which probably more hinders than helps any healing going on there.

Saimi leans against the wall and seems to doze off, half asleep.

Gustaf comes cross-country skiing in from the west, huffing and puffing. His rifle is slung across his torso, and his hood is over his head, keeping the warmth eminating from this vital body part. Nodding the the sentry as he passes by, he heads for the warmth of the cabin for a quick bite to eat. Yes, dinner.

"Everybody does, but have to keep occupied somehow." Pentti shrugs and closes his backpack. "I don't even see a sauna around here." He twitches like something cold just ran down his back, "We got a chicken with what we got from a commisar. Well, maybe not anymore, got too many of those around here now."

"There's a sauna in Pyyvaara, south of here," Vesa offers to Pentti. "You can go use that one, other people have." He turns his shoulders a bit as Gustaf comes in, only barely recognising the man. He nods to him anyway, though.

Gustaf nods back to Vesa as he approaches the group. "Where might I find some warm food around here?" he inquires, looking at the group gathered around.

"Hi, Gustaf." Sonja says, remembering who he is. "Theres some rabbit stew?". She heads over to the stove, to peer at the latest meal. "It's gone a bit cold though." she says, after putting a hand on the pot to gauge its temperature. "Or… you can have some tinned tomatoes.".

Pentti eyes Sonja, "Living like kings here, only thought it was the sirs back west that had all that food to choose from. What did you do? Loot your old kitchen back at Raatevaara?"

Gustaf smiles warmly at the kind Sonja. "That is better than eating snow. Thank you, Sonja," he replies and proceeds to remove his skiis, which are slid through a slot on his backpack for ease of carrying. Then he rifles through his backpack for a small tin bowl and a spoon to eat some cold rabbit stew. Yummy.

"There's tinned beets too," Vesa says to Sonja, pointing at one of the Cyrillic-stenciled sacks they'd hauled back from Pyyvaara. "And some biscuits, though I don't think they'll be too good."

Sonja points to the stew. "Well, theres no shortage of rabbits it seems as the men seem to bring a few back every other day, and the tomatoes are from Russia.". She points at the pile of stolen food.

"Hunting rabbits?" Pentti grins, "They ran in from the east too, or you just have too much time on your hands?" He pulls out his backpack again, "I got one can of something. Haven't dared to touch it yet, it might say 'RED DEATH' on there for all I know. And some tea."

Vesa tilts his head slightly, looking at the can before he holds out his hand for it. "Let me see it?" His accent leaves little doubt as to whether he'll be able to understand the lettering, if it's Cyrillic.

Sonja perks. "You got some tea?" she asks Pentti. "Where did you get that from? The Russians?".

Pentti pulls out the can and tosses it to Vesa, nodding to Sonja. "We stumbled on some of their sirs, they had a little more than the average Ivan had" He grins, "And we didn't share that with our sirs."

Gustaf grabs the ladle and begins to pour stew into his tin bowl, and with a swipe of the spoon, captures a dribble of the stew in his mouth. He tastes it like a wine taster, licking his lips, and nods to himself. Good enough.

Sonja nods. "Well, that'd be a welcome addition to our pile of stolen food." she replies to Pentti.

"It's soup. Like an instant soup thing," Vesa says, looking at Sonja with a shrug. He puts the can back down on the table where she can get at it. Or Pentti. Might be a fight.

Pentti isn't much of a socialist, or communist. "Food? Tea isn't food." He makes no move to dig up the tea out of the backpack, but he isn't diving for the can of soup either. "Soup, that's food though."

"Well, no, but it's a good drink. We need drink too." Sonja points out. "Last time we ran out of coffee Isak got shot grabbing some more.".

Pentti rolls his shoulder a bit uneasy, not quite willing to part with war loot for nothing. "I'll give him some then if he wants a cup of tea instead. And if someone else wants some, I'm out of tobacco." He sticks his hand down into his backpack again, this time fishing out a small notebook which he tosses towards Vesa, seems like he carries as little as possible of what the army issued him. "Got that too, looks like some sort of diary, but hell if I can read it."

Vesa catches the notebook with both hands, frowning a bit. "Just got it from some soldier?" He sets the book down on his side of the table, flipping through the pages with his thumb and looking over the text.

Sonja sighs, not having much tobacco either, having legged it from Raatevaara rather promptly when the tanks came. Tea, and not in her hands, sigh. "What soup is this then?" she asks morosely, picking up the can and looking at Vesa.

Gustaf chews on the cold stew, listening to the conversation. "Our Neighbors seem to have an abundance of tobacco… if you like tobacco," he notes matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, some soldier." Pentti nods to Vesa, he kicks off his boots and leans back, feet on table, looking over at Gustaf as he speaks, "Well then Sonja, there you hear, I don't remember hearing about anyone but you back home that drank tea, so if everyone here is swimming in tobacco I'm sure you can get your hands on some. And then the tea is yours."

"I dunno," Vesa replies to Sonja. "It's just a ration tin. Probably pretty close to kerosene." He looks down at the notebook pages for another few moments, flipping to random pages and skimming the Russian text. Then he glances at Gustaf, a bit curious about the new face. "My name's Vesa," the teenager offers.

Gustaf smiles to Vesa. "Gustaf. Nice to meet you, Vesa." He inspects the teenager with a critical eye for just a moment, as if remembering him from somewhere, but not knowing exactly where.

Pentti starts to pack on his clothes again, not in any real hurry to do so. "Well, nice vacation place you have found here, but the sirs like it when we're in our trenches, so I figure I need to at least know where they are."

Vesa smiles a bit at Gustaf, not sure what the make of the scrutiny. He looks at Pentti, shutting the little notebook. "On the road to Raatevaara. But watch your step out there, there's wire. Need someone to show you where we're holding?"

Pentti grins at Vesa, "If I run into Ivan, I just figure I'm too far east. I'll be able to find it." He eyes the can of soup still out in the open, tossing it into his backpack. "Maybe someone is cold out there." And with that he leaves the cabin.

Gustaf finishes his stew and nods to Vesa. "Time for me to get back; another ambush is being set up just in case our Neighbors come. Though I don't think they will be back anytime soon." And with that, he begins putting his skiis back on for the journey back to the blocked road.

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