Shady Dealings


Coordinates : 9 18

The tall pine trees are mostly scattered in small clusters around the area, and while there are some open spaces, smaller trees and bushes have laid claim to most of it.
It is currently dusk.
This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -28 degrees Celsius.
Sub-Rooms :

Erkki arrives from the North.

Pentti is crouched down underneath a rather big pine tree, with a fire going to keep warm, the cabin is warm of course, but some shady dealings maybe are best kept out from the eyes of the general public.

Erkki skis without much noise through the forest, but he's not exactly trying to sneak up on his brother either. The white cover over his clothes is torn at places and there's black and red marks here and there, from shellings and blood. Without a word, he slides into the light of the fire and takes off his skis.

When looking a bit closer, it's quite obvious that Pentti has a black eye, although not really that swollen. Without any meaningless blabbering he digs out a small bottle of some finer alcohol, drinking a bit of it before he holds out the bottle to Erkki. "This is for our celebration of your last days in freedom."

Erkki sits down on a log, brushing away some of the snow before he does. He stares at his brother, noticing the black eye but not commenting on it, yet. He snorts, leaning in to accept the bottle. "I've been married before," he reminds Pentti, lifting the bottle to his lips and taking a swig. "Gotten rid of the sabre yet?"

"Yep" Pentti reaches out and grabs the bottle, drinking some more before once again holding out the bottle to Erkki and nodding towards his sack of tradeable items. "I managed to get some for it, and some through other means." He grins a bit, although in no hurry to dig up his most recent loot from the sack.

Erkki gives Pentti a somewhat suspicious look at that, then eyes the sack with curiosity. He accepts the bottle again and this time, perhaps to spite his brother, he drinks rather deeply, several large swallows, before handing it back. "What did you get?"

Pentti is in no mood to be knapsu, so he drinks deeply from the bottle too before speaking up, handing the bottle back and grabbing his sack. "Two rings and this thing to wear around your neck. Not like I know what jewlery is supposed to look like, and I didn't know if you had rings or not yet." He shrugs and reaches into his sack, handing over a small box made out of wood to Erkki.

"I forgot about the rings," Erkki admits without shame, giving Pentti a thankful look now. If he could he'd be likely to communicate entirely with facial expressions lately; he's become remarkably more quiet from where he earlier talked too much and too often and said too many bad things to people. The box and bottle are taken; he drinks first, hands the bottle back, then opens the box.

Pentti almost loses balance for a moment, the war diet not helping his alcohol resistance any. "Well, then I'll charge you extra for them." Pentti grins before rubbing his chin, almost looking like he's not sure how to say the next thing, so finally he just mumbles. "The priest might be thinking he's coming here for another reason though."

Erkki's eyebrows shoot up though he's annoyed he's surprised and lowers them again. He eyes the rings, then looks at Pentti, grunting something positive that suggests the jewelry is fine. "Where exactly have you found this priest?" he asks warily.

Pentti rubs ihis neck, Don't worry, it's a real priest, he's with the regulars, but, eh, he's better at Swedish than Finnish, and he might have gotten the idea that old man Korhonen is lying on his death bed, asking for nothing but a priest. See, the first priest I spoke with didn't want to ski out here for some marriage, so, eh, I might have been slightly misunderstood the second try."

Erkki stares at Pentti with eyes widening slightly. "Fine, good," he says, scratching at his unshaven cheek, removing some of the ice that's collected there. He makes a grimace, bending down to rub at his leg where the cold is numbing him to the bone. "What if he refuses to perform the ceremony when he's here?"

"Then I'll talk with him about it." Pentti digs up a cigarette, fumbling a bit, "I've done worse things here quite often now, some hard words to a priest will just be a small note when I end up in front of the gates."

"If he's here anyway he's not going to refuse," Erkki muses, nodding at Pentti. "Don't get started with getting a military priest as your enemy though," he warns, showing some rare concern about his relative.

Pentti shrugs and grins, not showing that he's too concerned with making new enemies. "We'll get him drunk with the rest of us after, he'll be happy and forget anything bad between us." He stands up, a bit unsteady on his legs almost. "I have a couple of more bottles of this, and some I made myself, should be enough."

Erkki is feeling the effects of the alcohol as well, and slowly stands up. He'd never admit as much though, trying to pretend all is well and normal, as before the war when he weighed ten kilos more. "Should be enough," he agrees with a curt nod. "Good party, just what we need."

Pentti kicks some snow over the fire to put it out, "I better hide my knife first, there's a few there I would like to discuss a couple of things with." He grins though, not all that serious. "It will be good, and needed. But now I think I have to get inside somewhere, or I might fall asleep in the snow here."

"Sounds good. I'm hungry too," Erkki says, getting his skis back on, doing so carefully so he won't lose his balance. He's rather drunk by now.

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