Vesa returns to the cabin after the MG lesson with Erkki, thumping snow off his boots against the threshhold before he comes inside and pulls his scarf down from his face.

Sonja stirs, having had a really, really weird dream. She glances around for Arto, looking a little guilty. And Vesa, as well.

Marja finally woke up, finished her coffee, and after her rounds is now busy sitting near the fire on her usual crates, a medical book open in her lap which she is trying to read by the firelight. Her gray eyes squint, though, and she's clearly not quite so interested in reading as she is, well… actually nursing

Vesa had had some awfully strange daydreams while skiing back as well. Funnily enough, he also glances at Arto. And Viinikainen. After a moment though, he just shakes his head.

Erkki is returning back 'home' as well right after Vesa, stomping his feet to get rid of snow before he joins the others in the cramped cabin. He's lit up a smoke which he's flicking away outside before entering, some of the smells of the smoke drifting alongside with him as he steps inside.

Marja looks over as he steps in… and in her typical, rather too-forward fashion she states simply, "I do not know how you smoke that. It smells horrible. It cannot taste much better…" Her nose wrinkles, carefully shutting her book after sliding a ribbon between the pages. An anatomy book. Not the most exciting reading…

Viinikainen comes in not long after Erkki, kicking his shoes off by the door before stepping inside. He heads off to the 'kitchen', mixing some oatmeal with water for food. No boiling here.

Luukas turns over, pulling the old ragged blanket up to keep himself warm as he dozes off to slumber.

Vesa rubs his gloved hand over his reddened nose before he tugs the gloves off. He glances at Viini's Hardcore Oatmeal Method before pulling out a pot and setting it on to heat up water. Cold water may work fine for oatmeal, but coffee would require some heat.

Marja stands, noticing Luukas' rather shivering form. She had an old cloak thrown over her legs which she was sleeping under before, but now she puts the medical book down on the crate and carries the cloak towards Luukas. She then sees Vesa's nose and she's torn. She finally dares to ask of Vesa…"Are you very cold? You can use this."

Erkki snorts at Marja. "Want one?" he obnoxioously asks her, forgetting about being forbidden to speak to her. He forgot that rather soon, but he doesn't talk to them if the doctor is near. He holds the cigarettes out to Marja.

Sonja looks about for Henrik, as suddenly a whole mob of soldiers seems to be in the room. She picks him up, and swings him around rather slowly as she's weak, and watches Erkki silently.

Vesa holds his hands near the fire as the water heats. He looks over at Marja when she offers the cloak, and laughs. "No, it's warm out today. See?" He extends his hand without warning, putting the ice cold back of it right against her warm cheek.

"Ei" Jari grunts at Erkki, "You want to save that, soon enough we'll be out of everything." He sits down on top of the kitchen table to eat his meal. "No use wasting them, easier to get ahold of bullets around here."

Marja first looks to Erkki as he offers the cigarette and her pale gray eyes just narrow. "No." She states flatly and turns away from him to the seemingly more pleasant Vesa. She listens to his words, her brow furrowing in doubt but… what… he's touching her? For just a heart fluttering second her eyes go wide, and then how cold his hand is registers and she gives a little yelp, jumping away and pulling back, "That's -COLD-! It is not warm! But you do not get a cloak for that… c-cold…" She sticks her tongue out at him and drapes the cloak ove the sleeping Luukas instead.

Sonja snickers a bit at Marja and Erkki. <medusa, hiss>. And smiles at Vesa and Marja. "It /is/ winter out there." she points out to Marja. "Though its fairly warm.". So far.

Erkki gives Jari a sour glance, but he does pull his cigarettes away, tucking them back into a safe pocket. But Vesa's actions makes him laugh out loud as he takes off his outer clothes, preparing to settle in more comfortably in here. "See that Sonja?" he calls out. "Aren't they nice together? Here, come sit on my lap." Then it dawns on him that she's holding Henrik and he stops laughing. "No, stay where you are. Or make me coffe or something." He's bold now, the doctor is sleeping or being out or something.

Vesa raises both brows at the stuck-out tongue, giving her the kind of grin that you want to slap off. He leaves her alone though, turning back to the water as it's done heating and finishing that coffee-making that he'd come over here for. He wraps those cold hands around the cup, taking a sip and almost choking on it when he hears Erkki talking to Sonja.

"You're going on like you're already married" Jari mutters as his dinner peace is disturbed by the local asshole. "Be careful before you ask a woman to make coffee for you."

Marja finishes placing the cloak over Luukas, trying to ignore Vesa's smile and… well, then she hears Erkki's words and it's like the worst of tempests just entered her gray eyes. She whips around, storms in her features as she stares at the man who offered her a cigarette. Every little inch of 16 year old fury, and teenage fury is strong!, pours out at Erkki, "Shut. Your. Mouth. Don't you DARE speak to her like that you… you… Jerk!" She hisses. Though she has a few choice other words on the edgeof her lips that she learned from the boys.

Sonja ponders, and heads over to Erkki, holding Henrik out to him. "I'm a bit past the lap sitting stage with you." she points out a bit coldly, though it is evident that Henrik is not. Duty, man. Duty.

Erkki is in fact rather impressed with Marja there. "You got the right spirit. You should get a rifle and go out there and shoot Russians," he suggests gruffly to Marja, taking a seat at the table with Jari. "I was married once," he mutters to Jari, then snaps his attention back to Sonja. His eyes widen in alarm as she seems to first take him up on the suggestion, then they widen more as she holds Henrik out. Reflexively, he accepts and is suddenly finding himself with his hands around the boy, holding him up. Henrik laughs, grabs Erkki's hair and pulls while reaching in to bite his nose. "What… No!" the 'asshole' protests. "Demon child!"

Vesa raises an eyebrow as Marja goes off on Erkki, but the responses to her just make him shrug it off. "She's that mean to wounds too," he tells Erkki with a slight grin. "See how she scared mine into healing up so quick?" He sips the coffee again, moving to sit down somewhere he can watch Erkki and Henrik. It leaves Marja in his line of sight too, bonus and all.

Viinikainen eyes Erkki and junior, "You've been too close to The Neighbour, the smell is on you, that's why he's trying to take you out." He looks a bit amused by the whole thing, "He'll be jaeger when he grows up if he keeps that up."

It seems that Marja is about to go off again, after all anger is far easier than being scared or sad about this all, but then her sister just hands her nephew off to Erkki and her yelling is just stifled. She quickly lowers her breath and says in a very fast, whispering tone, "If you did not have my nephew in your arms right now there would be a few choice words I would say to you. He is not a demon child and you should treat him like the miracle he is. So…. there." And with that she turns upon the ball of her foot and talks back towards the coffee pot. She needs coffee, or… something. Something that isn't looking at Erkki. She gazes up to Sonja, looking worried a few moments…"Son, you should sit… I will get what you need.." Vesa gets another look but.. she gets occasionally, oddly shy around him, so she just looks back to her sister.

Sonja leaves Erkki in Henrik's capable hands, or mouth, and heads to the stove for coffee, mostly as an excuse to leave Erkki carrying the baby. Which makes a change Sonja likes. "Thats probably Emma coaching him when she is looking after him…". To kill Erkki on sight, the unspoken truth.

Sonja shakes her head at Marja. "Don't worry, Marja… I can look after myself, you know.". So long as theres no bullets, blood, shooting or artillery shells.

Erkki manages to glare at both Viinikainen and Marja, but Sonja isn't even looked at. He's trying to avoid that. The boy is happy as can be at the moment, having found a new playmate - obviously he's not very shy and is jumping up and down on Erkki's lap with the help of his father's hands. "Quick little bastard," he says, eyeing the boy warily. "Sharp teeth too," he adds, wrinkling his nose where the boy earlier bit him. "I think you are right. He will become a jaeger." Then he grins suddenly and though not knowing the first thing about children, he sets Henrik down on his lap and holds him quite securely there, giving the boy a spoon to play with. Henrik proceeds to whack the spoon on Erkki.

Vesa grins at Henrik, especially as he baps Erkki with the spoon. "Should make him a drum, Erkki. Least then he'd stop mistaking you for one." He lifts the coffee cup again for another sip, squinting as the steam rises in his face.

"Speaking of jaegers, I wonder where the old man is", Viinikainen is mostly thinking outloud. "Probably down south where most of our men are. And what is going on up north, didn't have time to ask that boy sneaking around here if he had heard any about that."

Sonja flashes a warm smile at Marja, her specialty healing look. "Alright, Marja. And thank you. Maybe some more coffee after I've finished this one." she says, waving the mug. She then looks back at Henrik, with amusement. "He never hits me like that." she says, a bit surprised herself.

"Your old man is probably down south," Erkki agrees with Jari. "Give him a drum? We'd never get a moment of peace then," he says with an amused snort to Vesa. The beating of Erkki with a spoon is only amusing for so long, and soon enough the boy proceeds to chew on the spoon instead, looking around at the people with large interested eyes. "Whaaa!" he suddenly shouts and throws the spoon away, not unhappy about anything - it's just one of those things that kids of his age do randomly. It causes Erkki to almost jump, and he stiffens. "What," he says desperately, now looking at Sonja. "What should I do."

Vesa grins at Erkki, no doubt planning out how to make a drum in his carpenter-apprentice head. He blinks as the spoon goes flying. "Nice throw, Henrik…" He tells the toddler approvingly. Sliding the coffee onto the table he gets up, chasing the spoon to where it got flung beside one of the crates.

Marja watches this all with furrowed, uncertain brows. She really doesn't seem to approve of Henrik sitting in Erkki's lap, but since her sister is the one who put the boy there… well, there is nothing Marja can do. So she sits on her crates and frets, fingertips twisting back and forth in her lap. At least it keeps her fingers warm.

Viinikainen looks at Henrik, disturber of peace, but at least his meal is finished so he gets up to wash the bowl out. "Drum or no drum, we don't get much peace around here anyway. Don't think it matters."

Sonja sips at coffee daintily, and watches Erkki with a critical eye. "What should you do?" she asks. "He's fine." she says, comfortably. She watches, and waits, devious. poor Henrik.

"How anyone get any peace with a little runt like this…" Erkki mutters to that, not sure what to amuse Henrik with now. The boy is getting restless just sitting there and squirms, wanting to get down on the floor. When Erkki isn't letting him down, he lets out a cry of anger. This makes Erkki react much faster - he sets the boy down on the floor and stands up, quite lost on what to do. He gives Sonja a somewhat heated glare. "Yes, he is fine. Very loud too."

Vesa creeps around the side of the crate, and around the back. He could've sworn the spoon went over here somewhere. Ah ha. Right by Marja's foot. He sets his hand on the back of the crate and stretches forward for it, by the girl's leg.

Marja somewhat misses Vesa's plotting, as the moment she sees Erkki setting the boy down on the floor, she stands immediatey. Her skirts swish over Vesa's head a heartbeat and the she stalks off across the room. She apparently is clueless to why her sister is being nice to the man because Marja swoops right back in with her temper, "Don't put him down there, this floor is dirty! He could get sick, or cut or… something even worse!" She states flatly, leaning over to try and scoop Henrik into the safety of her arms. She then realizes that she almost stepped on something and turns back, only to see Vesa -right there-. Her cheeks heat hard.

Viinikainen looks around the cabin and grunts, heading for the door. "I need to get some rest." He eyes Vesa. "Looks like you need a night in the snow too. Stop acting like a damn kid or I'll drag you by your ear to our own lines." And without much more to say, he pushes the door open with his shoulder and heads for the outside.

Sonja was about to go reclaim Henrik herself, but she when Marja gets there first, she pauses - only to realise that Marja is busy being flirted with. She eyes Vesa briefly, as she gathers the struggling Henrik up. And then her gaze returns to Erkki. "Takes after his father, then." she says with a faint smile. Then Viinikainen causes her to retreat to her corner of the room where the blanket pile is. He takes no crap and doesn't like her much after all.

Vesa had just been reaching for a spoon. That was it, despite everyone's gutter minds. He gets smacked by Marja's skirt and actually looks annoyed about it for a moment, missing Marja's look at him as he grabs the spoon and stands back up. A look goes to Viini's back as though the man had lost his mind. "What, does he want me to leave things all over the floor?"

Erkki gives Viinikainen a distracted wave. Kids and women all around, it's hard to stay focused. "A dirty floor? You are spoiling him. He wants to be on the floor, not carried around by a flock of whimsical women all day," he grumbles, but other than that he's not protesting. He seems both relieved and a bit unhappy that the boy was taken from him. "No, he just doesn't want you to get ideas about girls, I think. Listen to him when it comes to war. When it comes to women, I am not so sure he is the best man to give advice. You should talk to me about that." Yeah, right. The last said to Vesa.

Sonja coughs at that, and meek she may be, but she's not letting /that/ slide. "You are a good boy, Vesa. And you don't need any advice from a scoundrel." she tells him. "Even if the scoundrel seems to be a bit more open to doing his duty lately.".

Viinikainen has left.
Viinikainen heads off North.

Marja looks between Vesa… and Erkki, and then finally Sonja and back to the squirming toddler in her arms and just a small hint of realization dawns upon the pale Marja. She just… well, blushes harder than before and mutely walks back towards her sister's side now, which is probably where Henrick wishes to be… "…There… There are no women here to get ideas about, right now… Just.. let him be." She finally, half defends Vesa… And then she blinks back to Sonja…"Shall I leave Henrik with the idiot then?"

What a time to be a sixteen year old boy. Vesa taps the spoon against his palm, looking at Erkki. "I wasn't getting ideas," he defends himself sourly. "He's as bad as Dr. Korhonen." Tossing the spoon back on the table, he looks over at Sonja then. "I can pick and choose my advice, Miss. I'll take what I can get, sift through it later." He grins and shrugs, then glances at Marja. About to say something, but he thinks better of it, retreating to a safer position sitting by Erkki again.

Erkki is free from chores, babies and violence at the moment and he's getting tired, stifling a yawn. "You are a smart one," he tells Vesa. "Good night." And with that, he wanders off to his corner of the cabin to get some sleep.

Sonja is also getting tired apparently, and wraps herself up in her blankets, drawing Henrik in with her. This baby sleeps with his mother. He doesn't want to sleep, but Sonja can be insistent, and has patience enough to put up with his wriggling. "Goodnight, everybody.". She gives Vesa a final warning look.

Marja allows Sonja to take Henrik back, kissing the boy's forehead and then she leans over to kiss her sister's cheek. "Rest well, Sonja…" She whispers, before she returns to her place on the crates.. She watches the room again, then back to Vesa as Sonja gives that look, as it seems everyone else has now gone to give attention to their own matters… She frowns to Vesa…"You're very young to be fighting, Vesa… that arm… You could have lost it…"

Vesa stands up, picking up one of the larger bits of wood from the pile and bringing it back to his chair. A knife flicked out, he glances at Marja and shrugs. "I didn't lose it. It was stupid anyway, we shouldn't have gotten shot at. Was a mistake." He starts messing with the wood with the sharp knife. "Works fine now."

Marja sighs a moment, "This whole war is a mistake… a miserable, horrible mistake… but… " She seems to want to say more but her words fail her… rather far too often these days. She just doesn't have the heart to explain some things. She sighs and leans back, shivering a bit, her arms crossing over her chest. "Well…I just hope you are smart and let it heal fully before going back out there."

A rather weary expression on his face, Olli skiis into the encampment, his rifle slung over his shoulder.

"I'll go out when they need me out there," Vesa says, and that's that. "I'm gonna help Erkki with his gun." Woe be to the Korhonens, Vesa seems to like Erkki. "Don't worry so much, we'll get them out."

"I do worry. That is a nurse's job, to worry. About all of you. Little boys included." That last part is say more teasing than serious… But she still said it. She looks back up towards the door as the sight of someone skiing in can be seen… but she's not certain who it is until they come in the door. She tenses up a bit… waiting, making certain they are friendly. Surely it is a friendly.

Oh, its just Olli. The young man kicks off his skies and steps inside the cabin, closing the door behind him, his face flushed with exertion. "Damnit," he mutters to himself as he starts to walk towards the fire, loosening his jacekt.

"Yeah, well, I'm sure Henrik appreciates it." Vesa sets the knife aside, pulling a large strip of bark off the wood. He glances up as Olli comes in, then back down at what he's doing. "Hey Olli."

Marja smirks a moment at Vesa's comment about Henrik and she just shakes her head. She releases a breath as she realizes who it is and bows her head, standing up…"Good evening, Olli… do you wish coffee? It… it must be bitter out there." She is mostly just ignoring his swearing now. One does grow used to it. She stands to grasp a free mug, nothing is really all that clean, and pour out Olli some hot coffee.

"Did I say I wanted coffee?" Olli says, as she starts to pour before he replies, before laughing. "But sure, I'll have some, I think. Thanks, miss." He gives a little nod to Vesa, "Hey kid. Still have shrapnel stuck in your skull?"

"Uh uh." Vesa makes the negative sound and grins, pulling another bark strip off. "Ready to go get some more. What about you?"

Marja smirks to Vesa. "You still need to rest, truly! You'll be hurt even more." Yes, she's worried about him. And she's rather got that scolding thing down pat, no doubt taught by her elder sisters. She hands the coffee cup over to Olli and shakes her head, "I do not like it either, but it is warm and gives you energy. it is good for you."

"Like we were never hurt," Olli says with a grin as he takes the cup from Marja, "In fact, I was looking for some Russians to harrase today but I didn't come across any of their patrols when I was out in the woods today." He takes a sip of the coffee and controls his urge to spit it out.

"Resting's not gonna stop anyone from getting hurt, miss," Vesa says to Marja, picking up the knife again. He looks at Olli, raising his eyebrows. "Well I guess it's good you didn't see anything." He starts moving the knife blade along the wood, carefully shaving it down. "I'd love to get in close to one of their patrols, you know? Hear what they're saying about their plans." His accent makes it obvious that he'd understand them.

"Usually its nothing terribly intresting," Olli says, "Mostly how they hate it here and wish they were home, if their officers arn't listening. Stupid Russians don't want to be here anymore then we want them here, I think."

Marja frowns a moment at Vesa's words… but she adds, just a bit quieter…"You can call me Marja, Vesa… both of you can." Otherwise, well, it's boy conversation. They certainly don't let her go out there and fight… so she falls quiet and leans over to scoop up her cold, abandoned coffee cup. She takes a sip of it anyway.

"Maybe if they get miserable enough, they'll just go home," Vesa replies sourly. "If they hate it here so much, what would they do with it if they got it?" He braces a foot on the chair rung, looking at Marja. The offer makes him look confused. "Uhh…think your father would have me shot, miss. Mr Viinikainen, too." He smirks.

"Afraid to say a girl's name, kid?" Olli says, laughing, "Thanks, Marja." He then looks back at Vesa, shrugging, "Who knows? They fight because they are told to, I guess. It doesn't matter why they are here or what they will do when they win. We'll kill them while their here.. and they wont win."

Marja blinks a moment as Vesa mentions her father, and there is genuine confusion upon her features, "…Well, my father is not here right now, for one. And for two… it is my name. Why is it bad to use my name? We all live together, it is like we are all family anyway…" She then looks over to Olli and she actually smiles a bit as he says her name. She tilts her head to him…"Thank you… Olli, yes? Olli with the funny and very dirty mouth." O no, she won't forget him.

Vesa looks at Olli. "No…" he says, as though Olli had just asked him if he were afraid of little fluffy ducklings. "Marja." That directly to her, and quite triumphantly. So there. Until he immediately looks away and back down at his branch that he's carving.

Olli grins a little bit at Marja, "Right. You've got no idea," he says before forcing himself to take another sip of his coffee, "No fucking idea at all." Well, hell, since she's talking about his wordage, he might as well comply.

Marja giggles, just a bit. She really is still amused by his swearing. He does it so well. She then looks back to Vesa and her giggle turns to a simple smile. "Good, Vesa." And she uses his name in turn. And all is right with the world. She then takes another good sip of her cold coffee and her smile turns into a look of vague disguist. Oh, it was miserable when it was cold. She shivers a bit more, curling her legs up under her dress and against her chest.

Vesa smirks a little, finally abandoning the carving project for now. "Going to get some sleep." He stands up, brushing off his hands and heading over for somewhere to doze off for a few hours.

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