Scaring Sonja

Isak slowly rolled to the side, which was almost enough for him to land face-first on the floor of the cabin. Luckily, he caught the edge of the cot and used that to slowly push himself up to his feet, groggy from the night before. He knew when he did it that it wasn't a good idea to sit in that corner by himself with that bottle… but he did it anyway. And now he paid the price. He would lose more before this was over, he had told himself… it didn't help much. And so it was with regret that he let his eyes open slowly to be greeted by the same scene as the previous night. A cabin full of bunks, the only real difference than the summer months of work was the presence of weapons resting against walls or stacked on boxes. Hmm. It wasn't just a bad nightmare after all.

Sonja is awake, unable to sleep. Stress being what it is. She blinks at Isak when he looks around. "I thought you were going to fall on the floor for a moment." she tells him, amused. "How is your leg?".

"It doesn't hurt as much as my head." Isak answers quickly. Of course, the leg was a close second. That's what you get for 'sterilizing' your festering wound with the hair of the dog.

Sonja mms. "I don't believe that." she says, and gets up, to head over to him. "Let me look at it.". Nurse on duty, a terrifying thing indeed.

Topi first used his rifle to steady himself as he went outside for a little while. There he got himself a branch of a tree to use like a cane, before he went to the sauna. Now, he's entering the cabin again, rifle in one hand and the cane in the other, looking around at the others present, a bit quietly.

Isak lifts his leg up, leaning back a bit as a counterbalance. If there was one thing a man learned early, it was that a woman would take care of your wounds, whether it was mother or wife. Such things were the way of life. He did offer a bit meekly, "It gets harder to feel as the days go."

Sonja frowns. "You need to say these things, not wait for me to come over and look.". She looks over at Topi. "Too many wounded…" she mutters. "All your war games are filling this place up with bulletholes and blood. And half of the wounds aren't even healing properly. Maybe there is a curse on this place.".

Arto returns shortly after Topi does - he's careful to be quiet as he shuts the door behind him, so as to not to wake anyone up. Once inside, he dusts some snow off his coat before it gets the chance to melt, and takes stock of the house to see who's here, who's missing, who has extra bandages, etc - and he's just lucky enough to hear that last bit from Sonja. "Don't say that," he mutters. "You'll jinx us."

Topi shrugs a little as he listens. "Not games," he offers quietly, before he offers a half grin, "Well, at least people here are mostly injured instead of simply dead…"

Isak bites back a sharper retort, his brow furrowing in frustration, but he managed to relax himself after a moment. "My experience to bullet wounds is short… this one." He just shrugs. "The curse is one we are trying to throw off."

Sonja crouches down next to Isak so she can peel away the bandage, to reveal the festering wound beneath, which she cleans as gently as she is able. "I don't believe in jinxes." she says, frowning still. "And the curse you try to throw off, we are a small country, it is for prides sake really. But I suppose there is no choice.".

Arto wanders over so that he can get a better look at Isak's leg for himself, and watches Sonja as she works. He makes a bit of a face at the sight of it, then grunts at Sonja and just shrugs, helplessly.

Topi frowns a little as he looks around for a few moments. "Well, I suppose this is as good a place to stay as any," he mutters, mostly to himself.

"It is better than living under them." Isak grumbles quietly, then adds, "I have heard that they have killed and cooked the ill, to feed people. It is not pride, it is survival."

That probably wasn't the smartest thing to tell Sonja, as now her hand shakes, making any wound cleaning that much more painful. Tears come to her eyes, hidden as she makes sure not to look up from her working on his leg, and she says in a low voice, "Don't say such things with Henrik near by.".

"I thought I heard people saying that we were going to move from here in a couple of days," Arto responds to Topi, and does crack a faint smile. "So, cursed or not, I doubt that we'll be around for that long. I don't know, though-" He pauses there, and eyes Isak. "…I wouldn't put it past them," he murmurs, before having the sense to shut up.

Isak was rewarded for his words with pain, enough to cause him to hiss and grasp at the edge of the bunk. Her mention of the boy immediately grabbed the man's attention and his voice lowered a bit as he offered a quick, "Sorry." It was really all he could say.

Topi shrugs a little as he hears Isak's words. "May they have lots of food, then." It is said in Swedish, however. Probably because he felt that he had to say it, but wanted it to be kept quiet.

Sonja does not grok Swedish, but finishes with Isak's leg and reaches for a fresh bandage, made out of another piece of one of Matti's shirts, and begins wrapping it around the room so dirt doesn't get into it. She stays rather silent throughout.

Arto seems to observe the way that Sonja applies the bandage, likely trying to commit it to memory. He also stays silent for a few seconds, not quite sure what one should say after something like, 'Russians eat people'. "So… Er. How long should that leg take to heal, anyway?"

Isak gives Topi and nod, understanding not a word, but the tone was enough to lend a thought of encouragement, so he returned the token. When Sonja finished with his leg he cleared his throat a bit, mostly to sound less like the hungover wastrel he currently was, and a bit more like the simple fisherman he used to be. "Thank you, Sonja."

Sonja ponders that question. "It has been treated already and isn't responding very well. I think a week for some improvement, maybe two weeks before its as good as new.". She gets up with some effort, and returns to her corner, where Henrik is.

Isak is currently sitting in a bunk, having just had his leg re-wrapped by Sonja while Arto watched on. Kinda quiet at the moment, someone must have said something a little disturbing.

Topi shrugs a little as he moves a bit over to find himself some place to seat himself, with a bit of a sigh. He keeps quiet for the moments, just listening to what's being said, now.

Arto hmphs quietly as he regards Isak's leg. "He's probably pickled himself and his leg is going to turn in to lasimestarin silli, now," he states - which is in dubious taste, given the previous comment about Russian eating habits.

Sonja wraps Henrik up in her arms, in an attempt to cover his ears from such morbid talk. "You are all revelling in this." she chides. "Erkki makes a virtue of it almost. We should get some more food, Aamos was bringing in rabbits but… he has gone now.".

Isak blinks for a moment, not entirely sure if he should believe the man, then just waves Arto off with a slight growl. Grabbing a stripped branch he's been using as a cane, he hauled himself to his feet. The effort itself caused a groan to slip past his lips, but he managed it without much more fuss. He began to hobble his way over to the stove that heated the main portion of the room, hoping that its heat might help him become a bit more human. Sonja's words reach him and he looks her way. "Does it need to be carried or caught?"

Topi blinks a little, "Revelling in this? How can we be doing that?" He looks around for a few moments, before he comments a bit more quietly, "I don't think we're meant to be stuck in buildings like caged animals…"

Arto snorts at Sonja. "Erkki -would-," he states. "Just be glad that he has yet to start bringing Russian heads back as hunting trophies." He moves out Isak's way to let him get by, then leans back against the wall and crosses his arms. "Like I said, I doubt we'll be stuck in here for that long…"

Sonja crosses herself abruptly, leaving Henrik dangling. "Oh dear God no, I pray he doesn't do /that/." she says, in a horrified voice, which implies she thinks he may well do just that. She prowls around the room, not liking being stuck in here much herself. "And carried, caught… so long as its edible. You cannot go, Isak, you have to stay here and rest that leg.".

Isak gripped the branch that he rested his weight on tightly, his eyes a million leagues away. Finally he snapped his mind to the here and now, taking a second to gather his attention before he asked, "Is there a lake nearby?" To the other two men speaking, he looked over his shoulder.
"If we are smart, yes. We will need to move from here if we are to be safe."

"Well, if my brother ever brings back some head cheese - let's just say, I'm not going to eat it," Arto states, rather unhelpfully, then points an accusing finger at Isak. "And so what if there's a lake? She just told you that you have to stay here and rest."

Topi shrugs a little as he hears that part about Russian heads. "They'd probably smell quite bad,
too…" he mutters, before he looks over to Isak, with a bit of a grin. "See, no fun, the woman says…" he offers, lightly.

Sonja looks like she's going to throw up when Arto speaks. In fact she does dry heave a bit. She settles back into one corner and whimpers a bit piteously.

Emmacomes downstairs, having been checking on some of the injured. Her eyes light on Sonja, and she looks concerned. "Sonja? What's wrong?"

Arto: making women want to puke since 1908! Eventually, he manages to wrassle up some basic human decency, and looks suitably apologetic for Sonja's benefit. "…Sorry."

Jokinen comes in from outside, whacking snow off the bottoms of his heavy boots before trouncing any further in, with a big bundle of wood and sticks to throw into the fire. Above the line of his scarf, his face bright red and from the cold.

Isak shrugs his shoulders in chagrin at Topi. The unspoken message: Whatcha gonna do? Spotting the accusatory figure pointed his way he just shakes his head. "I don't need to do flips to cut a hole in the ice and pull fish from it."

Sonja recovers swiftly, but glowers a bit at Arto. She shakes her head in Emma's direction. "Nothing, nothing. Just these men being disgusting and depressing.". And a bit terrifying but she doesn't mention that part. "If it wasn't winter and the snow was so deep I'd go outside for a walk or something.".

Topi just grins a little bit as he sees that shrug, before he nods a little bit as he hears Isak's words, "Arms working well, right? If they'd let you use some kind of a small sled…"

The sound of steam hissing slightly for just a few seconds comes from the sauna. Luukas is no doubt casting water directly on the flames, perhaps to mix in a bit of that wood smell into the thick humid air already formed from water in the iron kettles on the red coals.

Emma nods, but looks somewhat unconvinced by Sonja's reply. She goes over to sit by her sister. "It's hard being cooped up in here all the time. You should come over to the farm to visit the girls with me tomorrow."

Jokinen dumps the pile of wood down where it's supposed to go, pulling his hat off. His hair stands up at all angles and even crackles a bit before he runs his sleeve over it. A glance over to the others as he unwinds his thick scarf from around his face.

"Sorry," Arto repeats, and looks a tad awkward for a few seconds. If there was a stone on the floor, he'd probably kick at it. The awkwardness doesn't last for long, though. Leaving the subject of food well alone for the moment, he looks between Topi, Isak, and Sonja in turn. "Would that be allowed? What if you, I don't know, ran in to some Ivans while you were out?"

Sonja twitches a bit at that. "Isn't that near where the Russians came?" she asks, worried about that. "God, you should not tempt fate, Emma!". She nods agreement at Arto.
From inside the sauna, Luukas now goes about smacking a bundle of dry birch branches, the vasta, against the bare skin of his back. It's done in an ordinary sense, the rough contact and sensation increasing the circulation of blood.

Isak let his eyes fall to the floor for a moment, not entirely sure of how to answer that, before he looked over at Arto. "The same that any of us would do."

"It's not that near," Emma protests with a frown. "Far enough that Father thought it safer to leave Marja and Kati there instead of here. I'm always careful. Matti says the Russians are frightened of the woods - they mostly stay around town." She glosses over the whole raids thing.

The rifle is next off Jokinen's shoulder, set against the wall. The teenager leaves his layers on for now, kneeling down by the wood bundle to sort out the best of the lot. His attention stays on the conversation with curiosity that he doesn't bother to hide.

"Probably safer to encounter them out there than inside here," Topi mutters, a bit absently. "Here they can just burn the entire thing, and shoot us all as we try to get out…" And then, a bit of a grin. "Then we just shoot them…"

Sonja nods at Emma. "Well, alright, then. I will ask Jari first what he thinks. He would know, after all. If he's not in a foul mood anyway, which is rarely these days.". She leaves Henrik to play with the blankets briefly before lurching to her feet and gazing out the window. "I do need to get out of here you are right. I see someone is in the sauna, or I would be in there for a while. At least there is a sauna here, there are some blessings.".

"Yes, it is not so bad here." Emma shoots Topi a somewhat shocked look when he starts talking about the Russians burning down the cabin. But then she nods to Sonja. "It will be good to get outside for a bit."

All is quiet for a moment inside the sauna, then a splash of water is heard, and a shivered "ahhh". Someone pouring a bucket of water over the self, one of the final steps before exitting. A few huffs of breath, the temperature contrast extreme from hot air to cool liquid.

"Well, then," Arto replies to Isak. "Best that yo stay here until your leg is healed, then - assuming that it doesn't fall off in the meantime." He notices Jokinen, now, and offers him a nod - then just grunts, decides to make himself useful, and goes to assist with tidying up the wood.

Jokinen sets a bunch of the heftier wood pieces aside with a clunk after inspecting them. He lifts his hands, still red from the cold, to his face to blow warm air on them as he listens to everyone talk. Staying crouched down, he reaches for the woodpile again, then looks over at where Sonja's left the child to play. Picking up one of the smaller sticks, he grins at Henrik when he can get the boy's attention. The grin turns into a silly face, and he spins the stick around his fingers.

Sonja smiles a faint smile at Jokinen, as she has her eye on Henrik pretty much at all times. "And you have to ignore Topi I think, he just tries to terrify me now for sport.". She frowns at him. Unnursed Topi, take note.

Topi puts on his most innocent expression as he offers a grin at Sonja, "What? Would I do that?" he asks, before he adds, "Just not used to spending time inside houses again. Been many years since I used to do that."

Emma frowns at Topi when Sonja says that, oddly protective of her older sister. She looks instead to Henrik, smiling as Jokinen diverts his attention.

"Careful," Arto mutters to Jokinen - quietly, and quite possibly so as to keep Sonja from hearing. He sorts out the pieces of wood by size. "That's Erkki's child. If he takes after his father, he'll probably have your fingers off."

There's a few minutes of little but a few muffled movements from the sauna, till finally the wooden hatch door creaks open and Luukas steps out in his trousers, tightening the belt as if he'd just put them on. His hair's still damp, though he's obviously dried off after the dousing of water, and he emerges holding the rest of his clothing under one arm. "Bleah! Hoo!" called out as his skin meets the sudden shock of well below freezing air.

Jokinen sticks his pinkies into the corners of his mouth, pulling them apart and making another cross-eyed face at Henrik. He's still like that when he happens to glance at Sonja, and quickly gets his hands out of his mouth. A unembarassed grin at her, then he shakes the stick gently at Henrik. Eh - kid, dog, they'll both go for these things, won't they? His attention flicks over to Arto for a second, brows raising as he hears the warning. "Oh yeah? Guess I oughta play with him now then, before he's got any teeth." His Finnish is flawless, but there's a trace accent. Russian.

Sonja frowns at Topi, even more deeply. "Its not funny. And neither are you." she mutters, the second to Arto. "Must be your brothers influence.". The scoundrel. She watches Henrik reach for the stick and play, calming herself down.

Now it's Arto's turn to get a dirty look from Emma. "Henrik's a good boy. He's nothing like that scoundrel." She rises and moves over toward the window.

Arto gives Sonja a solemn look. "It's true," he states, "It's all his fault." He sniffs, then dusts some damp sawdust off his hands before regarding Henrik again. "I don't know," he muses, to Jokinen. "At the age he's at right now, he's just at the right height to headbutt a man's kneecaps, almost. Don't underestimate him just because he's cute." And, of course, he just grins innocently at Emma.

Luukas hurries to slip on the rest of his clothes, not adding the outer white camou suit at this time. But the boots, those are certainly necessary as Luukas kneels down to push feet down and pull boots up to get them on snug to protect his feet from the snow. Finally, his shirt gets buttoned up and he hurries in an almost dance of a jog towards the front cabin door.

Jokinen keeps the stick out until Henrik reaches for it, letting the boy grab it once before putting it down. He extends both his hands, seeing if the child will trust him. He shrugs at Arto, keeping his hands out. "So he's just like a girl then, huh?" A grin. "I'm not worried. It'd hurt him worse than it'd hurt me."

Henrik is a trusting sort of child, so reaches out for Jokinen happily. Sonja watches carefully, well aware of how many scoundrels are out there. She's not bitter or anything, no. She sniffs a bit at Arto's solemn words.

Topi looks over in Sonja's direction again, shrugging for a few moments, before he offers, more quietly. "I'm sorry." And it even sounds like he means it. He just watches the others for now, as he pulls out his knife, to quietly make sure it's clean.

Emma was watching by the window, and so saw Luukas' jog over from the sauna. She waits for him to get near and then opens the door for him. "You might have at least put your jacket on," she notes idly.

Luukas enters the cabin, rubbing his arms together and giving his own chest a quick hug. "Cold does you good fresh out. Gets the blood flowing." He offers Emma a toothy grin, but perhaps her suggestion was more true than he admits, as shortly afterward he steps over to the bed that was his before war broke out, and hurries to pull on the jacket and outer layer of white trousers. "Hey little man" commented aimeably to the toddler Henrik as he steps past him.

"Let's just hope that he hasn't inherited a hard head as well, then," Arto muters, still watching the kid. He then finds himself a seat, and sprawls back out of sheer laziness before raising an eyebrow at Jokinen. "Maybe you should offer to babysit."

Jokinen grins at Henrik, then opens his mouth like a look of surprise with raised brows. He closes his fingers carefully around the boy's hands and wags them. "You're not gonna headbutt me, are you? You're saving your strength, huh?" He looks at Arto again, still gently moving Henrik's hands. "I dunno. His mother don't look like she'd trust an angel." He looks back at Henrik, letting go of his hands. He makes a show of almost falling backwards, making a 'whooaaa' sound before taking Henrik's hands a second time. The second time he lets go he lets himself flop back on the floor beside the toddler. "Augh, he got me."

Sonja laughs a little as Henrik is played with. "I was plenty trusting. Too trusting." she points out to Jokinen, smile fading when she hears /those/ words. And then stares at Arto some, as Erkki isn't around to scowl at. "Maybe he will do the right thing in the end. Maybe.".

Emma offers Luukas a wry smile as he heads over to don his jacket. "Just take care you don't catch cold. Last thing we need is everyone getting sick." Especially when they're all cooped up like this. She watches Jokinen and Henrik, a faint smile on her face until Sonja's latter comment. "Maybe," she echoes, dubiously.

Arto shrugs helplessly at Sonja. "If your father doesn't scare him off," he says - but quietly - then clears his throat a bit. "The other day, he nearly walked right in to a load of mines. I was only a short distance back from him. I thought that I was going to be cleaning bits of him off my clothing."

Luukas gets settled down, seated on the bed now. He does scratch a spot on his cheer, the skin having gotten a little irritated there from one of the swats of the birch branches. "How was the Mannikainen farm, Emma?" asked while still in a cheerful mood, leaning just a bit to rub his feet through the leather of the boots. The Ostrobothnian seems not to be touching the subject of Sonja's past history with them.
cheer -> cheek

Topi shrugs a little as he listens to the others, moving one thumb to gently check the edge on his knife. "Exactly what is the right thing, then?" he asks, quietly.

Jokinen stays on his back on the floor, reaching over to pull Henrik carefully up and over him. He lets the toddler stand on his chest with his hands around Henrik to support him, his head tilting around a bit to see Sonja when she comments. "Yes, ma'am," he answers, since that seems to be the best thing to say. Then he cranes his neck to see Arto. "Mines? He's okay, right?"

"A boy needs a father." Sonja says, looking over Henrik. "A real father… who knows something of responsibility.". She then blinks at Arto. "He did? I didn't know that.".

"It was fine," Emma replies to Luukas. "It's a nice place. Though <Antti's wife's name> and the girls had come here while I was going there - we must have passed each other in the woods without realizing." The talk of mines causes her to look over with a frown. "The Russians are putting mines down?"

Luukas ohs softly, frowning as he too hears the comments about mines. "Was it maybe our mines?" with a hint of hope. "Our own Fatherland's army setting mines against those Russian tanks to defend the towns?"

"Oh, he's fine," Arto tells Jokinen and Sonja both, dismissively. "Made him sweat for a few seconds, but that was it. Probably only a few minutes later, we saw a russian tank hit one of the same mines and explode like a…" He tries to think of a suitable simile. "…Like a bomb." No. Wait.

That's a pretty awful simile. Arto seems to reflect on this, then just shrugs again. Hey, he's a lumberjack, no-one pays him to be eloquent. "They were our mines, yes."

Topi nods a little bit as he listens, "That's true," he replies, after a few moments, before he blinks at the talk of the mines. "Well, if we get those tanks out of the way, the Russian troops should be no hard work…"

Jokinen sits up carefully as they start talking about Russians, keeping an arm around Henrik's back. He folds his legs in, setting the toddler on one of his knees and playing absently with one small hand. "Good," he comments to Arto, then looks down at Henrik. "Hear that? The Russians went right over a mine. Boom!" He makes a gesture with his hand to illustrate.

Sonja heads over to reclaim Henrik from Jokinen when he starts talking to the curious toddler about bombs and mines. She says nothing to Jokinen but her expression makes it clear she does Not Approve of that subject. She'll be damned if her child ends up brutalised by war. She jiggles Henrik a bit to make up for the loss of his new friend. "I'm going to try and get some rest.". And she walks for the stairs to head up, and thus away from everybody else.

"Oh," Emma says, upon learning that it was a Finnish mine and not a Russian one. "That's good, then, I suppose. Still, one must keep a sharp eye out." She nods to Sonja's comment and adds, "I think I am going to as well. Goodnight." She follows her sister and nephew upstairs.

Luukas looks up to Sonja, offering a nod. "Goodnight." The Ostrobothnian lets a smile flit over to Emma before stretching both arms out to crack the joints. "Be safe" more gently for her, added as to a younger sister. Luukas then pushes off the bed to rise up to a stand. "Think I'll make some stew. Hunting's been good, might as well make some use of that game."

Topi listens to what's being said, before he looks over at the leaving ones. "Sleep well," he offers, giving them a few moments of a smile, before he inspects the blade in his hands for a few moments longer, and then puts it back where he keeps it. Leaning back in his seat, thoughtfully.

Jokinen looks blankly at Sonja when she gives him That Look. "Sorry, ma'am," he offers, in that kind of tone people use when they're not sure what they're apologising for. "Goodnight." He shrugs, getting up and moving back over to the woodpile to pick up where he left off with sorting. "What'd I do?" The teenager asks Arto under his breath. When in doubt, ask a man, because women never seem to tell.

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