Satans Sissi Sisu

Looking the part of the brooding youngster, Joona is propped in a
corner of the room, his rifle dismantled and spread out before him on a grease
cloth as he cleans each component and checks the mechanisms for dirt and other
blockages. He seems quite focused, if not a bit irritable as he goes about this
little ritual.

Luukas comes from outside, not saying much as he examines a couple
beer bottles now filled with petrol. Carefully the man appears to checking the
rags used to stuff the openings for igniting. As he closes the door, the sudden
howl of the wind fades into the background.

The boy glances up at the howling entrance of an older fellow.
Joona gives a grunted greeting as he finishes his cleaning by firelight and
begins reassembling his weapon. "Makes you wish we had a few more grenades,"
the boy mentions blandly once the firing pin is secured in place.

Luukas slowly offers a nod. "Was having to pick 'em off Russian
bodies a couple days ago, on the ice." he comments in response. He pauses to
examine the bottles made into Molotov cocktails. "Guess I'll save these for
when the Russians try to move in again. Haven't seen any more trucks crossing
the ice."

Luukas looks over to the younger man, checking absently for the
type of rifle being cleaned as they speak.

"Sergant mentioned a reinforcing unit heading into Suomussalmi,
coming up the Raate road," Joona replies as he finishes up the assembly of his
rifle. "I expect if we're ready for them, we can at least thin out their
numbers, even if we don't kill them all…"

Joona is holding a Pystykorva at the moment.

Luukas hrmms as he takes a seat by the wood stove. "That's where
we'll need these, then." holding up the Molotovs for a moment before setting
them down. "The Russian rifles don't jam as much, if you had any problems wtih
that Pysty in the battle." added as a comment.

Luukas himself has a scoped Mosin-Nagant strapped across his back.
The two Molotovs he's carrying add to a single lemon-type grenade on his belt.

"I know," Joona replies, giving a bit of a shrug as he locks in the
clip and chambers a round. "But its more accurate at long range…" he notes,
eying the scope on Luukas' Mosin. "For those of us without any modifications,

Luukas simply nods. He takes a moment to gesture a thumb back at
the rifle on his back, "Scope doesn't help much for the kind of fighting we've
been doing. Takes more time to aim through it than the iron sights." He smiles
briefly for a moment, "But it manages. You're right about how our own rifles do
a bit better at range."

"And frankly, considering how badly outnumbered we are," Joona
adds, shrugging a little at this. "There's no reason we need to be attempting a
frontal assault on their units…" he mentions. "Hit and run, and long range
flanking movements to thin them out, make a lot more sense. We're not going to
beat them if we start acting like we're a regular army."

Luukas nods again, "I agree." he states flatly. A moment looking
over towards the frozen lake, far to the west. "That's why yesterday I had our
guys ambush from the marsh, not the middle of the open ice on the lake like the
corporal wanted."

Luukas adds, "Seems we're working with the regulars for the moment.
Helping them drive the Russians out of Suomussalmi."

"So let them run at the Russian front line," Joona replies,
scoffing a bit at this. "I'm a farmer's son… The most shooting I did before
this was at the odd deer or rabbit for the dinner table," he notes, giving a
shake of his head at this. "I'm quite content to clear out the front line from
a few hundred yards off."

Luukas simply nods, "Me too. But we're drafted. Have to at least go
along with the orders even if we don't follow the letter." He draws his rifle
around, starting to remove the scope to polish the barrel. "Have you been in
the action on the ice yet?"

"Yup," Joona replies, nodding a little at this with a chuckle.
"Taken out four so far," he notes mildly as he lays his rifle across his lap.
"Some one mentioned the Russians have us outnumbered ten to one, so I still
have six left to go…" he decides as he reclines against the wall of the cabin.

Luukas chuckles mildly at that, finding the humour too. "Well, hang
in there. You'll pass that up without much effort." His eyes peer down at the
Molotovs once more. "If they're right about a big mass of Russians coming in to
reinforce, to try to break through to Suomussalmi, then it means we'll be
facing tanks again on the Raate road." His breath exhales, rubbing his nose
reddened still with a slight lingering cold. "Tactics doing that are alot
different than hitting Russians on the lake."

"It'll mean hitting tanks and trucks with molotovs and hand
grenades, then running like hell," Joona replies, nodding a bit at this in
response. "Then further up the road, another force starts opening fire with
small arms to further harass them…" He gives a shake of his head. "We're not
going to stop those kinds of numbers, but we can make them think twice about
pushing on."

Luukas shakes his head a bit. "Not quite that easy." before letting
out his breath with a groan. "The last time we fought on the road, one Russian
tank stood us down. We'd killed all the infantry they had there in support, all
the Ivans that had hopped off their trucks, but our grenades were useless
against the tank itself. Molotovs and Antti's antitank rifle are the only
things we have that can stop 'em, and the antitank rifle's out of ammo now I

"Seventeen thousand men?" Joona notes, giving a shake of his head.
"Samppa said seventeen thousand were moving up the Raate road before they
killed him…" he explains reservedly. "We don't even have than many bullets…"
Luukas shakes his head. "Nah" in his Ostrobothnian accent, "I'm
talking about what we engaged. Just one truck and tankload of those seventeen
thousand men." He nods down to the bottles. "We ran out of these petrol bombs.
The ones I tossed just glanced off the armour."

"I was up on the ice road the other day, and we took out two trucks
and an armored car that way," Joona replies, nodding a little at this. "But
there were only ten men between all three vehicles… if that," he notes
mildly. "We need to stop acting like we're going to face down these regular
russian units, and stop playing at being the Heros of Finland… We just need
to make the Russians pay as dearly as possible for every inch of Finnish soil
they take, and every minute they spend this side of the Finnish boarder."

Luukas gives a firm nod. "That was good. But the tanks are alot
harder to take out than their tin armoured cars." He draws in a deep breath
then. "Seems the army's using us like reserves, which I guess we are." His chin
lifts a bit, "But I was trained as a sissit. Didn't have time to make it to my
unit when the Russians invaded. My Sissi brigade's probably doing hit and run
movements behind their lines like you're talking about."

"I wasn't trained…" Joona replies, giving a shake of his head at
this. "Erkki and Pentti keep acting like the people in this cabin ought to
behave like regular army…" he mentions, chuckling a bit to himself as he
rises and slips his shoulder strap on. "No one here wanted to be in the
military except the few, like yourself… the other twenty armed men here have
barely fired a shot before the war." He pauses a moment and looks out the
window. "If we don't start acting like we're outnumbered we're going to get
ourselves killed."

Luukas grunts a bit, "They went through their National Service
training in the regular army, or Border Guards." He sucks his breath in for a
bit, "My cousin Antero and I did our service in a Sissi brigade. Different
tactics." He rises up, putting the scope back on the rifle and tightening the
sights. "Try to stick with me. I know you're fresh and haven't had as much
experience, but coordinating what we do, sticking together at least in tactics,
will help you get through this alive." The Ostrobothnian nods a moment, then
starts to head out for sentry duty.

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