Poker Face

Vesa is dragging a load of firewood into place in the cabin, from outside. Hat still on, he piles the chopped-up logs and branches so they won't tumble all over the place.

Raimo skiis in casually from the north, rifle slung over his shoulder, a wry smirk on his face as he arrives at the Cabin. He kicks his skiis off, leaning them against the wall, before stepping inside and removing his heavy overcoat, leaning his rifle against the wall.

Vesa looks over as Raimo comes in, sitting back on his heels. "Where did everyone go?" He asks as he moves to stand up, brushing his hands over the sides of his trousers.

Matti shifts out his skis, shaking his head as he stomps into the cabin. He mutters, "Truck convoy passing on the ice. Tried to delay them, with little success." He moves to the table, digging around for a pack of cards.

Raimo smirks a bit at Vesa, "Nothing.. tried to stop a convoy.. too many people giving orders…. no one thought about trying to stop the trucks with anything more than a rifle.. good target practice I bet."

Niko enters the cabin after Raimo. He unslings his rifle and pulls the bolt back, topping his magazine off with rounds from a stripper clip. To Vesa, he says, "Shooting trucks." The small man shrugs and says, "What have you been doing? Whittle any salmiakki yet?"

Vesa picks up one of the broken pieces of a branch, thumping it against Niko's chest. "Use your imagination." He looks back at Raimo and Matti, raising his eyebrows. "Really? I didn't hear the shooting or I would've come out. I was just getting more firewood, we were getting low. Did anyone get hurt?"

Jaakko says "Hardly anyone got off a shot."

Raimo shakes his head again, "Nope, nobody.. think we only fired a total of four shots… amongst every one…. We didn't really have time to set up or anything, spent too long moving around."

"We need to make holes in the ice, and get people there with grenades. They came too fast for us to prepare the trap." Matti grunts, starting to shuffle the cards. He shouts out, "Antti, are you there?" And looks at the sleeping people still in the pallets, obviously looking for company.

Antti had woken up from dozing when the door opened, but had simply stretched and gotten to his feet. "Yeah. Over here," he mutters to Matti, as he grunts, "Should have told me you were going to shoot at trucks."

Niko glances down at the branch, gnaws on it experimentally, then pitches it into the fireplace. He sits in a chair, setting his rifle across his lap. "I shot twice," the small man says to Vesa. "Think I might have hit some snow. Total, there were two trucks and an armored car." He shrugs.

Matti mutters, "Want to play some poker?" He starts putting down cards for two players, looking around the cabin in a nonverbal offer to join in the game for others, as well. He grunts, after a moment, "Could have used that monster gnu of your's, brother. Mind you, better set up the ambush on the ice next time, maybe rig up some tracks in the ice."

Antti nods once, settling down opposite Matti while he mutters, "A tin car with thier convoys. A tank, and new Rat's tail in Raatevaara. Need to get more shells, soon. Solothurn is down to six shots left."

"Oh." Vesa replies to Niko, looking a little disappointed. "Well, least nobody got killed." He glances over at Matti and Antti, and the cards, and takes a few wandering steps that way. Though his expression's more curious than anything - he doesn't know how to play poker. He nods to Antti, hearing about the ammo. "Maybe we could try stealing ammo again."

Antti mutters to Vesa, "Ivan doesnt carry antitank shells, kid. We have no tanks, remember?" A dry smirk accompanies the words, as he motions silently to a chair, indicating Vesa should sit. To
Matti he adds, "Ivan cleared the wrecks from Raatevaara. The dead Armour, and Field guns are gone."

Niko sets his rifle down and heads over to the stove. He sets some water on it to boil.

Matti deals for three people, glancing at Vesa, "Sit down." And with that, he takes up his cards, muttering, "What are we playing for?" He studies his cards, adding, "And yes. Even people grenading the vehicles would help. Maybe we need to take out the gun in raatevaara, and snatch some ammo on the side as well."

Vesa smirks at Antti. "Oh, right." He has his ditzier moments, alright? Plunking down on the chair, he listens to Matti talk with interest. The cards in front of him get a wary look before he picks them up, looking through them.

Antti looks at his cards before mutters dryly, "With this hand? I say we're playing for the winner bringing in the next motti of firewood." A slowly drawn breath. "Should drag Erkki out with the machine gun next time. Anyone heard from the little sergeant? Only way we're getting more shells for the big gun is if the army drops them for us."

Niko takes the hot water off of the stove and pours it into the percolator for coffee. "The Good Sergeant? The only time I ever see him is when he wants us to do something," Niko says. "And he never comes bearing gifts."

"Sounds good. Not like we can buy much of anything around here anyway. Maybe we should be raiding the Finnish camps, eh?" Matti looks up at Antti, slightly amused as he changes a few cards from the deck. "Now that's what officers and NCOs are like, boy. You hit the nail squarely on the head." This to Niko, in wry tones.

Vesa grins a little at Matti. He watches what they're doing with the cards, trying to figure it out as he looks over what he's got in his hand. "Hey Niko, you know how to play this?"

Antti sniffs in a short chuckle at his brother's comments, before looking shortly aside at Vesa. "Never played poker before?" Brows arch in short lived suprise. To Niko he adds, "Give the kid a hand, will you?" Setting a pair of cards on the table, "I'll take two." Under his breath, he complains, "One or two more times out and the Solothurn will be empty."

Niko glances over at the card game and nods. "Yes," he says. "But I'm not in the mood. Coffee, first. There's enough if you want some." He pours himself a cup, then sits down in a chair. He watches the game. It beats staring out the window.

Niko glances over at the card game and shakes his head. "Not in the mood," he says. "Coffee, first. There's enough if you want some." He pours himself a cup, then sits down in a chair. He watches the game. It beats staring out the window.

"It's not a problem if you don't know how to play, Vesa. You know how to get firewood, right?" Matti shoots a lopsided grin at Vesa. As Antti asks for cards, he mutters, "What do I look like, a goddamn crupier? Get them yourself, you lazy bastard. And yeah. I vote we raid Samppa's camp."

Vesa mutters amiably at Matti. "Sure do. I know where you can shove it, too." He ponders the cards, casting a brief glance at Niko before he realises he's on his own. Nothing like a baptism by fire. He scratches his ear, making a guess at what he's supposed to be doing and laying down two of his card as well, fishing for more. "Raid Samppa's camp?" That almost makes him laugh. "Maybe the Russians would see it. Think we're so crazy they'll just say forget it and go home."

"You look like the goddamn dealer," Antti grouses back, even as he draws his own cards. "Do we even know where Samppa's camp is?" Aside to Vesa, he adds after chuckling at the younger man's retort to Matti, "Short version of the rules is to get as many of things as you can. Lots of one number, or all of one suit. You get to trade in as many of them as you want, once every hand, and draw that many fresh cards."

"Oh, big talk. You continue that when you have some hairs on your chin." Matti looks at Vesa with amusement stamped on his narrow, angular face. "So, I guess we could go and visit Samppa and beg for some ammo. How about that, brother? See if they have some chocolate and booze for us, too. I don't think we got any christmas presents."

Vesa smirks. "You better still be around to see it, Matti." He looks at Antti, listening to the instructions, then back at his cards and the two new ones. "Oh, okay." Chocolate and booze? He raises an eyebrow, looking back at Matti.

Antti mutters wordlessly for a moment. "Hmm. I'll add a shot of vodka to the wood fetching," he mutters raising the pot slightly. "And yeah. We should do that," aside to Matti.

Matti shakes his head at Vesa, sighing, "Your optimism pisses me off, kid." He shoots a surly look at Vesa, but doesn't look altogether serious, despite the lack of a smile on his sullen face. He looks thoughtfully at Antti, before murmuring, "I'll throw in some Russian gold teeth." Just… don't ask. He mutters to Antti. "Lets go after the game. Maybe take out that gun in Raatevaara at the same time."

Vesa just gives Matti a grin at that look. He doesn't say anything else for now, pondering his cards and waiting to see what happens next.

Luukas slowly manages to walk in from the back room of the cabin, a cudgel in his hand he's using as a cane when needed to help shift weight off his left leg when he walks. "Hello Vesa. Are they giving you a rough time, kid?" and manages a low chuckle. The Ostrobothnian stops for a moment, trying to stretch out the injured leg to work the muscles a bit.

"How many gold teeth?" Antti queries of his brother's ante, before muttering aside to Vesa, "If you think you have a better hand than either of us, add something to the bet. Right now, it's up to having someone bring in the next batch of firewood, a hit of vodka, and a few gold teeth." Back to MAtti, "Fine. We'll take a few shots, on the way."

"That sounds like a lot of skiing," Niko says. He stands up and sets his empty coffee cup by the stove. "Hopefully the Good Sergeant has something to spare for you. He doesn't seem like the generous type."

"Just the one, for your one shot of vodka. There are Russians out there. You think Vodka is hard to find?" Matti snorts at Antti, shaking his head as he lays the promised denture on the table. Gross. It's still a little bloody, too. "Come on, show me what you have." And with that, he lays down his cards… Two pairs, 5s and queens.

"Naw, Matti's just sulking," Vesa replies to Luukas, still pondering his hand. He shakes his head and smirks, at least smart enough to know his hand's crap. "Nothing to add this time." Setting it down he shows a pair of tens.

Matti glances up at Luukas, before muttering to Niko, "And I figure we beg for, steal or threaten whatever we can out of them."

Luukas hrmms as he leans a bit, seeing the pair of cards that Vesa shows on the table. "That's why I stuck to darts at the camp, 'stead of cards." and chuckles a bit. He then offers a nod to Matti, "Must've been something other than the usual Russian conscript if he had gold teeth in his mouth. Was that from one of them commissars?"

Antti snorts and sets down his own hand. Three deuces. Aloud he adds, "Well if they want us to keep picking Ivan down they'll need to give us more than just the rifles and bullets we can steal. More of Comrade molotov's drinks, if nothing lse.."

Vesa grins at Luukas and shrugs. "I never played this before." He shifts on the chair, getting more comfortable, and looking over both Antti and matti's hands as they're laid down. "Who won?"

Niko smirks. "The first one, maybe," he says to Matti. "The last two, I'm not so sure. The Good Sergeant probably wouldn't even have you shot. He'd probably bayonet you to save the ammunition." He shrugs. "Who knows, maybe he'd let it slide. Mannerheim needs all the men he can muster, eh?"

"Need petrol, for that. Damn if we could have stopped those trucks in the ice." Matti snorts, looking at Antti sourly. Whether this is due to his losing, or the truck thing, is hard to say. "And you don't know officers like I know officers, Antti. They figure - if we're doing fine with what we have, what do we need more equipment for? Hell, we could probably do with less." His tone is caustic, and cynical with experience. He glances aside at Luukas, shrugging, "I don't know… Didn't ask. He wasn't carrying a party membership book, though. And Mannerheim can still rot for all I care." The last to Niko.

Luukas grunts a bit at Matti's comment about Mannerheim, but doesn't take the bait with a direct response to it. "What's this about the sergeant. You mean Sgt. Samppa?" to Niko, brows raised a bit in curiosity. "I might slow the others down in a cross-country trip, but my leg's feeling good enough that I can help out for shorter runs, now."

Antti sniffs ocne as he picks up the gold tooth, and draws out a small bottle from which he takes a single hit. "Gimme the cards," he mutters, preparing to deal the second hand. "Well, we have no spaniards here, little brother. These are Finns." A snort as he eyes Luukas, "Ostrobothnian, if we're taking that damned big gun, we surely arent walking all that way. Sit in the sled, and dont slow us."

Vesa sits back on the chair to listen to them talk, loosely folding his arms. His eyes flick from one person to the next, taking in what they're saying.

Gustaf stands around, alone as always, listening to the conversation. More like evesdropping.

"Yeah, Sergeant Samppa," Niko says quietly. "He who orders us to fight to the death, but has only been on the line with us once. Once." He shakes his head in disappointment. "If you encounter the Good Sergeant, tell him he can't expect us to hold the roadblock, guard Pyyvaara, and go on raids throwing snowballs. Wo knows, by the New Year, we might be down to that."

Luukas offers to Antti, "The sled it is, then. Sounds good." and adds a single nod. His eyes take a look around to see which men seem to be waiting, or idle. Finally his gaze finds Niko again, and comments, "Can't blame the sergeant. I'm sure he's doing the best he can. He's probably under orders to keep the Russians from advancing to relieve Suomussalmi at all costs himself."

Antti snorts, "Well 'all costs' means giving us more shells," the farmer mutters, as he deals out the second hand. "Ante starts at making someone else clean your rifle," he states flatly, as he eyes his own hand.

Niko shrugs. "Probably the Good Sergeant is," the small man mutters. He doesn't sound convinced, however. He changes the subject, "How's the leg? Does it still hurt?"

Death has arrived.
Death dropped Deck 'o Cards.
Death has left.

Antti deals 5 cards to Matti.
Antti deals 5 cards to Vesa.
Antti deals 5 cards to himself.

Antti sniffs once and again tosses down a pair of cards, drawing two fresh ones. "How many you want, boys?"

Antti discards two of his cards.
Antti deals 2 cards to himself.

Vesa waits for his hand, picking them up once they've come to him. He gently rubs the end of his nose with his fingers, looking back at Antti. "Three."
Vesa discards three of his cards.

Luukas nods faintly, "Leg's a little sore when I step with it, but I can manage. It's not like how it was before, when I couldn't get out of bed." The timberjack faintly groans. "Don't want to have to go through with that again. The sooner these Russians can be run out of here the better." He turns then to Antti, "Did you boys have something planned?"

Antti deals 3 cards to Vesa.

Niko nods to Luukas. He grabs his rifle and heads over to his old cot. Lying down, he closes his eyes, and sleeps.

"My rifle is clean, clean, clean. What kind of a slob are you, Antti? And damnit, officers are the same the world over." Matti mutters this in a surly fashion, picking up his cards and squinting at them in disapproval. Finally, he changes some, adding, "Lets see what happens with getting you some ammo for the monster gun."

Gustaf eyebrow perks up as he spots his comrades now playing cards. He moves closer to them in apparent interest over the game being played.

Gustaf says "What game are you playing?"

"come on, Matti youre holding us up. How many do you want?" Antti grumbles, before nodding once. "Between me and Isak, we've cost Ivan two tanks, six Tin cars, and two Rat's tails. Plus the tricks that Isak killed. Damn right I want to see what happens when we get more ammo."

Vesa eyes the cards he gets back, riffling them once with his thumb. He grins a little at the exchange between Matti and Antti, then looks at Gustaf. "Poker. You know how to play it?" He asks curiously.

Matti discards three of his cards.
Antti deals 3 cards to Matti.

Gustaf bites his upper lip. "I… have heard of it. Yet, I have never played it before. How do I play?" he asks curiously.

"Give me three." Matti adds, "Arto took out one tank and one BA-6 during the ambush on the road. Damn good that he did, too. I went in with him, and only got three Russian bullets for my troubles."
"Yes, Vesa here is the expert on poker. Tell the lad all about it!" Matti calls this out to Gustaf, his voice dry.

"We've cost Ivan the better part of a column, so far," Antti mutters, adding, "I'll add a hit of vodka to the prize. Bet to you, Antti." A moment later he mutters, "But we'll need resupply to keep this up."

Luukas squints over to Gustaf, looking at him like the fellow's an odd bird from some foreign land. "If you need ammo for that antitank rifle, any chance we can ambush a truck soon to get some?" The question seems more directed to the Mannikainen brothers.

Vesa smirks at Matti, shaking his head. "I wasn't offering to explain." He looks over at Luukas. "They were talking about getting it from Samppa." 'Getting it' being a euphemism for what the proposal actually was.

Gustaf shrugs, and then crosses his arms to continue watching. Perhaps he would learn that way.

"I can see who's dealing." Matti mutters this grumpily to Antti. "I fold." He glares at his brother suspiciously, discarding his crappy hand.

Antti snorts again, and mutters to Luukas, "Have you seen a single Ivan with an anti-tank gun, Ostrobothnian? We have no tanks, why in the frozen hell would they be trucking around 20mm shells?" Looking to Vesa, "Add something to the bet, if youre still in, kid."

Matti folds, putting his hand aside.

Luukas shakes his head a bit. "Well, the antitank rifle that the sergeant carried was a different make than the one you have, Antti." and shrugs slightly. "He probably only has ammo for that one, not yours." The man looks over towards where the big rifle's normally kept, as if to recall the details of its appearance.

Vesa looks at his cards, but makes a slight face as he glances back towards where he sleeps. Its a sparse area. "I don't have anything…" He looks back at Antti. "Tell me something you hate doing that I could do in your place."

Antti nods once. "Next time Luukas throws out a stupid idea, you explain to him why raiding Ivan for what he doesnt have wont help us." A dry grin touches the farmer's expression as he mutters to the Ostrobothnian in question, "Anything's better than nothing."

"It was a smaller rifle. I don't know the caliber, but certainly not 20 mm." Matti looks from Antti to Luukas to Vesa, grunting. And looks at the pack. "I'm dealing next time, Antti."

Vesa smirks a little at Antti, and nods to the cards, setting his down on the table. "Okay, then."

Vesa is holding: QC QD 4S 6D 8H.

Luukas then adds, "But what the Russians do have, that we've gotten from their trucks before, are grenades and mines, and the petrol to make Molotovs." as his look then goes to Antti again.

"Winner deals, Matti. You know that," he asides, adding, "Probably one of the english guns. Trained us on those a bit in the service time. A lot lighter than that beast-" he notes with a motion toward the Solothurn. "Doesnt hit as hard, but better than nothing," he shrugs, and eyes Vesa's hand with a grin. "Got you, boy."

Antti is holding: JD QS KH KC 7H.

It takes Vesa a second to look over the cards, but then he sits back and grins back at Antti. "Bah, almost."

Antti collects all the cards and starts to shuffle them.
Antti finishes shuffling the cards.

Matti shakes his head, grunting at Antti's card. "Damn you and your bluffing."

Matti adds, "Why do you even bother shuffling? I know the cards come out of your hat." And with that, he starts to mutter in a more general, deprecatory tone.

Antti chuckles lowly, grinning tightly as he sends out a fresh set of hands. "Grouse all you want, little brother, you're bringing in the next motti.. right after the carpenter here cleans my rifle." Yes, the farmer's list of chores has shortened considerably since the game started.

Antti deals 5 cards to Matti.
Antti deals 5 cards to Vesa.
Antti deals 5 cards to himself.

Vesa wrinkles his nose at that from Antti. Or maybe he's just doing so at the hand he was dealt.

Matti discards three of his cards.

Matti mutters, "Three cards. Another gold tooth says I'm not bringing in that Motti."

Vesa discards two of his cards.

Antti deals 3 cards to Matti.
Antti deals 2 cards to Vesa.

Luukas steps over to look at the newer captured Russian grenades, eyes moving from each one to the next as if doing a count. While standing, he keeps the cudgel in his hand, loosely resting it under his left armpit.

Antti eyes his cards and draws a slow breath. "Whats your bet, Vesa?" he prompts, dealing out the suitable number to each of the other players, and taking three of his own.

Antti discards three of his cards.
Antti deals 3 cards to himself.

Vesa shakes his head, setting the cards down. "I'm out."
Vesa folds, putting his hand aside.

Antti eyes Vesa briefly before looking at his brother, "Not only are you taking in the motti, little brother. But you're going to be Korhonen's assitant for a day once I win this hand. Raise that, if you can."

"I helped myself to another grenade. I could have used it out there on the ice, and looks like almost no one here knows how to throw a grenade. How hard can it be? It's like throwing a sodding rock."
Matti grunts, staring at Antti. "You better hope that I don't win, then. I don't think the boys will thank you for that."

Antti chuckles. "Oh, you misunderstand.."

Vesa grins a little at Antti's wager, settling back to watch the card showdown.

Antti says "Not dressing the gunshots.. Just running the old doctor's errands.""

Antti prompts, blue eyes glittering. "Take the bet if you have the hand for it, little brother."

"Whatever. Lets see them cards." Matti stares at Antti unblinkingly, holding his cards close to his chest.

Luukas turns to Vesa where the teenager's at the table. "Hey Vesa. Feel like coming along on a visit to the big lake?" His expression forms one of a bit of amusement, one hand reaching out to where some skis are. "We can see if the Russians are trying to cross the ice. Anything to help out Sgt. Samppa and the regular army trying to keep Suomussalmi cut off."

Antti grins. "Meet the bet first. Not showing til your on the line too."

"Okay. I'm just playing to get the gold tooth. You have nothing I want." Matti smirks at his brother, fiddling with his cards.

"Just the gold tooth? Fine," Antti concedes with a chuckle. "You should have put something else in little brother." He sets his cards down..

Antti is holding: QC 7C 4S 3H KD.

Matti is holding: 8H 8S 9H 7S 10D.

Vesa watches Matti and Antti hash it out, raising both brows. Mainly because dammit, he would've won the hand. He looks over at Luukas then, and slides out of his chair. "You think your leg's gonna be okay for that?"

Antti laughs shortly once. "Take your tooth, and kick yourself for not having the guts to bid more," he voices to Matti.

"I'd just like my gold tooth back, thanks. You're all air, Antti." Matti shakes his head at his brother, grinning wrily. Maybe he's just happy to in. "And this time, /I'm/ shuffling. Another round?" He looks from Vesa to Antti.

Matti collects all the cards and starts to shuffle them.
Matti finishes shuffling the cards.

Antti nods once. "One more, and then we'll off to Raatevaara, on the way to Samppa. And Ostrobothnian can go fishin on the lake, if he likes."

Matti looks at Vesa, "You too?"

Luukas offers a nod. "That's one thing I'm heading out to see. If it gets too bad, I'll be turning around to come back." He starts putting on his outer garments, the winter snow suit and boots. "Bring some trail food 'case we get stuck." He ignores Antti's comment.

Matti deals 5 cards to Antti.
Matti deals 5 cards to Vesa.
Matti deals 5 cards to himself.

Antti discards two of his cards.

Antti says "Two," as he sets the gold tooth he'd won off MAtti in the first hand back out into the pot."

Vesa glances at Antti, then looks back at Luukas. "We really should go to Samppa first, you know. Get that ammo if we can. We should be more ready before we try much more."

Matti discards three of his cards.

Matti deals 2 cards to Antti.
Matti deals 3 cards to himself.

Matti glances at Antti, dealing for him as he sets the gold tooth he just won as a bet once more. He discards, and takes three cards.

Luukas shrugs his shoulders. "See you later. Enjoy the card game." as he starts making his way to the door, still with a slight limp.

«Game» Luukas moves out of Cabin.

Luukas steps outside the cabin, and slowly crouches down to start slipping on his skis.

"Don't get shot, Ostrobothnian!" Matti calls this friendly advice to Luukas, but doesnt take his eyes from the cards.

Luukas finishes slipping on the skis, rising back up as he reaches for the poles. Taking a moment to steady himself, securely positioning the Russian rifle slung over his back so it's not too loose, the young man pushes off to be heading out.

Vesa slides three cards to Antti, waiting for the return. He's starting to look a bit tired, saying nothing more as they continue.

"I don't want to up the ante. Anyone else?" Matti is ready to show, it seems. Seems he's getting tired of the game, too.

Matti deals 3 cards to Vesa.

Antti shakes his head. "That'll do for me. Vesa?"

"Three," Vesa replies, raising his chin slightly to indicate the three cards he'd tossed out.

Matti mutters drily, "I already gave you three, kid." He nods to the three cards on the table before the younger man.

Vesa is falling asleep or something in the chair. He blinks and picks up the cards, looking over the hand before shaking his head. "Not upping it either."

Antti nods once, and sets his cards out. "Nearly had it," the farmer mutters.

Antti is holding: JD 9C 8H 10S 9S.

Matti shakes his head wrily at Vesa, muttering, "I think it's past your bedtime." He shakes his head at Antti, tossing his cards away. "Had me, anyway." He yawns, leaving the gold tooth there as he heads for the pallet. Apparently, he doesn't seem hugely bothered by the loss… Not much to buy with gold here, after all.

Matti folds, putting his hand aside.

Vesa is holding: QH QC 8C 2S 6H.

Antti bahs! "Your two ladies won that time, kid. Take the teeth.." In reference to the 'pot' of two slightly used gold teeth in the center of the table.

Vesa gives the teeth a bit of a look, but takes them anyway. "You can win em back later, I'm sure." He grins a little at Antti, then stands up, looking at Matti. "Like you should talk. Look like you're about to fall off your chair." He shoves his own in towards the table, preparing to get some sleep.

"Lets hope you won't have much use for them anytime soon." Matti mutters this wrily from his pallet, as he kicks off his boots. He just snorts at Vesa. Or does he? Actually, he's just snoring. The man possesses the amazing ability to fall asleep almost anywhere instantly. The sleeping conditions are pretty ideal here after all, all things considered.

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