The front line trench is overrun. Emma is captured and then rescued.



The Leningrad-Viipuuri road is one of the larger roads in Finland. It clearly is of vital strategic importance, as this fairly wide, well paved and solid highway could definitely be used to rapidly move an army into the heart of Finland.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Company up here. Three of them!".

Sixten is next to Paavel, smoking along with the gunner and chatting in Estonian. "So I told the man, 'We don't have any sausage!'" He starts laughing, then stops when the shout comes out. "Aww crap…"

Emma is making one of her trips to the front trenches, checking on some of the minor medical cases. She hears the sound of gunfire and ducks low, keeping towards the side of the trench for cover.

Paavel nods along to what Sixten's saying, most of his interest on the cigarette. He starts as the yell comes, extending the bipod of the MG. The Estonian shakes his head. "No time to move the MG. We have to fire from here."

Paavel adds, "But someone watch East, anyway, ok? Can you do that, nurse?"

Paavel winces as he hears the MG fire. "Not so good. Maybe it better I move North, anyway."

Paavel calls out, "Is East clear, now?"

Sixten nods, pulling up the DP's bipod. "Get going, I'll cover this part. Yell if you need support."

Emma looks over to Pavel. "Me?" she asks, somewhat alarmed. They want her to do something? Oh, just watching. That doesn't sound so bad. Emma nods, trying to conceal her fear at the gunfire. "East - that way?" She points east, ducking again as more gunfire rings out.

Sixten points down the road, back towards their former positions. "East is away from the hospital. I'm really sorry, Nurse Emma," his voice booms over the gunfire, "but if you can help us out like that…" He shakes his head, shouldering the rifle and repeating, "Really sorry…"

Emma comes over a little closer to Sixten, recognizing the big, mask-clad fellow. She nods to him. "I can do that." She faces east and keeps an eye out, staying as hidden as she can. But she can't help looking back toward the Railway now and again at the continued gunfire. "Are there a lot of them?"

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Ahhhh!".

Sixten shakes his head. "Not so many as you might think," he tells Emma. "Nothing to see up there, really. Sound, fury, and little else." The man might be a poet in another life… or should this one outlast the war. "Do you have anything to protect yourself with?"

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "They is cutting wire".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "OURRAH!".

Emma gulps and nods, reassured by Sixten's words but still clearly afraid. "My father gave me this.." She pulls back her coat a little to show her pistol, "But I'm not really very good…" Oh dear - nearby baddies. Emma stops talking and ducks again.

Sixten's shoulder jerks, and a sharp roar tears out from in front of it as he puts his rifle into play. "Get that weapon ready." And again his rifle names Poland's capital: Krakow! "Communist shits don't respect any law but their own, and it's got little regard for foreign women."

Emma gives a weak nod to Sixten, eyes going wide. She clutches her pistol to her chest, checking it with a trembling hand ot make sure it's loaded. She watches Sixten fire, but can't see what he's shooting at. She probably doesn't want to look.

Yngve frowns as he tries shooting Ivan, but the rifle just clicks, as it's out of ammo. "FAEN!" he calls out as the man gets away.

Paavel takes off Andrei's ears, squinting. Hard to fire into the darkness.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "I need a medic here.".

The big Fenno-Swede's shoulder jolts twice more, and then he lowers the weapon. "Nothing to see there, Nurse Emma." He repeats pulling a few rounds from his pocket, pushing them into the magazine. "We're pretty safe for now. The others are holding the Russians at bay." He then presses against the trench wall.

Paavel puts some more holes into Andrei, making sure that the man won't be in action any time soon.


From Railway, a male voice shouts, "They is fleeing now.".

Yngve frowns a bit as he misses again. "Good shooting," he offers to Paavel, as the man gets a few hits.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "I am not badly wounded, just need a few bandages.".

Miikka nods his head and assists Paavel, "Good shooting mate."

Paavel calls out, "Drum empty. I think we let him go, now. Getting low on ammo."

Emma peers over the lip of the trench a tiny bit when she hears the call for a medic, but then looks over to Sixten. Who's gone. Blink.

Sixten comes slipping up the trenchline. "Who's hurt?" he booms, taking up a position next to Paavel.

Paavel glances at Sixten, as the other man jogs up to their positions, "They leave their MG behind."

Yngve fires off after Andrei, frowning a little. Readying to fire once more, it seems.

Miikka nods to Paavel, "We should get its ammo and the DP itself." he says, he turns to Sixten, "I am." he says and points his chest and arm

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Get your stinking rear back there with the medic!".

Paavel mutters, "There was Nurse at your position Sixten, yes? Why don't you help reload MG? Low on ammo."

Yngve nods a bit as he hears that part about recovering the weapon. "I'll go," he offers. "If we should get that weapon, that is…"

Paavel shakes his head. "Stupid bugger."

Sixten roars at Miikka as he tears the drum off the machinegun and replaces it with one of the ones on his chest.

Paavel was just going to fire at Andrei as the man was lingering there, but relaxes his grip on the DP as the other man runs away.

Emma certainly wasn't staying there by herself! She scampers off up the trench after Sixten, still keeping low and clutching her pistol.

Miikka nods his head and starts going to south but as he notices Emma he stops, "Hello." he says and points his wounds,

Yngve grumbles a little as he sees the enemy run off, and moves one hand through his hair for a few moments. "So, are we going to reclaim the MG?" he asks, in his rather accented Finnish. "I'm usually a quite sneaky person," he offers.

Emma nods to Miikka when he greets her, but doesn't say anything. She's a little out of breath. She does eye his wounds and puts the pistol away to unsling her first aid kit instead.

Paavel calls out, "Nurse and wounded man, maybe you two go South, maybe? Keep an eye out if enemy come while you patch up man."

Miikka hmms, "I dont want one thing." he curses, "Typical…" he jumps down to cover his head

Paavel glances at Yngve, ducking down as the artillery rains in, "I think it…" He shrugs sheepishly. "Maybe after battle?"

Sixten then turns to Yngve. "Are you a machinegunner?" he asks, his barrel chest roaring over the shells.

Paavel calls out, "Someone go south, yes? Otherwise they sneak in on us."

Emma ducks and covers her head as the artillery starts raining in, first aid kit forgotten for now.

Yngve drops down a bit further into the trench, as the artillery starts, "It's almost like the summer storms back home," he remarks, before he shakes his head at Sixten. "No, but if it was needed, I could go get it back here, afterwards," he replies, before he shakes his head a bit. "If anything's still left of it, that is."

Yngve looks out there again, shaking his head a little. "Looks like they left a fair bit of bullets as well," he says.

From Road, a male voice shouts, "Medic Over Here! Asap!".

"We don't need it right away then. Nurse Emma!" Sixten roars, wheeling on her. "Get back to your position. It's the safest place right now—especially with that man and his chattergun!" Then, to ram the point home, he bodily pushes her back up the line.

From Road, a male voice shouts, "No need.".

Emma was not going to move, no sir. Too busy cowering. But having big scary Sixten yelling at her - and shoving her - well, that finally spurs Emma into action. She scrambles back down south.

A train line cuts its way through the landscape here. Fairly open like a road as far as infantry are concerned, its less easy going for vehicles. The train line usually has no embankment, has been swept clear of snow here near the city, and its rather exposed.

Corpse of Kalevi

|[ ]|
_ / \
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[9]/[ ] [2]\[6]
/ / \ [ ] |[ ]| [ ]
[2] |[3]| [5]
\ / / _ \ \ /
/ / \ [ ]/ \[ ]
/[ ] [ ] _/ / \ \_
| |__|

«Artillery» 76mm Universal Gun artillery barrage rips through Road to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Kalevi suffers 6 wound damage to his abdomen.

Kalevi suffers 4 wound damage to his left hand.

Kalevi suffers 2 wound damage to his right hand.

Kalevi suffers 6 wound damage to his abdomen.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Remember to keep eyes east!".

Miikka shouts, "I AM".

Emma fortunately can't see the splattered mess that is Kalevi, since he's not in the trench. But she does manage to recover from her fright enough to start tending to Miikka, flinching every time a shell hits.

Miikka shouts, "TANK?".

Miikka curses, "Damnit. It sounded like a tank." he says

Emma wraps a bandage around Miikka's shoulder, and then looks up in alarm. "Tank?" That doesn't sound good.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "SMG man come here now!".

Miikka shouts, "ON MY WAY!".

Miikka nods his head to emma, "Thank you." he says and charges forward to north

Emma had just finished bandaging his arm when he tears off again, leaving her alone once more. Emma looks around uncertainly, and takes out her pistol once more.

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "dmitri".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Forward, comrades! We are winning!".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "Nurse Emma, run!".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "For the motherland".

Emma shouts, "RUN WHERE?!".

From Railway, a male voice shouts, "West! Run!".

Emma doesn't need to be told twice. She runs.

… But not far enough, apparently…

«Ground Vehicles» BT-5 arrives from Minor road!

Emma shouts, "TANK!"

(From BT-5) Yakim drives up to the trench line. "Hah! The Finns use women as soldiers! We must have killed all the men.". The turret aims rather threateningly at the trench. "Throw down your weapons, comrade!".

Emma stares at the tank in horror after yelling her warning. She backs up against the trench wall, and obediently drops the pistol she didn't realize she was still holding.

(From BT-5) Fyodor stays covering the nurse, just in case. You never know with these fascists… killers, all.

Yakim climbs out of the tank.

Emma watches the soldier advance, wide-eyed with terror, but she can't back up any more. Her back is already to the trench wall.

Konstantin arrives from the East.

Yakim keeps Emma covered with his rifle, until the man in charge shows up - who would be Commissar Konstantin. He looks over Emma with the friendly eyes of one who worked for the NKVD, and smiles - at Yakim. "Excellent work today, comrades! Prisoners are unexpected. Take her to that stone manor house down the road.".

Prisoner? Oh no. Emma gulps as the boosman approaches. "No, please…" she begins to plead. "I'm not a soldier. I'm just a nurse." Tears spill over. "Please."

Konstantin pffs. "You're not a nurse anymore, you are a prisoner of war. Fortunately for you, you will see that the Soviet Union does not treat its prisoners as poorly as the Finns, so you won't be executed out of hand. You will have the chance to atone for your support of the capitalists by working for the benefit of the People!". He nods to Yakim. "Get moving, comrade.". And Yakim prods her off to the east at bayonet point.

Emma looks between the two soldiers in dismay, but there's nothing she can do. She tries not to cry as the soldier leads her away.

… Some time later …

A rather impressive country house looks rather richer than is typical for this part of Finland. Who owns it - who knows. Some eccentric? In any case its stone and large, and its original occupants are long gone, taking any valuables with them. It's been claimed by the brass, now.

Konstantin lazes in a chair, with a thunderous frown, while a nurse slowly stitches up a nasty gash in his stomach, his commissar jacket undone to reveal a somewhat solid looking body beneath. Most of the rest in here are wounded to varying degrees as well, but as Konstantin is more equal than others, he gets first dibs.

Svetlana promptly slips with her trembling hand and jabs the commissar painfully in the stomach. She does her best to look like thats normal and swiftly moves to work on his arm instead.

Emma sits on the floor of the upstairs room, knees hugged to her chest and chin resting atop them in a rather dejected pose. She's no longer crying, but hasn't wanted to talk much with the other POWs.

Yakim meanwhile is on watch.

Svetlana wraps up the commissars arm in a bandage, and then crouches down to look over his shin, which is scratched a bit.

Konstantin grumps a bit, but then looks around at all the unhappy looking wounded, and feels his duty return. Specially Lev, he looks real unhappy. "A good day today, comrades! Soon we will be in the city itself, and then after that, we will be out of the accursed forests and all Finland will be liberated!".

Svetlana bandages Konstantin's leg up fairly amateurishly and then heads over to the badly injured Lev. "Don't worry comrade, you'll be fine now." she tells him. And its probably true, not many Soviets generally get to the aid station, those that do do alright.

Yakim sits on a stool in the corner. He's from a little Soviet "republic" somewhere in the boonies of Siberia, and barely speaks Russian. As such, Konstantin's words take a while to penetrate. "Komrade Komissar… When NKVD come and give me gun, they say we going to Ukraine. Then, in train here, they say we are…" His words trail off. "FINN!"

Yakim jumps up, and points outside the door, "Right outside door! Big Finn with submachinegune!"

Konstantin heads for the nearest window, one hand clutching his torn belly, the other hand clutching his PPD. And directs some fire out into the white.

Villi crawls frantically towards the big stone house while they are preoccupied.

Yakim aims at Miikka with his Mosin, closing one eye inexpertly to take aim at the running man.

Svetlana promptly finds a table to hide under.

Yngve frowns a bit as they seem to be firing at him as well. "Let's go," he offers, a bit louder.

Lev has a go out the window, too, but can barely hold the gun let alone hit anything.

Emma snaps her head up as the gunfire sounds, looking around with the other POWs. One of them scrambles to a window to look outside. "Finns! It's a rescue!"

Yakim moves forwards to fearfully engage the submachinegunner as he sees him. "Finn is in house!"

Konstantin riddles the door with bullets when Yngve shows up. Somehow he manages to miss. Its rather unlikely that happens again.

Villi now moves in a sprint and enters the home to engage the enemy in fierce hand-to-hand.

Yngve hurries inside the room, shaking his head as he narrowly avoids the bullets.

Miikka points the woman and Yakim, "Take them out." he says, "Show no mercy. Leave none alive." he says and charges upstair

Konstantin has his eyes on Yngve, and isnt aware of anybody else. But thats good enough.

Yakim calls out, "They trying to free prisoner!"

Svetlana thinks its time to go. And heads out the back door!

Emma scrambles to her feet, back to the wall, not sure what's happening.

Yngve fires a shot in the direction of Konstantin, before he sees the nurse leave. Frowning a bit. "Shall we…" he begins, before he sees the enemy engage him.

Konstantin spots Villi when he comes at him, and the gun sprays death. But a bayonet enters his arm just as the trigger is pressed, so one bullet nicks his foe but thats it.

Villi is scraped by a burst of fire, and gashes the Commisar's arm! "AH!!"

Villi swipes his blade across the Kommisar's face!

Yakim gasps as he gets impaled on a Mosin, blood bubbling from between his lips as he sinks to the floor. "Oh… Laika…" His last thought is for his dear, bereaved dog, now short of a master back home in Siberia.

Miikka quickly cuts the ropes of Emma, "I am going down." he says, "Stay here." he runs down

Villi mutters at the Kommissar, "Take that, you ugly Ruskie!"

Yngve aims a thrust with his bayonet, for Yakim, and sending the Russian to the floor. He then starts looking around, before moving for Lev, since Villi seems to have control on the Komissar.

Konstantin finds himself suddenly bleeding from many wounds, but he's got the gun still.

Villi cuts the Kommisar again in the right hand, as the Russian fires all around, peppering the walls. He moves to thrust his blade into the enemy.

Yngve offers a bit of a grin at Villi. "Stop playing with him?" he asks, as he moves in to attack Lev.

Konstantin is tougher than week old vindaloo!

Konstantin shouts, "FOR STALIN!".

Villi yells at the Kommissar, speaking in Finn of course, "JUST DIE!"

And he stinks as much as well…

Yngve frowns a bit as his attack on Lev is blocked, before he moves in to try once more.

Miikka turns to Lev, "Surrender and I will kill you with no pain." he says, "You will not leave this house alive."

Emma must have misheard, or maybe the promise of freedom is too much to let her stay in the upstairs room. A moment after Miikka leaves, she and some of the other prisoners filter out and start down the stairs. The nurse balks at the carnage of the downstairs room.

Yakim is lying on the floor in his own blood, dying.

Lev doesn't understand a frickin' word, but isnt really fighting much as it is, being seriously injured and all.

Lev tries to hobble out.

Villi is about to thrust when the Kommissar is peppered by a burst from Miikka's submachine gun. He then steps over the fallen corpse and moves for the final Russian who is trying to escape.

Villi moves to tackle the Russian!

Villi says "Oh no you don't!"

Yngve tries to re-engage with Lev, but the Russian's a bit too slippery.

Miikka continues to place bullets at Lev's body, he sighs, "Work properly" he curses.

Villi tackles the Russian, and gets his bayonet ready…

Villi drives his bayonet into the wooden floor, splintering the floor. "ARG!" He tries to pull his bayonet out.

Yngve tries once more to engage the enemy, frowning a bit.

Miikka curses as the Russian is STILL alive after so many bullets on his body, he takes out his Molotov and lights it

Villi finally pulls his bayonet out, and then stabs it into the enemy's stomach!

Yngve sees the Russian go down, and then looks over at Miikka. "Get that Molotov away. We're inside a house, you know." A brief pause, before he looks over to the Prisoner, and then outside. "A house it seems to be wise to leave soon. Get what we can and let's go?"

Emma blinks as Miikka lights the Molotov, and backs up a step on the stairs, crashing into someone behind her. "Are you insane?" she shrieks.

Villi yells, "AH! FIRE! Hurry up! Let's get out of here!"

Yngve frowns a bit, "Get whatever we can carry, and let's get out of here?" he suggests.

Miikka turns to others, "Lets get out of here." he says, "Emma, can you grab up something?"

Villi calms himself down as the flames burn. "Yeah, let's," he says in aggreement to Yngve.

Emma gapes at the burning Russians before being spurred forward by Villi's words. She rushes down the steps towards him, followed by an injured Finnish soldier who's not going to be much use in the fight, and another Lotta.

Villi nods as the last of the enemy's supplies are taken and everyone begins to file out of the burning home.

Yngve picks up the PPD and the ammo for it. Offering a bit of a nod to the prisoners coming down the stairs, before he looks around again.

Miikka throws his molotov and torches the bodies of the enemy as well as the house catches on fire, "Lets go go go." he says ald runs away

Villi helps one of the wounded as they make their way to escape!

Miikka turns to others, "We better get out of here before the Russians start to bomb us." he says but as he hears the rifle sounds, "Go go go!" he says points north

Yngve frowns a bit as he gets outside. "North, as soon as possible," he says, while looking around rather carefully. Ducking as a bullet seems to come a bit too close. "RUN. Don't care about the ones attacking, just run!"

Villi ducks instinctively as the Russian lines all begin firing, sending swarms of bullets everywhere!

Emma runs north, ducking at the gunfire, the other lotta sticking close beside her.

Emma looks back at Villi, "Keep going north?" she asks, having little idea where they are.

Miikka nods his head, "North then west."

Yngve comes moving rather quickly. "Go north. The shots came from the west," he offers, as he comes up to the others.

Villi nods to Emma as he helps the wounded comrade. "Come on," he says to the man. "Almost there!"

Emma runs north, panting and occasionally stumbling, but not stopping. "They've set dogs on us!" she calls out in panic, looking over her shoulder.

Villi curses to himself, and then together with the wounded comrade, picks up the pace!

Yngve frowns a bit, as he comes to a stop. "Dogs, attacking Miikka…" He readies his rifle.

Dog1 races after Yngve, its first quarry.

Yngve frowns as the dog comes, getting his weapon ready.

Dog1 catches up with Yngve, and showing its teeth, goes for the Norwegian's throat.

Villi continues helping the wounded ex-prisoner to freedom, huffing and puffing

Villi nods to Emma and asks, "You okay?"

Emma looks back, relieved that Villi is still behind them. She's out of breath and sweating in spite of the code, but seemingly unharmed. She nods to his question.

Miikka nods his head, "That went well." he says, "At least we didnt lose anyone. We couldnt get their leader too." he sighs, "If we killed her, we might have won the battle single handedly."

A little out of breath, Yngve slows down when they seem to be safe, one hand going to wipe at the blood and dog brain on his face. Dropping off the PPD and the ammo, he sighs. "Well, we accomplished what we came for…"

Villi smiles at Emma then eases the wounded ex-prisoner into a sitting position. He works on unjamming the rifle; it turned out that he went into battle with a jammed rifle. Smart.

Miikka nods and sighs, he checks Villi, "When did your Mosin got jammed?" he asks

Once they're back in the relative safety of the railway station, Emma's eyes well up as it hits her. A bit overcome, she throws herself at Villi to hug him. He's closest. "Thank you," she whispers.

Villi smirks at Miikka, "The whole time."

Yngve looks over at Villi for a few moments, before he starts laughing. "That's crazy," he offers.

Miikka shakes his head, "You went to battle with a JAMMED rifle?"

Villi is surprised when Emma hugs him, and he holds her, patting her on the shoulders. "Yeah, no problem. Just don't make us have to save you again, okay?" He grins at her.

Miikka turns to Yngve, "Bring up a Firing Squad." he says.

Villi nods to the rest and blushes a little at the act of stupidity. Normally you don't survive a battle with a jammed rifle, but he was just lucky.

Sonja heads off South.

Emma gives a weak chuckle at Villi's comment, wiping at the tears. "I'll try," she promises. She steps over to Miikka then, as he, too, gets the hugging and thanking treatment.

Miikka shakes his head, "Nobody likes my jokes any more." he shakes his head, "Anyways." he says

Yngve shakes his head a little as he hears Miikka's words, "Just let me avoid being on that squad. Too tired," he replies, a bit lightly.

Villi sighs at the scratch at his left chest. Well, it wasn't too bad anyhow.

Emma is a bit puzzled by Miikka's utter lack of reaction, and quickly releases him. She goes to Yngve next, a little more tentative now. Maybe the soldiers don't like to be hugged? Still, she offers Yngve one as well. "Thank you."

Villi smiles at Emma. "Hey, by the way, maybe you can help tend to their wounds?" Hint Hint. Maybe that's why they don't like to be hugged?

Yngve pauses a bit as he's hugged, offering a quiet smile in return, "You're welcome," he offers, in his accented Finnish.

Paavel looks up from where he was lying behind a crate of ammo, a wet cloth over his eyes. Headache, either from getting shot or drinking vodka lately. "What is with hugging and shouting?" He looks around, suspiciously.

Villi says "Ah, just a successful rescue mission."

Wounds? Doh. Emma blinks as she's reminded of her duties. "Of course, of course." She wipes her eyes and mumbles something about being stupid. Looking around for a first aid kit, she pauses long enough to say to Paavel, "They saved us. From the Russians."

Paavel mouths the unfamiliar word to himself 'rescue'. He stares around in confusion, still half-asleep, "Saved from Russians? Oh, is good." He offers her a beaming smile, looking around, "Uh, I think someone take my Emma when they hit me on head."

Yngve looks over at Paavel, offering the man a bit of a grin. "Doing work while you're sleeping on the job, my friend," he offers lightly.

Villi smirks at Paavel. "They should give you a helmet so they can't hit you on the head anymore. Then Emma won't be taken by the Russians anymore, eh?"

Paavel rubs at his head, stifling a yawn, "Emma, Emma. Where is my Emma?" He seems honestly distraught, searching the ammo crates and the piles of weapons.

"Very good," Emma replies, finding some paltry supplies somewhere and setting to work on Miikka first, cleaning and bandaging his head. "Doesn't look too bad." She eyes Paavel then, and Villi, confused. "His Emma?"

Villi looks confused at Emma being confused. "His Emma?" he repeats. Clearly he's mistaken Paavel's statement.

Yngve shrugs a little, "He's probably a bit crazy," he offers, with a shake of his head.

"Emma have two long leg, long body, round on top. Beautiful piece of work. /Emma/." Paavel stares in frustration at the room in general, looking from one face to the other searchingly.

Villi nods, "Ah, okay, I was talking about the right Emma then." He chuckles, still a bit confused.

Emma shares a blank look with Villi, and gives a 'no idea' shrug, clearly baffled. At Paavel's explanation, she blinks, cheeks coloring, and focuses her attention on Miikka's injured hand.

Villi shakes his head and sits down to rest. "What is there to eat anyhow?" he asks, looking around.

Paavel sits heavily on an ammo crate, clutching at his head. "I don't feel so good. Not meant to see bright dancing stars when inside, not good. Oh, Emma…" He seems quite miserable.

Yngve pauses a little as he listens to Paavel, shrugging a little. "Bright dancing stars is bad even when you're out," he offers.

Sixten tromps in, handing his Pysty to an armoury clerk. There's no shortage of ammo, so zeroing a rifle is done at the trenches. Who knows, the stray shots may even (by some tiny chance) hit a Russian scout. "Oy! Good to see yous!" he hollers, though a few decibels softer than usual. So it's a dull roar, instead of a grand one.

Paavel seems relieved when Sixten makes his presence known, looking up, "Hello, Swede! I am telling these people that someone knock me out, and take Emma, and they're looking at me like I'm mad. Can you ask if someone's seen it? Ow, my head." This, in rapid Estonian.

"He must have a head wound," Emma says, slanting an embarrassed glance at the moaning Paavel. Even so, she goes to Yngve next, motioning for permission to tend to his bleeding head.

Yngve nods a little as he hears those words, before he shakes his head at the Swede. "You're quite loud, you know?" he offers, before he notices Emma, and nods a little bit. Permission granted, it seems.

"Knock you out? Hokay," Sixten replies in Estonian with a shrugs, making a fist and limping over towards Paavel. "Better ways to get nap…" As he closes with Paavel, he raises his fist and switches to Finnish. "But none quicker!"

Miikka scratches his arms, "I feel tired." he says, "I will sleep some." he shrugs, "Good job everyone."

Emma glances over at the familiar voice of Sixten, and blinks when she sees him raise his fist. "What are you doing?" she asks in alarm.

Paavel fends Sixten away, keeping one hand up at the same time to shield against the glare from the lamps. "Nevermind that. Ask them if they have seen the machinegun, please." He seems quite keen on that.

Yngve blinks a bit as he sees the interaction between Sixten and Paavel, as he stays silent for the moment.

"He ask for…" Sixten growls, plaintively and with stumbling grammar. "Him… He wants uh…" Lowering his beefy hand, rubbing his head in a bit of confusion. "He wants his machinegun and a little lie-down. Maybe he meant a sleeping pill, instead of…" A scratch on hs head, over the skull-wound. Thankfully, the ski mask keeps him from itching it directly. "I think it means, 'knock me out up-side the head please.'"

Emma finishes tending Yngve's head wound, looking over now and again distractedly at Sixten. "Don't knock him out," she cautions. "If he has a head wound, it will make it worse." She ties off the bandage around Yngve's head, and nods, "You should be fine in a few days." Then she moves over to Paavel. "What's the matter?" she asks him.

Villi chuckles at the scene, and takes out a tinned can of meat stew, opens it, and begins to dig in.

"Go away! Swede, you poor translator!" The estonian growls this as he looks for something to throw at the other man. Happily, Paavel's hand misses the molotov, and ends up on an entrenching tool, which sails in Sixten's general direction without either momentum or accuracy going for it. He stops his motion quite suddenly, clutching at his head. He opens one eye, to peer blearily at the nurse, "Someone hit me in head, when I wake up, Emma gone. Head hurt."

Emma pulls back a bit to avoid the hurled entrenching tool. "You should lie down and get some rest." She slants a glance to Sixten, frowning, "He keeps saying Emma. He doesn't mean me, does he?" Color her confused.

Villi smirks. "I think he likes you."

Yngve blinks a little bit as he listens, shaking his head a little. Looking over at Paavel. "Someone knocked you out?" he asks, after a few moments.

"OY!" Sixten barks, the bolt of noise possibly what keeps Paavel from throwing very well, too. He swings an arm, to block the haft of the shovel as he shuffles off to a bench across from Paavel. "I'm carrying more damn lead in me than all of command staff's pencil-pushers combined," he groans, settling into the bench that moans just as plaintively. "I don't know what he wants. You should've seen him stroking that damn machinegun though, cooing out your name all night." Sixten makes a sour face. "Perverse, really…"

Villi replicates Sixten's sour face. "It is, indeed." He peers at the man with the giant headache.

Paavel peers at Emma oddly, as he lies down. He blinks again, seeming confused - the head injury isn't helping. After a moment he nods, smiles, and laughs nervously - yes, funny joke, wonder what it is - before realization dawns, "Oh, you is Emma? Is joke, yes? Hah hah?" After a moment he ventures, "No?" Finally, he closes his eyes, muttering sadly, "You have very cruel father, poor child. What kind of man name his daughter after machinegun?"

Color her embarrassed. Emma blushes furiously at Sixten's words, and then eyes Paavel in bafflement. "My father? What?" She clearly doesn't understand what he's talking about, but his remark does spur a thought. "I need to find my father. And Sonja." And to flee from the crazy man who coos her name while stroking his machinegun.

Yngve is unable to hold back a bit of a laugh as he hears what's being said, "It all seems to fall into place," he comments, turning to the Estonian. "You call your machinegun Emma?" he asks.

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