Nervous Disposition

Sonja puts Toddler Henrik down and heads westwards back home from Viini's office, having got her answers from the local law man. A firm hand clutched around her childs hand stops him from falling over into the mud and snow as she goes, and a worried look is on her face.

Jaakko re-emerges from the tavern allowing the door to bang shut behind him. Standing on the stoop he sees Matti, one of the few people he actually knows in this village, heading off down the road. Follows Mattie and greets him. with a "Hi" in a voice that masks the anger seething in his eyes.

Sonja heads back inside the stone building which is both place of work and rest for her. Toddler Henrik gets shooed upstairs, where her many, many sisters can look after him, while she waits at the desk, looking at the world go by through the open door with a frown as she ponders what to do about this whole war business.

Matti skiis up the street, rifle slung around his shoulder. His generically sullen features have been even more glum lately, and as he glances at the windows of the reception, his face doesn't present a very pretty sight. He stops there on the side of street to rest for a while.

Oh my! peasantly hunter types at her door. Not that thats too surprising given the village. Sonja favours Matti with a warm smile, and tilts her head. "You are going south with the others?" she asks from the desk, voice raised a bit so it carries.

Matti nods to her, muttering sourly, "Hello, Sonja. And I don't know. I guess I'll go where, and when I'm told." His voice is bitter, and extremely resentful - he seems to be rather put off by the whole affair. He waits, before forcing himself to add his own contribution to the conversation, "So, are you going to the front with the Lottas?"

Sonja frowns a little. "Well, I don't really know what to do." she confesses. "I have Henrik to look after. Jari thinks they will call up my father, as they will need doctors. It sounds like Jari thinks there'll be hardly anybody left here… I suppose I might move to Suomussalmi, find work perhaps…". Her voice trails off.

Matti nods darkly, his lips twisting into a thin, straight, humourless line. "These are hard days. And they're going to get harder yet." It's unclear whether he's talking about Suomussalmi, or Finland in general. Likely the latter. He shakes his head, spitting into the snow by the road.

Sonja wrings her hands a bit, not liking hard days. "You think they'll send us to Siberia if they catch us?" she asks, in a moment of bluntness. Matti is the expert on Soviets after all.

"That or shoot us." No gentle lies for the ears of women from Matti - his words are harsh, and blunt. He shakes his head. "In Stalin's eyes, we're all undesirables. Mass deportations, executions, and everything that goes with them." He adopts a mock cheerful smile, that ends up being rather horrible, "So I guess we all just better fight really really hard."
Sonja just goes rather pale, and frowns, head bowed in thought, and miserable thoughts at that. Whatever the other Korhonen daughters are like, this one isn't exactly the fighting sort. "I will go to Suomussalmi next week, I guess…" she says faintly.

"There won't be a bloody Suomussalmi tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Wake up, woman. The soviets will goddamn butcher us." Matti's slightly contemptuous words are tossed over his shoulder with a bitter grimace, as he picks up his ski-staffs once more. There is a brief flash of shame on his face - this is not the proper way to speak to women.
Well, that hardly helps Sonja's state of mind, especially given she's the one who fainted the last time she saw a gunshot wound in here once. "Well, what should I do then, tell me that?!" she shouts at him. She swiftly calms. "And what are /you/ going to do? Jari didn't seem so… hopeless. as you are.".

"I'm sorry, Sonja. I'm sure it'll all be fine." Matti's face is blank, and his voice is hollow. Apparently, he's trying to muster some self-control over the black gloom and bitterness currently clouding his soul. The shouting doesn't affect him at all… He merely purses his lips, his eyes lowered. As she speaks of Viinikaine, he snorts, "Viinikainen is putting on his community face. He's not stupid. He knows what the odds are, too. And I'll bloody well fight like everyone else, but I won't do it believing in fairy-tales."

"You are a realist." Sonja says. "Alright. I don't believe in fairy tales either.". She decides to try and change the topic to something more optimistic than their imminent annihilation and deportation. "I will talk to Jari again, and see if he thinks it might be viable for us to stay. He thinks almost all the men will be sent away, but maybe we can keep Raatevaara going while you are away? The war is in the south, I am told. Maybe he can arrange something, before he goes. If he goes.".
Jaakko has connected.

"If /I'm/ going to /another/ goddamn war, Jari is bloody well coming with me, if I have to drag him by his ears." Matti mutters that with a finality and perverse satisfaction that indicates that he will do everything in his power to make it so. After a moment, he adds, "So I guess we all do what we're told. War doesn't work, if the home front grinds to a halt. There's lots of things that need to be done."

Sonja spreads her hands. "Nobody has really told me anything to do… yet. Or Jari either. He was arguing about that, just now, I think. And yes, I guess there will be a lot to do here no matter what… killing wolves.". She looks a bit pensive.
"I've found their den. If I can get together a party tomorrow, we should be able to remove the pack tomorrow." A week ago,
Matti may have sounded happy about that. Now, he just sounds resigned. He nods to you, "Don't fret, Sonja. I'm sure they'll tell you how best to serve your country." Once again: A week before, that would have been loaded with heavy irony. Now, considerably less so.

Sonja nods. "Alright, well. It'd be good if the wolves are dealt with before everybody goes. If everybody goes, who knows, maybe they won't call you up at all.". And she nods at his reassurance. "Yeah, I guess. I suppose word takes a while to get out here is all.".

"They might not care for my service record much, but they'll take me, because I know which way of the rifle you shoot with. And goddamnit. If we're gonna die, then I'm not gonna sit here waiting for it to happen." Matti grimaces again, spitting into the snow. His peculiar brand of fatalism without defeatism.

Jaakko quietly leans against the side of the building listening and watching Matti. If he has an opinion on the subject he hasn't voiced it, although he occasionally shakes his head ever so little.

Sonja wraps arms about herself. "I wish you wouldn't talk about dying all the time." she confesses. "You sound like you are eager for it or something.". She glances at the staircase behind her briefly, thinking of her sisters, her father, and her child, and fervently not wanting any of them to die. "Well, you did fight in a war before." she points out, a little nervously. Everybody in the village knows Matti went to fight with communists by now, but not everybody talks about it openly. Least not to his face. "So I guess you know how to do it.".

"No, I don't. War is about dying. I haven't succeeded, yet." Matti offers a grim smile towards Sonja - gallows humour at its best. He adds, with a shrug of his slender shoulders, "We're all wormfood anyway. A comrade of mine - our corporal - told me, however, that not all deaths are the same. I disagreed with it then, but some people can have an effect. I guess that's all we can hope for, in life." He offers a nod to Sonja, kicking his feet into his skiis once more. "So don't you fret, Sonja.
People are resilient. I'm sure you'll rise up to whatever's required of you."

Sonja nods, and settles back down behind her desk once more. "I guess." she replies, not particularly responsive to gallows humour about now. "I am keeping you from your duties anyway.". She flashes a brief smile. "Goodbye, Matti. Be careful with those wolves.".

Matti snorts at the duties, shakind his head slightly. He does, however, raise his hand in a wave to you before skiing off.

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