Vesa has just finished cleaning his rifle, running one of the rag cloths along the barrel as a finishing touch. Sitting on a crate with the Pystykorva across his lap, he's quiet while the others sleep, eat, and whatever else they're doing.

Saimi is outside, on a kind of sentry duty- just wrapped up in as much as she can be as she looks all over the place.

Vesa runs the rag carefully over the barrel one last time before he crumples the cloth up on his knee. With care he reloads the Pystykorva, keeping it on his lap as he looks again at the Russian rifles lining the wall, with a faint frown.

Viinikainen wakes up, he's been sleeping on the chair for a few hours. "So, learned anything?" He doesn't really look up at Vesa while talking with him, keeping his eyes on the floor and voice down.

Saimi smiles a bit to herself- she's got a little grin on her face as she walks back and forth just watching the horizon.

Vesa's attention is pulled off the rifles, and he looks over at Viinikainen. "Yes. Mr. Lindstrom thinks he knows how to clear the mines, and he's going to show me later." His voice is low as well, though not out of any sense of secrecy. "I'll help him if I can."

"You'll find out pretty fast if you can or not if there is any more mines there." Viinikainen raises his head to look out the window. "And same thing with him, we'll find out quickly enough if he really knows what he's doing or not."

Saimi continues, as she now heads towards the door and cabin, looking around.

Vesa nods once, shifting a bit so he can rest his back more securely against the wall. "We'll see, I guess. Still, I feel better with Mr. Lindstrom than with that guy who was talking about stringing up rocks with rope."

Viinikainen laughs, well he smiles which is as close he'll get laughing. "It might work, while Ivan is standing there, trying to figure out why there's rocks hanging in the trees we can take him out."

«Game» Saimi moves into Cabin.

Saimi slides into the cabin, shivering a bit as she shakes off the cold and goes to sit quietly. "Someone should have written me to bring home coffee." she mumbles quietly as she looks over at the pot. "Does anyone know what our supplies look like?"

Vesa gives Viinikainen a small grin. "Maybe Niko can piss a target on the ground or something." He looks over as Saimi comes in, shaking his head. "I don't know. They've been trying to go easy on it."

Saimi nods quietly. "Well. We might need to raid for something other then bullets. We can't eat bullets." she says, giving a sigh, as she leans back a little and warms herself near the fire- sitting. "Also… I need to get back on the horse." she says, "I.. have to go back out and shoot again." she says, giving a smile.

"Sonja said we were out of coffee" Jari mutters, once again looking down on the floor. "Can't go fighting then. Hope someone left some behind, there isn't much coming into the country anymore."

Vesa glances at the pot as they talk about the coffee, then down at his rifle as he pulls it off his lap and sets it against the wall. "We're all out? No wonder everyone's cranky."

Saimi nods quietly. "Yes. If only I had known, I might have been able to pick some up in Helsinki." she says, giving a smile as she leans back a little, to just enjoy the heat from the fire. "So. What do we know?"

"Hadn't it been for the mines, I would have gone and got some from Pyyvaara", Viinikainen starts rocking back and forth on his chair. "I saw some there, we didn't have time to grab it then though, those tanks wanted to keep it for themselves."

Saimi nods to Viinikainen. "Do we have milk and cheese?" the young woman wonders quietly. "Enough grains and smoked meat to survive if we have to run?" she asks, curious still.

Vesa keeps silent for a bit to listen, deferring to Viinikainen to answer Saimi's questions. His fingers pick at his tangled bootlace.

Sonja stirs where she sleeps, because Henrik suddenly lets out a scream, as toddlers sometimes randomly do. She looks at him blearily, and he giggles at her. Demon child.

"Haven't seen many cows lately, have you?" Jari grunts, "Samppa said we lost a lot of them in Sumoussalmi. We lost many in Raatevaara already." Almost sounds like he's talking about fellow soldiers. "We have oatmeal, that should be enough for any soldier to last a few weeks." He looks over towards Sonja and Henrik. "The rest is luxury for the women and children."

Saimi nods quietly, even as she jumps from Henrik's scream, swearing quietly to herself. She looks back at Henrik with a little smile though, chuckling quietly. "That's why I ask." she says. She'll eat the oatmeal- and refuse the other food.

Sonja peers up at Saimi and Jari, not bothering to get up yet. "What are you talking about?" she wonders, as cogent thought returns.

"Cows" Viinikainen informs Sonja, "And the lack of coffee." He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Hope we have some tar at least", he looks towards the fireplace to see if there happens to be any heating up there. "Now when we have no sauna."

Saimi nods again. "Trying to think where we might be able to get some." she states. "How is Henrik?" she asks, looking over at the child with a smile- she wiggles her fingers.

Henrik beams at Saimi, and makes happy noises, implying he is just that - happy. Sonja however is not happy often of late, and so shrugs. "He seems well enough. It's good to be too young to know what is going on.". She glances at Jari. "No tea from the very beginning." she points out, aggrieved.

Saimi nods quietly. "Tea… tea we might be able to get. I imagine the Russians have tea at least." she says, looking over at Viinikainen, giving a smile. "MAybe if we could find an officer we can take all his things." she says, with a grin.

Viinikainen rolls his shoulders into a shrug, "I've been to your house" he tells Sonja, "But I don't think I'm going back there for some time, should have said something sooner. And.." he replies to Saimi, ".. I think one of the prisoners were an officer. Don't think Erkki got any tea from him though."

Vesa had started to doze off, perhaps, but his eyes open again now and he rubs the left one carefully with his thumb. He takes a breath to straighten up his shoulders, listening to see what the topic's swayed to now.

Sonja smiles a strained smile at Viinikainen's talk of officers. "Well, some better food would be good. You found enough bullets after all." she points out, and indicates the pile of ammo in the corner.

Saimi shakes her head quietly. "Erkki's a moron. Does he even speak Russian?" She wonders, looking again with a frown. "Yeah. I thought we should try. For Henrik." she says, giving a little smile again- leaning back.

"Why would he need to speak Russian?" Vesa says, talking to Saimi as he shifts on the crate, pulling one foot up on it. "They were dead when we took their things."

"Why would anyone here learn Russian, unless they're waiting for Otto-Ville to come back?" Jari spits out angrily. "Don't need to know what they're saying to shoot them. And there has never been a lot of food in this country, why should we start to worry about that now?"

"Theres even less food in this cabin than we had before." Sonja points out, doctors daughter, who had the two storey stone house. "And you like coffee, I know.".

Saimi shakes her head. "You're idiots! We could have found out more about movements if we had one! You could have found out a lot about their movements.." she says, shaking her head quietly. "Because they are our enemies, we need to know what they are saying- that's why!" she frowns. She speaks Russian. "Are you saying I'm a traitor because I know more then just FInnish?!"

Vesa raises an eyebrow slightly as Saimi goes off. "We're not idiots. They were dying. Lying in the snow, moaning and bleeding to death. They could barely speak. What do you want us to do, chain them to cabin and kick them until they die?" His accent gets slightly worse when he talks quickly. She may speak Russian, but he IS Russian.

"They move from the east towards the west along the road." Jari mutters, "Haven't you noticed? What more can they say?" He turns his head to spit into the fire, "They can take prisoners and talk all they want back at the lines. That's not what we're doing unless Mannerheim skiis out here and tells me otherwise."

Sonja goes silent at the raised voices, and Henrik begins to wail, sensing anger. She gets up wearily and jiggles him around dutifully.

Saimi raises her arms, "Bah! You don't know anything, do you. We could steal clothes from them and sneak in and steal more things, we could do a lot with just a little thinking. Make them tell us when the next supplies come, and ambush the train!"

"Put down your voice," Vesa says to Saimi, in quite a low voice himself. He nods slightly to Henrik, keeping his eyes on Saimi. "We have stolen from them, or do you not remember that? Those prisoners were dying. You can't question a man who's bleeding from ten bullet wounds." He shakes his head. "Now they're on alert in Pyyvaara. They were alert when we went to try and take it back. If you can make a miracle then make it."

Viinikainen taps at the roundel of attached to his hat, showing it to Saimi "There's a reason we have these, putting on their uniforms to sneak around is not what we do here. And ff you don't have one of these, you talk with Erkki about getting one, he should have some roundels over. And if you want to follow us out there to fight, you do as I say. Else you can go play military expert on your own."

Sonja jiggles Henrik until he calms, and then on reflex ambles over to the stove. Alas, no coffee, so she ends up pouring some warm water into a mug, and drinking some of it down. Then Henrik gets a bit too.

Saimi sighs and nods. "Fine." she shakes her head and crosses her arms. "Fine!" she shakes her head and pouts.

Vesa watches Saimi a moment, then Jari, then just shakes his head. "Miss Sonja?" He says, still talking quietly as he stands up from the crate.

Viinikainen leans against the wall again, watching out the window. "More clouds and warm winds" he mutters to himself, "Will get even warmer."

Topi has been off in a corner getting some rest or something like that. Now he's getting to his feet, and looking between the others present, rather thoughtfully.

"Don't worry about it, Saimi." Sonja says briefly in reassurance. "It does look to be a very warm winter." She glances out the window. "Probably good for us, while we are stuck in this little cabin, I suppose.". And then she walks over to Vesa, Henrik still be jiggled. "Hmm?".

Vesa glances at the window after Viini mentions the weather, then looks back at Sonja. "I just wanted to give you this." He moves the crate and kneels to get the little drum that he's finally finished, wrapped up in the blankets that he usually sleeps on. "It's not very loud, see?" He taps his fingers on it. The sound is audible but indeed not terribly so. Being so small there's not much resonance.

Saimi nods quietly, still a bit pouty as she sits back and just listens for a while. She does, however, smile at Vesa and his giving Sonja a gift like that.

Sonja smiles, and holds Henrik out a little so he can be given the drum. "Henrik thinks its early Christmas, with all these toys everybody is giving him." she says with a warm smile.

Topi smiles as he listens, shaking his head a little. "Well, if he thinks it, it probably is, right?" he asks, with a bit of a chuckle.

Vesa smiles a little and shrugs. "I wanted to make sure he got it." Never sure if he'd still be alive by Christmas. He grins at Henrik, holding out the drum towards the small hand. "Look, now you can really drive Erkki crazy while he's down." He taps his fingers on the drum to show Henrik how it's done, then surrenders it to see if the toddler will like it.

Saimi smiles to Sonja. "Do you like your hat?" she wonders to Sonja. "I thought you could use a new hat." she nods sagely. Having given said hat to her friend the other day.

Sonja ahs! "Yes! Specially as I had to leave most of my clothes behind in Raatevaara. I'll have to wear it next time I go out.". Really, the gifts are showering down! Henrik takes the drum, and bangs experimentally. He likes. "Oh dear, he's been so quiet lately too…".

Topi is unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears Vesa's words to Henrik. He then goes back to looking around the room, shrugging a little bit, mostly to himself.

Viinikainen stands up, wrapping his clothes around him. "Going to start blowing more now, and I want somewhere to sit out there." He pushes the door open with his shoulder and heads out into the warm winter weather.

Vesa grins proudly at Henrik. "That's it, Henrik, you've got it. Make your mother hate me for this." He glances over his shoulder and nods quickly to Viinikainen before he looks back at the boy and laughs quietly.

Saimi chuckles quietly, clapping a bit along with Henrik's drumming.

Sonja glances over as Jari vanishes. "He is a very surly man." she says, a little disapprovingly. "Law men are like that though I suppose.".

"They tend to be that way, yes," Topi offers as he hears that. "It was this law man up near the Norwegian border once. That one was quite bad…"

Vesa sits back down on the edge of the crate, bracing his foot against it. He glances at Topi and nods. "Guess he kinda has to be. Don't really see anything except the bad side of people when you're law."

Sonja nods. "Yes. Poachers and such. Matti isnt that bad though." she says with an impish smile. "But he needs to lighten up. It's bad for morale." she declares.

Saimi shakes her head. "No one understands my brother. That is all." she says, giving a little sigh. "He's a good man, and I love him." Worships him is more like it. Has her entire life, looked up to that man.

Topi chuckles a bit, "That's what that law man I spoke about said too. In fact, he gave me quite a lecture about that topic," he comments, before he laughs, "Try telling him that he needs to do that." Sounding a bit amused, doesn't he?

Vesa smiles a bit at Sonja. "Mr. Mannikainen's not so bad. People just seem to push him a lot…" He gives a pointed glance towards the sleeping Erkki and smirks, with a shrug of one shoulder.

Sonja blinks. "I don't push him at all." she says defensively. "And as for him.". She snorts at Erkki. "He would drive saints to distraction, let alone Matti. Though he has improved somewhat since the Russians came. He has discovered what duty means, I guess.".

Saimi chuckles quietly, and just leaning back. Eyes closed as she takes a deep breath. "Well. I like my brothers, sisters and inlaws." She says. Of course she does. They're her brothers. "But the rest of the family I could take or leave."

Topi chuckles a little as he looks between the others. "Well, good that something good has come with the Russians, then."

Vesa grins slightly at Sonja. "I didn't say you did, Miss Sonja." He glances at Erkki again for a few moments, then back at Sonja. Not answering that, though his expression is considering her words. He gives Topi a small smile, then looks at Saimi a moment. "Nice to have family around, I guess."

Sonja nods, and goes a little quiet, talk of Erkki seems to have that impact on her. Even Henrik seems a bit subdued, drum in hand, as Sonja returns to her blankets, to lie down.

Saimi shrugs. "I don't know what I do without my family. They're the only ones I really have." she shrugs and sighs, looking over to Sonja- frowning a bit. "You okay?" she wonders, giving a smile.

Vesa's expression doesn't change, but neither does he say anything more. He looks away from Saimi, gently rubbing his nose and glancing at Sonja instead.

Topi shrugs a little as he listens. "Family's nice," he offers, a bit absently as he listens to the others.

Sonja shrugs at Saimi. "Just thinking, is all. Erkki knows how to stand by Finland, at least.".

Saimi frowns a little, nodding quietly. "Maybe he'll realize what's important." she says, giving a little sigh. "He's… Sonja- he's an idiot. But still, maybe he'll come to his senses."

Vesa gently scratches his bitten fingernails over the back of his head, pulling his foot back up on the crate and looking at the window for a little while.

Sonja glances over at Vesa, and frowns a bit, and shrugs, looking back at Saimi. Clearly its a man thing or something. Scoundrel.

Topi shrugs a little bit as he listens, and looks over at Vesa, "Ever suspected that women talk a different language that only sounds similar to ours?" he asks, with a bit of a grin.

Vesa is looking at the scene outside the windowpane as though he might be able to imagine something different out there. He looks away from the window in time to catch Sonja's frown and blinks before looking at Topi. "I guess." He's not really old enough yet to have discovered the true frustrations of dealing with women. The teenager's eyes flicker to Sonja, then back to Topi again. "What'd I do now?"

Saimi blinks quietly, looking to Topi. "No. We speak the same language. You just don't listen." she says, giving a grin to Sonja.

Sonja waves a hand at Vesa. "You've not done anything." she says. Except like Erkki and look all nervous when Sonja slags him off.

Topi shrugs a little as he hears what's being said, grinning as he looks over at Vesa. "They try confusing you, and then the trouble begins," he offers, with a grin. He then looks over at Saimi. "What? Don't listen?" It's said with his most innocent grin.

"People don't frown at you when you've not done anything," Vesa grouses, but Sonja's already moved off to bed. He thumps back against the wall, looking at Saimi and Topi, and Topi's answer to the girl makes him grin. "Why do they try confusing you?"

"Only if they expect you to do something, and you don't do it," Topi offers, a bit thoughtfully, before he chuckles at Vesa's question. "That, my friend, is a question older than time itself."

Saimi stays silent, as she leans back- shrugging. She was raised by men. Only one girl in her life, her Sister- who always acts more like a mother. She takes a deep breath, smiling a little and just enjoying the fire.

"But they don't even tell you what they expect you to do," Vesa says quietly, shaking his head. "And then they get all mad." He's learning quick, isn't he. "And they always think you're looking at them funny."

Topi nods a little, "Fast learner," he comments, before he nods a little bit. "That's quite true."

Vesa grimaces, folding his arms and letting them rest against him. He's still got a lot to learn. "Can you show me about those mines tomorrow, Mr. Lindstrom?"

Saimi smiles a little, just shaking her head as she listens to the two men speak. She begins to clean her rifle quietly. She's using one of the stolen russian ones.

Topi grins a little, nodding a little bit as he hears Vesa's words. "Unless you've got very shaky hands, I'm sure we could do that tomorrow," he offers.

Vesa's still got a Pystykorva rather than a Mosin-Nagant. Freshly cleaned, it's by his side, leaning against the wall. "I've got good hands." He grins at Topi, holding up the hands in question. Not shaky. "I just want to do something to help." Rifles aren't his forte', even if he's been lucky so far with his shots.

Topi grins, "Good," he replies, before he adds, "I guess we should all try to get some sleep before that, though."

Vesa nods, glancing at the window again. "Yeah." He looks back at Topi and grins faintly. "Good night, Mr. Lindstrom."

Topi smiles, moving over to the place where he gets his sleep. "Good night," he replies, and soon thereafter looks quite asleep.

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