Machine Gun Team


Coordinates : 9 20

The forest is thick and almost impossible to move through, the tall pine trees grow close to eachother, and the space they don't occupy is mostly covered with bushes and smaller trees.
It is currently dusk.
This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -11 degrees Celsius.
Sub-Rooms :
1. Foxhole
West <W> East <E>
South <S> North <N>

Viinikainen has set up his own small camp here for the moment, a small fire going as he leans against a tree getting some rest, with the rather warm weather it's a perfect day to be outside.

Erkki is skiing here together with Vesa, the machine gun on his back. He's used to lugging that heavy item around - often he's not carrying much else though, that'd be stretching things, he's not mister beefcake. "So, I was in a machine gun company with Viinikainen when I did my service," he explains to the younger man, "and it kind of stuck with me since. But there's been too little training, I know I am rusty with it," he admits. Seeing the small fire, he moves in that direction, raising an arm in a greeting to his old friend.

Vesa skiis along with Erkki. At least he's good on these skis, quite fast. He listens as they move, constantly stealing glances to the new type of gun. "How does it work? It looks like it would take a lot of time to use," he says doubtfully. Glancing over towards the fire as Erkki does, he keeps up with the Finn as they head for it.

Viinikainen raises his hand in a lazy greeting, "That thing got stuck to your back, or you just like the exercise?" He nods at the MG, "Or you afraid someone is going to steal it?" He gives Vesa an inspecting eye, not being shy of his inspection.

Erkki slides up to close where Viini is, then steps out of his skis to set up a good place for the training. "It takes time to set up," he explains with a snort. "And takes time to reload. So, you got to be two to use it effectively." He gives Viinikainen a little crooked grin. "I'm here to train. I'm rusty, Jari. Been a long time since we did our service, and the Civic Guard training, I don't know, it's not the same. Vesa here is interested. Figured we could show him how to do this."

Vesa doesn't seem to mind the inspection, not lowering his head when he notices Viini looking at him. He's got to be used to it, his family having Russian taint all over it. He stops near Erkki and snaps off his skiis, planting his boots in the thick snow and watching closely to what Erkki does with the gun. He nods to the explanation. "And it just sprays the bullets out?" He asks, recalling the one time he's heard one of them firing off.

"Sprays bullets out?" Jari eyes Vesa, "Where did you do your service, boy?" Without really waiting for an answer he grins at Erkki, "The military liked me better, I've been back ..two? or three times for a brush up, aside from what we did in the civic guard. Well, good to train someone else up besides me."

Erkki squints at Vesa, at that. "I don't know Jari, he looks kind of young." He lets the old friend draw his own conclusions. "I been back once, but I am still rusty." He begins setting the weapon up, doing it slowly to show Vesa how it's done. "Look at what I do. Then you do it." It's not like Erkki can claim being a good teacher - it's probably wise of him to do this when Jari is around.

"I haven't yet, sir," Vesa replies to Viini. "I'm sixteen. I've been an apprentice to Mr. Jakobson." He looks away from Viini to watch Erkki. Clearly fascinated by the MG, he crouches down in the snow to be able to look closely as Erkki sets it up.

Arto skiis from the direction of the cabin, and slows to a halt as he nears the small gathering around the machine gun. He hangs back rather than get in their way, although he does announce his presence by coughing. "That Ostrobothnian was whinging that you were wasting ammo or something."

"Sixteen? You better not catch a bullet. I'll be pissed if you do." Viinikainen doesn't bother much with the age though, "Remember" he tells Vesa "If the tripod isn't stuck to it, one grabs the gun, one grabs the tripod. And make sure you know who is doing what before the firing starts." He looks over at Arto. "Well, he can head back to the coast and whine there then."

"If that whining cunt isn't shutting up soon, I'll waste a bullet alright. In his head," Erkki says sourly, looking up and over at his brother. He 'dissasembles' the machine gun again then simple shoves it over to Vesa. "Feel it. It's heavy but you can carry it around. You set it up. Be careful though, it's loaded," he says with a broad, obnoxious grin.

Vesa glances at Arto, but most of his attention is on the MG. "Yes, sir." That's to Viini at the various 'orders', and he grins. When Erkki shoves the MG at him he takes it, bending his arms to get a sense of the heavy weight. At the mention of it being loaded he smirks at Erkki. "I'm always careful. If someone's wasting bullets, it's not gonna be me." He kneels down with the MG, quickly setting about trying to copy what he saw Erkki do a few minutes ago. Pretty good damn memory aside from a few pauses where he has to recall what to do with this or that. Finally he declares, "There." And looks up at Erkki for confirmation that it's done right.

Arto grins, and leans on his ski poles. "Anyway, I thought it'd be a good idea if I watched and learned, as well," he says, and shuts up to pay attention.

"Most important, no sir, no mister or anything like that." Viinikainen mutters to Vesa, "You'll confuse Erkki and he'll be useless in battle."

"Don't look so damn content, any five year old could do that," Erkki tells Vesa. But he is impressed. "Now…" he says and crouches down, removing the ammunition box magazine. "Let's train with the reloading. Wish we had more of these," he says and hands the thing over to Vesa. "Arto, you done this before? Took me some time to get used to the DP 27, they're better than the Lahtis."

Vesa's smirk still looks triumphant when Erkki says that. "Maybe we should get more five year olds out here helping us, then." It's gone as he reaches for the magazine, inspecting it carefully before he looks at the gun. "It feeds in from the top?" He asks, moving to get in a better position for that. His eyes flicker to Viini and he nods once, acknowleging that before he looks back at Erkki.

Arto shakes his head in reply to Erkki. "Never used one," he states. "…I chop down trees, you daft bastard, it's not like I ran off to join the Civic Guard and wave guns about like you did. I'm probably as naive as he is-" He points at Vesa as he says this.

"Run off to join the Civic Guard?" Jari snorts, "Where did you do your service, Arto? Rifle company?" He tosses some more wood on the fire he has going, it's digging a nice hole down in the snow. "Don't need to have used one to help Erkki here."

"Well, you got common sense, that goes a long way," Erkki says, giving his brother a rare compliment. He nods to Vesa's question and leans in to show how to reload the ammunition box (box being a relative thing as it's a round item.) "You train with this each day, and you'll be in team with me," he suggests to Vesa. "A good machine gun team can be truly lethal."

Vesa rolls his eyes a little at Arto. He's learning! Mouth shut though, he watches the demonstration of the loading, his eyes going to Erkki's face finally. He nods, quite determined. "I'll train with it twice a day, si-…" Dammit, no sirs. He takes the round thing from Erkki, imitating what he just saw Erkki do. He's got fast fingers at least.

Arto looks at Jari, then eyes the machine gun. "I guess not," he admits, although it's a bit of a grumble - although Erkki's compliment does cause him to pause and just peer at his brother for a second, like he's wondering if there's an ulterior motive there. Poor Erkki, he's always assumed to be guilty of something.

Erkki doesn't make notice of Arto's peering; he meant what he said and since his focus is on Vesa, it's doubtful he has an ulterior motive. "Erkki. You call me Erkki," he gruffly tells Vesa. "No titles in a team like this. If you want to call me Herr Tapper-Rautakorpi after the war though…" he says with a grin. "I'll teach you how to shoot this piece of metal too. If I am taken down you can pick it up and continue shooting."

Arto just stares at Erkki still - then goes to cross his arms, but can't quite manage it. Too uncomfortable. So he looks mildly irritated for a moment, but does smirk slightly. "I don't think you'll ever be a Herr Tapper-Rautakorpi, war or not."

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