Loving Family

Isak blinks his eyes open, feeling fairly groggy after the tormented slumber he just endured. He reached up to rub at his face for a few minutes, as if massaging the skin would bring some sort of new perspective on the morning. It didn't help. Leaning up on both elbows he slowly looked around the interior of the cabin to gain his bearings.

Sonja stirs also, and the first person she checks is Henrik, who is snuggled under a blanket with her. And the second is Luukas, after she gets up and makes her way over to him, to check his bandages. Cuts, but nothing too serious.

Erkki is returning from somewhere, unknowing of the counter attack that happened as he wasn't there for it. So, when he skis up to the cabin and sees the fresh signs of combat in the logs of the house, he tenses up and walks carefully to the door, opening it slowly. "Hello?"

Aamos is still lieing on the bed, his head is bandaged but the guy seems to be fine other then that. "Am I holucinating now? Isak?!" he says a bit laudly

Isak hears his name called and his head swivels to look over at Aamos. He squints for a moment, nodding to confirm his identity before realizing that he was actually staring at a cousin. He actually grinned wide upon being delivered the news. "Good morning, cousin."
Isak adds in a quick 'Yeah' to the not quite familiar voice at the door, as if that was a simple all-clear.

Sonja does a quick round of everybody in here, looking them over. Satisfied eventually that nobody is going to die, she finds some logs and feeds the hungry stove a little, putting a pot of water on it as well, to heat.

Erkki is reassured enough by the answer so he steps inside and hurriedly closes the door behind himself, looking around warily. Seeing the new weapons, decidedly Russian, his eyebrows shoot up and as is his usual manner he doesn't offer greetings but asks the obvious question. "What happened?"

Aamos scratches his head, "When did you come?" he asks, "I didnt know you were around. Look at you, you have fully grown!"

"Sled tracks, they say. A few followed us back, set up a big gun, and… " Isak waves a hand to demonstrate the aftermath. "None were left to go back." Shifting in the cot he had been given, Isak sat up fully, no actual visible wounds due to the clothes he wears before looking over at Aamos and gives a nod. "Yesterday, old man", using the terms they had always called one another since their childhood.

Sonja looks over at Erkki with a vaguely searching gaze. After a moment she speaks. "Luukas was shot. In the leg. But my father took the bullet out already.". She points to the sleeping Luukas, with his fresh bandage.

Erkki mutters a curse, moving to get a mug of coffee. "Must've moved around when I was out removing the tracks, must've followed us almost right away." He looks around in the well built house, then focuses on Sonja as she speaks, looking at her with an unreadable expression. "What, you want me to applaud and cheer?" he grunts at her testily, taking a sip of the hot brew and almost burning his tongue, cursing again. "There been any talk about moving to somewhere else?"

Aamos smirks, "Ah cool. Well lets get you a hot cup of coffee shall we?" he says standing up and pouring a cup to Isak, "So how is my uncle and his wife?" he asks, "I hope they are fine.

Isak couldn't help but frown for just a moment, then quickly directed his gaze to Aamos. "Ja." He takes the coffee and holds it in both hand to soak up the warmth before taking a sip. "Winter is making it hard for them. Father usually goes out on the ice, but it has been too cold for him to do so."

Sonja fights to stay civil with Erkki, and just about manages it. A cutting retort is turned into a sigh. "No, I'm just telling you what happened. If you get shot, I'm sure we'll pull the bullet out of you as well.". She picks up the box of coffee and peers within. Enough for a while yet.

Aamos nods his head, "Of course." he sighs, "This colds been hard for all of us. I shot a Russian and got shot." he smiles and points his bandage, "Well it was worth. A guy called as Olli saved my unconcous body from freezing to death."

Erkki gives Sonja a dark look, as if he doesn't like it that she is civil to him, preferring that she's retorting in kind. It'd make things a lot easier. "Right. Good," he replies simply and stiffly, taking another sip of coffee to hide behind the mug for a moment. He listens idly to Isak and Aamos, realizing the two are related.

Aamos smiles to Sonja, "Ah Hello there!" he says, "Where is the mascot of the cabin?" he asks.

Isak makes a bit of an impressed look. "It seems I owe this Olli a drink." He opened his coat a bit to show the bandaging across his chest that actually held gauze against a wound to his back. "Took one in the back… and the leg when I tried to chase one down." A pause. "Doctor says I'm stuck here for a few days." He calmly ignored the knife-worthy tension between Erkki and Sonja, considering it none of his business.

Sonja sees the opportunity for a few barbs, and the caffeine helps bring them out. "Think nothing of it." she tells Erkki frostily. "We know to do the right thing in our family.". But then she is distracted from knife-worthy talk by Aamos. "Sleeping, at the moment." she says with a smile, and points to the blankets in which Henrik dozes.

Aamos smiles and nods his head, "I see. Lets hope the russians dont cause sound and wake him up." he smirks and turns his head to Isak, "He is adorable. Also a bit naughty."

That's more like it. Erkki shoots a grin at Sonja and has a retort to that. "Oh, you definitely know to do the right thing," he tells her obnoxiously, letting his gaze roam in a fashion nothing like a gentleman would do. He digs out his cigarettes, only a few remaining, and lights one up without offering one to the rest. He follows her gesture to the blankets where Henrik is sleeping and the crude joke loses some of its edge from that.

Jaakko rises from the table and moves over across the room to stand near Sonja. In a quiet voice he asks, "Excuse me Miss. Could you have another look at my wounded hand? It is starting to smell and the pain has increased." Jaakko holds out his bandaged right hand.

"Oh, shut your mouth, you dirty bastard." This proclamation of love, directed at Erkki from Matti. He props himself up on his elbows, and sending a dark look towards Erkki. He doesn't appear to be defending Sonja as much as jumping at the opportunity to jab at the other man. Matti was sleeping, but is apparently now awake. He has a shallow cut in his forehead, but is otherwise fine.

"Most are, at his age." Isak adds, allowing his gaze to dart to the curled up form of Henrik for a moment. "How are Lauri and Riitta?"

Sonja does her best to ignore Erkki but her scarlet face and thunderous frown indicate that she heard him. She takes ahold of Jaakko's hand, and looks over it. "A small cut, but it looks like it's infected. I can't really do anything for you though, I am too busy with all the others! Maybe Emma or my father can help you.". She looks over at the dozing Henrik, with a faint smile, but decides to leave him alone and let him keep on sleeping. Thats a rare enough blessing after all.

Aamos says ""Ah they are fine. My mother is still last time you visited." he sighs, "My father is getting ill. This cold isnt good for his health… I am worried.""

Erkki gets suitably distracted by Matti and stops staring at the little sleeping figure, focusing his ire on his cousin. "It'll be the day when I start listening to what a drunk poacher has to say," he snaps back at Matti, giving him a challenging look.

"And what the hell is your excuse, then? I might not spit in the tankard, but you were a worthless streak of piss to start with, and you haven't gotten any better with age." As cheerful as ever, Matti. Maybe the slight pain from his forehead is worsening his already sunny mood. He doesn't sound particularly agitated, but rather… Disgusted.

Isak frowned at that, then stared down into his coffee for a few long breaths, digesting the news. After taking a thoughtful sip he looked up at Aamos and gave the man a reassuring nod. "He will be fine, I am sure. Uncle always was a strong man."

Erkki might have the personality of a scumbag, but he's possessing of a surprising amount of willpower so he doesn't turn the anger into more than a frown at his cousin. Instead he takes a deep drag off his cigarette and blows the smoke out in Matti's direction in a spiteful gesture, followed by an obnoxious grin. "Then why does everyone expect me to suddenly turn better?" he asks. "You just hope I kill a lot of russians, that's all you have to worry about." He switches topic, somewhat. "Is it wise to stay here much longer? They tracked us once, we don't know if they sent someone back before attacking, to report."

Alas, Henrik stirs, with all this noise from presumably raised voices. Sonja heads over to him, and picks him up, so she can comfort him, as well as make sure he doesn't see any ugly scene. Henrik just looks bemused, such attention lately! He kinda likes war so far.

"I'm not worried, boy." This, with obvious disgust directed at Erkki. Matti is actually three years younger than the other man, which makes it a bit odd. He looks away, staring into the fire, "They must have followed the sled tracks back here. They're gone now, but we might still want to relocate, soon… As long as all of our wounded can be transported."

Erkki puts all the old rivalry and spite away for now, frowning and nodding at Matti. "Know of somewhere? I can't recall any cabins that aren't quite far away from here, but I don't claim to know the area as well as you do."

Isak gives Aamos another reassuring nod, "He will be." His attention, however, is pulled away and moved toward the talk of relocation. "How long have you been here?" He was speaking of the group's cabin in general, but it could easily be mistaken. He recognized one of the men, but for the life of him could not place the face.

Sonja jiggles Henrik while pretending to have her full attention on him. In reality most of her attention is on the talk between Erkki and Matti, or on the bulletholes in the wood in front of her.

"There's the family farm, to the West. I'm not sure how Antti would feel about that, however. Or how I'd feel, about you sleeping in a house built by my father." The coldness is still there, even if the worst of the malice is muted, for now. Matti adds, "I figure I'll go and have a look, and see if one of the cabins further in the woods is safe and solid enough to house us. You're welcome to come with me, unless you're afraid to risk your skin."
"Maybe see what the Russians are up to, as well."

Aamos Hmms, "Been about a week." he says, "I had to leave home and come here." he sighs, "Not really a beautiful place. Got shot in 2nd day…"

"How many days now? A week?" Erkki responds to Isak. He's lost track, to be honest. "You're assuming I'd want to stay there, amongst fleabitten peasants," he replies to Matti. "I might catch something." This time his words aren't really very filled with malice either - it's almost a habitual response, as if the two have been at this argument for as long as the two have been able to talk. "I'll go with you."

Matti shakes his head at Erkki, moving to spit into a corner of the cabin; apparently he thinks better of it, and merely stands up, walking to the door. "I'll be back later." And with that he walks outside, pushing his feet into his kis.

Aamos scratches his head, "I feel fine. Just a bit dizzy when I wake up. Except that I am fine." he smiles, "Its just a scratch."

"I'll be back soon too," Erkki grunts, glancing around at the others before he goes outside to join Matti on the scouting, grabbing his skis and skipoles on the way.

Matti shoulders his rifles, skiing to the South. The man in the white snow cape quickly fades into the snow-drenched gloom.

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