Love Is In The Air

Sonja dozes quietly in her blankets, curled up next to Henrik. The two of them look uncommonly peaceful, specially in Henrik's case. Five weeks of living in a cabin has meant that both of them can apparently sleep even while the room is filled with smelly, hairy soldiers.

Erkki pulls his gloves and hat off and stuffs them into the pockets of his large coat before removing that one and hanging it up on a peg near the door. He glances around, nodding to familiar faces and glancing suspiciously at the unfamiliar. He grunts a hello in passing to Vesa before making his way towards Sonja and Henrik, looking down at the two sleeping peaceful ones. He scratches his cheek thoughtfully as if not sure he should wake them or not.

Vesa smiles at Erkki, seeing the man come in. "Hey, Erkki." His eyes follow the man towards Sonja and Henrik, then he looks back at the other young man. "It's not so bad. Ends up tasting a little weak but nobody compains much." Pot up on the stove he sets about getting ingredients in, pushing a few at Jukka to take care of. "Where'd you come from?"

Topi makes his way over towards the table, grunting in the process. When he notices Erkki, he offers a bit of a grin to the man. "Nice seeing you back here," he offers, with a bit of a shrug.

Tuomas is sitting on the edge of his pallet, his right arm in a sling. He has a book in his lap, and is idly leafing through it with his hale hand, wetting his finger as he turns the pages. It can read? Wow. As Erkki enters, he raises his head, calling out, "Hello there." For a moment his vague, more or less happy smile is directed at the older man.

Sonja stays where she is, dozing, but Henrik stirs, and promptly announces that he is awake by yelling as loud as he can with a shiteating 1 year old grin. Which wakes his mother up with an unhappy groan.

Erkki just gives Tuomas a brief snile in return, then as Henrik decides to wake up on his own and taking the decision from his hands, he leans in and gives Sonja's cheek an awkward pat, before he sweeps Henrik up on his arm. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the boy screaming; In fact, he screams louder.

Jukka finds a paring knife and sets in on the vegetables with marked familiarity. "From town, down the hills over there," he drawls, in the vague terms of country folk. "But… I've been in Helsinki a couple years. Was going to study medicine, like the old man," he chuckles lightly, twitching his head towards the doctor. "But, well…"

"In Helsinki? I know some people who study medicine from the AKS." Tuomas calls this out from his pallet to Jukka. Wow. The odd, slow Hamalainen has been to Helsinki? The AKS, or "Academic Karelian Society" seems like an odd thing to imagine him belong to, as well. While the vague dreaminess probably fits in well with Society's blue-eyed idealism, the pan-fennicism and megalomania seems unlikely.

Sonja is patted and her ears now hurt. She gets up and grunts a bit, before eying her fiance with bleary eyes. "You injured?" she asks automatically.

Topi just listens to the others, shrugging a little bit to himself as he seats himself, rather thoughtfully.

Jukka inclines his head and peers back across the room. He looks past Tuomas a few times before noting that the bovine boy is the only one really looking at him. "Might know a few of them, if you say that…"

Erkki shakes his head at Sonja and sits down on the edge next to her, putting Henrik in his lap. The boy stops screaming after awhile and curls up instead, to Erkki's surprise. "Who're the new people?" he asks of Sonja, looking over at Jukka.

Sonja yawns, and looks around. "Not sure. Its not like anybody tells me anything of whats going on. A lot of new people. Soldiers I think mostly… keeping us villagers going. I'll learn more when they are injured I guess.".

"Dr. Cajander… Antti - sorry, Master Anderson… Fredrik Mandenius… Candidate Saarinen. I wonder where they are, now. Probably serving in field hospitals on the Isthmus." Tuomas looks thoughtful for a few moments, before the rather vapid, vague smile returns to his broad face. He adds, after a moment, "Tuomas Tarkkanen. I study Finnish and Folklore in Helsinki. I was serving with the border guards, here." His lips tighten momentarily. The border guards. Not much left of those poor bastards, now.

"They're real soldiers", Pentti fills in from his spot on the floor where he is guarding his loot, looking up at Erkki, "Which means we can go home now, I've just been waiting for you to come back before I set off back home."

Erkki sniffs the air. "Here, you take him. I think he took a shit," he explains to his future wife-to-be about their son. He promptly holds the boy out to Sonja. "Real soldiers, you say." He gives his brother a snort. "You want to go home? Might be a bit crowded, with all the neighbors taking up space in the house these days. If it's still standing."

"I've heard of Dr. Cajander," Jukka mumbles, paying attention to a slippery end of tuber. He just listens to the questions and introductions, and lets out a chuckle at Pentti's comments. "Who the devil gave you that idea? I'm just Jukka Hauta. Closest I am to a soldier is some Hakkapeliitat back under Gustav Adolphus." He shrugs, flipping another potato in his hand before carving it down as well. "Some hunting here and there too, I guess…"

"Real soldiers?" Tuomas blinks in incomprehension at Pentti. "What, are they German?" As ever, it's impossible to tell whether the slow-speaking, odd hamalainen is being sarcastic.

Tuomas stares at Jukka with a friendly, helpful smile for a few moments, before murmuring, "So, who are you?"

Sonja takes the child back from Erkki, and wrinkles her nose. Apparently Erkki may well be correct. "Well, you're all soldiers as well, now. That colonel was here ordering people around apparently. And Markus, too?".

Topi listens to what's being said, shaking his head a little bit, but stays silent for the moment.

"It's standing, and I don't think anyone has been there since we left. Besides, they've been yelling at us to put down our weapons and join our brothers since they came here, so why would they mind us going back?" Pentti then fishes up a small gold medal from his pocket, "Of course, with these new Russians on skiis, maybe they'll stop on by there."

Jukka snorts and snaps his fingers. "THAT for the Germans, and for the Army too," he spits bitterly. "If they had their shit together in the first place, we wouldn't be here." Waving half a potato above his head he laughs darkly. "You don't fool a Hautta twice."

Erkki hasn't got the faintest clue on how to change on a child and even if he did it's doubtful he'd do it; that's women-work. "They're on skiis now, are they? Good, then we shoot the first one in line, he'll fall and push all the rest down." He stands up and walks towards Jukka, holding his hand out to shake. "Erkki Tapper-Rautakorpi out of Raatevaara."

"You do it more times than that?" Topi mutters, with a bit of a grin as he hears Jukka's words.

"Be where? Resisting the Russian invasion? Seems like the army is doing ok, at least here in the North." Tuomas looks with faint curiosity at Jukka, scratching at his splinted arm. After a moment, he adds, "The people in the AKS believed that the Karelians and other brother-people of the Finns would unite to form a greater Finland." He remains quiet for a long time, before chuckling, "I think they were wrong." A moment of clarity, to pierce the intellectual fog? Singular.

Sonja turns around so her body is between poor Henrik and the rest of the cabin when she changes him. He's not miniscule any more, and a huge crowd of strange men probably would bother Henrik a bit. And listens quietly to the conversation.

Tak-tak-tak-tak; Jukka finishes up the potato, wipes his hands on a cloth before taking Erkki's in his own grip. "It's good to meet you, sir. I'm not so sure about the rest of these fellows though…" The young uni student grins at Tuomas and Topi in particular; he pointedly refrains from looking Sonja's way. "They seem shady."

Pentti nods his head and puts away the medal, "On skiis, but other than that, they behaved like the rest of the pack." He shrugs, "Maybe even worse than the rest, they like to try and ski right over us, without knowing it."

Erkki shakes Jukka's hand firmly. "We are all shady," he grunts, faintly amused. He takes a seat at the table, and digs out his cigarettes. He lights one up, then as an afterthought and a squint at Jukka, he offers: "Anyone want a cigarette? I got hold of several packs." He gives his brother a pointed look at that.

Johan stirs from his slumber. The elderly Finnish reservist mutters a little at all the commotion. Pushing his blanket away, he grabs his wool cap and pushes it onto his head, idly tucking in a few grey hairs. With a wry smirk to the new couple, he rises from his bed, shambling over to the stove to see if anything is cooking.

"None for me. I've heard from a doctor that they can cause shortness of breath." Tuomas, just after Death, has the ultimate poker face - and like him, smiles more or less perpetually. And, once again, it's impossible to tell whether the statement, so absurd here in the field of war, is sarcastic. He touches the splint at his shoulder, wincing.

Sonja changes Henrik swiftly, while Henrik cries and struggles throughout, and eventually sets him back down on the blanket, cleaned. The not so clean clothes get wrapped up tight, and put in a bag, ready for the next wash. She then settles Henrik on her lap and watches the conversation.

"I walked from Raatevaara to Suomussalmi without actually having to set my feet on the ground, I have not shortage of cigarettes right now" Pentti gives as a reply to his brother. "But if you have that many, maybe throw one over anyway."

"AH-HAH-HAH!!" The new guy breaks out into a quick belly-laugh, amused at Erkki's appraisal. "Yes, yes I guess we /are/ now, aren't we? Jukka of the Juntusranta Hauta," he says for clarification. "Maybe that makes me a bit less shady?" He steps forward, accepting the offer of a smoke graciously. "Hey, thanks, eh."

"A bullet in your head causes shortness of breath too," Erkki says with a snort. In difference to Tuomas there is no way to miss the sarcasm in his voice. "And I am not giving you cigarettes if you have your own," he explains to his brother, taking a puff off his lit cigarette for emphasis. He grins at Jukka, and hands over a cigarette and matches to light it. "I need to find a priest. Anyone know where there is one?"

Tuomas nods happily at Erkki, acknowledging the truth of his words. Still, he doesn't reach for a cigarette. As Pentti speaks of the road from Suomussalmi to Raatevaara, he blinks, looking at the other man questioningly, "That bad, huh? It's a sad thing, I guess. A waste." He seems vaguely sad for a few moments, before the idiomatic smile returns.

Sonja frowns a bit at soldier humour, which is altogether far too dark for her. So long as Erkki doesn't end up resting in pieces… she gives him The Eye, in case he's thinking of being heroic or something today.

Johan slings his rifle over one shoulder. The Finn tugs his tin cup from his satchel, ladeling a thin soup out of the pot on the stove, filling his cup to the brim. Clasping his hands around the cup for warmth, he turns to regard the group, idly sipping the soup as he listens to the chatter.

Pentti shakes his head at Tuomas, "Don't worry, I didn't let anything go to waste." He looks back over at Erkki, "A pack of cigarettes, and, and, I don't know, something else and I'll find you a priest." He rubs his nose, trying to think of what else he needs.

Jukka :nods his thanks again, then goes back to fixing up the last of the food for the day's stew. It doesn't even occur to him to chase the grizzled old Johan away from the pot, and not just because that man's much older. Jukka just relaxes, slowly enjoying his smoke.

Erkki does seem to expect something like that from his brother, just giving him a sour look. "Fine. I can throw in a pipe?" he suggests. "And we need booze too. A priest and booze, and we'll have a wedding."

"It sounds like all you're missing is some knives, then." Tuomas murmurs this to Pentti and Erkki, making his way to a pallet. Apparently, getting back to his favourite thing in the world - sleeping.

"I got knives and booze covered already", Pentti takes his sack of tradeable items and climbs up on his feet, "A priest for cigarettes and a pipe", he snorts out his horselike laughter and heads for the door, "A deal too good to resist, and a wedding that will keep the doctor and nurses busy for weeks."

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