Gossiping With Dr Korhonen

Sonja loiters behind the desk of the surgery, the door open a bit but wrapped up against the cold even inside. Toddler Henrik toddles happily behind the desk, causing havoc with whatever parts of Doc Korhonen's filing system are in reach. One of her books lies on the desk, unread, due to her nervousness.

From the direction of the Matikainen farm, leading along a plodding draft horse which pulls an empty sled behind, Antti carries a rifle slung across his back, pausing once in the town proper, to pat the animal's thick neck and looking around for the hunt leader. whoever that ends up being.

Korhonen comes down the stairs from his house into the clinic, carrying a few papers of his own that somehow made their way upstairs. "Things have been quiet today?" he asks Sonja as he works his way behind the desk. He chuckles when he sees Henrik wreaking havoc on his files, reaching down to scoop the toddler into his arms. "He's growing well," he notes with some approval to Sonja.

Sonja gets snatched out of worried reverie by her fathers appearance. "Yes… very quiet lately." she says. "People are all waiting to be called up I guess.". She notes Antti going by outside. "Well, most.". And then smiles at the Doc and Henrik. "He is, yes." she agrees. She eyes the scattered files, which she barely even noticed were being scattered. "He's normally a bit better behaved than that." she says, with a slight frown. . o O (Better behaved than his scoundrel father!)

Antti's eyes narrow as he passes a look about the town. A muttered word under his breath, as the elder Matikainen tethers the draft horse in place, and tromps toward the Korhonen establishment, pausing to stamp the worst of the snow from his boots, before rapping once on the doctor's door.

Korhonen doesn't pay much mind to the scattered files. He knows where everything goes and is fairly sure it'll be easy to return there. "Just restless, likely," he says as to Henrik, setting the toddler back down to return to wreaking havoc. "Which makes him much the same as anyone else right now. Everyone's waiting for the other shoe to drop." Speaking of, he goes to answer the door. "Antti," he greets the farmer. "Come in, before this place gets too chilled. What brings you here?"

There probably aren't /many/ files, in Henrik's defence, given how big this place is. Sonja waves at Antti, and flashes a winning smile his way, before busying herself collecting Henrik and making sure he doesn't devastate anything else in here. She gets him settled comfortably in her lap, and he seems to have been all wrecked-out, as he doesn't resist. Much.

"Doctor. Sonja." Korhonen, and his daughter are greeted simply in turn, the farmer noting Henrik briefly, before looking back to Korhonen, "Won't bother you long, I've just two questions.. I wonder if you've seen any others outside today. Supposed to be a gathering."

Korhonen gets the door sealed back up snugly once Antti is inside. "If you are not here for a complaint, take a moment to warm yourself. Sit. Sonja, get him something hot to drink, if you please." As for Antti's question, the doctor shakes his head. "I have seen nothing out of the ordinary. What sort of gathering have you heard about?"

Sonja nods at her father, and Henrik is left to wreak havoc once more as heads over to the stove, to put a kettle on, and brew something both warming and caffeinated for the guest. "If you mean the wolf hunting, I thought your brother was organising it? But he seems very, um. Distracted, lately, by the news.".

Antti chuckles quietly, to mutter, "No, no complaint. If Petr's cough does'nt fade in another couple days, I may bring him to see you, but no complaints." As for the gathering, he nods to Sonja, "Yes, that. Matti gets distracted, but it still needs doing. If we get sent south, before those animals are shot they'll make a bigger mess of the farms, than your little one makes of the papers.." Looking to Henrik then, Antti affects a frown and peers at the boy, "We need to shoot you too, little wolf?"

Korhonen chuckles heartily at Antti's words to little Henrik. "There is less here to mess than on your farm, at least among my papers. I know my patients better than I know my files, in any case. If Petr's cough does not clear, just send me word. I can get out that way myself easily enough, and it would not do to bring him here through the cold. How is Matti these days?" He does not even bother to hide his concern.

Henrik looks up a bit guiltily from his handiwork when he senses eyes are upon him, and Sonja sweeps him up into her arms, walking over to Antti so he can get a closer look, while water boils. "He is a good boy." Sonja maintains to Antti, and jiggles him some so he smiles happily. "Matti is… torn it seems to me." she fills in for her fathers benefit. "He was here the other day.".

"Matti's fine," Antti begins in answer. "He drinks too much," a fact which would seem to be at odds with being 'fine', but.. "If Petr is still unwell, I'll come and say so. Most likely, it's just a winter cold." But Petr being Antti's youngest, the family is cautious. As Sonja (and her son) approach, the farmer affects a grudging grin, as he queries suspiciously of Henrik, "Is he? Are you a good boy?" Looking aside, idly curious he wonders of Sonja, "What did he come for?"

Korhonen merely nods to Antti, though his expression tells he definitley finds the 'He drinks too much' part at odds with 'fine.' Still, that situation is nothing new so he doesn't press it now. Besides, he's curious about Sonja's comment as well. "Was he? I wish he had stayed longer. I would have liked to have seen him. We do not speak often enough, these days." He busies himself straightening his files while waiting for Sonja to elaborate. It's not a very big job, so it doesn't keep him all that busy.

"No particular reason, I think he was going home, he stopped to talk, about the Soviets, and such. He seems quite bitter." Sonja gossips. "I think he was shouting at Jari earlier, maybe. A lot of people have been shouting at him lately I think.".

Antti listens to Sonja's answer without comment for a moment, before drawing a breath and voicing simply that, "He should never have gone to Spain. If he had'nt he would still be shouting at Jari, but why go across the world to fight Soviets, when you can do it staying at home?" Matti's brother wonders dryly.

"Spain does seem to have left a harsh mark on him," Korhonen agrees soberly with Antti. "Though I suppose he felt he was called to such a thing at the time. He could not know what it would be like, back then. And a lot of people are shouting right now in any case, Sonja. Do not pay them too much mind. The wise thing to do now would not be to shout at each other. The Russians, they are our problem."

Sonja heads back to the kettle, and makes some tea for Antti. Which is passed to him when brewed. Nothing beats tea! Nothing, dammit. And its good having a rich old man. "I know, dad. You think they will call you away?" she asks, with a frown. "They must need doctors.".

Antti sniffs once, shaking his head and muttering to the doctor's comment, "Well, shouting at the Russians won't help, so why not shout at each other? So long as the bullets go where they belong, who cares about a few hard words?" Accepting the cup from sonja with a nod and muttered thanks.

Viinikainen comes skiing in from the west, steam rises up from him once he slows down and he kicks off his skiis outside the doctors place, he knocks on the door once before opening it up and slipping in quickly to not let the cold in, manners long forgotten, while at the same time opening some of the layers of clothes to let some heat out.

Korhonen smiles, as if to dismiss Sonja's notion, but he does not actually reject it. "I am not twenty anymore, my dear. And I have not done that sort of work in a very long time." His smile fades. It is more or less common knowledge that Korhonen worked as a surgeon for the Whites during the Civil War, but it's not something he likes to speak out. "There are younger doctors than I who are more likely to be called." That non-answer given, he goes to welcome Viinikainen into his clinic. "Nimismies. A good day to you."

Sonja is happy to be reassured by empty words, so smiles, and nods. This war business might not be so bad after all. She watches Henrik playing with a fond look, and lets everybody else talk quietly. This house won't end up under a tanks monstrous tracks, after all, they are all far away.

Antti looks toward the door as another enters quickly. "Jari," he aknowledges evenly. Beyond the man's name spoken in greeting, Antti says nothing, simply waiting for words from the others.
"Doctor, Antti", Jari greets, looking at Korhonen the elder, "I hope you had time to stock up on supplies and medicine, if you haven't now, it will be too late." Bringer of good news, "I figured I should check how you're doing in that department."

Korhonen simply nods to Viinikainen. "I have made preparations. God willing, it shall be enough to see us through whatever trouble comes. I can get you a copy of my inventory list, if it would be helpful to you. I am certain Sonja or Emma have kept those up to date. They are quite thorough about such things."

Sonja looks from Henrik to Jari briefly, and nods. "I bought some supplies yesterday. When it became clear that we wouldn't be leaving this place after all.", she clarifies politely. Polite, so Viini doesn't get shouting again.

Antti takes a belated sip of the still steaming cup in hand. Muttering a low, "hmm," to the exchange of words on supply, before adding toward Jari that, "Brought the horse and sled for hauling the wolves back. Assuming you brought any men, that is. Is this the right day?" is voiced in flat half-jest.

"No", Jari waves with his hand towards the doctor, "I would not understand the list anyway, your word is better." He turns his attention to Antti, "Your brother is the one organising the hunting party, so maybe you should ask him instead? Or has he .. dissapeared?"

Korhonen smiles at Sonja with some pride, then nods to Viinikainen. "I shall keep you apprised. If I begin to run short of anything, you shall know. I know the importance of such things, in such times." He does not elaborate on that, but his tone is grave. He falls quiet after that, listening to the talk about hunting.

"He's tracking the pack north. Making sure they dont slip past," Antti mutters with a frown toward his brother in law. "If you don't care to take part in clearing the wolves, nimismies, then just sit in town, and count bottles." With that, Antti sets the teacup down, and starts to rise.

Viinikainen goes a little darker for a short moment, before turning it into a smile instead, not the friendly kind, but still a smile. "You'll have to try harder, brother in law, to get me angry." He nods at Korhonen, "Doctor" before stepping out again, picking up his skiis under his arms this time as he walks off for his next errand.

Korhonen offers a parting, "Nimismies" to Viinikainen, walking with him to the door to see him out. When that's done, he turns back to Antti. "Nothing will come of pushing him, Antti. You are a smart enough man to know that."

Antti snorts at JAri's answer. To the doctor he voices, "Nothing will come, but sometimes folk need pushing anyway. Thank you for the tea," as he offers a few short words of parting to

Korhonen and Sonja, before slipping out before Korhonen closes the door, and following Viinikainen out. Voice raised to carry to the nimismies, "I don't want you angry, Jari, I want you to do your job. Now you know more about such things than me, so maybe shooting a pack of wolves before the men get sent south *is'nt* important enough for you to bother with." The farmer's own steps carry him toward the tethered horse and sled.

Korhonen bids a cordial farewell to both men as they make their way off, then seals the door against the cold behind them. With that he returns to his files, and his tea.

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