Glory to the Milkman!

(Some folks went to Juntusranta to steal ammo. Post the log of the battle if you have it.)

After the raid…

Niko sits at the table sipping coffee. His chest appears to be completely healed now.

Marja is, alas, not healing today… She would much rather be up and about helping the men, but when almost half of one's body is in bandages, there isn't much she can do. Almost all of Marja's chest.. her right arm, the right side of her fact… it's all covered in careful bandaging, and then a blanket draped over her to keep her warm… but she's just so small, in shock probably, that she hasn't been awake much since it all happened.

Tuomas is dragged in by Isak. He seems to be barely conscious, his torn up uniform covered in blood leaking from his hands and stomach.

Sonja was quite happy, hardly any wounded about, she was almost superfluous. So its with a resigned look that she sees people being dragged in, with bulletholes.

Joona comes slogging back from the east, looking the part of the whipped puppy for his trouble of course. Skis are left at the front porch and the rifle is adjusted slightly on his shoulder. He has at least the presence of mind to help drag the wounded fellow along… He otherwise looks shaken from their little raid… Perhaps he wasn't expecting anyone he knows to get shredded.

Niko stands up at Tuomas' arrival and says in a calm, eerily-detached voice, "I'll get some water ready for cleaning the wounds and scrounge some bandages" to Sonja. The small man has probably gotten used to being around the wounded and those that care for them that he may have picked up some of the procedures.

Tuomas lies on the floor in his own blood, barely stirring. Looks like he's been hit by shrapnel pretty bad, an open wound in his belly, and his arms and hands covered in ragged cuts. He was lucky not to have bought the farm.

Sonja heads over to Marja, to glare at her. The whole cabin seems filled with blood and gore today, so a shocked Marja isnt exactly anything special today. Brutalised By War that we are. She reaches out to check for a fever, if all those wounds got infected it would be bad after all.

Marja turns her head, very slowly, as she hears the other's come in. Slitted, quiet gray eyes stare at the men coming through the door… and, thankfully, she has no fever yet… She just shakes her head slightly to Sonja as her sister approaches, and gazes back to the men…"Help them…" She manages to speak, her voice just a hint of a rasp, but it's there.

Jaakko has also been returned among the wounded. He is unconscious, the front of his clothing and pants are soaked in blood from a wound to his left chest and leg from having taken MG fire.

Niko gathers a pan of clean, once-boiled water and a stack of gauze bandages and sets them on the table. He heads over to Tuomas and says, "I'm no nurse, but I know when a man looks uncomfortable. Let's get you out of the way, eh? This might hurt." Niko struggles to lift Tuomas, and, of course, fails. He grabs hold under
Tuomas' armpits and starts dragging the wounded man over to an empty cot.

Isak finally makes it back to the cabin, fairly well exhausted. He's got a large MG cradled under one arm, and Jaakko slung over the other shoulder. Upon reaching the front of the cabin, he drops the weapon, and does what he can to gently place Jaakko somewhere safe… or at least where he'll get medical attention.

Sonja glances around, just as Jaakko comes in covered with fresh blood. So she heads over to him, to look over his wounds. "You better sit down here for a moment." she tells him, and ushers him over to one of the pallets.

Joona has at least the courtesy to set aside his rifle in lieu of helping tend to the wounded. First, helping Niko to lift Tuomas onto a pallet, and once satisfied with the man's placement, he moves to lend the same aid to Sonja…

Sonja gets /Isak/ to put Jaakko's ass down on the pallet then.

Isak rests Jaakko where he is bid, worry etched in his features. "I… found him this way, got separated from the others."

Niko sets Tuomas down and says to Isak, "Where did you go, anyway? Must have been some place if Ivan could do this to us."

Jaakko softly moans as his head rolls to one side.

Isak points at the Russian machine gun he hefted in. "I found a small nest to the east. I was able to… remove one Russian, and take his weapon and ammo. By the time I got back, I heard fighting to the east, and moved in that direction, but found nooone. Either all had left, or had charged the town. When I found Jaakko here, trying to leave, I grabbed him and ran out… he was not able to walk in under a kilometer."

Tuomas shifts a little, but still doesn't wake up. He looks like he's in a bad way, even if the damage isn't lethal.

Sonja cleans the wounds quite professionally, she's getting good at this. She doesn't bandage them up just yet though, reaching for her fathers bag, and smearing painfully effectively antiseptics on the cut on his leg. "He'll be alright." she says, glancing up at Isak with some confidence.

Niko nods to Isak, "But where did you go? Pyyvaara? Raatevaara?" He doesn't seem to be informed or up to speed.

"Mmm… two in a trench, north and east of here," Joona mentions dully as he slumps against a wall. "Started firing on us shortly after you made your way off…" He's likely talking to no one in particular, really. "Jaakko got caught up in a barrage…" He pauses, rubbing at his face with his hands. "Outside of Juntusranta."

Niko nods to Joona. "Juntusranta," he mutters. "That's my hometown. Last time someone went up there, Matti took a few." He thinks a moment, "Should be a Rat's Tail in a gun nest with a crew that's impossible to hit, eh?"

Jaakko coughs and tries to sit up..

Sonja moves up to Jaakko's chest wound, and presses a hand against it, to stop the bleeding, while feeling around on his back for an exit wound. Which there is, probably a good sign. She presses her fingers against that too, listening to the conversation idly. "Hey. Don't try to move." she tells Jaakko, and nudges him back down again.

Jaakko looks a bit confused but lies back down, his breathing irregular, he licks his lips.."wha.." his words are cut off and he winces when sonja probes his exit wound.
Tuomas settles into full unconsciousness, slumping and lying still. His chest rises and falls regularly, indicating that he's not in mortal peril, anyway.

"Something like that…" Joona agrees, nodding a bit. "Just…" he murmurs, drifting off for a moment. His eyes are vacant. Distant for a time. When he comes back, he looks up at Sonja tending to the wounded. "What can I do to help?"
Olli has disconnected.

Niko grabs the stack of bandages off of the table and stands by Sonja. "Just tell me if you need 'em," he says. He looks at Jakko's wound and murmurs, "Boy, I know how that feels…"

Sonja shakes her head at Jaakko. "Don't try to move, you'll start bleeding again." she tells him. "Just got to wait a while, Niko." she tells him, keeping the pressure on. "And don't worry…". She peers at Joona, realising she doesn't know who the hell he is. "…He'll be alright, and I can manage.".

Jaakko lies back as instructed, a bit of a raspy sound to his breathing, closing his eyes he drifts in and out of consciousness.

Joona nods a bit at the small woman fairly man-handling the wounded fellow. If he knew nothing else about Sonja that might be enough to be intimidating. "I'll remember not to get shot…" he muses in a droll manner.

Niko says to Joona, "On the bright side, for each Finn killed, we're killing ten Russians. At least." He doesn't smile after reciting this "fact," however. "I've been shot more times than I would like," he mutters. "One would think I would be used to it now, but pain is always painful."

Sonja is not particularly intimidating. Really… Its easy to get someone to lie down when they've been shot a few times. She glances back over at Joona again. "Yeah, you better not. If you're lucky you'll be lying on one of these pallets for a few days, and if you're not even that lucky, well, I guess you'll be with the others outside? Who are you?". She grins at Niko. "You keep putting your hands in the way of the bullets.".

"I expect there are things a body /shouldn't/ get use to," Joona notes in a dry manner. He shrugs a bit, going silent until his name is asked after. "Joona Niskala," he offers, dipping his head rather than offer a hand to be shaken… all things considered.

"I've been shot six times," Niko says, "and I've killed four people. All in the past few weeks." He returns Sonja's grin. "The Russians miss the gentle caress of my hands, which is why they want to shoot pieces off to take with them back to the Motherland," the ugly little man says, curling his scarred hands into claws. "I am Niko Fisk," he adds, to Joona.

Sonja shakes her head at Niko. "You're lucky, you shouldn't push your luck." she tells him, and then eyes Marja, who was doing just that, apparently. "Bah. I'm hungry.". She heads for the stove, and the congealed rabbit stew.

"Matti was talking about luck the day he was killed," Niko says softly. "Maybe he was right, eh? Maybe luck does run out." He takes a seat at the table and sips his now-cold coffee.

Joona still seems effected by the ill fated raid, of course, drifting off and going quiet as the others mill about and discuss the finer points of 'Luck'.

Sonja frowns at the two of them. "He's with God now." she tells Niko. "And it's probably bad luck to be so miserable in the Christmas season." she chides gently, as she spoons some cold stew into a bowl.

"The longer this war drags on, the more uncertain I am that God exists," Niko mutters. "God must exist if I'm still alive, eh? But for others to get rendered into so much chopped meat, or to be killing… as much personal experience exists now to disprove the existence of the Almighty as to prove it." He finishes the rest of his cold coffee, making a face.

"Dear Santa," Joona murmurs, without looking up at Sonja. "For christmas this year, I want a T-26, and a Suomi M-31… and plenty of ammunition…" He pauses, feigning thoughtfulness. "PS… Don't forget the land mines…"

Sonja shakes her head at Niko even more vigorously. "We're all sinners down here, thats why wars and such go on. But really, it doesn't matter, if we have faith then we go on to be with Him in the afterlife. I know Matti wasn't the most faithful of people but he was a good man, and God is merciful.". She needs a priest, dammit.

Marja listens, in silence, from her own sick bed. The mentions Matti just draw shut her eyes again, against that quiet stinging. "…He… he's with God… he must be.." She's not really certain if anyone heard her, but she had to say it. It had to be true.

Sonja gets no priest, instead Pentti heads into the cabin from the fresh air outside. Kicking off his boots against the wall before closing the door, looking around like expecting a feast, seeing no signs of that he quietly takes a seat by the table instead.

Niko shrugs. "If I see Matti after the next battle, I'll know for sure," he says softly. The small man greets Pentti with a nod and says, "There's some leftover stew that Sonja's reheating."

Sonja heads over to Marja. "Of course he is, Marja." she says briskly. She melts a bit when looking over her sibling though, if it wasnt for the multiple contusions, full body cast etc. she'd be giving Marja a piece of her mind about now. But she can't do it when she's all wounded and hurting as it is. "You want some stew?" she offers after a moment. "Or tea?". A pause. "Or coffee, I suppose.".

Marja knows she's going to hear it from one of her siblings, if not her father. For now, though, she's savouring the peace. Everything just really hurts too much otherwise. She keeps her eyes shut, considering her sister's offer and the effort it would take to actually eat something. Finally, she just responds…"Just.. some tea, please. Thank you…"

"If you see Matti after the next battle it will be warmer than around here. Unless you plan on digging him up?" Pentti casts a quick glance towards the reheating luxury. "But if you get to meet God, ask him why he put the stars up there, there seems to be no reason for them to be there. I have to wonder why he bothered with them all."

"If I meet God," Niko says, "I'll ask Him to send more ammunition to Finland. Perhaps some grenades. More nurses." He smirks, "I don't think I would ask Him to end the war, however." He shrugs, "If I meet Matti, well…"

Sonja nods. "Tea." she says happily. "Alright, Marja. I'll have some too.". She heads to the stove, grabs a pot from it, and goes outside to find snow to melt. On the way, she pauses, and looks over Pentti. "You found any Russian milk yet?" she asks.

"Depends on how he was going to milk the Russian to get it…" Joona notes in a deadpan as he looks over the newly occupied pallates. "Maybe if he asks nicely…"

"No", Pentti shakes his head, "And not sure I'd let anyone drink Russian milk. Maybe that's why we're fighting them? We're trying to stop them from drinking their milk? Anyway, no, but I'm good to go, so. Wait" he halts himself, "Did I promise to get you milk or something?"

"I don't want to think about milking Russians," Niko says, making a face. "Hey, we should ask that Civic Guard asshole who pointed his submachine gun at me. I bet he's had lots of milk."

Sonja shakes her head at Pentti. "No… but you did say you might.". And that said, she vanishes outside, to go some distance from the cabin and scoop up some snow into the pot to be melted, where its clean from a way away.

Pentti grunts as a reply to Sonja, having forgot all about that and he falls silent instead.

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