Family Business

Sonja returns after some time spent enjoying the forest air, and in much better spirits. Henrik has managed to mud himself up a bit despite all the snow, and also seems much happier. "Nice weather out there at the moment." she declares as she steps into the room. And less blood in here, too, thats good. She sniffs a bit. Doesn't smell so good though… not when you step in from the fresh outdoors anyway.

Emma looks over her shoulder, relieved to see Sonja and Henrik return. "I'm glad it's warmed up a bit. I might go out and get some fresh air myself." But for now, it's busy washing blood off her hands and the scrubbrush.

Sonja nods. "You should. And soon. This place is depressing.". She looks around all the men in here. "Especially now. And all I hear about here is talk of war, and all I smell is the smell of it all.".

Vesa has been waiting for the water to boil, since apparently no one's ever told this kid not to watch the pot. It's hot enough now though, and he looks over his shoulder as Sonja comes in. "Coffee, Miss Sonja?" He asks, as he digs out a cup for Emma.

Emma finally gets the scrub brush reasonably clean, and sets it aside to dry. She dries her hands off on a slightly used towel and offers her sister a sympathetic smile. "All you smell is the smell of a dozen men packed into a tiny cabin." Let's set aside for a moment all the blood and guts. "Come then, let's find something else to talk about." Of course, she comes up short on suggestions.

Sonja nods at Vesa. "That would be good." she says, determined to be happy for a bit. Henrik is put down, and he toddles around, looking for mischief to cause. "Things to talk about. Hmm.". She looks over Emma. "Has Papa persuaded you to find a man and settle down yet?" she asks, amused. May as well start this conversation with a bang.

Stuck in a cabin with two women going on about marriage. This could either be a good lesson, or a very bad one. Vesa keeps his mouth shut, grabbing up the coffee and preparing two cups. As he gathers them up and heads for Sonja and Emma he nearly has to step over Henrik to keep from tripping, and he grins at the little boy. Turning back, he holds out the cups to the two nurses.

Emma gives Sonja a Look. "Don't you start," she chides. Oh, look, coffee. "Thank you, Vesa." She just cradles the cup in her hands while it cools off, and immediately tries to change the topic. "We need some more music around here. Beyond Henrik's drum, that is."

Sonja has to giggle at that, which she does while taking the offered coffee. "Start what?" she asks, innocent. "And music, yes, maybe we should. It's going to be Christmas soon. I hope we don't all sit here like we usually do on Christmas Eve. We'll have to find someone who can sing or something.".

Vesa turns his attention to Henrik once the coffee's been unloaded. He crouches down behind the toddler as the little boy wanders around, pulling his scarf from around his neck. "Henrik…" He makes a whooshing sound with his breath, looping the scarf up over his head and around Henrik's middle, holding on to the ends. "I've got you!" A brief glance back to the women but he says nothing. He got glared at the last time he sang in here.

Sonja doesn't like war songs.

Another Look, but Emma just smirks and lets the subject drop. Music and Christmas are much safer. "Yes, we should do something special. It's hard to believe it's nearly Christmas already." She glances over at Vesa. "Do you play any music, Vesa?"

Sonja giggles more at Vesa's antics, while Henrik shrieks in happiness. Poor kid doesn't get all that much attention here. "He can sing at least." she offers.

"Huh-uh." Vesa shakes his head at Emma's question, and shrugs one shoulder at Sonja. "I guess I can sing. I know a lot of Christmas songs." Granted, some are in Russian. He looks back at Henrik and grins at the shrieking, tugging on the scarf ends and taking a croucher step closer to the boy. "Where do you think you're going, Henrik? Can you get away, huh?"

"Christmas songs," Emma echoes, perking up. "Well, that will be perfect then. She glances over at Sonja and says with a smirk, "I won't torture you with my horrible singing this year, then."

Henrik shrieks at being caught, and tries to flee. He knows the ultimate weapon if he does get caught, he's learned how to smack people with one hand already, thanks to Erkki. Sonja smirks back at Emma. "I think we've always had great Christmases! do you think the Russians have Christmas?". She ponders. "I know they are atheists, but everybody likes Christmas.".

"They have Christmas, Miss Sonja," Vesa says quietly, without looking at the women. He smirks at Henrik, dodging one flailing hand by turning his shoulder, but getting slapped securely by the next attempt. He lets go of the scarf and makes a show of groaning his pain, then steals forward again and gently grabs Henrik, tickling the boy's middle.

Emma finds herself a seat and starts sipping at the coffee. She watches Vesa and the boy, actually smiling at the sight. "We have," she agrees about the good Christmases. "We'll just have to take special effort to make sure this year is the same."

Sonja laughs at Henrik. "Despite all my efforts he's quite the fighter already!" she says, amused regardless by Henrik's attempts. Though Henrik is defeated now, as he squeals, caught and helpless and tickled.

"No match for this!" Vesa declares, still tickling the poor Henrik with a vengeance. He's laughing too by the time he lets go, sliding over to the side and sitting back on his heels, making a 'come get me' motion at the little boy. Bring it on.

Emma laughs lightly. "Careful, Vesa, he's vicious," she warns, nodding in agreement with Sonja. "He's a Finn, it's only to be expected."

Henrik toddles forward with all the coordination one might expect of someone not yet 2 years old. He's game enough, at least. "I suppose." Sonja replies to Emma, though he obviously didnt get that trait from his mother…

Vesa grins brightly at Henrik. Oh noez, the Henrik cometh. Forgetting himself for a second, the next short string of words out of Vesa's mouth are in Russian instead of Finnish. He cuts himself off mid-sentence, putting the back of his hand against his mouth and clearing his throat. "Come on, Henrik…" He scoots back juuust as Henrik manages to toddle close enough to strike at him.

Emma watches the play for a little longer and finishes off her coffee. She goes over to wash the cup out in the sink, and then heads off to check on the wounded some more.

Sonja shakes her head a bit. "I keep forgetting you're Russian. Well, sort of Russian." she says, conceding a little bit of ground there. "A shame, I suppose, all this war.".

Vesa keeps his hands out for Henrik to grab onto when he gets close enough, though his gray eyes turn to Sonja. "I guess so…" He says, in a tone that's trying to avoid talking about dark things. "Have you ever been to Russia, Miss Sonja?"

Sonja shakes her head. "No. This is the furthest I've been from Raatevaara for any length of time, in fact." she admits. "Suomussalmi is quite a long way away, and the nearest Russian town is much, much further to travel.".

Vesa nods, pulling Henrik onto one of his folded legs. "It's not much different than here," he observes thoughtfully. "People aren't that different…"

Sonja shrugs. "I suppose. They were like us a few decades ago, but I think the Soviet Union is quite different, nowadays… they don't even have money really any more.".

Vesa wraps his scarf around Henrik's shoulders, watching the boy now instead of Sonja. "I don't want to talk about them right now," he says, his tone gaining a little bit of an edge. It softens again almost immediately though. "How old is Henrik?"

"Almost two. His birthday is in February." Sonja says with some pride, easily deflected to talk about him instead. "He is a good boy. As you can see, he's only had a few screaming fits here, even though he's in a strange place. He doesn't seem to mind in fact. Must be all the toys people keep giving him." she smiles.

Vesa laughs a little, running his hand over Henrik's hair. "What else did he get?"

Sonja points. "Erkki made him that wooden horse. When we left Raatevaara I didn't have time to grab anything really, so those are the only two toys he has right now.".

Vesa glances over at the horse, looking at it a moment before he looks back at Sonja, securing his arms around Henrik so the boy doesn't fall off his leg as he wriggles. "He made it? That's pretty nice of him."

Sonja nods. "Yeah, he did.". She shrugs. "He has been avoiding Henrik ever since he was born. From before he was born, in fact. But now he can't avoid him, so.". She shrugs again. "I don't know what goes through his mind, to be honest.".

Vesa looks down at Henrik's face for a long moment, then shrugs as he looks back at Sonja. "I dunno. How come you didn't get married?" He asks, with typical teenage bluntness.

Sonja frowns at that. "You'll have to ask Erkki that question." she says, looking away.

Maybe he will! Vesa considers the answer but doesn't push it. Probably best for his health. "Oh." He shrugs. "Henrik's a good boy, you're right. You must be really proud of him."

Sonja nods at that. "I am. I don't regret having Henrik around, no. It hasn't been easy, with just me, but my family has helped me, and nothing worth having is easy.".

"Dr. Korhonen must like being a grandfather, anyway," Vesa says with a small grin. "I bet he wants Henrik to be a doctor when he grows up, too."

Sonja nods a reply. "Probably! Be hard for him to be anything else I imagine, given where he's growing up. It /is/ a family business after all.".

"That must be nice," Vesa says thoughtfully. "Have a family business like that. Was Dr. Korhonen's father a doctor too?" He's sitting on the floor with Henrik on his leg, talking quietly to Sonja who's nearby.

Luukas stirs a bit in the bed, conciousness starting to find him again. The leg's muscles haven't moved it at all whilst he slept, though when he'd started turning on his hip the pain must've knocked him out again at that time.

Sonja mms. "I don't know, to be honest." she admits. "He is from Helsinki originally, I think he just wanted to get away from it all, and every village needs a doctor, doesn't it.". She looks over Luukas when he stirs. Still alive!

"Helsinki?" Vesa's eyebrows raise. The Big City (tm). "Ohh." He looks over at Luukas as well, hearing the sound of his stirring.

Luukas groans with a slight twist, his eyelashes blinking open. There's no effort to move further, except for his good arm reaching down as if towards his leg. But without sitting up, the reach isn't enough. The Ostrobothnian stays on his back instead, except for just his head drawing up to settle on a pillow. A few moments of breathing as eyes search to see who's nearby.

"Don't try to move." Sonja tells Luukas, just in case he gets ideas. "My father hasn't had a chance to look at that leg yet. And yes, Helsinki, but he moved here before I was born.".

Vesa watches Luukas for a few moments, then nods at Sonja. "I've never been to a city like that. They don't sound very nice." He shrugs, then looks back at Luukas. "Do you want some water or anything, Mr. Svenonius?"

Luukas takes a deeper breath, then nods his head to Sonja's instruction. "Won't move" breathed out in assurance. He swallows, then, the blue eyes shifting to look over towards where Vesa's head can be spotted level with the bedside. "Water where I can reach it with my.." An interruption of a cough, muscles tightening for that same moment, "With my good hand. Thanks."

Sonja just nods at that suggestion, water is fine. Least he hasn't been shot in the chest or belly. "I've not given you any painkillers yet, just in case. I've never dealt with a wound as serious as that before. Even Arto's leg wasn't that bad. But if the pain is too great there is some morphine if you want to risk it.".

Vesa nods quickly and sits forward, setting Henrik loose to wreak havoc again. He gets up and heads for the water supply, pouring out a cup about half-full before he crosses the room to where Luukas is lying. Moving around the man's bedside to the side of said good hand, he offers the cup. "Here…"

Luukas tries to sit up a bit when Vesa presents the water, his right hand reaching out to clasp the cup. But just when he seems ready to arch his back forward, a tremble of pain seems to shoot up from his left thigh where the nerves and bone are exposed save for a bandage wrapped. The wounded man's hand comes close to knocking the cup itself with a lurch, and as teeth clench a rising groan is heard. "Leg hurts bad" is gritted out through clenched teeth, taking a gasp of air once his weight is shifted off that side. "Need something for it. Don't want to be crazy though."

Sonja can only imagine, and seeing Luukas conscious is wearing on her nerves, made happy by her brief visit to the Great Outdoors. She nods, and gets an ampoule of morphine from her fathers bag. "If anybody needs its you." she figures, and injects it into one arm, a little amateurishly. It's normally her father who does that sort of thing after all. "Crazy, you won't be moving for a while yet, so just rest and forget about trying to do anything, other than heal.".

Vesa pulls the cup back when Luukas' hand almost topples it. "I can hold it for you," he offers under his breath, raising the cup closer to Luukas' mouth to help him get a sip in. "Don't have to move."

Luukas takes a few breaths, his eyes looking directly to Sonja's face as she injects the morphine. "That stuff makes you crazy, don't it? Like opium?" before he sighs, not jerking the arm away from her. His eyes roll over to gaze towards Vesa, then, breathing out a "Thanks" as his head lifts a bit to be able to bring his lips to the cup's edge, sipping as he uses his face and jaw to adjust its angle. After a few long sips, the forester draws his head back with a nod. "You're the same age as my middle brother. He never calls me Mr." and flops his head back, eyes still open.

Sonja tilts her head. "It's a drug, and a powerful drug. Theres no such thing as a safe drug. But used properly they can be used to help. Anything can be abused.". Hardly like they got enough of it here to get anybody addicted, anyway…

Vesa puts the cup down where Luukas can reach it, sitting back. "I wouldn't call a brother mister, either." He shrugs one shoulder. "My father said I should respect people who're older than me." He looks over at Sonja then, and the needle. "Really?"

Luukas 's breathing grows slower, quieter, as the muscles in his chest grow more relaxed. The beginning of the drug taking effect, though the man still doesn't dare try to move his leg. "My dad would like you, Vesa." commented out of hand. His gaze then shifts back to Sonja, trying to follow her explanation though perhaps his cognition isn't quite so sharp now. "Got something in my pack." There's a pause, the eyes wandering as if either searching for the container or trying to remember. "Been whittling it for o'er a week, for little Henrik."

Sonja grins at Luukas. "I will say one thing for this war, it has shown me that people here are very charitable.". She glances over at Vesa. "It is the same with most things… being responsible is a lot of what life is about.". Erkki springs to mind here, of course. Then she moves to Luukas' pack. "This pack?".

Vesa looks at Sonja as she talks. The words do look like they sink in, but he doesn't respond. He just looks over at the pack, curious to see this item.

Luukas lifts his head just a bit as if trying to get a look at the pack Sonja's found. It's pretty clear now, though, that it's mostly out of his sight. "Can't remember where I laid it, but it's got blood on it from where the bullet went into my arm." A soft clearing of the back of his throat. "Guess that's it. It's in the back pocket, next to the first aid kit. Looks like a fish." as he lays his head back to rest it again. "Gotta be responsible 'round women, too." added as if to Vesa. "Specially girls. Sometimes when they're still in school, 'round when they get Confirmed, everything looks rosy and dreamy. Like about getting married and having a baby to care for."

Sonja only then notices the bloodstains, and almost drops it in surprise, though perhaps she shouldn't be too surprised. There was enough gore here earlier after all, even if Emma scrubbed most of it away. Luukas' words bother her somewhat, so she busies herself rooting through the pack for what he's talking about, and staying quiet.

Vesa raises both brows a little at what Luukas says. "I guess so. Not really thinking about that right now though, Mr. Svenonius. I wouldn't be able to take of a girl or a family or anything." Kid's still just an apprentice after all.

What Sonja finds inside that must be the carved wood object referred to is a little whitefish carved out of pine wood. It's about 10 cm long, and amazingly lightweight. Alot of care's gone into the carving of the fins, even the detail of the scales has been added on the body though there's a few chinks that might've been meant to be corrected there. The mouth of the fish is open, as if the body has been hollowed out. Inside, a little marble seems to roll about. Just big enough to not fall out, though if the carved toy were shaken it'd make a musical rattle.

Sonja laughs a little at the rattle, and finds Henrik, so she can give it to him. Yet more means of making noise. Henrik tries it out by banging the drum with the rattle. Woe to all. She leaves Henrik to his toy, and returns to Luukas. "Thank you very much.".

Luukas sighs a bit, resting his head back. "There's a girl already thinking about some things 'round here. Thinking about what it'd be like to do them with you." He seems to realise the impact of his words among present company, and quickly closes his jaw after saying that.

Vesa blinks slowly, looking at Luukas with a little confusion on his face. His eyes flicker to Sonja, then return to the wounded man, and he clears his throat quietly. "I don't understand…"

Sonja smiles faintly at this conversation. "I am sure Vesa will know when the time comes to behave responsibly. It's only scoundrels who don't, and Vesa is no scoundrel.".

Luukas awkwardly turns his head to try to offer Sonja a smile, able to see the top of Henrik's head as he plays at making noise with fish rattle and and the drum. As she speaks, though, his expression quiets, giving her the respect of listening to what she says. "Yes Miss Korhonen." quietly, offering a little nod. He then looks over to the teenager, Vesa, and offers then, even more quietly, "Maybe not now. But just remember what I said, okay? You'll know what it means then."

Vesa is probably not -quite- as naive as he's trying to make himself out to be, as he looks faintly embarassed when Luukas goes on about it. "Sure, I'll remember." He looks over at Sonja, and then Henrik. Not saying anything, though his face looks thoughtful now.

Sonja has little more to add, really! She just eyes Vesa, and smiles reassuringly at him. Life isnt that bad. She ambles over to the window, to peer outside. "Surprising how warm it is. We must be having a mild winter.".

Luukas softly nods while looking over towards Vesa, then rolls his head back over onto the pillow while inching his good arm up to reach for the water to sip. "I think Henrik's gonna love playing with the fish." He tries to manage a smile, "I didn't expect him to have a drum to bang it on, though." Eyes shift over to look to where the top tufts of Henrik's hair can be spotted, "Little Monster one day, Happy Angel the next. He's lucky." The latter added softly.

Vesa gives Sonja a small grin, seeing her smile, then sits back and rests against the wall. "By the time it's spring I bet he'll be a master drummer, Miss Sonja."

Sonja nods at Luukas. "Vesa made him the drum." she grins. "And I hope he gets bored of it soon actually, so I can better sleep. His attention does drift a bit." she admits.

Luukas chuckles softly, letting his eyes close between bangs of little Henrik's drum to at least try to catch some rest. His muscles feel no pain now, a calmness drifting his thoughts to wander from the morphine. "Maybe one day I can find a good honest woman who thinks I'm allright and this war ends and…." the words drift, his concentration fading as they slip into a murmur, not really audible over the little drummer's play.

Vesa watches Luukas fade out, saying nothing to that. He glances down at his hands, then shifts forward, standing up and stretching out his arms. "Should try to sleep I guess. I got morning watch." Now that so many men are down for the count.

Sonja looks around the room, and inspects wounds. "Me too, really. And besides our talk is probably disturbing sleep. It's only Luukas and Isak who are seriously wounded really… everybody else seems to be on the mend.". She gathers up Henrik, and pries the drum out of reluctant hands. "Come on Henrik, time to sleep. You've had a busy day.".

Luukas continues softly murmuring, but it's not really enough to keep anyone awake or even to understand unless they're focused on listening and trying. Drifting in and out of conciousness, the words that are made out might be speaking of family, brothers, father, some dream of a woman not yet known, and finally a mention of children. There's a long silence as his eyelashes close, and finally an inaudible murmuring of Finland and God. No more words come as sleep then takes over.

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