Demon Child

Luukas skiis in on his own, his face wet with sweat that's starting to ice on the man's face.

Jaakko snaps off his skis and plants them in the snow. He looks over his shoulder at Luukas, "At least we made them stop firing for now."
«Ground Combat» Antti reloads his S-18 Solothurn!

Luukas gives a quick nod. "How about the others?" as he pushes up the goggles to look around. "Antti, Aamos."

Jaakko points to Aamos body on the sled.

«Ground Vehicles» Olli gets out of Sled.

Antti mutters in reply, "Bullet went off a tree, took him in the scalp." Looking into the sled, before eyeing the cabin, "Where's Korhonen?" He and Olli look to have gotten off clean.

Luukas ohs softly, swallowing. "Is he dead, though?" holding his breath. "Me and Jaakko are okay. Damn rifle jammed twice." with a scowl at the Pyst.

Jaakko shakes his head in disgust at his rifle, "Damn thing shoots about as straight as an arrow in a storm."

"He was'nt when we left. Korhonen!" Antti shouts the last toward the cabin, before thinking twice and wondering of the others about, "Is he here?"

"I dont think so," Olli says, hopping out of the sled, "Asshole is lucky."

Jaakko looks at Antii, "maybe take him to your farm with the nurses?"

Luukas jerks his eyes towards the cabin. "If the doctor's somewhere else, maybe one of his
daughters can help. They do nursing, right?"

Sonja hears a surname, and opens the door, peering through a little cautiously. She knows Finnish voices but is still skittish after all.

Jaakko slings his rifle, "Here, lets get him inside. Someone help carry, please?"

Aamos is unconcious and lieing at the sled

"Sonja," Antti raises a hand toward the doctor's daughter in greeting, from where he stands beside the sled. "Aamos needs a look." Leaving the Solothurn in the sled, Antti takes Aamos' other arm, and helps Jaako toward the cabin.

Jaakko moves to the sled and grabs Aamos by the arm and with help from Antti they manage to get inside the cabin and onto a bunk.

Luukas gives a quick nod back, jerking his feet back and out of his skiis to leave them here in the open. "I'll help move him. it was my idea going down there." as a somber tone enters into his voice. He makes sure the door's held open for Antti and Jaakko as the carry the body.

Olli leans up against the sled now, that wry smirk crossing his face as he looks at his rifle, checking it over. Two -engagments- and still not a single shot fired in anger.

Sonja looks over Aamos, and reaches out to one wall, going green. And then hurriedly heads inside, picks up Henrik, and tells him to go play in the snow outside for a moment. -19, it'll toughen him up…

Antti looks back toward Olli with a dry sniff. "Firing shots happily, are you?" Once Aamos is set down, the farmer heads back outside to retrieve the S-18 from the sled.

Luukas grumbles once inside, "Not a single shot of mine took a Russkie down." He takes a quick look at Aamo's head, "I'll help bandage it, but I don't know nothin' about surgery or medicines."

"No," Olli says, smirking, "I fired any shots yet. Aside from the wolves but they don't count, do they?"

Sonja leaves Henrik outside, poor kid looking a bit bemused, and cold too, though the soldiers out there will presumably make sure he doesnt' wander off. And then heads in quickly to look over Aamos. "Oh, its not that bad." she says, to her own surprise and relief, expecting eyeballs to be dribbling over his chest or something.

Antti returns to the cabin and sets the gun down with a pent up breath. Of Luukas, he wonders "How many shots did you two get off? I managed two shot before they shot back, and fired a third after the gunner was dropped. Artillery started dropping on the woods by the time we got to the sled."

Arto has arrived.
Arto arrives from the South.

Luukas nods a little bit, taking a deep breath as he straightens again. "He needs some rest. Bullet must've knocked him out, like a concussion or something." The Ostrobothnian then turns, hearing Antti's question. "I don't know. I'll check out. Never reloaded, so should be able to tell."

Luukas slides the rifle around, cocking it open to reveal the clip. There's a single bullet remaining in it.

Antti thumbs toward Aamos, "He fired through an entire clip, before his head got stuck out too far. Seems about the best we can manage before falling back."

Sonja swiftly bandages Aamos up, making his head look like a mummy wrap. "It's only a scratch. I thought he was dead when you brought him in on that sled…". And then she hurries out, to hunt down Henrik, who is trying to toddle towards the forest, though he can't through all the snow. She picks him up, and hugs him, so he doesn't get too cold.

"Waste of ammunition," Olli says with a sneer, "I dont think even I could have hit those cowardly russians, the way they were hiding behind our walls."

Luukas grunts, adding. "This rifle jammed twice. Had a shot lined up, bead on the first gunner's head, and it jammed the very first shot I was gonna take." Luukas looks around for where Jaakko went for a moment, "So Jaakko got the first shot off. He was a bit slow moving, so took longer to get around in the flank." He blinks as Olli speaks, "They weren't hiding behind walls at first. Open shots on at least two or three of 'em."

Antti snorts once, "Olli, some day you'll stop talking about things you didnt see.. They were at thier guns at first. One of their artillerists took a bullet through the heart."

"Thats good then," Olli says, smirking, "Maybe next time you kill all of them before they run and hide." He considers something, "Maybe if we can get some explosives, we should go back and try and dismantle the houses while the Russians are sleeping. Then they can't hide at all."

Aamos wakes up suddenly and blinks, "Where am I?…" he asks, "Mother? I had a terrible dream…"

Arto skis in from the north, heading back towards the relative shelter of the cabin. Once he's outside it, he quickly removes his hat so that he can run a hand over his hair, then replaces it before looking around to take stock of things.

Sonja shakes her head at the suggestion of her house being blown up by these guys, and sighs, looking around for signs of Erkki.

"No," Antti notes with a sniff and shake of his head to Olli's blowing-up-idea. "We're better off just sniping and running. They can;t catch us. Even if we take one shot, and miss, they'll be a mess inside of three days. Seeing ghosts in every snowdrift."

"And if we blow up the houses, they will have no shelter and will freeze to death within days," Olli counter-points, "Or they'll leave. Either works."

Luukas turns and steps back over near the bed Aamos is on. "Hey there." in a paternal tone. "You're back at the cabin. Got yer head knocked good." in his distinct Ostrobothnian manner.

Aamos raises an eyebrow, "What? What I saw was real? I just came back from death?!"
"Olli," Antti returns, "Go find enough dynamite to blow up every building in town, and we'll think about it," he notes in a rather sarcastic tone.

Arto spots Sonja, and looks back over his shoulder. "My brother's just dragging his heels," he tells her. Should be back later." He raises his eyebrows, and scratches the back of his neck. "How're things holding up?"

"Easy. The Russians must have explosives with them," Olli says, "We'll raid a convoy and steal 'em." He grins, "And even if they don't have dynamite, they will probobly have bullets, or food.. or other things we can use."

Sonja blinks, not having noticed the scoundrels' brother, until hailed. She heads over to him, Toddler Henrik clutched in her arms. "Well as they can I guess. Where is Erkki?" she asks. "I saw him briefly yesterday, so he's not dead.".

Antti crosses his arms, and gives a dry (and only slightly sullen) smirk to Olli's words. "Oh. So it's as simple as killing the russians and taking thier weapons. You really are sharp, Olli. you should tell Jari your great plan."

Luukas looks down at Aamos, hearing those words, as if considering. "I can't say what you saw or not, but if you stick a knife in that arm of yours, you'll sure feel alive."

Aamos scratches his head but notices it hurts, "I think I got shot after I shot that russian…" he says, "Did I really shot him down?" he asks

"That is simple. I'm glad you agree with me," Olli says, nodding his head some more, "Look, next time we go back to the lumber camp to check in, we'll get some saws and axes and what have you. Then we drop a tree or two across the road and while the Russians try to figure out their asses from their heads, we'll kill them and take their munitions."

"Oh, he's fine - he's still very much alive and uninjured," Arto tells Sonja, and makes a silly face at Henrik, as people are wont to do when faced with toddlers. "Last I saw him, he was off with Jari Viinikainen. He's probably off humping a tree or something."

The toddler squeals happily, and reaches out for Arto, as toddlers are wont to do when confronted when silly faces. Well, either that or shriek and cry, but Henrik is going to be tough.
"Jari, alright." Sonja says. "He doesn't seem to like me much lately… either.". Woe.

Luukas turns to look over towards the window, where perhaps Sonja and little Henrik might be visible through outside. "Well, the woman said it's just a bump, that there's no bullet in yer head or nuthin'." in his thick accent. "Must've glanced off, Aamos, cause with a little rest and maybe a bruise, you'll be fine."

Arto holds out a hand for Henrik to grab. "Why not?" he asks her. "Or is he just being more grunty and standoffish than the norm around these parts? Actually…" A nod is given to the cabin. Do you want to continue this conversation inside?"

Sonja nods. "More miserable than usual, though he has good reason lately. But all week he's been miserable, not answering any of my questions… and alright… it is a bit too cold for standing around and talking." she admits, and hurries back inside into the warm. -19 is a bit cold.

"Oh, it's probably not you, then. He'll get over himself eventually. Maybe he'll sneeze too hard one day and the stick will shoot out of his ass," Arto tells Sonja, with a hopeless shrug, before heading inside the cabin.

Olli has disconnected.

Sonja gives Henrik a rough rub to make sure he's not getting all cold under his toddler-sized furs.
"You're much better than your brother is." she tells Arto, a bit primly. "He seems eager enough to do his duty when it comes to his country, at least, I see.". She sees Aamos moving around, so heads over to him. "You are awake now then?". Toddler Henrik reaches out to him.

Aamos nods his head, "Yeah. I have bad headache though." he puts his head to pillow, "Remind me to wear something like a helmet next time." he says and smirks

Luukas chuckles back after Aamos says that. "See, he's eyes-open now." and seems amused, looking to Sonja and her little boy saying that.

Arto grins wryly at Sonja. "Don't let Erkki hear you say that," he tells her, and stops by the door to remove his skiis. "He has his good points. He's just… ehhh. A bit pig-headed. Always been that way, will probably never change." Once his feet are free, he steps in, and puts his hands on his hips as he looks between Aamos and Luukas.

Sonja nods. "Yeah. I have a headache too.", she admits, and runs a forearm against her forehead. "What was all that noise earlier?" she asks, faintly curious, specially now all the gung-ho seems to have calmed a bit. She glances over at Arto. "Maybe." she tells him, noncommittal.

Aamos slowly gathers himself up and sits on the bed, he gives a smile to Henrik, "Hello there little one. I dont think we have met." he carefully pets the head of the toddler, "I am Aamos."

Luukas raises both brows as Sonja asks about the noise, not seeming all together certain. "The shooting, you mean? Russians were firing artillery from town towards a battle somewhere west along the Raate road. We went down to harrass them a bit, so they'll be a little more paranoid next time." A short nod in conclusion. "That's where Aamos got a Russian bullet glancing off his head."

"Ahh, I heard that," Arto states, and grimaces at Luukas' account. He gives Aamos a blank look. "You're lucky that your brains aren't all over the snow."

Henrik looks gravely back at Aamos, and decides he wants to play with the bandage currently wrapped around his head, so smiles, and reaches out for it, to undo it. "Oh, Henrik… don't do that." Sonja mutters, and tries to gently peel his hand off the bandage before he undoes it completely.

Aamos smirks slowly at the movement of the kid and touches his nose gently, "Now now, you are being naughty." he slowly tickles the kid to let go of the bandage so Sonja can replace it back, "Hey, I took it after I took out that gunner." he smiles. "Well if I didnt got shot, I would be more happy."

Luukas chuckles a bit. "You were shooting alot of shots, I heard it. Next time, try to work it so you can move out after just a few." Nodding down towards Raatevaara, "Good work killing that gunner. I hope they have to spend time finding a replacement. At least none of us were hit 'cept for that bullet on your head."

Arto crosses his arms, and leans back against the cabin wall. "It went well, then," he concludes, and watches the kid with some amusement. Glancing to the window, he eyes the snow outside. "Anyone know what people were on about when they were talking about… I don't know, dynamite or something… a few minutes ago?"

Henrik channels his reprobate father, as he refuses to let go, and yanks! "No, Henrik!" Sonja says sternly, which provokes a crying fit as she drags the bandage out of his hand, leaving it half over Aamos' face rather than neatly tied so its out of his way. "Sorry." she sighs, as the toddler promptly wakes everybody up. "He's normally a good boy.". Honest. She turns away from Aamos so the demon child can't grab at more bandage.

Aamos smiles, "He is a good boy, just a curious one. He wants everything. That is normal for a male kid." he says with a small pet to the kids head, "You will be a brave son of Finland. I hope I can see that happen." he says and smiles.

Luukas smiles with amusement still at the mother and her tiny son who'd decided to make Aamos into a plaything. Answering Arto, though, he shrugs a bit at first, "I didn't hear what they were talking about out here very good. I was making sure this guy was okay." with a gesture to motion towards Aamos. "But yeah, went well enough. Not great, but okay. Accomplished one dead Russian artilleryman and rattled 'em up." He pauses there, considering the other parts mentioned. "I guess the dynamite was about a suggestion to blow up a bridge on the Raate road to cut off their supply line." Luukas shrugs, "Not sure."

"God knows what they're up to," Arto casually blasphemes, and grunts at Luukas, briefly glancing to the Erkki-spawn. "I am, admittedly, a bit out of the loop. I've been busy enough with making sure my relatives are out of harm's way. Silly buggers don't always know what's good for them. So I ought to catch up on things."

Sonja jiggles Henrik in a vain attempt to calm him, but if anything it annoys him more. He has quite the set of lungs, too. She smiles faintly at Aamos. "Sorry about this." she mutters, and retreats to one corner, to play with Henrik and distract him. "Look! a spare bandage." Apparently it's not as fun as Aamos' though.

Luukas is inside the cabin, along with a couple others still awake and speaking. There are skiis stuck in the snow outside, along with an unhitched sled that'd normally be drawn by horses.

Luukas smiles a bit to Arto's words. "Family's important. That's what we're here trying to protect, ya?" in his thick Swedish-language Ostrobothnian dialect, though he's speaking in Finnish now.

Aamos smirks, "He can have mine if he really wants it." he says, "I feel dizzy. I should put my head to pillow. Thanks alot Sonja. And you little man, take care of yourself." he smiles and pets the kid.

"Family's important," Arto agrees. "That doesn't make them any less troublesome sometimes, though." He cracks a slight smile to show that there's no malice behind the words, then again looks out the window to the darkness. "And I should get few things finished up before it gets too late. I'll see you about," he tells Luukas and Sonja both, glancing to the latter's corner.

Sonja favours Arto with a warm smile, he, at least, understands. "Alright, Arto. I should get Henrik to bed, all these men tromping in and out is making him excitable. And I could rest myself as well.". She heads over to the pile of blankets, to arrange a space for Henrik, and a bigger space for herself.

Luukas nods his head a bit, a finger brushed to touch his cap in the manner of a casual impression of a farewell salute for the man Arto. "Your little one going to be okay?" asked of Sonja, stepping away from where Aamos has now fallen asleep.

Arto offers a parting nod to both Sonja and Luukas, then heads back out to collect his skis again.

Henrik is tired now after his shouting and grabbing, so he is fairly open to being wrapped up in blankets and left to sleep. "Well, so far… He isn't a fussy eater at least, thank God." she says.

Luukas softly chuckles, "I'm an oldest son. I can remember when my littlest brother was that age." He just develops a silly grin, turning his ruddy cheek to hide it a bit from Sonja. "Was a whole other world than what was happening back then, that I learned about later."

Sonja nods. "Well, I hope Henrik doesn't remember any of this.". She looks over him as he dozes. "I don't think he will. Though sometimes he is frightened by the noises.", she explains, with a worried look. "At least he knows most of the people in here.".

Luukas nods and speaks softly, still looking away. "At least you got him away from the village." Gazing distantly, out through a frozen window pane, the aura of contemplation might've come over him. "Did…" but he stops, turning his head to glance over at Sonja for just a moment before shaking it. "None of my business." and looks away again towards the window.

Sonja blinks. "Hmm? What?" she wonders.

Luukas hesitates, one cheek drawing up a bit with a grimace, "Just was wondering if his…" The whole profile turns, with Luukas now facing her, "If his dad died."

Sonja snorts a bit. "No." she replies, and looks away from him. "Though I doubt it'd make any difference if he did." she says bitterly.

Luukas furrows his brows as if uncertain about something in her reaction, but with her turning away, as if catching the tone, he just nods and averts his eyes from her. He takes a few steps, moving away from that window and now closer to the stove. "Going to have alot of fresh meat from game." as if trying to change the subject.

Sonja nods. "I guess." she says a bit distantly. "Lots of hunters here. I wonder how all the Russians are being fed. Maybe they will hunt all the moose?".

Luukas chuckles absently. "Russians will probably just grab whatever big game they see riding by in their tanks, firing their machine guns at what wasn't scared away." A finger lifts for him to rub the bridge of his nose. "My father probably wouldn't think too highly of how I've become out here. He's very religious."

Sonja gives a faint smile at that. "Well, I am religious… I don't know about /very/ religious. What does very mean?".

Luukas turns around to face Sonja again, "He's a pastor. Believes a man shouldn't curse or drink, that I should be reading the Good Book every night instead of playing darts or whittling wood."
Luukas then manages a soft snort, "Calls me wild, and you good well know that compared to some of the fellows in these woods, I'm practically a policeman."

Sonja laughs softly. "Well, I'm not a priest, but I do read the bible often enough. I don't curse for Henrik's benefit, and drink, well. The tavern in Raatevaara wasn't really a place where I should be seen I think.".

Luukas nods a bit, a hint of a smile forming for a moment, "Different for women. Kind of easier." Then, more quietly, "Well, I try not to curse, at least not around children. Just swear a bit if something goes wrong. Can't help it, but don't do it on purpose."

"I don't think God will care about an occasional curse." Sonja replies, faintly amused. "I don't think it's that that bothers Him, small sins. We are all sinners already, it's just important that we keep God in our hearts.".

Luukas nods to your words, "I know. I mean, it's kind of what I'd heard in church all my life till I came out here. Good solid Lutheran values. Confirmation at fifteen." A break in his words for a tiny chuckle again, "You probably know the routine."

Sonja nods, and kneels down next to Henrik, now fast asleep. Religion always has that effect on him. She strokes his cheek tenderly with one finger for a moment, and then curls up next to him. "Indeed I do. I should sleep, it's been a long day.".

Luukas blinks as if that's a reminder, "Yeah, me too. Used to the living at camp which was kind of like a barracks, so I can just find a place to stretch on the floor." The slightly shorter than average Finn man looks over a moment to where Sonja's reclined with little Henrik, "Good night, then. I know this war's gotta be shaking everything up, but your Henrik knows his mother loves him and's there for him, and that's what's important for the little guy." A moment's smile forms with his lips closed, nodding to you as he turns to head to where most of the men are barracked.

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