Birds And Bees

Marja can't get anyone to tell her where babies come from, but finally corners Emma.

In the cabin…

Marja has been in a good mood this week. She spends a lot of time at Vesa's side and, well, they've actually stolen a kiss or two in the cabin. It's all very sweet in that freshman dance kind of way… but it's done good things for her moral. Still, she's been trying to get her father's attention for about two days now, even if they have all been busy helping. She looks over to him for a moment now..

Korhonen has been too occupied with his work here to notice Vesa stealing anything with Marja. The fact that his younger daughter seems happy is likely such a relief, he's not looking too hard for any cause of it. Currently he's going through his stock of pills. As he does at least once a day.

Marja steps over to her father's side, finally getting him alone and fairly private for a few moments…"Papa… do… do you have a minute?" She asks with those too-innocent gray eyes..

Korhonen looks away from his medical supplies, down at Marja. He smiles at her. Such a cute little girl. "For you, my dear, always. Especially since you are looking so well of late. What is it, then?"

Marja bites her lower lip…just a bit nervous about this all. She gives one last look over her shoulder then gazes back up to the elder doctor…"…Papa… ah.. how did… How did Sonja get Henrik? Sonja and Erkki, I mean… How do mums have their babies?" Yes, she still was one of the babies, some how shielded from this knowledge… but all little girls come of age.

Korhonen's eyes narrow at Marja. This…is an interesting line of conversation. "You have seen the pregnant women at my surgery back in the village," he hedges. Warily. "For most, if they are fortunate, a child is a gift created by the love of their husbands. At other times…" He frowns darkly. "…there are men, like Erkki Tapper, who do not value a woman's virtue, Marja. I hope you have learned to recognize such cads, from Sonja unfortunate example."

Marja gives a little sidways smile…"I know that, Papa… but… I mean… -How-…Not from kissing, right? There is more…. I want to be careful, but how… how can you be careful if you don't know what to be careful from?" She asks him with honest, and genuinely worried eyes.."I asked Emma, and she just blushed and told me to ask Sonja. I asked Sonja, and she told me to ask you… and someone said some of the men might know but… I figured you're the doctor.."

Vesa had dozed off for a little while after taking care of Marko's wounds as best he could. His eyes drift open a little when he hears voices but he doesn't sit up quite yet. And a good thing too! His eyes turn a little towards the sounds of the conversation but he doesn't make a sound just yet. Oh no.

"Do -not- ask the men here," Korhonen says flatly. And probably more firmly than necessary. He clears his throat. "Your sisters, Emma in particular, would do better to explain this to you. Your mother would have done best." He frowns. Dangit wife, for dying and leaving him to deal with stuff like this. He clears his throat uncomfortably. "Not from kissing, no. The act of creating a child, of making love…" He winces, pained. "…it is far more intimate and not something you should have to worry about for some time. Why are you asking this now?"

Marja wrinkles her nose slightly as he mentions she'd best ask Emma. That's where she -started-! She frowns back to the cabin a moment, searching to see if her sister is awake…"Well.. I mean… Kissing.. that's how it starts, right? I heard that from … someone… " Apparnetly, she doesn't need to get any of the men in this cabin in trouble with her father…"But… Kissing is very nice. It's safe… as long as it's safe…" That seems to content her, just a bit. And she completely forgets the question of why she's asking.

Blissfully ignorant of her father ping-ponging Marja back in her direction, Emma bustles around tending to some of the injured.

Vesa looks up at the ceiling, still listening without making a sound. Whether for better or for worse he's about as ignorant as Marja is, though much less so after Pentti's thoughtful gift of French pr0n.

"Safe?" Korhonen frowns. A dangerous road, this. "You certainly cannot make a baby from it but it may lead…talk to your sister." He hastily adds, "Emma." The idea of her getting advice from Sonja makes his eyes boggle.

Emma really has no clue. She comes over to where Vesa is, offering him a kind smile. "How are you feeling, Vesa?"

Marja looks over her shoulder, frowning deeply…now she really just wants to know because no one will tell her. Her eyes do, momentarily, pass over Vesa… seeing he's awake she smiles a bit warmer… which probably is going to set off some alarm bells about why Marja is asking…"…Maybe I will check on Vesa with Marja. I am sorry to have bothered you, Papa."

Vesa freezes a little when Emma comes over, betraying his wakefulness to Marja and Korhonen. D'oh! "Evening, Miss Emma. I'm doing really good." To prove such he finally sits up, since his cover's been blown. "Someone needs to look at Marko. His eyes was looking really bad when he came in today…" His eyes flicker over towards Marja, cautiously.

Emma nods to Vesa. "He has a bad head wound. I saw him come in earlier, but I'm afraid there's not much I can do for him. My father will have to have a look at him." She looks over as Marja approaches, and perhaps misinterprets Vesa's meaning. Quirking a soft smile, she says, "I'll go check in on him again." She wanders off to do so.

Marja blinks from the departing Emma, to Vesa… frowning just a moment… but then she reaches down to briefly, rather tenderly, touch Vesa's hair…"How are you feeling, Vesa? And where did my sister go…? I have to ask her a question. Again."

Vesa doesn't seem as scared as he used to when Marja shows affection, giving her a warm grin. He doesn't even check if Korhonen's over there glaring at him. "I'm good. You look a lot better. I have something for you, you know…" He glances at Emma, then back at Marja. "Miss Emma went over to check on Marko. Go on and talk to her, I'm gonna get something to eat."

Emma did indeed wander over to check on the sleeping/unconscious Marko. She does sneak a quick glance back at Vesa and Marja, noting that little touch of the hair.

Marja looks over towards emma and Marko.. and she nods slightly, though Vesa has managed to pique Marja's curiosity at his comment of having something for her…"That is not fair, Vesa…" She grins a bit wider…"Telling me you have something then going to get food instead. You are a tease." She teases him back…"But go on. I do need to talk to Em."

Vesa grins a little, shrugging one shoulder. "Come on, it's fun having to wait." He's sitting and she's standing, which puts him eye level at…you know, her chest. He does his absolute best not to look down, but his eyes do flick down once and then quickly back up as he stands, stretching his arms. "I'll be here. Go talk to her."

Marja is oblivious. She grew boobs a few years ago… they're actually pretty nice boobs but… she rather doesn't realize she has them more often than not. So she misses Vesa's glance and just turns upon the ball of her foot, almost skipping over to Emma and smiling -that- little smile…"Emmm…?"

Emma pulls up Marko's blanket just a little, smoothing it out in a tender gesture. Hearing Marja call her name, she glances over and smiles. "How are you doing, Marja?"

Marja looks back over to her father, just a moment, and then finally settles her eyes fully on her sister. "I am… well enough… but…" She sighs, almost getting frusterated at this point…"Papa told me to come back and ask you about.. what I asked about last week. He thinks a girl should tell me." She admits… biting her lower lip..

"You asked Papa?" Emma seems rather horrified by the idea, though why - he is a doctor, after all - is anyone's guess. "Why didn't you ask Sonja?" Emma wipes her hands on her apron, casting a glance over at Korhonen with a rather perplexed expression.

Marja bites her lower lip…"I -did- ask Sonja… and she told me to ask Papa… and so I asked Papa… and he told me to ask -you-… I don't think he wanted me to ask Sonja…though she'd know more about it than anyone, right?" Marja inquires simply, her eyes flickering back just a moment, though if it's to find Sonja or Vesa, it's not really clear

Emma chews her lip as well. "She would." Curses. Emma finally gives an elaborate sigh. "Get your coat, Marja - let's go for a little walk." She is so not having this conversation with her little sister in the middle of a room full of soldiers.

Marja blinks a moment… but someone is finally going to tell her! So she walks quickly over to her claimed cot next to Vesa, leaning down to scoop up her scarf, gloves, and cloak.. putting all those things on in rapid succession like they were going to go out skiing for fun or something.. She is back by her sister's side in no time! "Alright! Let's go!"

Emma dons her own winter gear as well. In stark contrast to Marja, she doesn't look like she's looking forward to this at all. But Emma's all about the duty. Blame it on the Lottas or something. Tugging on her gloves, she nods to Marja and leads the way outside. Staying quiet, perhaps gathering her thoughts.


Marja hugs her cloak tighter around her, walking as quickly as she can in the thick snow… She shivers as they get into the cold, cold air, breathing through her scarf now… but this is worth it. "Aright, Emma… I'm ready. I'm old enough now. I need to know."

Emma doesn't go far. Just far enough to be out of earshot of the cabin, and anyone who might be wandering in and out from patrol. She finds one of her favorite spots, where she had that last conversation with Matti. There's a fallen log here that makes a halfway decent seat. Emma perches on it, breath fogging in the cold air. "You're still very young, Marja. But I suppose if you're kissing boys then it's time you should know."

Marja folds down into settling upon the bench there, her hands folding tight in her lap as she does her best to stay warm out here… it's so cold… She leans close to her sister so they can share a bit of heat and nods to Emma's words…"I am not that young, I am 16… and yes… I… I am old enough to kiss a boy… I should know these things… yes?"

Emma tucks her hands into her pockets, shuffling closer on the tree to Marja. Her fingers will be a touch frostbitten when they get back. Serves her right for chickening out the first time. She sucks in a breath of cold air and then coughs lightly. Her cheeks are bright red, and not just from the cold. There's a long silence, before she finally ventures, "Did you ever see Mr. Vanne's dogs, uh… when the boy dogs would chase the girl dogs?"

Marja considers that a few moments, though she reaches her gloved fingertips over to wrap overtop of Emma's as she sees her cold motion.."Ah… yes… they were very… loud dogs." Marja can reember that much at least…

Emma clears her throat. "Right. Loud. And they, uh…" She looks down at her hand, cheeks turning an even deeper shade of red. "The boy dogs would… umm… mount the girl dogs?" She's a nurse for god's sake. This shouldn't be /that/ difficult. But it is.

Marja furrows her brow, frowning…"…ah… Mount? Like getting on a horse?" Marja has totally the wrong mental picture of this all… but she is trying to get it to work, especially with the bits she does know of anatomy… She finally just shakes her head…"What do dogs have to do with this, Em?"

Emma winces. Not the picture she was going for. "No, not like that… well… nearly so…" She sighs, rubbing her nose a bit in an awkward gesture. "I was just hoping maybe you had seen the dogs doing it, since…" Since it would save her having to explain the gory details. But no such luck. "Nevermind. All right…" Another breath. Let's try this again. "You know how the boys… they have… boy parts?" She makes a vague gesture in that general area, hoping that Marja has at least seen enough of the wounded men to save her from describing in detail.

Marja nods immediately. "Yes…I've seen a few anatomy books, at least.." And how did she miss this lesson? Probably because her daddy took those books off her a second after he realized she had them, much like Vesa's french porn…"So… we have that… thing… they have."

Emma nods. Thank goodness for that small favor, at least. "Well, to make a baby, they have to…" She just stops, losing her nerve for a moment. Nudging her toe into the snow, she focuses her attention on that much safer target. Look! Snow!

Marja looks down to the snow. Is she missing something? Why is the snow so interesting…"They have to… what? …. What do they do?" Marja is SO confused now, brows tightly furrowed as her mind flies with all sorts of odd scenarios…

Emma clears her throat again, wincing as if the conversation is causing her physical pain. Which, if awkwardness could kill… Emma would be in very bad shape right now. Duty, duty, duty, she reminds herself, and straightens up a bit. There's another long silence before she answers. "They have to… put their… parts into a girl's… girl parts." Oh, the highly technical terms. "Inside." She looks at Marja imploringly, hoping she's able to put the pieces together without any further prompting.

Marja seems about to ask more, but she thinks… does a bit of physics in her brain… and, eventually, things click into place. Metaphorically. Pun intended. Her eyes go a bit wide and her features flush with the million OTHER questions that comes from that…"….That… oh… My… isn't that?….hard? I mean… where do your LEGS go? Doesn't it hurt? How does… it stay there??"

The relief at seeing Marja get it is short-lived, quickly overpowered by the barrage of questions that Emma is wholly unprepared to answer. "I don't… uh… it just - it works. I'm sure you'll work… work it out. When you're married," she says, a bit of a stern note to her voice there for a moment. She looks down at her boot again, and admits. "I've never… I mean… you'd have to ask Sonja."

"Oh….oooh. I'm… okay. Yes. Married. I'll ask Sonja. Alright…" Marja then tosses her arms around Emma and gives her a very tight, probably rather surprising hug…"Thank you, Em! Really… I know I can kiss Vesa now and not be scared… that is good. Thank you very much."

Emma hugs her sister in return, patting her lightly on the back of her padded jacket. She pulls back, then, and touches Marja's face, glove against scarf. "You can, Marja, but just be careful. It's easy to… boys sometimes want to do those things. Even before you're married. And if you don't say no… like Sonja didn't… you could end up with a baby. So just… don't." She finally concludes, with an awkard little smile. "All right?"

Marja allows her face to be tilted up towards Emma's, listening to the woman's warning about how she should be good. She nods slowly, eyes going just a bit wide…"Yes… yes ma'am… but I don't think Vesa would be like that… and after the war, maybe… Maybe he -will- marry me.."

Emma bobs her head in a little nod. "Vesa's a good boy. But sometimes… I think maybe in the… moment, your heart may get the better of your head." That's how she justifies Sonja's indiscretion anyway. "That's why you have to be on your guard." Emma seems to find this bit easier going. She lowers her hand from Marja's face, and pats her hand instead. "I'm sure you'll do fine, Marja. You're a good girl."

Marja smiles warmly and nods, giving her sister's hand a brief squeeze…"Alright… alright. Shall we go in? Vesa has a present for me. but he wouldn't give it to me yet…. I'm -dying- to know…" Marja smiles and just brims… Vesa really has managed to put warmth back in her cheeks and her smile. Puppy love and all that.

Emma nods, rising from the tree and brushing off a bit of errand slow. "Yes, it's quite cold outside." Her worry is offset by the happy look in Marja's eyes. "If you have any other questions I can try… though Sonja can answer… better." First-hand experience and all. "I'm glad you're happy, Marja."

Marja nods immediately…"I will try to ask her… and I will tell you before… before we do anything… more. I'll be good, I promise." And of course she wants to gossip to her sisters! Marja slips her arm through Emma's grasp and walks quick back towards the Cabin's door.

Emma takes Marja's arm, patting it lightly, and then actually smiles. "I'm sure you'll tell me all about it." She trudges through the snow back toward the cabin as well.

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