Coordinates : 9 19

The tall pine trees are mostly scattered in small clusters around the area, and while there are some open spaces, smaller trees and bushes have laid claim to most of it.

It is currently dusk.

This is an arctic environment, with a temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Cabin
2. Reserve Trench

Sonja mms, and doesn't really have much of a reply to that. "Well, I lived there all my life, so I don't really know anything else? I had a good childhood. Emma is a bit of a disciplinarian, but aside from that.". Keeps telling her to shut up! well, not with words, but Sonja knows the signs. She eats some of the stew, and then Henrik gets another spoonful.

Luukas simply nods to that, drawing up the spoon and slurps more of the tomatoey rabbit stew. "My littlest brother's the same age as Marja." commented in response.

"So is Vesa…" Sonja mutters. And feeds Henrik another spoonful. But he sort of refuses, and gets most of it all over his chin, and from there, over his front. "Oh, come on Henrik! it doesn't taste that bad.". She eats another spoon while wiping Henrik's front with a bandage, which was within arms reach.

Speaking of brothers, here comes the Tapper-Rautakorpis on skis. WEll, two of them anyway, having been off by the road setting up defenses. Erkki slides up to the cabin and steps out of his skis, steam rising from his clothes from the excertion of the trip back here. Skis are leaned up against the wall and he steps inside with his brother, quickly unbuttoning his coat.

Pentti quickly pulls off his coat, tossing it over the nearest chair. "You have had a hard life here, Erkki." he comments, "Cooked food every day from what I've seen. Been a hard war for you." He pulls out the chair he marked as his with his coat and sits down.

Luukas is eating from a bowl of freshly-cooked stew, the aroma of tomatoes and rabbit meat with a hint of salt drifting from the large kettle on the wood stove. His leg is still wrapped in bandaging, set out straight from where he's on the chair, but at least he appears no longer totally bedridden. "Hallo" offered over to Erkki when he and Pentti entered. "We were talking about food, and feed for the horse. Any chance there's a cache left at your Tapper-Rautakorpi family farm?" asked to the two.
Sonja glances up at the newcomers, but then promptly looks back down at Henrik again. She gathers him up into a hug, and jiggles him, a frown on her face. Feeding time, always a pain in the ass.

"Shut up," Erkki tells his brother habitually, as if it's what he'd usually say to anything Pentti would say. He gets his clothes off and his boots and walks around in his socks, heading over to the stove to get himself some of the food. He nods at Luukas and Sonja. "Hello. I don't know, should be plenty of food for the horse there unless the Russians have taken it all."

"The Russians haven't touched it. But haven't you seen how Erkki moves on those skiis?" Pentti leans forward to rest his arms on his knees, "And how much he sounds like a horse when he sleeps?" He shakes his head, "No, the Russians didn't touch it, they never got a chance before Erkki dragged it all away."

Luukas seems a bit skeptical perhaps when the 'dragged it all away' remark is made by the youngest. "Well, what we have here for horse feed's almost gone. A few weeks at most left." and nods. There's a pause as he lifts the spoon and consumes more of the porridge, seeming to welcome the warmth from it. "Maybe in a week or two we can take the sled down near there, and find any hay or oats that's left to haul off." The Ostrobothnian nods over to Sonja, "Sonya says my leg's healing good. That maybe in a week I can make a trip like that."

Sonja nudges another spoon of stew into Henrik's somewhat more willing mouth. She plants a kiss on his head, and then has a few spoons herself, as she at least is hungry. She eyes the two brothers, but Pentti's words do bring a reluctant smirk to her lips.

Erkki slams the lid down on the pot on the stove, narrowing his eyes at his brother. However, his annoyance is shifted to Luukas. "It's my horse, for one thing," he snaps. "But not a single person here seems to remember that, they borrow him all the time like he's everyone's property. This isn't a communist country yet! So, you don't touch my horse unless I say so, you got that? And that goes for all of you!" He practically growls out that last. "And stay away from our farm."

"Who would want to go close to your horse?" Pentti asks Erkki, "He's meaner than you by quite a lot." He rubs his nose, being in the war must have removed some fear for his brother. "Looks better though."

Luukas tilts his head with a frown, eyeing Erkki. "That's why I said 'we', unless you prefer that your horse starve. I can't even drive a horse or work the reins. Don't go accusing me of touching your little toy pony." He adds a slight shake of his head as deflection.

Sonja eyes Erkki. "I guess you'll be paying me for all that medical care then?" she wonders, feeling argumentative, and Emma isn't about to shut her up this time. Besides, she wants that tea Pentti has, dammit.

Erkki is obviously not in a good mood, probably laid on him by his brother's constant teasing. "Pentti, just shut up," he repeats, not even trying to say something back. It's starting to get a tired routine between the two, Pentti testing Erkki's patience till the older brother explodes. "Well, why the hell should we go all the way to Raatevaara to get food for Satan? There's probably food in Pyyvaara unless the Russians ate it themselves." He snorts at Sonja and doesn't respond.

Pentti shuts up, digging up a bowl from his backpack instead which he dips into the stew so he can get something to eat instead.

Luukas offers a simple nod. "Going to Pyyvaara would probably work. Gotta be farms there. Russians use up petrol, not hay, so doubt they'd take it." He seems willing to accept the statement, digging into the stew again now to finish eating.

Sonja, dismissed, merely gets a snort? She frowns at Erkki, and tries to get Henrik to eat another spoonful of stew, which is difficult, because he's not having it. He reaches out for his drum while keeping his mouth closed, to make some noise, to better express his annoyance.

Erkki seems satisfied with silence from two and some kind of agreement from the third. He looks around suspiciously for a moment however, before he scoops up stew for himself in a bowl. He takes a seat at the table and begins eating, sitting next to Sonja and Henrik without really considering it. After awhile, as he notices the boy staring at him with wide eyes, he lowers his spoon and stares back. "Why is he staring at me?"

"He wants you to give me a cigarette" Pentti mumbles, having finished off his meal in a hurry, "That's why he's staring at you", he wipes the bowl somewhat clean before tossing it back into his backpack.

Luukas manages a chuckle hearing that comment from Pentti, grinning for a bit in amusement over to little Henrik. Then, as an afterthought, he directs his eyes back down to the bowl as he begins to clean up around the spot he ate, setting the spoon in the dirtied bowl and quietly wiping his mouth on a rag.

"Well, he doesn't see his father very much, I guess he's curious?" Sonja says, in a sweet enough voice. "I think he's had enough stew anyway.". She wipes Henrik down, to get most of the red glop off him, which he tolerates, so long as he can bang his drum as loud he can. Then he throws the drum across the room, aiming at nothing in particular.

Erkki lifts his spoon again and eats slowly, watching Henrik with an unreadable expression. He doesn't say anything now either, but lifts his gaze and looks thoughtfully at Sonja for a moment. "I got cigarettes," he responds to Pentti, wincing a bit as Henrik throws that drum. "What can you give me for 3 cigarettes?" he asks, having learned to bargain by now.

Pentti opens up his backpack, digging around some. "A can of Russian soup. I'll give you the soup and enough stuff to mark you up as a nice Soviet captain for three. I have some tea, but I want a full pack for that, there is plenty of it."

Luukas hrmms, taking his time to use a cudgel as a cane as he pushes up to stand from the chair, all the weight shifted to his good leg. "That from Pyyvara?" asked curiously over to Pentti. "I got hit" with a motion to his leg, "On one of the earlier raids on Pyyvara. They nearly shot my leg off."

Sonja lets go of Henrik, as he's struggling now, and he toddles over to Erkki, now he's demonstrated his troublemaking credentials with the drum throwing. Sonja goes to work on the remainder of the stew in the bowl.

Erkki isn't impressed with the soup. He scratches his cheek and, almost without thinking about it, he bends down a bit and scoops Henrik up onto his knee. Not realizing just how fast 1-year old boys are, his bowl of stew is almost swept to the floor by Henrik, Erkki doing a last-moment save. "Henrik!" he protests, using the boy's name for once. "Gah, he is like quicksilver," he says, taking a firmer hold and pushing the plate away a bit out of reach. He looks back to Pentti. "You get a pack of cigarettes, I get the tea AND the soup. You can keep the marks."

Antti steps inside the cabin, and quickly closes the door behind him. Letting out a short breath, and looking over the goings on, the farmer chuckles shortly once under his breath.

"Ei, not from Pyyvaara", Pentti shakes his head at Luukas, "This is Russia's finest." He puts the tea and the soup on the table, "One pack, and the three cigarettes you had in there from start and it's yours."

Luukas offers a nod back to Pentti's response, snorting a soft chuckle as the younger brother continues negotiating with a counter offer to his elder. Turning to Sonja, then, the Ostrobothnian lumberjack offers, "Anything I can help with? I have to look around for some oil to clean the rifle with. If you need something for me to look for, I might be able to find it there too."

Sonja eyes the tea with an envious gaze. And lets out a long sigh, in her pathetic attempt to guilt trip Pentti and melt his cold, kapitali$t heart of gold. That obviously fails, so she looks over at Luukas. "You mean, things? I don't know. Cigarettes maybe? Or tea?".

"You cheap, cunning bastard. You take after your father too much," Erkki says with a sour grimace, before he digs out the pack of cigarettes plus holding up 2 extra. "I'll give you a pack and 2 extra for the tea and the soup." He tries to at least bargain it down somewhat from the original. He glances quickly at Sonja, hearing her wish for tea.
Bit brisk out," Antti mutters, voicing for any who care, "Ivan isnt peeking out," before settling down, and observing the barter (extortion?) with a short smirk.

"Deal", Pentti is indeed not giving anything away for free to Sonja, he pushes the tea and soup over towards Erkki, starting to search his pockets for matches at the same time.

Luukas draws in a breath, seeming to acknowledge Sonja's request. "Cigarettes or tea. Not the easiest things to find 'round here, but I'll look." He uses the long oaken stick to limp with and begins heading back to the rear of the cabin.

Henrik grabs for the can of soup but doesn't reach it. Erkki saves it, pushing it aside together with the tea, then hands over the cigarettes to his younger brohter. He looks up over at Antti, nodding at him. "I'm heading back down to the road, got to finish up a trench there. We've got it started." He puts Henrik back down on the floor and he toddles off towards his drum. Erkki grabs the tea and stands up, and as if to defy Pentti and Luukas both, he holds the pack of tea out to the nurse. "There's your payment."
Pentti grabs his cigarettes, "Well, better make more room for the food, feeling too full now." He pulls on his coat and quickly vanishes out the door and off a bit from the cabin.

Antti nods ocne, and mutters toward Erkki, "I'll head out with, when you do." Eyes narrowing as he follows Henrik's toddling, Antti asks, "Who gave the little wolf a drum?"

Sonja nods. "Cigarettes, they are the first to go. I'm sure the Russians have them all by now." she admits to Luukas. She keeps half an eye on Henrik, just in case, not that she's too worried. And then blinks when she realises Erkki is holding out a box of tea. "You know I was only doing the right thing." she tells him. Though she reaches for the tea anyway, she does have a history of shamelessness after all.

Luukas nods back to Sonja as he catches her comment, adding, "And coffee, though we have enough of that for now." He turns back to continue off, having missed the offering of tea over to Sonja by Erkki. Taking the Mosin-Nagant with him, this time, slung on his back as he limps away.

Hard to tell if Erkki would've given her the tea anyway, and this was just a convenient way for him to not seem nice, insisting it's payment. "Yes, I know," he says anyway and smiles lopsidedly at her. After Viini's death he's been more quiet and distant than usual and he's often got that numb, uncaring look in his eyes of someone who's become emotionally disturbed by the war. The thousand yard stare is coming! He takes his seat so he can finish his steew before it gets cold. "We are going to get a korsu built down there, and a sauna. There's a cabin in Pyyvaara we can use for logs. Need to put Vesa in charge of it."

Sonja nods. "Where is Vesa?" she asks, clutching her new prize tightly. "Oh. There he is.". Sonja is apparently going blind. "It looks like the warm spell is over. Jari said it was going to be a cold winter, before all this even started…".

Antti quietly butts out, occupying himself with double checking the bullets in his rifle, before doing the same for the big Solothurn. Unsuprisingly, no more bhells have miraculously appeared sicne last he checked.

Erkki stands there in front of Sonja like a dork for a moment, as if wanting to say something else. He's saved by the bell from the explosions and he looks up sharply, heading for the door. "What's that sound, that wasn't artillery?" he asks, looking to see if anyone can identify it.

Isak pushes the door open to the cabin, quickly stomping his feet and shutting the door to keep the cold out. Dumbly, he stares down at his feet, as they were in near cadence with the explosions. It couldn't have been that, and so he looks around wondering if anyone else heard the sound. Erkki asking about artillery clears his mind, but he shakes his head in response to the question, not knowing where it came from.

Antti frowns and peers outside. "Planes, maybe?" the farmer guesses, as he rises to his feet, and mutters, "Think the healthy ones should head to the road?"

«Announcement from Death!» Just about visible (more visible to Niko), you can see brightly coloured lights rising into the sky, sometimes exploding in a spectacular display, sometimes just falling back to earth, in all different colours, red, blue, green…

Erkki moves to the window, looking outside with his jaw slowly dropping. He nods mutely to what Isak says. "Looks like fireworks to me," he breathes. "What day is it today? What are they celebrating? Shit, we didn't lose the war did we?"

Sonja gets up to peer out the window, as curious as anybody else as to what is going on. Needless to say, she's ever the optimist. "We lost?".

"Perkele," Antti mutters to Erkki's words, as he too peers out the window. "Don't know," he voices flatly to Sonja, "But no good assuming the worst." A drawn breath. "I'm heading down to the road."

"Me too, if they know something they'll be sending someone down the road perhaps," Erkki says, getting his clothes again so he can go outside. "We'll be back soon as we know something." He heads on outside and puts his skis on.

At the road…

Niko's unkempt beard has ice in it. He appears to be keeping watch, despite the cold. The small man shivers, clutching his rifle.

Erkki came in from the west, having went past the area where trenches are being dug to see the progress. He looks up at the sky on the fireworks, still amazed and rather worried about what that could mean. "Hey, Niko!" he calls out.

Antti treks in behind Erkki, looking around, and simply nodding upon seeing the men still here. "Anything showing?" he mutters in query.

Niko looks up at Erkki. "Hey yourself," the small man mutters. "Do you have anything to eat? Oh, and yeah…" he points down the road. "Some sort of special occasion. Fireworks, I think… I don't think flares come in green, nor do I think we use 'em anyway."

Olli comes in from the north, his rifle slung over his shoulder his clothing covered in dirt.

Vesa moves into the trench, trudging carefully over the frozen earth. He hooks his fingers into the strap of the rifle, moving over closer to Erkki and Niko, and watching the sky.

"Here," Erkki says, offering over a piece of dried, salt rabbit meat. It's something to chew on at least. He glances down the road. "So, we haven't lost the war and they're not celebrating that," he muses, wiping his nose on a mitten. "I wonder if they're drinking too." He sounds jealous.

Niko works up some saliva, spits in the snow, then works up some more. He pops the dried meat into his mouth and chews, making a face. "It doesn't matter," Niko mutters. "Let's kill them and steal their liquor and their food. No matter what they're doing, I hope they're freezing as well."

"We finished the trenchworks to the north," Olli announces to no one, "So we've got an open circle surrounding it." He does seem rather pleased about this, a smile on his face for once as he settles down against the trench wall.

Vesa keeps his eyes on the fireworks, watching the colours bloom and fade in the sky. He glances over his shoulder towards Erkki and the others and shakes his head. "They're celebrating Stalin, Erkki. It's his birthday." He remembers this occasion from home.

"You want to try to take them all on, you are welcome to do it." Isak's voice gives away just how much he feels that to -not- be a good idea.

"Probably drinking," Antti mutters. "Definitely freezing." A sidelong glance at Vesa, "What?"

Niko snorts. "And all the while I was hoping the Godless Neighbors had converted to Christianity and were celebrating their first Christmas in Finland," he remarks drily to Vesa. "I don't care if it's Stalin's birthday or Aristotle's. Ivan shouldn't be allowed to have more fun than I am."

Erkki grunts something positive-sounding at Olli. He shoots Vesa a long stare, then blinks up at the sky. "They're celebrating his birthday? Sons of bitches."

«Announcement from Death!»
Through days dark and stormy, where Great Lenin led us
Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above
and Stalin our Leader, with faith in the People,
Inspired us to build up the land that we love…

"Josef Stalin," Vesa repeats to Antti. "It's his birthday today." He turns his attention back towards the lines, listening to the Russian singing. Though he doesn't translate the song lyrics - they just make him frown behind his thick scarf.

"Oh," Antti voices to Vesa's clarification. "Ivan is generous. If some stupid bastard sent me to die in another man's country I'd curse his name every morning, and send up fireworks when he died." A shrug.

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