Arguing With The Man

Jaakko steps out of the tavern and upon spotting Viinikainen he walks
over to him.

Viinikainen is standing next to the door to his office, currently
occupied with scraping off some ice from off under his skiis.

Jaakko clears his throat then asks looking at Viinikainen, "Excuse me,

"Sir?" Viinikainen looks at Jaakko for a moment before looking back at
his skiis, "What do you want?" he asks while continuing to prepare his

Jaakko eyes narrow a bit but then continues, "My name is Jaakko
Korpinen and I had just arrived into town yesterday. I've heard news that
there is a war on. I've come to volunteer my services. That is if you have
use of my skills as a hunter / trapper."

Viinikainen looks back at Jaakko for a moment, studying him a bit
longer while putting away his skiis. "The war is down south, there is not
much else to do than to finish your business at home and wait for the
orders to go south and help defend our country. When that will happen I do
not know."

Jaakko replies in a sullen tone, "I am not from here, my home is in
Sumussalmi. I am a hunter by trade and came to town in preparation for a
wolf hunt I was told about while visiting a nearby lumber camp last
week. While in the tavern last night many of the men said I was see you
about helping to defend our country. I guess I will just lie about the
sauna then until news comes we are needed."

"You whine like a woman" Jari bursts out at Jaakko. "Do I look like
Mannerheim? I can't decide when it is time for you to go or not." He
points with his whole hand south, "The battle is that way, go ask them."

Sonja has arrived.
Sonja arrives from the East.

Viinikainen is standing next to Jaakko outside his office.

Olli steps out of the tavern, rifle slung over his shoulder.

Sonja heads down the street, having for once left her huge and rich
house, a toddler tot wrapped up in white camo and looking terribly cute by
her side, with her holding one of the kid's hands so he doesn't run off
and get into trouble.

Jaakko sets his jaw which ticks slightly as he keeps his anger under
control, his voice remains quiet and calm showing no sign of emotion. "An
you yell and strut about like an impotent rooster. I was told you were
organizing the volunteers, if this is not the case just say so. I'm
sorry I have kept you from your all important ski scrapping."

"Whoah," Olli stammers when he catches the tail end of Jaako and
Viinikainen's conversation, a smirk crossing his face as he leans against a
building to watch.

Viinikainen returns his attention to his skiis, grinning. "Your insults
don't bite on me boy, I have told everyone what I have told you. I even
told you what way the fighting is." He looks back at Jaakko, "There's
isn't much else for most men to do."

Sonja heads over to Viinikainen, and stands back a few steps away
politely, as he seems to be ranting at someone, and thats not something she
wants to disturb. Toddler Henrik gets picked up with some difficulty,
and she talks quietly to him while she waits, so he doesn't do any
disturbing either.

Jaakko smiles in return saying, "An neither has your insults bothered
me as much as you might like. As I told you I had just heard of the news
last night and was told I needed to see you about signing up or
whatever it's called. I asked no more of you than that. Apparently I should
have been warned of your insolent temper. Damn, I haven't said this much
in the two years put together." turning his attention towards Sonja,

"My appologies for you and your child to endured such an outburst." As he
turns to leave he shrugs at Olli pointing south, "Since you have been
given a weapon where as I am denied such courtesy, I am told the
fighting is that way." Jaakko then calmly re-enters the tavern.

"I'm a hunter, ass," Olli sneers at Jaakko as he walks by, "Of course I
have a weapon? How else am I supposed to shoot moose?" He snickers a
little before picking up his skiis, which were leaning conviently against
a wall, and strapping them on.

Sonja blinks at Jaakko's back, wondering what all that was about,
though she doesn't say anything. And then her attention is back to Viini. "I
have heard lots of stories in the clinic, about war, and how we should
be stocking up. Is this true? I don't really want to go on rumour.
And… does this mean all the hunters will be being sent away?".

"Yes" Jari replies, putting away the skiis for now. "As soon as they
have weapon for us all. That is what I think. We are a few friends
already training for when it is time." He rubs his chin, "I'm sure your
father's services might be in demand too."

Sonja doesn't seem too happy about that, but nods. Henrik meanwhile
reaches out a small hand towards the nimismies, until Sonja jiggles him to
entertain him. Poor kid, on a tight leash. "You think you are all going
to be sent away? Even my father?". She blinks, and kisses Henrik on the
head while thinking. "I might have to move to Suomussalmi maybe…
Raatevaara will surely be in trouble without all the men here to work.
There isn't much here after all.".

"Yes", Viinikainen repeats himself, "If you have any relatives towards
the coast, now would probably be a good time to visit them." He looks
at the kid, "Would be safest."

Sonja squirms, uncomfortable. "Well, all my relatives are in the south,
a long way away…" she says, not happy about that suggestion really,
but her fears have been confirmed, and thats why she came here. She nods
at him. "Thank you, Jari.". And edges away, glancing over at those
yakking about guns by the tavern.

Viinikainen heads into his office…to do some office work.

Matti has arrived.
Matti arrives from the East.
Viinikainen has disconnected.

Sonja puts Toddler Henrik down and heads westwards back home from

Viini's office, having got her answers from the local law man. A firm hand
clutched around her childs hand stops him from falling over into the mud
and snow as she goes, and a worried look is on her face.

Matti has left.
Matti heads off West.
Sonja has left.
Sonja heads off West.

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