An Officer And A Gentlemies

In front of you is a muscular finn, blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He appears to be young and calm looking. His face is nearly as white as snow itself. If you look carefully its make-up to hide his face and identity. He wears completely white trench coat which allows him to stay hidden at the snow…

A tall Soviet strides towards Mika, flanked by two Mosin-Nagant-armed Reds. Bayonets are fixed; they're clearly on prisoner detail. The Soviet in the center is an officer. A Tokarev is holstered on his hip, and the Russian rests his right hand on it. "State your name," he says sternly to Mika in heavily-accented, gramatically-simple Finnish.

Mika says "I am Mika Lametti. What is yours?" Mika is tied up and lieing at the ground. He cant move his arms. He turns to face the Soviet.

Dmitri ignores the query, instead continuing with his questioning. "You will state your rank, your village, and the name and whereabouts of your next-of-kin."

Mika sighs, "You really should learn some Manners. Rank? I am not a soldier. A lowlife whose life is destroyed…" he sighs, "I am from Kuhmo."

"These are standard questions," Dmitri says, his eyes narrowing. Is it anger? Perhaps. "You will answer my questions only. If I require further elaboration, I will request it. I have not requested such. Do you understand?"

Mika nods his head, "As I said I am a drifter. I just move from town to town."

Dmitri feigns surprise. "Is my Finnish incorrect?" he asks sarcastically. "A simple yes or no will suffice." He nods to the guards next to him. "Stand the prisoner up and hold him," the officer orders.
They do so.
"Yesterday, you were part of a force that attacked Raatavaara," Dmitri says. "Where did you come from? Give me the name of the town or the closest landmark."

Mika hmms, "I am sorry, I do not know much about this places geography. I dont even know where exactly I am. If you leave me outside without my legs tied up, I cant find may way to civilization." he sighs.
Mika says "I arrived to this parts Yesterday."

Dmitri mutters to his guards in Russian, "Finns are such a simple, stupid people, to think that such a ruse could work or that a simple deception could fool even the stupidest of children."
In Finnish, to Mika, Dmitri says, "You take me for a fool. Bad mistake." The officer pulls the flap up and unholsters his Tokarev. "Hold him," he says again in Russian, then whips the prisoner across the face with the barrel.

Mika Shakes his head, "I am not trying to fool you. I have arrived only yesterday. I just skiied to a house and they brought me here. I dont think I can find my way back there even if you let me go."

Dmitri wipes the muzzle of his pistol on Mika's collar and raises it again to prepare for another blow. "Which way is it? North? South? Tell me! You dirty Finns retreated and I. Want. To. Know. Where!" He brings it down again, this time using the butt to smash Mika's nose.

Mika hmms ahhhhs as his nose gets broken and falls down on his knees "I am not lieing to you." he says with tears on his eyes, "it is a small place near the river."

The Russian soldiers immediately hoist Mika back up.
"Do you know much about history, Finn?" Dmitri gestures at the bayonets fixed to the Mosin-Nagants the guards are carrying. He holsters his pistol and pulls a bayonet off, switches it from hand to hand slowly. "There's a method that's ages old, which involves slicing the small tendon behind the ankle, crippling a man for life." He holds the bayonet before Mika's eyes. "As you can see, this is a spiked bayonet, yes? I imagine it would take many stabs, rather than slices, to get through both of your tendons."
"That said… where is this place? How many buildings? Which direction of the river?"

Mika Hmms, "I think it is east side of the river." he hmms, "I dont know. As I said I am not expert of this place. about 3 Kilometers far." he thinks, he belives what he says.

Dmitri says, "How many buildings? How large is the building? How many stories?"

Mika hmms, "It is one I think. How Large? pretty small one. They lodger everyone inside like animals.

"The Finn learns," Dmitri says to the guards in Russian. They laugh. He turns his attention back to the prisoner, saying, "How many of you made the assault yesterday?"

Mika says "Well, there were 2 others except me. They told me I was a fool to try this. Well I guess they were right…" he sighs."

"And back at the building where you're all shacked up like hens?" Dmitri prods. "How many of you are there?"

Mika says "I dont know, I met only those two there. I didnt have time to count everyone.""

Dmitri sinks the bayonet deep into the meaty part of Mika's left thigh. "My men are resting and I have all the time in the world. Perhaps you would like me to come back after I have dipped the bayonet in a latrine? Give me an estimate!"

Mika falls again, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh "I dont know. 7-8 I think."

"I want the names of everyone you know at that location. Does it have a radio? Telegraph lines?" Dmitri wipes the bayonet on Mika's collar. "You really are a stubborn and thick-headed Finn. You could be walking out of here if you had cooperated… instead you'll limp."

Mika shakes his head, "I dont know. I met with a Vaasa or something. two guy didnt given their name." he sighs, "I do not know anything."

"Clearly, you don't know anything," Dmitri says. To the guards, he mutters in Russian, "Take this… Finn to the shed and lock him in there. If he needs a bandage, cut one from his filthy clothes."
In Finnish, Dmitri says, "Maybe solitude and hunger will mold your mind into a more cooperative state and refresh your memory."

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