After The Wolves

Sonja isn't exactly one to be seen in the local drinking pit, but Toddler Henrik is being looked after elsewhere, and this wolf hunting thing is a special occasion, so she heads in, rather timidly, to get the news.

Aamos nods his head, "I will take some too." he says, "The hunt was good. We should get out to hunt more later." he says and grins.

Antti steps out of the tavern, and sees to the details inherant in being the responsable half of the Matikainen brothers. A quiet word of greeting in passing to Sonja and the farmer is out into the cold once more.

Jaakko sitting alonre at table next to Gustaf Jaakko speaks in a quiet matter of fact voice, "Use the fur to line your boots, no pelt ever is wasted/"

"You keep the pelt, Gustaf… Take it home to Paltamo. I just finished off the critter." Matti takes a sip of his beer, before continuing, "And the name's Matti. You headed home, then?" He nods to

Jaakko's words, muttering, "Pelts always come in handy. Good for money anyway, if you don't need them for anything else."

Jaakko watches Sonja enter the tavern. He stares at her a bit too long, but he seldom sees woman since he spends most of his time alone in the forest.

Jaakko drinks about half his beer at once all the while watching the woman.

Sonja looks faintly uncomfortable about any stares, not having the best of reputations in this village after all, but steels herself and heads over to Matti. "You shot all the wolves then, I hope?".

Jaakko as the woman approaches the tables where he is sitting to talk to Matti, he suddenly realizes he had been starring and quickly looks away slightly embarassed.

Matti laughs at Sonja, shaking his head. Today, he's cheerful and extroverted - a completely different man, than the one Sonja met last. "I shot a few, and finished off one for Gustaf. I think we got the whole pack, so you girls don't need to worry about live stock getting eaten, when we go off to war." His eyes move aside to Jaakko, instersecting the other man's stare, "Looks like
Jaakko there wants to talk to you, Sonja."

Jaakko tries to ignore Matti's comment as he turns 6 shades of red.

Sonja beams at Matti. "Well, thats a relief, then. Nobody got hurt I assume? I was wondering if anybody would be showing up, but got bored of waiting.". She glances at Jaakko briefly, and then adds, "I can't stay here long, it's not fair on Emma to keep looking after Henrik all the time for me.".

Jaakko never comfortable around people anyway shifts in his seat, eyes darting about the room like a caught rabbit.

Matti shakes his head, muttering, "One of them tried to take a bite at Aamos, but Antti shot it." He glances between Jaakko and Sonja, snickering.

Sonja frowns, not liking the snickering much, and finding it better to focus on Matti, so /he/ gets the frown. "Even better then, I guess.". She glances over at Jaakko, blinks, and then back at
Matti again. "This man is a friend of yours?" she wonders.

Jaakko forces himself to focus his attention on the men across the room as they loudly brag about their exploits. Jaakko sips at his beer.

Gustaf chuckles a little. But to Matti he stumbles, "Ah I… I… ah… I… can't accept the pelt." He is surely not Joe Cool… more like Melvin Fumbler. "I must really be on my way back to Paltamo; know of any way I might be able to hitch a ride there?"

"You take the postal van… It should be along tomorrow, or the day after that. Get you right up to Oulu. You should be able to get a ride from there wherever you like." Because Oulu is a true metropolis, by Northern standards. Matti glances from Jaakko to Sonja, murmuring, "This is Jaakko… He's a hunter, lives out in the woods like his old man. Come on! Cat got your tongue, boy?" This, latter, directed at Jaakko.

Sonja nods at Matti's advice, but has more. "My sister Emma has a car, she might drive you as far as Suomussalmi maybe. She's been driving there quite a lot of late to get the latest news, we have some relatives in Helsinki, see.". Jaakko gets ignored.

Jaakko noticably embarassed he stands up and with an awkward smile he nods at Sonja and stammers, "H-Hello."

Gustaf now smiles fully at Matti, finally provided an answer after wandering around the village for a few days now. Of course there were not many friendly people out there and this event afforded the perfect opportunity for him to ask people who were… enchanted into becoming more friendly and helpful. "Thank you for the advice, Matti." Now he would be able to get home.

Jaakko obviously shunned he politley excuses himself muttering an incoherient apology and makes his way through the crowd to the counter to get another beer.

Gustaf nods to Sonja with the same warm smile he gave to Matti. "I wouldn't want to burden your sister with my problems. The ride with the postal worker will do fine." In his eyes, there is a definite hint of appreciation, with his eyes a bit more watery hence reflecting more light.

Sonja shakes her head a bit at Jaakko's back, but with wry amusement. "Hunters." she says, with a faint grin. "I suppose I will leave you all to your drinks, and rescue Emma from Henrik.".

Matti shakes his head at Jaakko's departing back. He isn't much good with women either, but he almost got married! Yeah. He glances from Gustaf to Sonja, sipping his beer. "You have a good day then, Sonja."

Sonja nods, and waves, having been about as sociable as she can manage herself to be today. "All right. Glad nobody got bitten. Have fun with your drinks.". And she heads out, back to the lovable baggage.

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