After The Raid

Back at the Cabin, after the Raid

Isak leans against Saimi, perhaps a bit heavily, clumsily attempting to kick away his skiis.

Luukas has arrived.
Luukas arrives from the South.

Luukas doesn't come skiing in, he comes crawling with his body barely alive. One leg appears useless, his skiis left behind, and his arm is bleeding too though not quite so badly.

Vesa is close behind Luukas, trying to help him move. Out of breath more from the shot that clanged into something metallic in his coat. He shouts as they reach the cabin. "Miss Sonja!"

Luukas croaks out, "Medic!" and takes a deep breath, "Vesa, you went down. Did they miss ya?" gasped out as his eyes manage to make out the face of the one helping him.

Sonja heads over to Isak when he gets in. Erkki gets a headshake and a repulsed look, as he apparently ignores all the bulletholes and is more concerned with the loot. And then, just when she thought she couldnt see a more shot up person still alive, she notices Luukas outside.

«Announcement from Pestilence!» Sack #1: Coal. Ivan was a bad boy this christmas. Sack #2: Cans of food, in large quantity and very limited variety. Canned tomatoes for dinner for ther next week. Unsuprisingly, the sack with 'Coffee' stenciled on it in cyrillic letts contans coffee beans. Alas, there is no grinder included. Ivan is evil indeed.

"Don't worry about it," Vesa replies quickly to Luukas. He tries to get an arm under the larger man to help him move, stumbling a bit. "Come on…we have to get inside."

Luukas rolls over, collapsing. "Bandage my leg. I can't feel it anymore. Gotta stop the bleeding brother." to Vesa.

If there is indeed coal in one sack, Erkki flings it aside and takes out the canned tomatoes. He frowns at them. "Great," he mutters, then perks up a bit as the next sack contains lots of coffee. "Haha! Good job!" he calls out to Isak. Only then does he seem to realize that Vesa and Luukas have returned too.

Vesa almost falls over as Luukas goes half-sprawled over the threshold. He shoves the door shut to keep the wind out and quickly kneels by the man. "Shooting at four Russians, what in God's name were you doing." Not like he expects an answer, just grumbling the words as he starts trying to get the bulletwounds uncovered. "Miss Sonja, help!"

Isak leans on Saimi when she's there to take a hold of him, glad to hand the heavy ass sacks off to someone, even Erkki. Somehow managing to kick free of the skiis and let Saimi guide him to somewhere to sit and do something about the peppering of lead his flesh got.

Luukas mutters low, "Got one" as he gasps for a breath, trying to lay one leg over the other in an emergency attempt to stop the bleeding there. His arm clasps the wounded arm as best he can.

Saimi quietly leads him towards the fire. "Sit down. Rest. I..I'll make you some coffee!" she says, whimpering. "You deserve some." she turns to look at Erkki, then for the Coffee. "Make some coffee. Please?" She begs frowning, as she holds Isak carefully- not wanting to hurt him.

Sonja heads out when she hears the cry, and helps Luukas and Vesa in as best she can. Given strong breezes blow Sonja over, the impact of her help is pretty negligible, really. Then, she looks over them for wounds to bandage. "What were you doing?" she asks. "Isak is in a bad way.". And then she eyes Luukas' leg, which is even worse off than Isak.

Luukas unfolds his leg so Sonja can examine, once she makes the attempt to look. He's not keeping the wounds covered from any attempting to do first aim. More just desperation to keep the blood from flowing. "Ahh!" gasped out in pain.

"He decided to take on four Russians by himself," Vesa almost spits the words as Sonja comes over. He does what he can for the bleeding, though he's not skilled in first aid. "Even the one with the MG."

Erkki thinks the request over, then does in fact hobble over to the stove to get some coffee going. He nods over at Vesa and gives the young man a grin - he's rather happy to see the young one back and alive.

Luukas closes his eyes, muttering as his breath hasn't really been refreshed from the tension in his muscles. "Heard shooting 'round the village. Got one man with one shot, thinking I could draw them off the people 'round the sled."

Sonja doesn't say much, busy as she is with fixing up Luukas as he lies there with the blood flowing. Fortunately she seems to be doing quite a good job of fixing that at least. But it looks like Luukas is going to be hobbling around the cabin for a long, long time.

Vesa sits back as Sonja cares for Luukas, grimacing a little as he plucks at the front of his coat and coughs hard. Whatever metal in there saved his life has probably imprinted its pattern in his skin. He twists around, trying to see the other wounded, and catches the grin from Erkki. It's returned, albeit weakly, then he looks back at Luukas. "You should have ran." He thumps back to sit on the floor.

Luukas shakes his head to what Vesa says, but seems out of breath when he tries to speak a response. There's a swallow, and he finally manages, "I only took one shot. Killed the Russian. They got me when I tried to move."

Luukas still hasn't moved the leg, but at least the blood was still flowing when Sonja wrapped the bandage dressing. So there's hope for it not getting cut off.

Sonja has to leave Luukas to it when he's a bit more comfortable, as Isak needs her ministrations as well. She returns to him, and works on cleaning his arm wound. Prompt attention is a good thing after all.

Luukas tries to reach out for Vesa's arm with his good arm, the one not hit. "I owe you my life making it back." His chest tightens for a moment as he tries to swallow. "Cold was getting to me too. Dreamed I saw your body in the snow."

Isak is sitting by the fire, head tilted back as he tries to relax… and stay conscious while doing so. As Sonja begins to work on his arm, he turns to flash her a quick smile, and actually grimaces as the action causes a bit of skin near his earlobe to tear near where the bullet grazed. His eyes actually glaze over in pain and he clenches his teeth while trying to make there only be one ceiling instead of 3.

Vesa's face tenses, but he doesn't pull away from Luukas' grasp. "Just relax, Mr. Svenonius," he says, talking through his teeth and under his breath. "There's been too many wounded today. I'll pray for you."

Sonja leaves Isak a bit better off than she found him, and then looks around the room with a calculating look. "There are a lot of very serious wounds this time. Especially that leg." she mutters, eying Luukas. "I will leave those to my father.". Saimi's legwound isnt so bad so she tends to that.

Emma had been busy helping someone else, presumably, but now she comes over to check on how her sister is faring.

Luukas just states softly, "Please" in response to Vesa, and releases his grip on the man's arm. "I'll do that too, for everyone hurt." Laying his head back, he starts murmuring the Lord's Prayer nearly under his breath with his eyes closed. No hands clasped, though, just laying there in the meager comfort of a rug while those at the cabin await Dr. Korhonen.

Vesa stays seated on the ground near Luukas, watching the prayers with a tensed jaw and mouth pressed into a thin line. He looks over at Sonja and Emma, then at Isak for a moment. "Is he very bad, Miss Sonja?" He asks, motioning with his head towards Isak.

Isak doesn't seem quite as bad off as Luukas, as his wounds are smaller, just more of them. But for now, he's just hanging back and trying to keep himself conscious as he quietly watches the fire. Hearing Vesa he adds in a quick "I'll be fine." Of course he will. Manly man and all that.

Sonja glances up at Emma. "Seems to come in waves, everybody was alright last week." she grumbles while Saimi's leg gets the iodine treatment. "I'm not even going near Luukas' leg, it's a miracle he's even alive.". Its like Scrubs or something! "Yes, its bad." she says to Vesa a bit tersely. "No single lethal wound but he's been wounded… well, just about everywhere.".

Even Emma has to gasp a little when she sees Luukas' leg. She gives a nod to Sonja. "I'm sure Papa will have a look at it as soon as he can." With Saimi well in hand, Emma comes over to Isak's side. "Is there anything I can get for you? Another blanket, some coffee, anything?" she asks softly.

Luukas continues murmuring the Lord's prayer, not opening his eyes as he lays there. The voice is keeping it low, just barely audible as to what it is he's saying, but in no way disturbing the nursing.

Vesa looks up at Sonja but doesn't answer her, not when she's got that tone. He's learning. He looks away, staying by Luukas but looking at Isak, and gives the man a faint grin. "Well now you can have coffee while you get better."

Isak makes a show of grunting his approval at Vesa's words and he nods. "Yeah, coffee." He turns his gaze toward Emma and there's a moment where he seems unable to say anything, but finally caves. "Some coffee, please." He manages to flush slightly, a feat considering the blood he's already lost, apparently embarassed by the request. He is glad, however, that he's not paying any attention to Luukas, the gory sight likely enough to rattle him.

Sonja potters around some, and decides to leave the rest of the wounds free of her own meagre talents at wound treatment, and lets her father do the bloody jobs. Of which there are plenty right now. She heads over to Luukas, and crouches down by him. "I think we should find you a comfortable place where you can rest properly.". She points to the corner where the blankets are piled.

Luukas finishes a few repetitions of the Lord's prayer, apparently left on the rug in the middle of the floor. "Bless the men and women who defend their homes here, oh Lord, and the innocent children caught in the terror. God save the Finn, who did not seek this war. Bless all who help those in need, struggling to keep your Name in their hearts."

Emma nods to Isak. "I'll get you some." She rises to do so, and then notices Sonja's comment. She goes over. "Let me help you, Sonja," she offers.

Vesa gets up onto his knees and then to a crouch, trying to get his arms under Luukas to help him. He's not strong enough to all-out carry the man, so it's awkward. "Come on…we're gonna move you. Over to the blankets, you can sleep."

Luukas finally speaks quietly, "Amen" in Finnish, despite his own upbringing in a Swedish-speaking household. "I can't move my leg too good." turning his head to Sonja. "Tell me what to do."

Sonja looks over Luukas. "Well, I can't move him." she says, being tiny. "I don't really know.". She looks over Emma for a second opinion. "What do you think? We can't leave him there, though.".

"I think with the three of us, we can move him," Emma replies, surveying the situation. "If we can get him onto a blanket then we can carry him more easily." She goes to get said blanket to use as a makeshift stretcher.

Luukas turns on his left shoulder, able to lift himself a bit with that one arm gripping a leg of a chair. "I think I can push off with my good leg, but…don't know about the other one." He grits his teeth, "It hurts bad, like it's just hanging there. I can't move that leg at all."

Vesa watches Emma, chewing on the corner of his lip. As she brings the blanket he reaches for a corner of it, to help lay it out on the ground. "Mr. Svenonius? Just try and get on this blanket. We're gonna lift you up, okay?" He asks even though he's clearly going to try it regardless of Luukas's answer, gently grabbing the man's uninjured arm.

Sonja shakes her head at that. "Theres no need for you push off with anything." she tells Luukas. "There are three enough, we'll move you alright.". By hook or by crook. She takes ahold of his other arm.

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