After The Border Post Raid

Sonja jumps up when she sees fresh blood. "Erkki!". She heads over to him, and looks at the wounds. One that narrowly missed a lung, and a pretty bad arm wound. "Don't worry, come and sit down over here." she tells him, wrapping an arm about him and guiding him over to the wooden stool upon which has sat - well, just about everybody now as the wounds rack up.

Maybe just seeing Sonja makes him feel better. He follows her compliantly and sits down on the chair, letting her tend to him without any protests. "Nothing too bad, I think," he says, sounding confident on that score. And with her healing touch? It's nothing. He points at the sabre. "Got that one, good to trade with Pentti with."

Sonja eyes the sabre with vague disinterest. "Mm. You think thats worth another box of tea?" she wonders aloud, before going back to the wounds, wrapping bandages about him and using liberal amounts of stinging antiseptic. "Is anybody else injured?" she wonders, glancing around at the other returnees.

Isak lugs Joona inside and drops him like the sack of potatoes he is.

Erkki manages to not scream as Sonja does her usual harsh but effective treatement of wounds. He takes a sharp intake of breath though and then hisses it out, glaring at her a bit. "It's worth much more than that," he says but doesn't elaborate.

Sonja pats Erkki with some affection which other prisoners of the nurse does not get. "Anything which is good for you hurts, it's one of those strange laws God made." she tells him with regards to the antiseptic, which is a lot kinder than the usual 'Don't be a baby.'. "Whats it worth?" she wonders, and then eyes Isak as Joona crashes to the ground. "Well, thats going to do him a lot of good isn't it." she mutters as she leaves Erkki momentarily to try and help Joona up with her puny strength.

Isak turns once Sonja seems to have gotten Joona's attention, and moves back out toward the sled. Apparently the wounded soldier was nothing more than another load of gear to the fisherman.

Erkki is feeling so, so much better. He even dares moving his arm a bit, giving Sonja an admiring look which speaks volume; he doesn't give women admiring looks, he gives them lecherous ones at best. "You'll see," he says and is now suddenly smug. "How about we get married tomorrow?" he suggests, entirely serious. He too seems to not be too worried about Joona.

Joona does his best to help Sonja lift him, not that he /can/ of course, one leg mangled something awful, along with his whole left arm. "Come here often?" he wonders in a bleary fashion. Blood trickles from the corner of his mouth as he's hoisted and bleeding freely on the woman. "Lemme buy you a drink, eh?"

Valentin doesn't do anything remarkable. He's been inside for a while now. Having left his Pystykorva against the wall, he took off his heavier clothes and headed over to his cot, where he crashed. That's where he is now. Not asleep, but close.

Sonja fails completely in trying to pick Joona up, it is simply beyond the waif's biceps ability. Then she almost drops him at Erkki's casual suggestion. "Is there a priest?" she asks, while heaving at Joona. Eventually she lays him back down on the floor, and glares at Isak meaningfully.

"Is that a no, then?" Joona wonders, flopping wetly on the floor where he's been deposited again. There is a thoughtful pause as he regards the rafters overhead. "Fuzzy…" he comments before coughing violently and sputtering up a few gobbets of clotted blood.

Erkki gets up and moves over to Joona, bending down with the intent of grabbing him, not gently either. "Watch how you speak to my woman," he growls at him. He glances sideways at Sonja. "Pentti will find us a priest."

Niko sits down on a cot and looks at Erkki and Joona with a little amusement. Then it's back to business. He removes the magazine from his rifle and reloads it, setting it aside. Then he starts field-stripping the gun.

Luukas remains quiet, having taken a seat after a brief exchange with Isak. The man looks down to the Russian grenade he'd brought back, as if thinking.

Sonja gets Joona over to the wooden stool with Erkki's assistance, and then he gets bandaged up as well. "Nobody else?" she asks, as she works. "Not having much luck lately, Joona…" she comments as she eyes the wounds.

Isak continues his work outside, and once the sled is secured and the spoils of war dealt with, he moves out into the twilight, needing some time out int he woods.

Pentti sneaks into the cabin by kicking off his boots against the wall while humming an old Finnish song, doing his best to avoid any fresh blood on the floor while he looks around for a place to sit down by the table.

Erkki retakes his seat by the table, dragging the sabre along and placing it down carefully on the flat surface. "I shot a man off his horse, then I took his sword," he explains and looks intently at Pentti. "I was shot twice to get it." He makes it sound like he went out there against the whole Russian army just to get a sword. He lowers his voice, glancing over at Sonja to see if she's still busy. "I want something nice to give her. I'll give you this sword if you find me something."

Niko finishes cleaning his rifle and assembles it. He calls to Pentti, "Three gypsies on horseback, with swords and pistols." The small man shakes his head. "No match for rifles and machine guns."

Pentti digs up a cigarette and looks down at the sabre, "A sword?" He grins and looks up at Erkki. "Found you a priest, he might be a little, eh, confused when he gets here, but I'm sure once he gets here things will go fine. When should he be here?" He reaches out against the offered trade, pondering what it might be worth.

Sonja crosses herself quietly in the middle of bandaging Joona, as she listens with half an ear to the two scoundrels, visions of a drunken excommunicated ex-priest presiding in her marriage going through her mind.

Erkki has some cigarettes too, having managed to save some. He now lights one up though. "Confused, not confused, long as he can talk and not mess it up," he grunts. He gives Niko a small grin; Niko is one of the few that he tolerates longer than 5 minutes so he gets a grin. "Tomorrow or day after tomorrow," he then suggests to Pentti.

Niko stands up and announces, "I'm going to the roadblock." He slings his rifle over a shoulder and heads out the door.

"Not my marriage, you set the date and I'll provide the priest and alcohol." Pentti looks down at the sabre again, scratching his chin while smoking in silence for a few moments. "And what is something nice?"

Erkki ponders that, his expression somewhat blank. What do you get your wife on her wedding day? "Some jewelry?" he asks, not entirely sure. He looks at Pentti as if hopeing he'll know of something.

Sonja is satisfied with Joona's bandages, and then heads for the sack of supplies, to dig out the tin of concrete hard army biscuits and gnaw at one of them idly while she listens. She smiles a bit at Erkki's tone, amused.

"Some jewelry?" By the look on his face, Pentti has no idea what that really is supposed to mean. "Okay, I'm sure I can find some." He eyes the sabre, "Now that I have something to trade and negotiate with that's a little bigger than a knife it will be easier."

Erkki nods in agreement and pushes the sabre over. "Tell them a good story on it too," he suggests, leaving that up to Pentti to decide on. Feeling good about this whole thing, he leans back and gives Sonja a broad grin, all innocentlike, not realizing she's heard some of this.

Sonja shakes her head at Erkki, though with a faintly amused look. And then she eyes Pentti. "Who do you know who would want to buy that?" she asks, pointing at the sabre.

"This sabre, taken from a kosak general?" Pentti nods towards the sabre, "Oh, I'm sure many would like it as a souveneir, there's always some officer who wants some trophy to bring home."

"Kosak general, sounds good," Erkki says. He stands up, suddenly exhausted. Blood loss if nothing else, will do that to someone. "I need to sleep," he declares and shuffles over to where his area of the crowded cabin is, slumping down there.

"General?" Sonja asks, impressed. And credulous. "You should sleep, yes." she says, and heads over to Erkki to lay a blanket on him, and make a pillow out of a second blanket, rolled up.

No sleep for Pentti though, he grabs the sabre and heads for the door, eyeing Erkki as he is getting spoiled, and snorting a bit at the luxury as he heads out the door.

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