Why Some Men Join The Legion

Who: Morgenstern, Claire, Joey, Higgins, NPC Tommy soldier
Where: L'Eglise de Boniface (church/Hospital)
When: April 24, 2006
What: Another rehabilitating day in the church in which it is made clear why Morgenstern never has any cigarettes of his own. And that self-blame can be dangerous.

L'Eglise de Saint Boniface

Even in a place like this the war has left its marks, the once great windows of the church depicting the lord saviour have been blown to pieces. Some of the rafters from the roof are broken, and here and there holes from shells and rounds score the walls of the church. Where there once were benches for people to sit during sermons are now temporary tables upon where wounded soldiers and civilians can be seen. The moans and cries of the wounded never cease to stop, as they just keep coming in with every day that passes, a numberless throng. Nuns from the local abbey along with nurses runs along with blood stained rags trying their best to aid the doctors and field medics that works in here.
At first glance it might be hard to think that faith in god can still linger in a place so torn apart by the war as this, but the sheer compassion by those who work here makes up for the tarnished facade of the church.

Joey Shakes his head, "The Balloon was unmanned." he says, "Nobody died at our side. But we lost a useful Balloon." he shrugs.

Morgenstern is stretching his stay. His hand-wound has almost healed and he's getting restless; only the sharp words of a doctor earlier has kept him around the place a bit longer. He's sitting at a table playing cards with a tommy, losing big.

Joey nods his head, "Yes. Poor guys. The Germans fooled us both. One pilot came to our airbase when other went directly to Balloon. We thought it was an air attack to base…" he sighs, "Poor guys…"

Higgins and Joey are standing near the entrance chatting. Higgins nods to Joey's comment, "Sorry I missed out," he says, though he doesn't sound all that enthusiastic about it. "I had the dawn patrol - hadn't made it back yet. I heard about the scrap when I landed."

Accompanied by one of the nurses as she makes her rounds, Dr Williams begins her circut by addressing the most severely wounded and working her way down the line. Soft spokent and efficient, what she lacks in comeraderie she makes up for in skill and attention.

The card-playing tommy can't help but looking a bit smug. Morgenstern, on the other hand, is looking a bit grumpy. "This is why I ended up in the Legion, you know," he tells the tommy, putting down a card. "Started with a demanding wife who was never satisfied." Another card put down, following the tommy's. "Then I borrowed money. Then I borrowed money from the wrong people. Then I thought, maybe I could start gambling." Last card put down - and he loses again. Triumphantly, the tommy pulls the heap of sugared candies towards himself. The two aren't gambling for money, at least. Morgenstern glares a bit, leaning back. "Alright, that's enough. I'm out of sugar now." He looks up and looks hopefully at Claire. "Doctor? Can I get out of here now before I lose everything I own?"

One of the more unruly ANZAC soldiers stands here. His unkempt appearance does justice to the typical stereotype of an undisciplined Colonial. His laid back attitude is shown with the way he wears his kit, collar unbuttoned, uniform untucked and unpressed, dirty, his boots a pair of German jackboots, with additional pieces of German equipment clipped to his British Army web harness, rifle pouches replaced by Grenade pouches and a holster for his Webley.

He wears a traditional British Army steel helmet, his rank and branch showing him as a mere Bombadier in the ANZAC artillery Corps, not a rifleman, but an expert with explosives and artillery.

Joey nods his head, "We have lost some good man up there. Perhelps we can place some safety or defenses for the Balloons. Like some machine gunner?" he shrugs, "Maybe that will give them some cover at least…

Dr Williams replies to the plaintive question with a calm answer, "Our goal, as always, is to prevent losses of any kind. In that light, perhaps you should refrain from games of chance, especially ones involving cards, dice, or that require you to wager something of monetary or social value." Dr Williams gives one of those award winning, yes she's laughing at you silently, smiles before walking over to examine the wound on Morgenstern's hand. "How ever did you get this one, by the way?" she inquires.

"Better than what we've got," Higgins agrees distractedly. His attention has been drawn to the card game when he hears Morgenstern call to Claire. "Having a run of bad luck, mate?" he says with a slight grin. When he realizes that it was Claire he was addressing as Doctor, Higgins' interest is piqued, "You're a doctor, then, miss?" He sounds surprised, but not antagonistically so.

The tommy shoots Claire a broad grin, pocketing his winnings. "Oh, come on now, doc. He's a good sport, we're makin' money and treats out of him. Don't lead him on the right way now!"

Morgenstern just snorts, but it's goodnatured. "Doesn't much matter in the end. I lose my cigarettes and other little odds and ends and then I go begging for cigarettes from the tommies who generously share. We all win, in the end," he says lackadaisically. He holds his hand out obediently. "Shot," he explains simply. That hand is practially just one big scar, by now. "But it's almost healed up." He looks over at Joey and Higgins, watching the two with a hard squint. "Bad luck? NOt really. I'm not dead, am I." His accent is obvious, and it's not an accent that someone French would have.

Joey Shrugs his sholder and turns his attention to morgen, "This battle isnt going well for all of us. We just lost a few good troopers becouse of my fault." he sighs sadly…

Examining Morgenstern's hand while he speaks, Dr Williams carefully manipulates the fine bones of the hand, testing the scar tissue depth and the rekniting of the muscles in the wounded hand. "Yes I am," she replies to the British officer making the inquiry. "Canadian, though I'm given to understand that the accent is a dead give away," she comments in a tone of dry amusement. "As to leading him on the right way.." Claire gives a slow measured glance around as she releases Morgenstern's hand, "we could always just tax you fellows. Games of chance, after all, are for fun, are they not? So donating a portion of your winnings to your less fortunate fellows would be considered a good deed. Oh, wait, that's where Morgenstern will come in, once he's lost all of his smokes."

"That's grand, miss. Didn't know there was such a thing as a lady doctor. Least not in the war," Higgins says, rather cheerily. "It's a fine thing, it is." Seeing her minister to Morgenstern, he's quick to amend his previous comment, "I can see you're lucky after all." He smirks to Joey and says, "Lighten up, mate. Wasn't your fault. We all do our bit, best we can."

Morgenstern keeps his expression in check. He won't show any pain, that might mean he's not allowed to leave. At least this time he's not just up and left as he has a few times before. "Never blame yourself, Sir," he tells Joey. "Don't walk down that road, it'll only lead to misery. Claire's joke brings a wry smile to his lips and he gives her an appreciative look. "No point gathering too much junk anyway, you can't drag it around the whole country when you got to carry it yourself." He reaches a hand out to the card-winning tommy. "Give me a fag, McCartney. I'm all out." The tommy sighs and rolls his eyes, laughs, and hands a cigarette over.

Joey sighs, "How could I know, there were another german plane which is going after the Balloon. I havent seen it. I tried to see it but I couldnt manage to see it till I landed. I saw something odd at sky…" he sighs, "Anyways. Both Fokkers are shot down. I have taken my revange from both pilots. The Balloon troops revange has been taken".

"There's quite a few of us, actually," Claire replies to Higgins before turning back towards Morgenstern and gesturing towards his hand. "You will need to work with this on a daily basis until the muscle heals entirely. The damage of scar tissue buildup is something you should be aware of also. The tissue gets less flexible as the scar tissue forms, causing the skin to be stiff and can cause your hand to cramp up when cold or when you're in heavy combat. Do this," she explains, curling her hand into a fist carefully then flexing her fingers out, before curling one finger in at a time until the fingertip touches the palm of her hand. "You're going to need to do several repetitions per day, and try to keep from doing more damage to it, if possible, though I know that's not something you can avoid. But do try."

Overdon Linefork steps inside. He is garbed in light uniform trousers with a t-shirt. His right shoulder is heavily bandaged to the elbow. A cigarette hangs from his lips, which he takes and tosses out the door before heading accross the floor to his cot. He notices the plethora of new arrivals and watches them intently, seeing Mogenstern, he offers a dip of his head in greeting.

Higgins nods in agreement to Morgenstern. "He's right, mate. Can't let it get to you." He introduces himself to Morgenstern and Claire, and the tommy that Morgenstern is playing cards with. "Jack Higgins, by the way. Pleased to meet you all." He watches Claire instruct on physical therapy with a quiet interest.

Joey nods his head politely as Higgins introduces himself, "I am Flight officer Joey Battlecry of the Royal Air Force." he says, "Been a few days since we arrived here."

Morgenstern turns a bit of a blank stare at Claire. His idea of medical treatment never involved things like this before, but he shakes out of his stupor and listens carefully and follows her directions, testing the 'workout'. "I understand," he says and gets more and more hopeful he'll be discharged soon. "Nice to meet you, Sir, and Sir.. I'm Markus Morgenstern, Legionnaire in Regiment de Marche." He shoots Linefork a wave and a little grin. "Hello, Linefork. How's that arm?"

Claire turns slightly as her name is called from across the room, she offers a brief smile before excusing herself to attend other patients.

"It hurts like all hell, but it is healing," Linefork says as he strays toward the Corporal's cot. "Sorry to hear about Frederick, was he a mate of yours?" The colonial pauses and leans against the wall near Morgenstern.

Higgins offers a brief nod to Claire and then says with a light grin, "With doctors like that, who's to blame a bloke for wanting to stay in hospital?" He returns his attention to Morgenstern and echoes, "Regiment de Marche?" He falls silent as Linefork asks about apparently a fallen comrade.

Morgenstern is doing some kind of excersize with his hand, touching one finger to his palm one after the other. He grunts something and looks down at his hand. "Didn't know him that well." That's all he says. "Regiment de Marche is the French Foreign Legion regiment in France. I believe most of the rest are in Africa."

Joey turns to higgins, "Oh come on. Do you want me to shoot you at leg?" he jokes, "So you will stay here for some time"

Higgins aahs and nods to Morgenstern, "Good to meet you," he repeats with a slight smile, which broadens into a grin in response to Joey's question. "No, that won't be necessary, thank you. Though I do have a nurse to see. Gentlemen," he takes his leave with a slight nod of his head.

Joey Hrms, "I shoot down the german planes and they get the girls. My life suck!"

Morgenstern shoots Joey a long, long look. One can almost see him straining to keep himself from saying something rude and sarcastic, right now. "And I got to go the loo," he instead says, standing up. "Later, folks."

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