To Nyc With Love

From Mancuso

To: Mr. Anthony Scarpetti, New York City, New York
I'm in France now, sir. Got shipped out of Parris Island not too long ago, and it's been pretty much straight fighting since we hit the ground. Can't say exactly where I am. Not that it's any great shakes. Just a bunch of trees and farms, and all of it crawling with wild pigs and Germans. Boche, they call the Jerries here. I like it. Sounds like you're about to spit something when you say it.
The Marines is just like you said it'd be. I used to think I was tough, but I've never done anything this hard in my life. I never met such a good group of guys, neither. They're as good as the boys back home in a fight. They kind of remind me of the guys back in the Bronx. We all look out for each other, just like family should.
The brass promoted me to corporal. Maybe they figured if I could survive our neighborhood, this would be a piece of cake. I don't know. We lost a real good one, guy named Luz. Everybody loved him. He was real smart, real good at getting us fired up. Born leader, like you. I've always been better at taking orders than giving them but I'll try and do right by them. I'll try and do like you'd do, sir.
Take care of Ma and my sisters. And tell Pop I got promoted. Tell him they made me general of the whole damn army. Maybe that'll finally give the old bastard a heart-attack. I'll try and make you proud of me, sir.
Gus Mancuso
P.S. There was a soldier here named Pete Alister. He was from our neck of the woods. Used to be a boxer back in the city, he said. Said he ran into some trouble with you. Something about a fight he should of lost that he went and won. I don't know what went down, but he was a good guy. Probably saved my life, and I watched him die like a hero. Whatever he did, I'm asking you to make it square, and see that his family gets what they needs.

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