Skirmish At Mont St Quentin

"Mont St. Quentin: Skirmish"

Who: Sidney, Perkins, Aubrey, Graves, Thomas & Underwood
When: September, 1918
Where: Mont St. Quentin, the Western Front

What: Sidney leads the soldiers in a skirmish to flush out some Germans in
the area. Thomas and Aubrey suffer some minor wounds but, all in all,
things are successful. Perkins gets his first taste of battle.

[The Grid]-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Like a golden sea, the wheatfield stretches out with forest in the distance,
or far off farm houses. The land is flat and open and anyone moving through
it is easily spotted. Here and there some weed has conquered an area, mostly
thistles which adds splashes of green amidst all the yellow.

It is currently dawn.


(Item 1) MP18 Ranged Weapon
(Item 2) Satchel Charge Equipment
(Item 3) Satchel Charge Equipment

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

According to intelligence, there's a bunch of scattered German skirmishers
hiding in the treeline. We have to go polish them off.

Well, the LT said Sidney was a man of experience, so… Thomas steps up to
him. "I guess," he replies, and flashes a very small, pinched smile. When in
doubt, stick with the person who seems to know what they're doing.

Sidney gives a nod seeing Perkins arrive, "Men. LT's given us a
mission….taking out the Germans holing up on that hill to the north." A
turn of his head to nod in that direction. "I expect they'll have at least
one machine gun nest, along with riflemen and perhaps a bloke or two with
some of those…" He halts to point down to the MP18 machine pistol set on
the ground near the satchel charges. "I'm the old boy taking you in on this
one, and I'd like a pair of scouts to lead in first, to survey the
positions. Me and…" He looks to the men here first, "Aubrey, you up for
it?" with a nod to him. "The key will be to sneak in and jump in that
machine gun nest that Fritz loves to set up before it sees us to open fire.
Grenades and pistol or shotgun is what the scouts will need. Rifles will
come up as the main body and join."

Perkins edges closer to Sidney as he explains the situation, his eyes
flashing with a mixture of anticipation, eagerness and nerves. The latter is
probably predominant. He handles his rifle, nodding along bobbingly to all
of that.

Aubrey looks over at Sidney, and nods a little. "Always up for a little
hunting trip in the woods," he replies, with a chuckle.

Sidney draws in a breath. "I'd like two groups minimum. A pair of scouts, me
and Aubrey, for the sneaking move. I'd like another pair…" He pauses, "Any
volunteers?" to flank the woods down from us. The remaining me, those not so
great at playing hide and seek in the woods, bear rifles or machine guns and
close when you hear gunfire…meaning we've been spotted. Got it?"

Graves listens to the squad leader asking for any more volunteers for
scouting. He looks up and down the line, wondering if anyone has the balls
for it.

"Got it," says Thomas - and, again, he looks between those present. It seems
he's in no rush to volunteer for scouting, but if no-one else is going to,
then… well.

Perkins takes a deep breath when Sidney asks for more volunteers and, after
steeling himself, practically hops forward. "I…I volunteer," he says. "I'm
good enough at staying hidden, when I need to be."

Sidney gives a firm nod to Perkins then, "Okay dodger. You'll lead the
flanking group. You go with him, Thomas." added to the other soldier. He
directs his gaze back to Graves. "Medic. If you think you'll be spotted
easily, hang back and keep on the rear of Perkins' group. You'll be backup."

Graves nods his head to Sidney's orders. "Understood," he says, hand lightly
packing his medicine bag. He glances at the others, nervous about his first
action in quite some time.

Aubrey grins a little as he looks between the others. "We're all set, then?"
he asks, with a bit of a chuckle.

Thomas also nods to Sidney, and starts with the hand-clenching-unclenching
again. He eyes the treeline as if he could -see- the Germans if he squints
hard enough.

Perkins flashes a nervy grin at Thomas, filled with eagerness to throw
himself into the breech. He's obviously a newcomer to the front.

Sidney frowns as he looks up, seeing the sun beginning to reveal itself more
behind the hill's horizon. "Let's be quick. Fritz'll enjoy picking us off if
he sees us coming." A turn back to the men. "Perkins, your group heads due
east towards the trees, out of sight. If they spot you with heavy weapons,
step back out of range. If you and Thomas can sneak into their foxhole
first, go ahead and take the first position you spot out. We'll be doing the
same on your left, to your north, heading east a league aways." He nods.
"Graves, keep to the rear…advancing behind Perkins. If you get word of
either group needing help, try to sneak to join that group." He swallows,
perhaps a little overwhelmed. "We'll be at it now unless there's questions."

Thomas peers back at Perkins like he's wondering what size boots he's
wearing, then offers him a very uncomfortable smile in return. The private
doesn't say anything, but nods once again, looking somewhat detatched.

"Due east. Quite, Private Sidney," Perkins replies promptly. "No. No
questions. Understood, all around. I'm ready." He actually smiles some more,
as if doing all that were some kind of honor.

Gravesnods his head to sidney's orders. he looks over to Perkins for a
moment, and then spies the east, eyes squinting against the rising sun.

Sidney makes a motion towards the east after a look back to the LT for his
nod of approval. "Once we get in the woods we'll be safer…" muttered to
Aubrey. "It'll be the fields of Hell along that treeline."

Underwood has arrived.

"I remember someone saying how nice a place Hell is this time of year,"
Aubrey offers back, with a bit of a grin.

Sidney takes the lead, stepping forward towars the east crouched low to not
have his head a target.

Perkins nods once more to Sidney before turning eastward himself.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Perkins moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at Wheatfield.

Sidney keeps quiet as he leads the advance, glancing over his shoulder once
as if questioning where Aubrey's gone. A nod to Perkins and Thomas as he
spots them, taking a moment to wait as Graves arrives.

Graves comes along, crouched low as he brushes the wheat out of his face.
Finding he's caught up to the squad, he says, "Looks like Aubrey's got to
empty his canteen, if ya know what I mean."

Sidney whispers over as he spots Underwood coming along. "Where's Aubrey?"
nodding to the newer man. He grunts to the explanation Graves offers. "You
good at sneaking?" to Underwood again.

Thomas tries to follow behind Perkins. He's only a few steps away, but he
seems to have got it in to his head that Perkins is -leading-, and he's
certainly in no great hurry to change that - even if it means dragging his

Perkins darts along, keeping low in the wheat, trying to keep himself out of
the sights of any Germans lurking about. When Aubrey is mentioned he looks
up, his head whipping around, trying to spot their fellow soldier. "He was
back with us at the starting point, Private. I'd swear to it. He was talking
of Hell." He swallows.

Graves frowns. "Ya don't think he deserted on us, do ya?"

Underwood shakes his head at Sidney, "Nope, never had any use for that"..

«Ground Combat» You notice Aubrey arrive at Wheatfield.

Perkins turns a hard eye to Graves. "That's hardly a thing to jest about. He
wouldn't, I'm quite sure. He's an Englishman." He arches his chin as he
tersely whispers all that to the medic.

Sidney mutters low. "Doubt the man deserted. You don't use those words here
in the bush about a fellow soldier." As he spots Aubrey arrive, he lifts a
hand to wave him over. To Underwood, "You lad, stick with Graves…"
motioning to the medic. "Cover him and the two of you can reinforce
whichever group gets hit the hardest."

Aubrey makes his way along with the others, shrugging a little bit as he
looks around, a bit carefully.

«Ground Combat» Aubrey moves East <E>.

Sidney moves on, following with Aubrey for the leading point. A nod to the
others as he goes, sneaking along as the German positions grow closer.

"Sounds good to me" Underwood smiles, a rather happy smile. "I'll cover the
medic" He seems to settle down, ready to get some rest.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Perkins moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at Wheatfield.
«Ground Combat» You notice Graves arrive at Wheatfield.
«Ground Combat» You notice Underwood arrive at Wheatfield.

Sidney whispers "Okay. We split up here." and turns to face north. "Aubrey
and I will sneak the gauntlet, and if we're lucky we won't be seen. I expect
Fritz will be both north and east of there." He turns to Perkins. "You and
Thomas continue east, then cut north. Be sure to look ahead before entering
those woods north of there."

Thomas keeps quite silent. His opinions are best kept to himself, it seems.
Sidney gets little more than another nod, and then he looks to Perkins

Perkins turns to grin at Aubrey when the man rejoins them. He looks more
than a little relieved. He nods sharply to Sidney, then turns to Thomas.
"East it is, then, mate," he whispers, clutching his rifle.

Underwood checks his pockets, watching the people about to head out in
different directions while dragging his feet behind him himself.

Thomas's grip tightens around the rifle in his hands, and then continues on
eastwards. "Righto."

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves East <E>.

Sidney turns, a little more somber and quiet now as he advances north into
the zone he'd earlier described as the field of Hell. His rifle ready, he
splits off from the other group in that direction with a glance to Aubrey to

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves North <N>.

Graves finds his way to the first checkpoint, and squats down. He sets his
stretcher aside, and watches at the two squads separate. He looks over to
Underwood, and asks, "You good with field medicine at all?"

«Ground Combat» Perkins moves East <E>.

Perkins continues along east as silently as his legs can carry him, sticking
a little ahead of Thomas. He's taking his role as 'leader' seriously. "You
see anything ahead of us?" he asks, peering north. "I can't make out a thing
through the forest."

Thomas squints through the gloom of the forest that's northwards. "Can't see
anything either," he states. "Dunno whether that's good or bad. Still…" He
trails off there, and cocks his head slightly to strain his ears.

Perkins takes a deep breath. "It's clear, as far as I can see. Best be
getting north, then." And so he does. He's not smiling so much now.

«Ground Combat» Perkins moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Sidney arrive at Forest.
«Ground Combat» You notice Aubrey arrive at Forest.

Sidney advances in, keeping quiet. A silent look around allows him to spot
Perkins, who gets a nod from the fellow.

«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at Forest.

Perkins advances quietly in from the south with Thomas, keeping low and
quiet. He returns Sidney's nod when he spots the man.

Thomas lags behind Perkins, but turns up eventually. As soon as he's under
the trees, he starts to get a very nasty facial tick under his right eye,
but he doesn't seem to be too aware of this.

Sidney looks around for a moment, trying to focus his gaze northwards.

Aubrey looks around a bit carefully, grinning a little bit to himself as it
seems they haven't found the enemy yet.

Sidney whispers, "Looks clear. We'll have to sneak through the woods hop by
hop, making sure no Germans are missed. North one, then we'll look north
again and west."

Sidney starts creeping northward through the woods, seeming to focus more on
the stealthier aspects of this mission. His movement is slowed by the
vegetation, sneaking with the men to the forest north.

Perkins creeps north, not far behind Sidney.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» Perkins moves North <N>.

Thomas starts moving again, slightly behind Perkins. He's torn between
keeping an eye on his surroundings and not stepping on twigs.

Sidney creeps in to the thick of the woods here, taking a deep breath as he
pauses to find a good position for reconning the north and west.

Perkins is able to move more or less quietly through the forest, stepping
cautiously around treacherous twigs and holes in the undergrowth. "Reminds
me of the woods back in Warwickshire…" he murmurs. Barely a whisper, and
more to himself than anyone else. "Funny, that…"

«Ground Combat» You notice Aubrey arrive at Forest.

Sidney points west, silently lifting a lone finger. He then motions both
hands to imitate a rifle being held, and points west into the trees again.

As Thomas looks westwards, his lips move silently to form the words, 'Don't
see anything'.

Sidney whispers, "One Hun west. What's north, Perkins?"

Perkins blinks at Sidney, gripping his rifle, nodding. He understands that
signal. A German is yonder.

Perkins peers north, squinting, shaking his head. "Nothing I can see,
Private Sidney," he replies lowly. "It's tricky, in these trees…"

Thomas blinks a few times to get his eyes to focus, then grunts, very
quietly. "Ah, yeah. Foxhole," he murmurs, pointing a thumb westwards.

Sidney slowly nods, not speaking as he slide the rifle onto his back and
draws up the pistol. "Aubrey, me. We'll sneak west to try to ambush Fritz in
his foxyhole." To Perkins and Thomas, "You two circle north and then west.
Hit him from behind if we're seen."

Perkins was half-turned west, eagerly, to confront the Evil Jerry. But
Sidney's words forestall him. He nods. "Yes, of course," he says, preparing
to move north.

«Ground Combat» Perkins moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at Forest.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (4 3)!

Perkins creeps along north, practically clinging to his rifle now, eyes
darting everywhere. There have to be Germans *somewhere*. The sudden shot
makes him gasp.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Grenades from Forest (4 3)!
«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Mills Bomb at Ludwig and hits!
Ludwig suffers 6 wound damage to his left hand.
Ludwig suffers 6 wound damage to his left hand.
Ludwig suffers 1 wound damage to his right leg.
Ludwig suffers 4 wound damage to his left leg.
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Ludwig with your Mills Bomb! Your accuracy is
16 percent!
«Ground Combat» Ludwig has been killed!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Pistols from Forest (3 2)!

Thomas twitches as a bullet whistles past his right arm and, as if on
autopilot, dives to the ground. He can't seem to help yelling, 'FUCK,'

Ludwig blasts at Thomas soon as he sees someone, the forest and dim morning
light meaning they got quite close before noticing each other. The first
shot misses Thomas, and he's just recocking his bolt action when a chunk of
grenade shrapnel takes off his arm at the forearm, causing blood to pump
gruesomely. He goes down.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Pistols from Forest (3 2)!

Perkins stifles a scream as the bullets start flying around him, fumbling
with his rifle. But the German is right on top of them, so he lets fly with
a grenade instead. He seem surprised when it explodes. And even more
surprised when Ludwig explodes bloodily with it. He stares at the down,
bloody German, paling.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Pistols from Forest (3 2)!

Thomas sits up slightly to stare wide-eyed at the German bleeding
everywhere. "Nice," he tells Perkins, distantly, then grabs the other
private by the arm to try and drag him westwards.

«Game» Thomas changes his style to Stealth!

Perkins shakes himself out of his staring, nodding unsteadily to Thomas.
"Yes. Best be on with it, then," he mutters vaguely.

Thomas makes a noise that's somewhere between a grunt and a cough, and
presses onwards.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves West <W>.
«Ground Combat» Perkins moves West <W>.

Perkins does some stumbling as he moves through the undergrowth now, his
hands shaking. There are spots of the German's blood on his boots.

Thomas moves southwards and pauses, just for a moment, to look around and
get his bearings. Like Perkin's, he's covered in bits of German, but seems
to be more concerned with other things right now.

Like the fact that Holtz has just jumped him.

«Ground Combat» Thomas attacks Holtz in melee combat with his Lee Enfield
SMLE and hits! Holtz suffers 6 wound damage to his right leg.
«Ground Combat» Thomas attacks Holtz in melee combat with his Lee Enfield
SMLE but misses!

Holtz has had enough! He drops his rifle, and throws himself onto the mud,
face first, shivering.

«Game» Holtz unwields his Kar98k!

Thomas appears to be operating in something of a red haze. Having stabbed
Holtz twice, he lunges to impale the German a third time, but misses, his
haste making him clumsy.

«Equipment» Holtz has dropped Kar98k.

Perkins has to dart his eyes frantically around for a moment to even -see-
the German they've stumbled upon this time. "Oh, dear!" he cries, fumbling
for another grenade.

«Ground Combat» Thomas attacks Holtz in melee combat with his Lee Enfield
SMLE and hits! Holtz suffers 7 wound damage to his head.
«Ground Combat» Holtz has been killed!

Holtz is grovelling on the ground when a bayonet smashes open the back of
his skull, allowing me to mention brains, as promised.

Perkins gets his Mills bomb in hand, but he never has the opportunity to let
fly with it. Thomas does his work first. He lets out a gasp of relief,
stumbling to the side of his comrade. "Are you badly hurt?" he asks. He
tries not to look at the bayoneted German.

«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Mills Bomb at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» You shoot at Wilhelm with your Mills Bomb! Your accuracy
is 18 percent!
«Game» Perkins wields his Lee Enfield SMLE!

Wilhelm runs east at a trot, encumbered by a large and heavy machinegun,
though it looks like a pretty modern funky toy. Whoa. Looks like he's run
too far. He starts running back, a little faster than he arrived!

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Forest (3 2)!
«Game» Wilhelm changes his style to Sprint!

Thomas seems to get it together somewhat, and just shakes his head at
Perkins. He'd probably keep beating on the poor German's lifeless corpse,
given half a chance. "Wherewerewe?" he asks, and tries to get a bearing on

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from Wheatfield (2 2)!

Perkins spots Wilhelm and, as much in shock as anything else, hurls a
grenade at him. It doesn't make much of an impact. "I…I think the others
are south of here," he says, fumbling for his rifle.

«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm moves West <W>.

Thomas lifts his rifle to his shoulder just in time to fire off a shot at
Wilhelm, but misses. With another grunt, he continues southwards.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves South <S>.
«Ground Combat» Perkins moves South <S>.

Perkins scuttles south after Thomas, on shaky legs.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves into Foxhole.

Almost as soon as Aubrey exits the foxhole, Thomas arrives to jump in to it.
Once he's there, he doesn't seem too sure what he should do next, but still.

«Ground Combat» Sidney fires his Webley Mk VI at Konrad and hits!
Konrad suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his Kar98k at Underwood but misses!

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Eisen and hits!
Eisen suffers 4 wound damage to his right arm.

«Ground Combat» Mason fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Eisen but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Eisen but misses!

From Wheatfield, a male voice shouts, "Oi, any of you lads hit?".

Eisen wishes Underwood had the same problem as the foxhole becomes filled
with gore from glancing and not so glancing hits.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Eisen but misses!
«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Eisen but misses!

Thomas shouts, "FINE HERE.".

«Ground Combat» Mason fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Eisen but misses!

Sidney is tense as his pistol is fired, the shell nicking the German's hand.
But his eyes widen a moment as he spots another of the Kaiser's men in this
foxhole with them, trying to fire off another round.

«Ground Combat» Sidney fires his Webley Mk VI at Eisen but misses!

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Eisen and hits!
Eisen suffers 5 wound damage to his head.

Eisen is flanked, machinegunned, and with a guy with a pistol right next to
him. He lays down his gun, and puts up his arms. "Krieg kaput!"

Aubrey fires, missing as he makes his way forward again, steadily. Even if
there's a steady trickle of blood from his hand.

Eisen then falls down into the foxhole, stunned by a bullet that scrapes a
nasty wound out of the side of his head as it travels northwards.

«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Eisen and hits!
Eisen suffers 7 wound damage to his right hand.

Thomas has a very brisk, if somewhat zombie-like inspection of the fox hole
and, once satisfied that there's nothing in it which wants to kill him,
begins to clamber out again, looking quite nonplussed.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Perkins but misses!

Sidney snaps a command, his pistol not firing out. "Drop your weapons and
surrender! On the ground!" he shouts.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves out of Foxhole.
«Game» Eisen unwields his Kar98k!

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Thomas and hits!
Thomas suffers 5 wound damage to his left leg.

«Equipment» Eisen has dropped Kar98k.

Sidney gives a nod as both men disarm. He motions to the machine gunner to
join. "Over here".

Perkins shoots, half in panic, at the German who'd been grappling with
Sidney. It's only after a second he notices the man has surrendered. He

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Aubrey but misses!

Thomas exits the foxhole…Just in time to get clipped in the leg. Well, it
seemed a good idea at the time. He yells and buckles over.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Perkins but misses!
«Ground Combat» You notice Graves arrive at Forest.
«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm tries to fire his MG08/18 at Thomas but his weapon
is jammed!
«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!

Wilhelm has been doing what machinegunners love, fire undisturbed for a
while. But that only lasts a few seconds before his location is identified
and return fire starts coming in. And about then his newfangled gun has the
temerity to jam.

Aubrey turns his attention to the North, growling a little bit, "Machine
gunner…" He then starts to move towards the north.

Graves comes scampering in, having seen one of his squaddies getting shot in
the leg. He zigs and zags as he moves, rushing to get up to the wounded

«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!

Perkins nods, several times to Aubrey. "Yes. Yes, I see him." He fires off a
round at said machine gunner, but it does no damage. He waves to Graves when
he spots the medic. "Hurry, please! Thomas has been hit!"

«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!
«Game» Wilhelm unjams his MG08/18!
«Game» Aubrey changes his style to Sprint!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Thomas but misses!

«Ground Combat» Aubrey moves North <N>.

Thomas has, indeed, been shot in the leg - in return, he's firing back at
the machine gunner with more hatred than accuracy.

Graves keeps his head down as he rushes towards Thomas. He doesn't even
bother to reply to Perkins as he moves, making sure to keep trees between
him and the german gun to the west.

«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!

«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm and hits!
Wilhelm suffers 5 wound damage to his left hand.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Aubrey but misses!

Aubrey continues advancing to the north, heading in the direction of Wilhelm
as fast as he can, moving to try to get close to the machinegunner.

Perkins keeps on shooting at Wilhelm, so intent on trying to aim his shaking
rifle that he doesn't notice Aubrey charging forth. Until he's done it. "My

Graves finally gets to Thomas, and begins examining his leg. His stretcher's
been discarded during his rush over, and he pulls his satchel out as he gets
ready to bandage and treat Thomas's wounded leg. As he looks him over, he
shakes his head, "I'll have ta get the tweezers for this one."

Wilhelm turns to concentrate his fire on the one who is running towards him,
but a bullet to the knuckles ruins much chance of that. Theres a cry of
pain, and he grits his teeth, rolling over away from the gun.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm undeploys his MG08/18!
«Game» Wilhelm unwields his MG08/18!
«Game» Wilhelm wields his C96!
«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but misses!

Thomas seems quite oblivious to Grave's efforts (that's gratitude for you) -
despite (or because of) the wound in his leg, his attention is focused
purely on shooting at Wilhelm. Thomas can scream and swear a lot about the
injury -later-.

«Ground Combat» Thomas fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm and hits!
Wilhelm suffers 2 wound damage to his right arm.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his C96 at Aubrey but misses!

Wilhelm is made of sterner stuff than his compatriots, and opens fire with
his pistol, leaving the machinegun for the moment.

Graves keeps his head down, as he works the lodged bullet out of the wound.
"You're lucky, it didn't hit any arteries," he says. With the bullet out, he
wraps the wound in a pressure bandage, and ties the knot, noticing that
Thomas is still shooting.

«Ground Combat» Perkins fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm and hits!
Wilhelm suffers 8 wound damage to his left arm.

Wilhelm gets hit in the arm dead on with the next rifle bullet, blowing a
goodly chunk of flesh and bone apart. He drops his pistol, cries out, and
just tries to avoid the bayonet, while putting his good arm up.

"Can I keep the bullet?" Thomas asks Graves, sounding rather distracted.
Although he's still upright and firing, he's gone quite pale.

«Game» Wilhelm unwields his C96!
«Ground Combat» Thomas tries to fire his Lee Enfield SMLE at Wilhelm but
his weapon is jammed!
«Equipment» Wilhelm has dropped C96.

Graves snickers at the morbid request. "Sure thing," he says, holding the
bloodied and mangled bullet for Thomas to take. He checks his work, and
says, "look like you'll be off duty for a few days with this."

Perkins has the presence of mind -not- to shoot the surrendering German this
time, turning to stare at Thomas. "-Keep- it?" He's rather startled that the
man would want to. He turns to Graves. "Is he hurt badly?"

Thomas's rifle then makes a rather interesting noise, and he has to hunker
down to try and unjam it. His hands are visibly shaking now. "Oh good," he
replies to Graves, and offers a bit of a dopey, dissonant smile. "Thank

Graves gives Thomas a wink, and breaks out the morphine. Thomas' adrenyline
rush will likely begin to fade soon, and he doesn't want him wailing like a
girl in the middle of the battlefield. With a quick jab into the soldier's
thigh, whatever pain will come will come unnoticed.

Aubrey arrives from Forest.

Ahh, morphine. "They say that somewhere out there," Thomas informs Perkins,
with a drunken sort of seriousness, "There's a bullet with my name on it.
This bullet hit me, so it must've had my name on it, so I figure that I'd
better keep to sure that it's somewhere safe."

Perkins sticks near Thomas, staring at the man with a sort of morbid
fascination. It's unlikely he's ever seen a wounded man before. Or one
pumped up on morphine. "Yes…well…I suppose I didn't quite look at it
that way…"

Gravesgets his stretcher prepped after retrieving it from behind a bank of
trees. He sets it down beside Thomas, "Allright, who's gonna help me carry
him back?" he asks, looking at the collection of soldiers.

"I can," Perkins volunteers readily, moving to assist Graves with the

Aubrey makes his way down south again, offering a grin at people. Still
ignoring the blood trickling from his hand, though.

Thomas pops the bullet in one of his pockets, and hauls himself on to the
stretcher. He's… actually in a perversely good mood, now.

Gravesis about to help Thomas onto the stretcher when he spots Aubrey with
his wonkey hand. "Oi, you. Commear with that!" he says to the rifleman.
"Lemme patch you up before you get blood poisoning or somethin!"

Not waiting for Aubrey to come over, Graves gets up and follows the dazed
man, who seems to be in shock. He pulls out a bandage to wrap the fellow's
hand with. "Ya gots ta get this looked at."

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