Singh Is Taught First Aid

Foster heads in, from the west, a small black box in his hands, his pace a little slower than usual, his demeanour less brazen.

Singh is on his way to the mess, though he's taking a roundabout way of getting there. Mostly he's just walking, hands in the pockets of his khaki uniform, expression pensive as he strides through the trench. He notices Foster and stops to offer the captain a respectful, enough, salute. "Good evening, sir."

«Illumination» A Very light goes off over the battlefield!

Foster returns the offered salute. "Private Singh. I've been looking for you. And Private Stanley as well. Do you know where he is? On duty, or in his dugout?"

O'Riley has arrived.

Chewing on a piece of wood O'Riley wanders along from the front lines, the lewis gun placed over his right shoulder as he walks along.

Antonia is at the trenches, going about the normal peacetime job of patching up small problems. At the mention of Stanley she glances over towards the officer and Singh.

Singh's brows arch a notch. Looking for him, was he? "I have not seen him today, sir," he replies, as to Stanley. "He may still be in hospital. The Huns gave him quite a wound." His tone remains carefully neutral and respectful as he says that. The Indian private has paused en route to the mess to speak with Captain Foster.

O'Riley nods his head towards those he passes by on his way towards the mess. He pauses by Antonia and offers a soft smile. "You know what kind of poison they serve now if any?"

Foster nods. "In last nights… incident. I was pleasantly surprised by your performance, perhaps the only part of the operation that was worth undertaking.". He eyes Singh. "I must confess I've never met a member of the British Indian Army before. Now I know why the Bengal, Bombay and Madras Sappers have the reputation they do.". Thats about as much ceremony as he can stand apparently, as he offers Singh one of the boxes he carries. "I have selected you for corporal. While there is some paperwork to do regarding pay, as far as here in the field is concerned, it is effective immediately."

«Illumination» A Very light burns out.

Antonia sorts through her kit, raising her head as O'Riley comes by. "Expect they're still preparing," she says, with a glance towards the mess trench. "I should say some manner of porridge, soon." She can just barely hear Foster's words, and she turns her attention from O'Riley to look at Singh for a long moment.

O'Riley glances towards the Mess and sighs deeply where he stands with his gun over his shoulder. "Buggers." he mutters as he now has to wait to get some food. So like the nurse he glances over towards the communication trench as he hears someone earns a promotion.

Singh blinks at the captain. It's not an extreme expression of shock, by any means, but coming from him it's as good as boggling. "You are promoting me? After last night?" It's unclear which of those pieces of this surprises him more. He gives his head a small shake, regaining his composure enough to give the captain a crisp salute. "Thank you, sir. I shall endeavor to live up to the responsibility you have placed in me. If I may say, however, I was not expecting this."

Antonia can't quite smile. Of course it must mean a lot to a man to receive such a promotion, and surely it was a good thing. Surely. She exhales a slow breath and glances back at O'Riley. "Glad to see there's some triumph somewhere," she comments absently, rolling some bandages.

Foster sighs a bit. "Last night was… not exactly in the finest tradition of this army." he admits. "It seems the men need more leadership, from one who has been here a little longer than a week. And we have a number of fresh recruits coming in, who could use the assistance."

O'Riley nods hsi head slightly to what Antonia just said. "Listening to what is said, it sounds more like filling the gaps." he murmurs but he smiles softly. "A pay raise is always something though..And rank of corpral its not something small that."

Singh still looks more mildly stunned than triumphant, but he tries to invest some proper pride in his expression as well. It's clearly an effort. "If you believe they will follow me, sir, I shall do my best to lead them." He tries to keep his skepticism of that out of his voice. "Forgive me but, may I ask…why me?"

Antonia turns over the bandage roll in her hands, looking down at it for a while before she turns her head to see Singh and Foster again. "No, it's not," she agrees with O'Riley, keeping her voice quiet. "At least they picked a good man."

"Well he wont be seen when its dark thats for sure." O'Riley mutters in responce to the nurse as he puts the machine gun down, with the stock to the ground to lean against it. "You know him?"

Foster smiles faintly at that. "You and Private Stanley are some of the few still alive from your intake." he points out. "And that wasn't long ago. I decided to act quickly because, well…". He trails off a bit. "Who knows how much longer any of us are going to be here? Better promote those who I think would do well now, rather than wait and see."

Singh manages to wipe the incredulity off his face. That wasn't exactly encouraging, but it's something he can easily believe. "Stanley is a brave man. I am certain he will also do his best to rally the men." He clearly assumes the Canadian will also be receiving a promotion.

Antonia doesn't respond to O'Riley's first comment, not verbally and not in her expression either. "What more can you know about a man than what you see in how he behaves…" she asks, setting the roll into her kit. "He is very brave."

Foster nods, implying Singh assumes correctly. "I am sure he will. He was hardly the first to leave the field last night… I would think, if he survives, he would make sergeant before too long. If you see him, send him to my dugout. But as he doesnt' appear to be around, I should go and attend to my paperwork."

"Dunno." O'Riley murmurs as he stands there watching, after a moment he shrugs his shoulders. "I dont know him, I just got transfered here…But you know that, you were in the med station when I came in."

Singh nods in agreement, though he can't but smirk a touch at the 'if he survives' bit. "I shall tell him when I see him next, sir," he says, giving the captain another salute before resuming his course toward the mess. When his back is to the captain, he resumes looking mildly stunned.

Foster slopes off to the west, back to his hole.
Foster has left.

Antonia looks back up at O'Riley's face with one of her faint, neutral smiles. "Of course," she says. "Well. It seems now you might just be seeing more of him. Corporal and whatnot."

O'Riley looks at Antonia and arches an eyebrow. "It sure would seem like it….But as far as I'm concerned I do not care if he is a good man or not, if he is a good soldier that is what I'm concerned about. And if the Captain says he is, then that is good with me..Need not be seeing him, just need to hear him and listen to his commands."

Singh resumes his stride to the mess trench, staring at the box in his hand as if he still can't believe it is there. He's headed by Antonia and O'Riley, though he pays them little notice. He shake his head, muttering, "The English are insane…"

"I think you know what I meant," Antonia says, with a slight smirk as she closes her kit. "And he is a fine soldier…" As if she were qualified to be saying such a thing. He goes by them right after she says that, and she raises an eyebrow ever so slightly, adding dryly, "..if a tad judgmental…"

O'Riley blinks as Singh speaks up. "Corpral or not, dont make me punch yer nose in Corpral.."

Singh passes by Antonia and O'Riley, still in a daze. Then they speak. And has clearly heard him. Lovely. He turns slowly on his heel to acknowledge them. Trying to make his expression vaguely coherent. "Private. Nurse Young." He offers a little nod to each of them. It takes him a second to realize O'Riley called him 'corporal'. He looks almost embarrassed. "You heard the Captain, then?" The threat to punch him goes unremarked upon.

Antonia clears her throat quietly as Singh refers to her as nurse. She really didn't even know if she should be correcting people. It was too odd. She stands up slowly, facing Singh with squared shoulders. "Yes, sir," she says, professionally. "Congratulations."

O'Riley nods his head slightly. "I did Sir…And please dont talk bad about my country again Sir." he mutters as he stands there with his lewis gun.

Singh's brows arch when Antonia clears her throat, and he seems surprised that isn't accompanied by some sort of correction. He actually does look, a little, proud of himself when she congratulates him, standing up a notch squarer. "Thank you. The Canadian, Stanley, has received a promotion as well. After last night's action, the Captain saw fit to award us." There is a hint of bitterness in his voice. Under his breath he adds, "I pray I never see what makes a man an officer." He then turns to O'Riley with a sigh. His new rank is going so well. "I apologize if you took offense. I intended none." He sounds sincere about that.

"Naturally I take offence if you say I'm mad Sir." O'Riley mutters, he then glances between the nurse and the Corporal and grins slightly. "I'll be off to the Mess to get some food…As I have nothing to celebrate, nor a lovely bird who fawns over me."

"…Corporal…Stanley will be pleased, I'm sure." Antonia says the words with the neutrality of someone who isn't quite sincere. "But he'll be in hospital for a while. His surgery went quite well, but he'll need the time to recuperate before he goes…" Running back out into danger. "…back to work."

"I should come by and see him later," Singh says to Antonia, as to Stanley. Maybe they can mourn their promotions together. "I am glad to hear he is doing well." O'Riley's words make his tense slightly, but all he asks is a bland, "What is your name, Private? I do not believe I have seen you on the line."

O'Riley pauses as he was about to leave. "O'Riley Sir…" he pats his lewis gun to indicate his special branch. "Came in via a transfer last night…Most of the unit was just shipping to the med station when I came..Must have been some fight?"

"Certain he would be glad to see you, sir," Antonia says, with the most subtle stress on the 'you'. She was half afraid Foster would go barging in there himself before someone was able to warn the poor man. Her pale eyes shift to O'Riley as the young man answers, looking over his face for a moment.

"Some fight, indeed," Singh answers, as stoically as he can. "We made an attempt to draw the Huns into the open. We succeeded all too well, to our own loss." He pauses a beat. This isn't a topic he's eager to discuss. "Corporal Stanley, of whom you have heard, was wounded in the attack, though he lives thanks to the good care of our medics." He nods ever so slightly in Antonia's direction, without actually looking at her.

O'Riley nods his head slightly and then moves up into attention and gives the new Corpral his first salute, before he hefts his gun back up over his shoulder and turns to head into the mess trench.

Antonia says nothing at the acknowledgment. She simply nods to O'Riley as the man turns to leave. Then after a moment she looks at Singh. "I should check on my patients at the station. We had a round of gas come this morning." She fills him in matter-of-factly. "You will come to see Corporal Stanley, then?"

Singh returns O'Riley's salute in kind, before turning his attention back to Antonia. "I shall. And if you have a few moments…" He pauses again. "…though I am certain you do not have much time free now. I have been a poor student for you, Nurse."

"It isn't like any of us are running about with an excess of time or energy, Corporal," Antonia says, inclining her head slightly. And there was that temptation to correct again. Might as well. "But I'm not a…nurse…anymore, sir," she says, almost cautiously. She touches the caduceus pin on her collar, denoting her as a full doctor. "They…uh…ran short, you see…"

«Illumination» A Very light goes off over the battlefield!

Singh looks down at the indicated pin, eyes widening slightly. A grin creases his face. He lifts his eyes from the pin to her. "I am not terribly well-spoken today, it seems," he says wryly. "I owe some congratulations myself."

«Illumination» A Very light burns out.

"No need, sir," Antonia says, trying not to sound as self-conscious as she felt. "It was more necessity than a commendation, truly. But at least I can be sure my nurses run the way I need them to."

Singh nods, his grin quirking. "That you will do well at, I am certain. And you surely are needed here. Doctor Young."

Antonia avoids looking at his face for a moment. But when she does she sees that grin and it seems to relax her ever so slightly. She actually manages to smile. "As are you. Corporal Singh." She sighs quietly and glances over the quiet trench. "Well. I'm supposedly off-duty, though I have the feeling it'll mean even less now than it did before. Please feel free to come along to the station if you like. Perhaps I can show you a few things."

Singh doesn't smile so much as smirk in a self-mocking sort of way at his own new title. At her invitation, he eagerly nods. "Thank you. I shall, if it is not too much trouble for you. I felt myself more useless than ever, last night." All traces of any sort of smile promptly fade.

"No-one was useless last night, sir," Antonia assures him. And she sounds like she believes it. She gestures for him to come along as she starts to head that way. "You all accomplished what you were meant to have accomplished. That the Germans were so lucky, well…that's not guilt that should be on any shoulders on our side."

"Lucky. They were indeed that," Singh murmurs, more to himself than Antonia. He follows along behind her without anymore comments on the previous night's action.

Antonia arrives at the med station with Singh walking along with her,
checking in briefly at the entranceway even though she's not technically

Singh slips in alongside Antonia, an abstracted look on his face. As if
he's mentally processing something rather strange.

Sam is on crutches now, but back on duty. She's currently leaning
against one crutch, her other hand gently applying some disinfectant to a
soldier's wound whose bandage she is in the process of changing.

Edward has arrived.

Antonia puts the pencil down and gestures Singh over towards Stanley's
bed, where the Private is thankfully fast asleep. "He'll likely be
groggy from the surgery when he does eventually wake," she says. "Alright,
well, I guess we should get started. Likely the most common things
you'll encounter will penetrating trauma, such as gunshot wounds. Do you
remember what I did on the field yesterday for Stanley's situation?"

Edward groans a bit, wandering back from the battery. "Someone shoot
the idiot that shot that flare please." he says quietly, peeking in on
the wounded. He tiredly salutes, or tries to. Ah, who can blame him.
Tired, wet feet…possibly getting trench foot…he's doing what he can.

Singh looks over at sleeping Stanley, nodding to Antonia. "I hope I may
speak with him soon." 'Before the Captain does' isn't added, but it's
definitely implied. He turns back to Antonia. "I saw what you did,
though I am not certain I processed it properly. My mind was on…other

Samantha looks over to Edward as he comes back in, about to say
something, but then a fit of coughing hits her. She attempts to curse, turning
her head away from any near by patients as she just waits to cough it
out, eyes watering, before finally using her crutches to get in his
direction. Her voice is strained when she finally arrives.."..Soldier.. how
can.. can I help you?"

"Of course," Antonia says, gently rubbing her eyes. She sits down on a
stool nearby…she'd be fine for talking but not doing it on her feet.
"The main problem with trauma like that, sir, is bleeding. You've got
to staunch it as quickly as possible." She points over to where some
medical kits are. "If you could get one of those for me I shall show you
the procedure."

Edward ahs just a bit. "Take a seat ma'am. Sorry, It's just me feet is
all. Be needin some sulfa on them. Tink I gettin that trench foot
again." Waving a hand a bit he adds. "An don be worrin bout me. Just tha
powder 'ill do me. An I was wonderin how the lad Mike was a doin."

Garner has arrived.

Singh watches Antonia, brow furrowing with some concern. But he just
goes to retrieve a medical kit for her without asking. "Bleeding. Yes. I
have seen that much." The sound of more coughing makes his glance over
at Samantha, and Edward, while he's at it. He nods to the nurse but
offers no other greeting. She seems to have her hands full.

Samantha gives Singh a brief nod in turn, as well as a small smile, as
she limps over in the direction of the powders. She brings one back to
Edward with a smile, "..There you are…" She clears her throat again,
"Anything else?" She'll run and get water when she's done with him.

Edward ahs, shaking his head. "No ma'am. Do you have any need of me?"

Dobbs suddenly stirs from his sleep, coughing violently. He bends,
sitting up with a loud groan, and covers his mouth with one fist. After a
few moments of attempting simultaneously to clear his throat and catch
his breath, Dobbs' breathing slows down and he very gently attempts to
lie himself back down, wincing as he touches his side with one hand.

Antonia reaches for the kit, opening it up on the table. She has a job
to be doing right now, and that was getting this man taught. She takes
out the gauze and the other binding supplies, showing them to Singh.
"Now, what you never want to do it simply put it onto a wound and let it
soak. That just draws more blood out of the body, you see. The key to
stopping bleeding is pressure. Give me your arm and take your sleeve

Edward has disconnected.

Singh pays close attention to Antonia as she goes through her supplies
and explains some of her procedures. "Do not let it soak. I see." He
gives her a quizzical look when she asks for his arm, but he rolls up his
sleeve and offers it obediently enough.

Samantha shakes her head to Edward, "No.. No.. just take care.. I can
help you.. Just a minute.." She dashes off to get some water, finally,.
Or well.. Limps, that is, coughing a bit again.

"Alright." Antonia leans foward a bit towards him so she can use his
arm as a test subject. "Here's your wound." She draws her fingernail
across his forearm. She gives a few words of explanation as she goes but
mostly just demonstrates how to wrap it swiftly, then presses the heel of
her hand firmly over the "cut" to show Singh what she means by
pressure. She does mean pressure. "Like this, you see. If it doesn't stop, you
can put an ice pack to it…if you can get to one. Now, if it's a limb
like this, you'll want to get it above the level of the patient's

Garner walks into the medical station at a slow, steady pace, with
metered steps, the steps of someone who just pulled sentry duty behind the
line for once, and is grateful for the opprtunity. Samantha rushes by
him, which is cause for a glance, but nothing beyond that. He walks past
Antonia's demostartion to Singh, and pauses, taking time to watch.
"Don't think anyone could get ice down here." He remarks.

Singh lets out a grunt of surprise when Antonia presses her hand over
his imaginary wound, trying to cover it with a clearing of his throat.
She wasn't kidding about the pressure. "I see." He tries to hold his arm
up at the level she mentioned. "Why must it be it be above the heart?"
He looks up at Garner, offering the other soldier a nod in greeting.
"Good evening, Private."

Antonia glances at Garner and gives him a polite nod, but is more
intent on what she's doing. "Reduces the blood pressure," she explains
tersely, nodding to Singh. "Which can, in turn, help cut down the bleeding.
Now, you don't want to keep pressure on too long. Once it's
stopped…provided that it does indeed stop…you'll want to ease off it slowly."
And she does so, letting his arm go. "Do you know how to take a pulse?"

Garner brows knit in slight confusion. "Private? Ohhh!" He grins as
understanding dawns across his face, and moves to check Singh's left
sleeve. "Ahh ha! I'm guessing that means something higher than Private." He
give a slight roll of his eyes, but keeps that gin on his face. "Well,
another target for the snipers, I guess. Least I'll survive a bit
longer in this war because of you. All kidding aside, mate, glad to see a
man of your mindset moving up in the ranks! And I'm not just saying that
to get more leave." He shakes his head a bit, and goes back to watching
Antonia's little lesson.

Samantha finishes her coughing fit, having gulped down a bit of water
and dried her slightly watering eyes before she leans back on her crutch
and steps into the general ward area of the medical station again. She
gives a look across the wounded, seeing if there is anyone who might
need her at this very moment.

Singh looks half-embarrassed when Garner notices his new rank, though
he does grin when snipers are mentioned. "I think my mindset, such as it
is, had little to do with it. I half-think Captain Foster was just
trying to save face, after last night. Though what good this does anyone I
am not sure." He keeps his focus on Antonia as he talks, nodding. "I
see. I have never tried, though it does not look too hard. Wrists and
neck, yes?"

Antonia raises an eyebrow slightly at Garner, not quite sure if the
man's truly psychotic or just a tad odd. She looks back at Singh, nodding.
"That's two ways, yes. There's one here," she puts her finger against
the pulse point on Singh's wrist. "And one here." Tilting her own head
to the side she shows him where the hollow is. "See if you can feel it
in your own throat, there."

Garner gives a small smile to Antonia in response to her raised
eyebrow. He gives a slight cough. "Haven't heard anything about last night,
except that it was bloddy awful. I don't suppose you could tell me a bit
about it? 'Specially dirt on an officer. And of course is does some
good. You've obviously proven yourself to be quite the warrior." He grins,
and seems to be in a good mood today.

John walks into the bunker with a little bit of a limp. "Hey
there mates, wonderin' if I could get me foot checked out," he says
with a bit of a smile, "Nothin' special, but it's gettin' on me nerves."

Singh frowns slightly. Not in much of a good mood himself, and any
spark of it was stamped out when Garner asked about the previous night. "It
was both bloody and awful, yes," he replies stoically to the
Englishman. "We tried to draw the Germans out while I was wiring our line. A full
brunt of our men took the field." He sighs. "A warrior I am. Yes. I was
the only one who made it back not bleeding from somewhere." He can't
keep the bitteness out of his voice as he talks. Mention of 'dirt on the
officers' makes him smirk grimly, but he offers none. With some obvious
effort. He tilts his neck to the side, lifting his finger tips to feel
for a pulse in as best a copy of Antonia as he can manage.

Antonia watches Singh do that, trying to be patient. "Not…quite
there…" She starts to reach for him, and with a brief hesitation she does
so, taking his hand with her smaller one and moving his fingertips a
little bit. "There. Can you feel it now?"

Samantha notices John coming in the front, and still managing actually
quite well just using one crutch for her leg, she makes it over to the
front. She gives him a smile, rather pale looking behind it but the
smile is genuine, "Of course, Soldier. Trenches bothering you?" SHe asks,
nodding him to a near by seat. All the beds, after last night, are
quite full. "Take a stool.. I'll get you some of the powder." She has a
nice British accent, not London… Swindon, if one knows England all that
well, but still it's fairly pleasant, even if her voice is scratchy.

Garner absently copies Antonia's motion, feeling for a pulse on his own
neck. His good spirits and grin are both extinguished by Singh
discription of the battle last night. He gives a slight shake of his head. "So,
you got lucky. There's no shame in that. Luck has to favr somene in
each battle, I think. If luck favor's someone enough, they survive long
enough to learn, and that learning puts them in a position tohelp his
fellow soldiers. Don't you agree?" He give a very small smile, barely an
upturn of the lips, at Antonia's actions.

John smiles happily at the girl, and takes the offered seat.
"Nothin' I can't handle, but they wont let me onto the field when
there's somethin' wrong with yer feet," he says lightly. "You look a lot
worse off then me, what happened to yer?

Samantha looks down at herself for a moment, "Oh.. just.. was on the
field, with the ambulance, last week. Took a hit. It happens… and then
we all got gassed earlier. Nothing we can't handle." Eternal optimist
this one, or at least she's tryign to be. She grabs the small bottle of
whale oil they keep on hand just for this purpose, bringing it over to
him. " with your socks and shoes. Put this on. All over.
Both feet."

"There was no luck for anyone last night," Singh says softly, though he
seems to be speaking more to himself than Garner. "It was madness." He
blinks when Antonia takes his hand, doing some well and true boggling
this time. But he eventually recovers himself enough to follow her
directions. "Yes. Yes, I think I have it now. Thank you."

"Good," Antonia says, letting go of Singh's hand. She didn't meet his
eyes while she did that. "You'll want to check that frequently on a
patient, particularly when he's bleeding so." She glances at Garner,
momentarily wryly amused by the fact that he's standing there taking his own
pulse. "Private, would you be so kind as to assist me with something?
Would you lie on that cot there." She points to an empty cot nearby.

Pulling his boot off brings a bit of a wince from John, but he
continues to remove his sock and then the other shoe. "Ah I'd forgotten about
this stuff. Must have it around my gear somewhere," he says before
doing as she says and rubbing the oil over his feet. "Luckily I brought one
of me spare pairs of socks." He smiles again and brings out a rather
dirty looking pair of socks from his pocket. "Don't worry lass, they're
dry if not clean," he says with a wink.

Samantha nods simply to John, "Well, good then. You really need to
remember to change those socks. Three times a day, right?" She instructs
him, looking him straight in the eyes so he knows she's serious. After
that little instruction, she limps briefly in Antonia's direction.."Need
anything while I'm up, Doctor?" Yes. A part of her just wanted to call
Toni doctor. But it was a genuine offer.

Garner looks around himself, "What, that cot?" He points to the cot she
is also pointing to, in an act of redunacy cuased by slight confusion
on why. "Okay. But only for a bit. I don't want the Coporal here
reporting to the brass that II've abandoned my sentry duty." A quick smirk to
Singh, and he moves to sit down on the cot, they to a position lying
down. "Just try not to hurt me too badly, will you?"

Singh grins at Garner, though it takes some effort. "I will keep it
under my hat, as it were, Private." He watches the Englishman, not looking
at Antonia just now, either, waiting to receive further instructions
from the doctor. In the meantime, he offers a quick smile and greeting to
Sam. "Nurse Cole. You are looking better."

Antonia smirks slightly as Garner lies down. "Just relax, sir," she
says encouragingly…even if her encouraging tone doesn't sound very
encouraging. She looks over at Sam and motions her over. "Certainly…come,
I need a demonstrator to show the Corporal here how to do splints.
We'll start with the arm, then do a leg." She looks at Singh, motioning to
Garner. "Nurse Cole will show you, then you'll do it."

Samantha nods immediately, "Ah.. solider.. Promise I won't bite. Easier
if I'm sitting, though." She can use both her hands then. She sits down
on the bed next to him, smiling over to Singh. She's still looking a
bit pale, but then most of them are after the gas. "Thank you, I'm
feeling quite better. The leg, at least. Thanks to the doctor there." She
drops her voice a moment as she leans over to grab the board and ties,
"She's the best one in this bloody place, I tell you." And then she looks
to Garner. "Alright, first off, fo rthe arm. You want to split it it in
the position you found it. So if it's bent, you put the board across
both lenghts of the arm." She sets the board beneath the mans arm so it's
at his mid fore-arm and mid shoulder while his arm is bent, "And then
secure it tightly in place. If the arm is straight, you secure the split
along the straight plane of the injury."

Garner just lays still, allowing his arm to be moved and splinted. Hmm.
This was a bit more mundane than he exepected. Still, if there wasn't
blood and screaming, mundane seemed to be the way to go. "I don't
suppose you'll be needing me to break a limb for this demonstation? If you
do, make it the right arm. I just got used to using the left again." He
smiles to himself, and anyone who happens to be standing over him. He
looks to Samantha. "As you can attest, I beleive. I never got to thank
you for the extra care."

Antonia lets Sam demonstrate, talking quietly to Singh. "The issue with
bones," she says to him, "Is that if they're not cared for like this as
soon as one can, any number of things can happen. A particular danger
is the bone going through the skin. Broken bones can also be a major
cause of shock, which is something you want to prevent at all costs. The
leg splint you should pay good attention to; an emergency splint can let
a man get away from danger on his own when we can't get to him quickly

Singh goes to kneel on the opposite side of Garner's cot, watching Sam
intently as she splints him. He chuckles at the private. "I don't think
breaking will be necessary, unless I am very bad indeed at this." He
looks back up at Antonia, nodding. "A man could walk if his leg was
properly splinted? That would be useful to know indeed."

Samantha nods to Singh, "Well.. it's not preferable, but they can. The
real key is to make the wrapping and ties as tight and secure as
possible. Of course, you don't want to cut off blood flow, but you want the
board to serve as the stablizing device that the bone no longer can."
She takes the board she used for the arm and reaches down, rolling up
Garner's uniform leg and beginning to demonstrate on his calf. She smiles
briefly over to Garner at his words, "…You are most welcome, Private.
It's good to see you all healed up again, really."

Antonia nods to what Samantha says, adding "On his own…perhaps. More
often with help. Depends on the injury," she says, talking to Singh as
she folds her arms. "He would still need aid. But without a good splint
he would certainly move a hundred times more slowly than with one. The
key to first aid is, of course, not fixing the entire problem…but
getting a man to the point where he can be moved to safety. You'd be
shocked how many bullet wounds shatter bone and make a splint necessary on
top of staunching the bleeding in order for a man to get back here
without having gone into shock."

Garner gives a bigger grin to Samantha. "Thank you. Unfortuantly, that
means I know who to go to next time one of my wounds festers. Getting
the best service, and all." He lifts his head, and examines briefly what
is being done to his limbs. He reacts a bit to Samantha's remark about
blood flow. "But cutting off the blood is good, if you can't stop
bleeding in other terms, right? Something called a torn-e-cot?"

"What happens if the blood flow is cut off?" Singh asks, sort of
echoing Garner's question. He nods grimly at Antonia's description of what a
bullet can do. "I am not so shocked to hear it, based on what I have
seen at the front." He pays especially close attention to what Samantha
does to Garner's leg, head tilted forward like an attentive schoolboy.

Antonia nods to Garner. "She means that you don't want to stop blood
flow to a healthy part of the body." To Singh she adds. "If you do that
it causes tissue damage. If there's no blood going to an area, it will
die. Cutting off blood flow could damage someone's ability to use their
hand, or their foot, or whatever part isn't getting blood." Then she
looks at Garner again. "A tourniquet, yes. But that's coming. One thing
at a time. The COrporal needs to get his own practice on you now." SHe

Samantha nods immediately in agreement with Toni's words, and she
finishes securing that split.."And that's the leg splint. Anything else,
Doctor?" She inquires, sitting up straight so those watching can get a
closer look to how the wound has been managed.

Garner smiles, but, nevertheless, has gone a bit pale. "Ahh. Do you
have to remind me?" He chuckles a bit. "Just so long as he doesn't
practice that Torniquet stuff on me. It sounded nasty the first time I heard
of it, and it sound nasty now. Just the thought of having someone hack a
a dead limb of mine off… Ugh." A slight shake might be detected by
those working on him. He looks to Antonia. "Is there a reason they keep
calling you Doctor?"

Singh nods gravely as Antonia explains. "So a man could lose an arm or
leg if one tried to help them the wrong way." He flexes his long
fingers, moving closer to Garner to try some splinting of his own. The leg
first. He takes the board Samantha used and sets it on the calf of
Garner's other leg. He has an easier time with this than he did finding his
own pulse, actually. It's more mechanical. He does look up briefly to
grin at Antonia at Garner's last question.

Antonia nods to Singh. "Unfortunately so. The human body is at once one
of the most resilient and most fragile things on earth." She looks over
his work, letting him do it at his pace and nodding approvingly. They
could work on speed later. She catches Singh's grin after Garner's
questions, and she almost smirks. She looks at Garner, just giving one
professional tap to the RAMC caduceus on her collar. "Because that's what I
am, Private."

Samantha frowns slightly to Garner as he asks about the reasons.."She's
a bloody good one too. You need a doctor, she's the one you want
working upon you, I promise you that." Sam grabs her crutch, using it to push
herself up into standing so Singh can get into do some hands on work.
She coughs viciously for a moment after standing, turning her head away
from them so they aren't subjected to it.

Garner trys to sit up a bit, and give Antonia a suprised look. "You're
a doctor? As in gone-to-medical-school-and-does-surgery kind of
doctor?" He looks a bit skeptical. "I didn't know there were woman doctors.
Serving on the line." He adds quickly, with more than a slight amount of
embarassment. "Sorry, but my image of battlefield doctors are old men
with hacksaws. I mean no offense, of course." Well, that was one too
many land mines.

"I am certain Private Garner meant not disrespect," Singh says mildly
to Samantha, starting to tie off the splint. He's not going fast, by any
means. He wants to do this right. Or at least avoid doing any damage.

"Well…" Antonia says, clearing hair off her gas-blistered face. "I am
not a surgeon, Private. Not yet," she adds with a quirk of brow,
keeping an eye on Singh's progress. "And I find hacksaws to be vulgar."

Samantha steps away a moment to get herself some water, still coughing
a bit. Bloody gas. She's getting around quite well, though, and once
she returns with her canteen, she nods down to her leg. "She's the one
who patched me up, though. And I'm almost good as new already."

Garner nods, with a bit of relief. "Well, I here all these stories of
excellent patch ups, so you must be a good doctor. A bit different than
what I'm used to, but, Hell, this entire war isn't what I expected.
Gas, trenches, machine guns… Not at all like the war's fought by our
fathers." He says this with only a hint of bitterness. The rest of it
seems almost analytical.

"Not at all," Singh agrees with Garner. He doesn't comment on the rest
as he finishes with the splint. "There."

Antonia thinks about Garner's comment with a faint smile that has no
amusement in it. "Well. Let's hope we learn what we need to learn from
it," she says under her breath, before she leans over to check the splint
job. "Excellent, Corporal…"

Mike has connected.

Mike wakes up and coughs slightly, then winces at the pain from the
cough because of his leg shaking during it.

Samantha nods in agreement to Toni's words, observing the work that
Singh has done.

Garner examines Singh's splint job from his still-semi-upright
position. "Well, it doesn't hurt. Kind of feels like it's a bit hard to move,
though. I guess that's to be exepcted." He thinks a bit. "Did anyone
time him?"

"Truly?" Singh smiles a little at Antonia's approval of the job. Once
it's done he quickly undoes it. Giving Garner the movement of his leg
back. "Slowly, as I timed myself. But that I can improve upon."

Antonia gives a laugh that's just a breath through her nose. "The point
right now wasn't timing, Private," she says to Garner. "We'll get him
to speed next time." She nods to Singh. "Top notch, sir. Unfortunately I
oughtn't dally much longer right now or I'd give you some more to work
on. But you've now got bleeding control and splinting to pratice until
we move on."

Samantha remains standing up now, leaning on her crutch, but as the
lesson has finished seemingly, she turns and limps back to a few of her
other patients, giving them at least a visual look over if no one is
calling for her help.

Mike looks to the nurse, "Ma'am, could I have a painkiller for my leg?"

Garner nods. "Ahh, I see. It seemed to me that all of this took quite a
bit of time. I suppose we use this when we have to move men from the
trenches to the medical station after an attack?" He groans
good-naturdly. "Why do I feel the longer I'm on this cot, the higher my chances of
starting to bleed?"

Singh straightens up. "I shall not make you risk it any longer,
Private. And I thank you for your help in this. I should be getting back to my
own duties, as well." He inclines his head to Antonia. "Thank you for
taking the time to show me this. Doctor. I shall try to get back and pay
Corporal Stanley a visit later. I would like to speak with him."

Antonia notes Mike and nods to Samantha to administer the medication.
She gives Garner a grateful look, then nods to Singh. "You're the one
who ought to be thanked, sir, for being willing to learn. I shall tell
Corporal Stanley to expect you once he's awake. It shouldn't be long."

Samantha turns immediately to Mike, heading in his direction as fast as
her legs will let her, "Of course, Soldier. Just lay back, relax…"
She reaches for one of the medication trays, grasping a bottle of one of
the stronger pain killers and pouring out two into her hand,. She
brings them and a canteen over to
Mike, offering them both.."Here, take these and drink up."

Mike takes the pills and a bit of the canteen, "Thank you." and smiles
up to the nurse.

Garner gives a chuckle, and fully sits up, starting to undue the splint
on his leg. "Well, that was relitivly painless. If you need a still
body again, please feel free to ask again. I always apperciate the short
breaks." He manages to undue the gauze, and remove the wood. He pauses
on working loose the other splint. "Ehh? /Another/ Corporal?"

Mike takes a flask out of his pocket, in which Edwards told him to
keep, he takes a quick swig of the strong alcohol and puts it back in his
pocket, hoping to give it back to the man mostly full.

Singh nods to Garner. "One of the Canadians. Stanley. The Captain saw
fit to promote him as well, after last night's action. He fought with
great bravery. A good man." He offers a quick parting nod in Sam's
direction, and a deeper one to Antonia. "Later then, Doctor Young." With
that, he turns on his heel and strides out of the medical station.

Mike sighs and realizes that after he comes off of the medicine and
alcohol, that he will probably be receiving nightmares of McGruder and
Raes head being blown off as well as Scott being shot up.

Antonia just nods at Singh's words about Stanley, her eyes glancing
briefly over to the side of the room where the new Corporal is still in
his post-surgery slumber. As Singh moves off she lifts her chin slightly.
"Take care, Corporal," she says, before she looks at Garner. "I shall
remember your brave volunteering," she says with a slight smirk.
"Consider yourself permanently hired for the task."

Samantha frowns a moment as she sees Mike take from the flask, but she
doesn't stop him. She finally just murmurs quietly, "Try to get some
rest, Private.." And then she heads back to the central area where she
can offer support to Dr. Young if the woman needs it.. and have a good
view of the other patient.

Garner sighs. and finishes femoving his last splint. "Two promotions of
privates to corporals. This 'valor under fire' seems like a good idea,
if it didn't have a good chance of killing you." He stands up from the
cot, and grabs his Endfield from where it was leaning. "Now that the
Corporal isn't here to sanction my little rest, I've got to make sure
there're none of the Huns make it up here." He gives a small smile, and
continues his metered pace.

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