Pilots And Nurses

"Pilots and Nurses"

Who: Christiane, Higgins, Linefork & Joey
IC Date: July 1918
OOC Date: April 24, 2006
Where: L'Eglise de Saint Boniface in Arras, France

What: Higgins comes to the church in search of his fiancee, Kathleen.

L'Eglise de Saint Boniface
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Even in a place like this the war has left its marks, the once great windows of the church depicting the lord saviour have been blown to pieces. Some of the rafters from the roof are broken, and here and there holes from shells and rounds score the walls of the church. Where there once were benches for people to sit during sermons are now temporary tables upon where wounded soldiers and civilians can be seen. The moans and cries of the wounded never cease to stop, as they just keep coming in with every day that passes, a numberless throng. Nuns from the local abbey along with nurses runs along with blood stained rags trying their best to aid the doctors and field medics that works in here.

At first glance it might be hard to think that faith in god can still linger in a place so torn apart by the war as this, but the sheer compassion by those who work here makes up for the tarnished facade of the church.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :


Backyard Garden <BG> Out <O>

Linefork sits up in his bed, his hospital gown open in the back to the point of almost exposing his rump to the world. He reads a book with a pair of cheap reading glasses sitting low on his face. His arm is still wrapped up, but now he seems more able to move it.

Higgins arrives from Grand Place.

Christiane is bustling about the church, the lightness in her step indicating she's only recently come and duty. And there hasn't been any particularly nasty action today yet. She passes by Linefork, pausing to see how the man is doing. She doesn't look to hard at his low-riding hospital gown. "Is there anything you need, Private?"

Linefork looks up from his book, a rather battered version of the 'Divine Comedy'. He glances over his glasses at the nurse and says, "You could get me a ticket out of here my Belgian angel…"

Higgins enters the church and immediately removes his cap. He doesn't appear to be injured, but looks around, scanning the room as if searching for something. A faintly disappointed look crosses his features when he doesn't see what he was looking for. He takes a step toward the nearest nurse, Christiane, and waits patiently to be noticed.

Christiane answers Linefork with a rueful shake of her head, giving his arm a cursory examination. "Not for a little while yet, I think. Rest, Private. You are healing well, but your wound was very serious. It will take time. You have your book to enjoy, at least." The title makes her smile a little. "I always did enjoy Dante." She straightens, to move on to the next bed. It takes her a couple steps to realize Higgins is standing there. She turns, instinctively looking the man over for anything bleeding or maimed. "Good day, sir," she says. As always with the fly boys, her eyes widen with a touch of awe when they land on his wings. "Is there something you need? You are not hurt?" She looks him over again, just to be sure.

"Well, I hope hell isn't like Dante says it is," Linefork says as he flips a page and stuides one of the illustrations. He glances over at the pilot who had entered and says nothing to interrupt the man and the nurse.

Higgins shakes his head immediately, "G'day, ma'am. No, I'm fine." There is in fact not a scratch on his well-fitted uniform. His voice is marked with an Aussie accent, despite his British uniform. Catching Linefork's remark, he offers a bleak frown. "Can't be much worse than out in the trenches, I figure." Then glancing back to Christiane, he says, "I was hoping you might help me. I'm looking for someone - Nurse Campbell?"

"Kathleen Campbell?" Christiane asks. As if there were any other here. "Yes. She is stationed here. She is not about at the moment, but I can try and find her for you, if you like." Her gray eyes go to the wings again, narrowing in thought this time. "Do you know her?"

Linefork strays from his book to listen to the conversation between the pilot and the nurse. Being welded to a hospital bed most of the day starved one for entertainment.

Higgins brightens when Christiane mentions Kathleen's name. He nods, smiling, "Yes, yes - Kathleen. That's grand. I wasn't sure if she'd be here still. I'd gotten a few letters from her here, but you know the Army, Miss - always took ages for them to arrive." He seems to realize he's babbling a bit and says, "I don't want to keep you from your duties, but if you know where I might find her… I'm Jack Higgins. Her fiancee."

Christiane gasps, clasping her hands together, staring up at Higgins's face. A joyful smile spreads across her face. "-Jack- Higgins. Of course. The pilot. Kathleen, she has told me of you. She will be so happy to see you. So happy. She is off duty now, I think. She will likely be in her billet. It is not far from here."

Joey arrives from Grand Place.

Higgins's smile turns into a bashful grin. He's pleased as punch but still trying to act the part of a serious RAF airman. They have a reputation to uphold, and all that. "I'd be very much obliged if you could direct me, Miss…" his voice trails off, wondering her name. He stands near Christiane, talking with the nurse. Linefork is on a bed nearby.

Joey enters the church, he seems to be calm as usual. He notices Higgins is hanging around the nurses, he hrms, "Officer Higgins?" he asks from a distance, "Do you have a moment?"

"Of course," Christiane says, quickly describing out some directions to a French family home not far from the church. She does it in a breathless manner, seemingly more excited than Higgins. Or at least more apt to allow it to show. "And my name is Christiane Ingels. I am with the Red Cross here, but I have worked with your Kathleen. She is a very skilled nurse." She quiets when Joey approaches, stepping aside a little to allow the two pilots to converse.

"Christiane!" Higgins ecohoes brightly. "Yes, Kathleen's written of you. She holds you in high regard. I'm so very pleased to meet you." His reserved excitement is tempered when he hears Joey calling his name. "I should very much like to speak with you further. But if you'll excuse me for a moment." He offers her a slight bow and then steps over to see what Joey needs. "Yes?"

Joey nods his head politely to the nurse and than turns his attention to Higgins, "Have you seen the flight lead?" he asks, "I cant find him anywhere." he sighs, "We lost the observation baloon. Its shot down by germans…"

Christiane blushes faintly, but Higgins's words also cause her to lift her chin with some pride. "Does she? I am most honored to hear it. Of course. I will leave you to it." And she does just that, stepping back and returning to her duties while Joey and Higgins talk flying stuff.

Higgins shakes his head, "Blimey," he breathes. "How many blokes did we lose?" But he answers Joey's question, "I think he's still out on patrol. He and Evans took a flight out a bit ago." He nods to Christiane, a faint smile remaining. Not even all this talk of shot down balloons can completely dampen his good spirits.

Joey sighs, "We lost the damn Observation balloon. Both Pilots returned back safely. The Germans lost 2 Fokker DR1. They shouldnt piss me off." he grins evilly. "I hope this will teach them a lesson. Not to mess with the Camel Squad!"

Higgins shoots Christiane an apologetic look for their language, "Sorry, Miss Ingels." He doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about Joey's tale. "Well at least the pilots made it back safe. Shame about the blokes in the balloon."

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