Letters And Postcards

Who: Morgenstern, Christiane, Williams (NPC) and McCartney (NPC)
Where: Church/Hospital
When: April 22, 2006
What: Morgenstern and some friends are amusing themselves with postcards and Christiane has gotten happy news.

Morgenstern is considering the church to be his second home after all the time he's spent in here. And though staying here can be quite boring, at times it can also be highly amusing. Right now, he's sitting at one of the tables together with two other wounded, both of them Brits. Neither of them are so badly wounded they can't sit and amuse themselves. Normally, they might be playing cards, but right now there's a large collection of postcards laid out on the table. All of them are depicting French soldiers kissing/embracing a girlfriend - and some of them are /quite/ naughty! The collection belongs to private Williams and he is now proudly displaying it to his friends Private McCartney and Corporal Morgenstern. "You won't see a postcard like this one back home!" McCartney complains. "Blimey, I bet if I tried to send one home it'd be censored." Morgenstern picks one of them up and squints at it but he seems more interested in the gear of the soldier than the cute girl depicted.

Christiane strides into the church from outside, looking decidedly pleased with herself. She has managed, somehow, to scare up a few newspapers, copies of "The Parisian," that aren't /too/ out-of-date. She makes to pass them out to the wounded, heading to the table Morgenstern and his buddies occupy first. She comes up behind Morgenstern, in a good position to get a look at the postcard. Her eyes go a bit wide at the image and she grins, trying very hard not to laugh. Even so, she can't suppress a soft giggle.

Morgenstern's senses aren't geared towards noticing sneaking-up-on-him nurses. He cocks his head, intently studying a detail on the postcard. "Hah! I knew something was wrong," he says triumphantly and the two Tommies look expectantly on him, as if sure he's discovered something about the girl. "Helmet's not drawn right." He startles a bit at the giggle and turns his head to look at Christiane. He smiles at her, then puts the card back down quickly. "Hello, Nurse Ingels."

The two Tommies stare a bit increduously at the Leginnaire and then Williams lean in to look at the card. "Who cares about the bloody helmet? Pardon my French, Nurse." He quickly collects the cards and looks hopefully at the newspapers.

Christiane takes a quick breath, to stave off anymore giggling. "It is quite all right, Williams," she says with a smile at the Tommy. "I have heard worse, I assure you. In English and true French." She smirks at the quick collection of the cards, looking almost sorry. "I did not mean to disturb you, but I thought perhaps you would enjoy these." She lays the papers on the table. "The time in here can pass frightfully slowly, I know."

"Thanks, very thoughtful of you," Morgenstern says and reaches for one of them. He'll happily translate for the Tommies if needed. Williams and McCartney, neither of them above the age of 25, turns broad smiles on the Belgian nurse. "Oh, slow, slow - better than being shelled, I tell you! We're passing the time fine, but thanks kindly for the papers. I even know a spot of French." He reaches for one of the others and begins reading, while Williams excuses himself to go put his collection of postcards in safety.

"How are you today, Nurse Ingels?" Morgenstern asks, not immediately beginning to read.

"So I see," Christiane replies to the English soldiers, grinning as the postcards are spirited away. "I did not mean to disturb you. Do not let me keep you from your…time-passing." To Morgenstern she answers, "I am well, thank you." And she truly sounds it. Her manner is as upbeat as one can be, given where they are. "And you, Corporal?" Her gaze goes to his arm. "You are looking better."

Morgenstern glances at the bandaged hand. "Seems I was a lucky once again, I've been patched up good and won't be suffering from it in a week." Noticing her upbeat manners, he gives her a careful smile. "You seem very… cheerful. Gotten some good news?" he wonders curiously.

McCartney waves a hand. "Girl like you is never disturbing," he tells the nurse, then dives his nose back down into the paper to try to sort out the news with his limited skills of the French language.

Christiane blushes a little at McCartney's comment. "Thank you for saying so, but I think you men were enjoying yourselves quite well without me. Please tell your friend his cards are very amusing, and thank him for giving the other patients such entertainment." She flicks a look after Williams. "Cheerful?" She blushes again. "I do not know about that, but I suppose the news I have gotten is good. I got a new letter yesterday, from my fiance. Any word from him is good news."

Morgenstern is genuinely pleased to hear that. "That is good news," he agrees, because any signs of a soldier still being alive is the best of news for many. He lowers his voice a bit. "The Tommies are very impressed with the French postcards. I think they've never seen pictures like that before. I think Williams has hundreds of them, he must be spending all his pay to buy them!"

McCartney hears the murmured words and looks up with a grin. "Nah, not 'arf, he only got like fifty. And he's gotten most of them from others, trading them for cigarettes."

"The cards, at least, are better for him than the cigarettes," Christiane notes. "Whatever brings him some happiness, I cannot find fault with. I would hope the time you spend here is a respite, not just another sort of hardship. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"No, we are doing fine, Nurse. We won't keep you from your duties," Morgenstern says, straightening up a bit on the chair. "Thank you for the papers, I'll be sure to translate it to anyone who wants some news," he promises.

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