Hicks And Dangerfield Do The Immelman

Who: Hicks, Dangerfield
Where: Above Belleau
When: May 5, 2006
What: Dangerfield and Hicks takes the Bristol for a test flight after some repairs. The former decides to do some maneuvers to strain the plane.

Dangerfield pats the plane as he climbs in to it. He brought it back safely enough from the last recon mission, but it now needs a 'test-drive' after Hicks work on it. "At least we won't be shot at this time!" he calls to the mechanic.

Hicks looks over at Dangerfield, "What? You cleared out the air of all the Huns or something?" He grunts a bit, "I think not."

Dangerfield grins back at Hicks. "Don't be so negative! I'll fly south, there won't be any Germans around there." He pauses, taking a seat and beginning the pre-flight checks, which thankfully aren't long. "Well, hopefully."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks down at the ground as it moves away from him, "Need to check so the ailerons are working okay, not so sure about that." He starts to laugh and it takes some time before he manages to fight it down, "Guess we'll find out if they work or if I get to go home today."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield begins a steady climb and heads southwards, towards where hopefully no enemy will be lurking with Archie or planes.

Dangerfield snickers into the wind. "I have full confidence in your work. She seems to be handling fine so far," he explains, not noticing anything odd so far.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks over at the wings, "Oh, I'm sure it handles fine now, need to stress her a bit to really find out." He squints a bit, "But if you break it, you fix it. I'm only here to check that we won't circle around and around until we run out of fuel."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield is climbing higher and higher, to indeed strain the plane and test it out as is the purpose of this flight, after all. At near 8000 feet, he planes out and is checking that things are alright. "Nothing wrong with the speed at least," he shouts back to Hicks. "Seems to handle normally."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks down at the ground below, and then back towards the airfield, "Of course, nothing I fix will break. Stupid ideas some people have. 'Need to check that she handles well' Of course she will handle well." He mostly mutters that before raising his voice, "Need to stress it a bit more, nothing will break from a nice walk in the park like this."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield turns his head to look at Hicks, with a somewhat dubious expression. "Oh, I know how that'll go. If something does break during straining, you'll then blame it on me for not handling her right. But… you asked, and shall receive!" With that, he begins pulling up again, needing more altitude for what he has in mind. "I suppose I could try that Immelman I've never tried before!"

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks a bit doubtful, "You sure this one can do it?" He looks after something to hold on to, "Well, give it a try, we'll find out. But if we crash, I'll squash you."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield is annoyingly confident. "I've went through this in theory many times, I know /just/ how to do it. And she can take it. I just need to dive first to get some speed," he explains, as if Hicks wouldn't know.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks raises his voice some to make sure he is heard, "I hope you went through crash landing in theory many times. I have recovered more than one aircraft downed because of the pilot trying something out they couldn't really do."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield doesn't immediately answer, thinking. "Oh, right. Yes, yes we went through that in a class, once," he says, having to actually think on it. "Alright, diving time!" he shouts and the nose of the plane tips down, towards the ground.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks holds on to the side since he has no fancy stick to hold on to. "God damn war" he's muttering, "And god damn ideas"

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield does as promised. Dives… very fast. Anyone on the ground can see the plane seemingly about to just dive nose-first right into the fields below. Then he turns the plane up just as suddenly, straight up.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks just shakes his head as they head straight for the sky, for some reason being a little less of his yelling self for a moment.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield seems to be doing fine for awhile. But his steep climb is too much for the plane and he stalls; suddenly, the plane spirals out of control and falls like dead weight straight down. High above, one can see Dangerfield struggling to regain control…

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks opens up his lungs on full volume, "You bloody idiot, it's going to.." he doesn't have time to say much more before they start to fall, and instead he is just once again holding on to the sides in silence.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield sure isn't laughing now. And that scarf is fluttering into his face, to make things worse. "I'm alright! I'm fine!" he shouts out, trying to be reassuring. "I, uh, know what I am doing!" And, as if some God above hears him, he manages to gain control of the plane and for a moment he flies upside down before righting it up. Still losing altitude, but levelling out slowly.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks over his shoulder when they're falling, but he doesn't say anything until Dangerfield gains control over the aircraft again. "And get rid of that god damn scarf! I'll pull it off along with your head if I see it in your face again." His knuckles are a little less white now, "If you're trying that again, you better do it right. God damn pilots."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield isn't showing his relief, his face firmly facing forwards. (Oh, the alliteration.) "There is /nothing/ wrong with my scarf!" he protests. "But perhaps I could use a smaller one. An oldfashioned cravatt, perhaps? A bit quirky, but still fashionable. Making a statement of 'I am not ruled by today's fashion'. WHat do you think of that, Hawk?" He's turned the plane back towards Belleau again.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks looks almost like he's about to climb over to the pilot. "Fashion? Who cares about bloody fashion? And up here of all the places? Just stick the ends of it inside your clothes, did they not teach you anything at pilot school, like how to think? Smaller scarf, where are you going to get that? Fly over to England and buy one or something?" He settles back into his seat, but still keeping an eye over his shoulder every now and then.

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield is pitching the plane down again, but hardly as steeply as before. Looks like he intends on landing soon, though he's flying past the airfield first time since he needs to get much lower before he can land. "Well, I can't very well look like some chimney sweeper if I want to charm the ladies, now can I?" he calls back to Hicks, somewhat defensively. "It wouldn't be the same without the scarf!"

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Hicks turns his attention towards the tail of the aircraft, "What ladies? You meet many ladies up here or something? Idiot, you won't be charming anyone up here, just tuck it so I don't have to come over there."

(From (#1749) Bristol Type 22) Dangerfield mutters something to himself, but actually /does/ tuck the scarf in under his uniform. "You and your logic." It seems to be that he's listening to Hicks advise though, for now.

Hicks leans back now when they're on the ground again, "Well, we know she handles well, even during free fall." He chuckles a little at that. "Ready to go up and be shot full of holes again."

Dangerfield does let out a long sigh once the plane has landed. The landing itself is rather exemplary, as if he's decided to not do any mistakes from now on. "She is a beauty. You're a genious with these machines, Hawk." He begins climbing out of the plane, pulling his leather helmet off. "Next time, I'll do a split S."

Hicks climbs out, careful where he puts his feet. "Right, next time I won't be flying with you." He looks around the airfield, "Pilot, you bastard" he calls out with his booming voice. "I better go find him" he states before jumping down on the ground

Hicks shouts, "PILOT, YOU BASTARD!".

Dangerfield has to laugh as he jumps down. He shakes his head in amusement, and gives Hicks a little salute. "Good luck. I'll go… charm some ladies somewhere." And off he goes.

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