Dear Mom

From Billy

Dear Mom
So here I am. I know I haven't seen you in three years, and you've probably forgotten all about me by now, but I thought I should write you a letter before graduation. We had a bit of a falling out before I left, but I want you to know that I still love you, and that I miss you. Tell Joey, Tati, Michelle, Clyde Jr., Francis and Nate I miss them as well.
We're finally going over—The marines, that is. Yes, I joined the marines. I tried to go up to Canada, but they sent me back because I was too young. But, I finally turned 18, and got in. Don't worry, our drill instructors work us hard, they're all veterans from the Philipines. Our sergeant is probably the toughest man in the world, boy, he sure whipped me into shape. I bet you never thought I could run ten miles, did you?
Anyways, I should get to sleep. It's after lights out, and if the sarge catches me still up, I'll be cleaning the head (that's the bathroom) untill we leave Parris Island. Say hi to dad for me, will you?
Love, Billy

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