Back In France

From Jamie

Dearest family,

Please forgive me for not writing sooner, as I have been quite busy helping these fine young gentlemen here on the front lines. Yes, I know I'm just an engineer, and not your infantry soldier. However, over here that doesn't mean much. We're all infantry. I ran into a yank soldier the other day, a fine young chap. He was telling me that the first battalion of american soldiers which came to relieve our devestated forces; was in fact a company of american combat engineers like myself. I was so proud to hear this, even if they were yanks.
I'm not sure if they sent word of my being wounded in combat. It was stupid really. I can not give you all the details as yet, but suffice to say it is called no-man's land for a reason. I am also pleased to admit that while my wounds were critical, our boys got me out of there before too long. I even managed to do some of my work, and send several of the hun packing. Having said that, I find that my leg throbs from the injury, and it is increasingly harder to write. While I lost my small finger on my right hand, I feel it is a small price to pay for this war. Pray to God it is the only price I pay.
Well, I can hear the boys calling me. I think we've got to go blow up another bridge. One the poor Yanks took almost a month to build. Such is war, that it never makes sense. Tell everyone I care.


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