Armistice Day

"The War to End All Wars"

Who: All and Sundry
When: Nov. 10 & 11, 1918
Where: Arras & Ypres, the Western Front

What: The last hurrah of the Great War.

Grand Place
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

What remains of this once lively marketplace is a sight to see. Most of the
cobblestones from the street are torn up from artillery shells or soldiers
using them as patchwork for something else. Craters are some obvious dangers
as exploded shells have done their dirty work leaving yawning holes for the
unwary traveller. The beautiful Flemish architecture remains intact on some
buildings and mostly destroyed in others. Falling bricks and timber pose
another threat to the unwary. Sandbags are piled up eight feet high (2.4 m)
around the entrances of the buildings that remain mostly safe as added
protection against artillery fire.

The center of the Place is a busy hub. Soldiers move about freely when there
is no shelling. Trucks with construction supplies drive in and out,
sometimes laden with the wounded instead. Lumber cut from the nearby forests
and extra sandbags also lay about amidst the craters. One must be extremely
careful when walking about during the night.

Mason stands outside of the church with his bayonette held in his hand. He
idles taps it against a cross beam as he debates carving something into the
wood. The blade taps gently against the wood as he attempts to cure boardem.

Cleary stands over by one of the ammunition wagons. The Grenadier busies
himself with inserting the fuses into a case of Mills bombs, tucking them
into his satchel when they're ready to go, making sure the pins are secured
and the safeties are on.

Moreau is outside the church as well. Sitting, not standing, but not far
from Mason. His rifle is worn across his back. He's not fussing with it at
that moment. Rather, he's trying to get a meal in. He's managed to get
himself a hunk of reasonably fresh bread, along with a cup of weak tea, and
he's working away at it.

Sidney walks in without his usual cheerfulness, lips closed with the steel
helmet back on his head. The issued rifle is slung over a shoulder, his pack
laden with a demo satchel and wire gear as well.

The bayonette continues to tap against the beam idlely as he runs through
the words in his head. Giving up for the time being, the bayonnete is
returned to a shief at the Corporals side. Turning around his crosses his
arms at his chest and leans back agaist the church. A few glanes are made
about the soliders residing in the area.

Morgenstern yawns where he's lounging, sitting up against a wall with his
pack and gear all stacked up next to him. He too is eating a piece of bread,
drinking water rather than tea. His expression is one of mixed feelings.
Tiredness and war-weariness mixed with a certain resignment.

Cleary stuffs the last grenade into his satchel, closing it and buttoning it
shut. Adjusting the new weight, tugging at his pistol holster, he turns and
steps across the marketplace, wandering towards the Church to see what
today's duties will be.

Moreau finishes his bread in short order. He's hungry enough to eat right
quick. He then concentrates on drinking his tea. It's cold, but it's still
something more than water, and he savors it. «Is it my imagination, or is
the food not so bad as it was?» he asks Morgenstern and Mason in French
with a tired, dry smile.

Sidney halts as he spots Morgenstern within the French corporal's uniform,
and just stands there staring for a moment with brows pinching down towards
his broad nose. "Corporal Morgenstern? The nurses must've really given you
some bunda medicine. All dressed for the mission today?" He cracks some
stiff joints along both arms with a movement. <repose for Moreau>

Not being fluent in French, Mason doesn't neccesarly understand waht
Private Moreau had said. He can only speculate that it has somehting to do
with the food. "No kidding." is Masons responce to Sidney, "They got him
dressed all pretty to return to the trenches." Mason even manages to crack a
small grin.

Morgenstern cracks a small smile at Moureau, then eyes his own piece of
bread. "Food always taste good when it could be your last," he replies in
English. He squints at Sidney, and recognizing him, he is pleased. "It was
months ago, I've had time to recover fully. I wouldn't miss the last battle
for anything! Besides, what'd you all do if I wasn't there?" he jokes.

"The seasoning of death?" Moreau chuckles softly and grimly, in English now.
"Perhaps that is so." He speaks it will enough, even if he doesn't rattle
away as confidently as he did in French. And he doesn't seem to enjoy
speaking it. He does the rest of his tea in a long quaff.

Cleary grins as he takes a seat on the steps of the Church, "Still wonderin
if I should get meself a rifle…. depends on the plan of the day I spose.."
he says to no one in particular, "I ain't takin no Lewis again though…"

Sidney smiles a little, tenatively, in return to Morgenstern. "Last battle,
digger? I didn't know we'd been moved to the Hindenburg Line in our sleep."
and chuckles. "Nasty French bogeymen. The Hun must be afraid of them as

Sidney adds a somewhat more relaxed nod to Moreau now too, looking to the
French soldier for a moment.

Morgenstern finishes his bread, swallowing it down with the rest of the
water, tucking his mug away. He stands up and stretches out, grimacing. "If
I survive… I'm opening a cafe. You all got free food and drinks there for
the rest of your lives." He eyes Sidney, rubbing his cheek. "They've already
had one armistice, and it's a matter of days until the next. This is an
insane push we're doing. But, we'll do it."

Mason gives Morgenstern a reassuring nod, "It'll be all over soon enough,
and I'll make you regret that free food comment." The Corporal then pats his
stomach, "I can put away a lot." Then something dawns on the Mason,
"Oh….your probably going to serve up nothing but French Food. I'll pass."
Mason laughs as he gives Morgenstern a pat on the back.

Moreau nods a little to Cleary. "A rifle is all I have had throughout this
war, my friend. And a few grenades. Not that I have made much of an account
of myself with them. But I am still alive. That is something, I do suppose."
Another nod is given to Sideny, this one deeper. "The Boche are seeing the
ghosts of France now. Those bogeymen will stop them now, and they will know
to be afraid." There's a grimness to his tone that wasn't there a moment
ago, and traces of smiles are gone from his face.

Sidney turns to look away from the group, more distantly towards the flank
of the former line now visible across cratered fields to the south. "I've
seen me own ghosts. Maybe the abo's have it right after all. Burned into my
dreams, the faces I try to forget while I'm awake." He quiets for a moment,
barely a whisper then coming out, "The dead. Never coulda imagined it'd be
like this."

Cleary grins a bit, "I don't mind takin the Lewis, just nice to have an
assistant that dosen't run off when I need him…" he says, glancing at
Sidney warily, "Which is why i've always preferred my Stokes."

Mason reaches into a shirt pocket to produce a pack of cigarettes. It was a
fresh pack which was good, there was no telling how long he would be away
from the supply point to get another pack. A cigarrete is placed between his
lips and quickly lit. Enjoying the sweet smoke he continues to enjoy the
moment, things where no doubt going to change soon.

Morgenstern hoists up his rifle and checks it over. "We'll see how it pans
out," he says calmly, mostly in response to Cleary. He puts the rifle down
again and lights up a cigarette too, for once having a whole pack that he
intends to smoke before going into battle.

Cleary shrugs a bit, "Guess i'll stick with my pistol an grenades then." he
says with an idle shrug, "Been outta stokes for weeks now… an i'm sure
there are other Lewis gunners around."

Moreau follows the crowd in lighting a cigarette. He nods again, a little,
at Sidney's words. "I wonder if we are not all ghosts. This place, this
time…no priest has ever captured Purgatory so well. But, perhaps we are
near release." He looks up at Morgenstern. "A cafe, you say?"

Sidney snorts softly, giving a glance to Cleary before looking over to
Corporal Mason. "Did you get any word from the Old Man about what he plans
for us to do today? They must be pushing him for a whoppo big victory to hit
the papers and show the Germans they'd better surrender." He doesn't seem
too happy still, though. "It's broad daylight now. Any chance of engineers
cutting wire before dawn is gone. If they want me to do it now, it's a
deadman's job." and nods to Moreau. "Maybe one of your French painters will
capture that thought. Maybe it'll be shown in some gallery in Paris, for
them to remember us by."

Mason speaksup and turns his attention to Cleary, "From what I've over
heard while passing through HQ yesterday….a pistol might not be enough.
Find a rifle and plenty of ammo if your not going to be lugging around an

Another drag is taken from the cigarette with the smoke being exhaled up
into the air. A few glances are made about the troops making sure they are
fit for combat.

Moreau laughs a soft, humorless laugh at Sidney. "I have no doubt they will.
But that is none of my affair. I am a farmer." He takes a long drag. "I was
a farmer."

Cleary grins a bit at Mason, "If you insist…" he murmurs, rising up and
trudging towards the ammunition wagon, taking off his pistol, throwing it
into the back, fishing around for an Enfield.

Mason looks over towards Sidney and shakes his head from side to side.
"Never got the chance last night. I overheard we might be moving out of the
sector to support an attack. I wasn't able to get much more then that."

Its November 10th, 1918. Just about. It must be about 10pm, maybe a bit
earlier. Word has got out that there will be a cease fire at 11am, though
officers have stressed that it may yet not happen, it depends on the
negotiations going on at Compiegne. In any case the war is still on at the
moment and nothing has changed. A column of soldiers is marching out of
Arras up over the ridge to the north east, at speed, and Major Carver is
buzzing around with a clipboard - well, his batman has a clipboard - making
sure all are accounted for, and going.

Sidney gives a little nod back to Moreau. "I'm still fresh. Did some work at
a cattle station, and some odds and ends stuff. Where I'm from there's just
no good land for farming grain or veggies." He coughs slightly, and begins
to rub his arms again. "Speaking of how far away from home. The weather up
here is just plain daft. Too cold for me."

Morgenstern watches the activities taking place, noticing Major Carver.
"Looks like we're up for being shipped off any minute now," he mutters,
leaning down to hoist up his backpack and assorted gear. "No matter what
happens, one thing is for sure - I'll be glad to not having to carry these
things around much longer."

Cpl Mason leans off the church wall and motions with his right hand for the
other soldiers to get on their feet. "Everyone up on your feet. Looks like
its time to put some miles on them boots."

Cpl Mason unslings his rifle doing a quick inspection of the weapon.
Ensuring that the bolt is oiled and no debries are in the barrel, he seems
pleased and reslings the rifle over his shoulder.

Moreau smiles. "The soil is rich here, my friend," he says to Sidney. "Or
was, when I left my land. The wheat would spring up from the ground as if it
were reaching for the sky. And the weather is as fine as any place you could
want. If there is no ice in winter, you can have no warmth in summer." He's
in a philosophical mood. But he quiets when he sees the Major and his
soldiers marching their way. He stands, with a deep sigh. Time to get ready,
it would seem. "Amen," he agrees simply with Morgenstern.

Cleary sighs a bit as he drops off some of his grenades, opting for a Rifle
and a lot of ammo. Slinging the Enfield over one shoulder, he steps off
towards Mason, falling into rough formation with the rest, ready to move

Carver spots the two corporals, one French and one Anglo, and heads over.
"Time for talk is over gentlemen, get your squads together, we got a hard
forced march tonight.". He apparently now knows your names, as he takes the
clipboard from his batman and makes notes on it, with a pencil, and a
squint, as its blackout-dark.

Sidney slides his rifle around, but as much as he tries to inspect it, the
absence of any sun and only having dim gaslight illumination makes a careful
inspection very difficult to do. He seems satisfied with what he can make of
it, and shoulders the Lee-Enfield once again. "On to battle. I want to be
home for Christmas and get me some good sun."

Morgenstern straightens up to attention as the Major walks up. "Yes, Sir!"
he says loudly. "You heard the man, form up and let's march!" he bellows to
his squad.

Webb busily scrawls the last few sentences of a letter, then rises to his
feet. He gives a quick, final check of his gear, as he's done almost
compulsively every 30 minutes for the last few hours. He dons his pack,
slings his rifle, and wordlessly falls into the formation.

Cpl Mason follows Morgenstern's lead. Turning towards the rest of the squad
he calls out loud enough for all to hear. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em. After
we march noice and light disipline."

Mason then looks towards the soldiers as they begin to form up. "You
vetrans, make sure the greenbeans are good to go. We've come along to far to
loose anyone over stupidity at this point."

Moreau takes another drag on his cigarette before putting it out, stomping
it under his boot. With that, he's off to the march, heavy-footed and grim.

Cleary mutters idly as he falls in, leaving his last pack of cigarettes for
later when he'll be needing them more, grinning a bit at the others.

Morgenstern's squad forms up in a mostly disciplinary manner, some new, some
veterans. Morgenstern walks down the line, inspecting them quickly. He looks
over at Mason to see if he and his men are ready, nodding at him. This is
it. It might be the end in many ways. He falls in and shouts out the orders
to march and boots create a rhytmic and ominous sound as they leave the
town, marching off to a final destination.

Sidney just grunts a little, and without adding any further words makes sure
his own pack is properly bound and placed on his back and falls in line. A
pat of his hand confirms the placement of grenades and gear on his
bandolier, and then the gas gear and combat engineering tools on his webbing
and back. "All set." muttered, adding a final touch to his pistol and clips
of ammo.

Gate of Hell
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

A shell pocked road wends its way down the valley sides towards the Belgian
town of Ypres itself. There is no cover here at all, off the road its just
bare plains, if there were hedges here they've long since been blown away.
The road itself has a canvas 'tunnel' of sorts set up with a metal
framework, the idea being you walk through the canvas and out of sight of
the enemy spotters who have a good line of sight to this place on the
opposite side of the valley. The poor state of the canvas - rent and torn by
shrapnel - show what little protection that is.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Drainage Ditch

East <E>

Some time later, after going up a ridge, and down the other side, all at the
quick march while heavily laden… the column comes to a stop, just below
the summit of yet another ridge.

Thomas furtively smokes a cigarette while he still has the bits to smoke it
with, and cranes his neck to try and see over the ridge's edge.

Morgenstern copies Thomas, smoking as much as he can. Could be his last! He
jumps into the ditch as soon as they get there, cursing softly. "And I'm not
going to to miss the mud," he says in a quiet murmur.

Sidney steps down into the drainage ditch, and lowers himself to keep within
the darkness of shadow. "Anyone have a map of this place?" He turns to look
over to Mason and Morgenstern, "Corper?"

Carver moves stealthily among the men. Given how many are here theres an
eerie silence. Eventually he finds himself near to Morgenstern and Mason.
"Alright lads. Over the ridge we'll be in line of sight to Fritz's gunners
on the far side of the valley. Impress upon your men the need for silence,
and if, god forbid, anybody decides now is the time to light up a cigarette
I'll shoot him myself. You'll have a chance for a final smoke when we're in
the town."

Mason motions for the soldiers to move forward towards the drainage ditch.
He doesn't waist time heading for the cover himself as as he peers in an
eastern direction watching for any signs of movement in the darkenss. His
ears are listening for anything out of the ordinary as well. Sound did
travel further at night.
Mason gives a stern nod to the Majors responce. Peering down the trench, he
looks for those with cigarettes, "Get those damn cigarettes our before you
become a sniper target." he says in a loud whisper, "Pass it down to the man
beside you in the line."

Moreau gets himself into the ditch quickly. He takes no cigarette. He's done
smoking for now. He does take something out of his uniform pocket. A small,
bent and battered photograph. Of a thirtiesh, rather pretty, French woman,
if one were curious enough to look. He takes a moment to stare at it, kisses
it once, and tucks it away again. He says nothing, listening to the higher
ranking men for instructions.

Thomas hops in to the ditch and slides a bit, leaning on his rifle to steady
himself. He has the fortune of overhearing that bit about cigarettes and,
grudgingly, spits his out and grinds it in to the mud.

Morgenstern nods to the major and turns to the next man to pass downt he
same message as Mason. "Quiet as you can be. Soon we we go out, we're in
line of sight," he whispers. He turns back to the major. "They dug in well
over there?" he whispers, gesturing towards the enemy lines.

Webb slides as silently into the ditch as all of his gear will allow him to,
doing his best to keep his rifle out of the mud. To his own ears, his own
breathing sounds distressingly loud, as does the frantic pace of his heart
as that tick of adrenaline slips into his blood. He looks down the trench to
the left and right, his gaze catching the little rituals of the other
soldiers. Lacking any good luck charm, he simply murmurs something in latin,
and passes the 'lights out' order down the line.

Cleary slides into the ditch with the others. Not having a cigarette lit, he
is safe from the scrutiny of any NCO, chuckling knowingly at the others. He
unslings his Rifle, holding it at a relaxed position of port arms, kneeling
in the ditch and waiting for instructions.

Mason grabs his rifle and moves along the drainage ditch to where
Morgenstern is, "Lets send a scout or two up a head so we know what we are
getting ourselves into. I dont want to lead the men into combat blindly."

Moreau passes the whispers of 'Lights out' down when it gets to him. And
then, hearing Webb, he too is moved to say a soft, quick prayer.

Thomas looks up and down the line, just checking other peoples' expressions
right now. He lets his rifle dangle on its strap so that he can rub his
hands together, blowing on them. At the mention of the scout, he looks
elsewhere. That'd be nothing to do with him, then.

Sidney has no fag between his lips either, and whispers over to Mason. "We
sappers are good at sneaking. Mind if I take point? They'll fire the moment
they spot movement.."

Morgenstern nods in agreement with the other corporal. "Who here is a
scout?" he asks quietly, glancing down the line of men in the muddy ditch.
"Otherwise I'll go myself." Hearing Sidney, he squints at him, then at Mason
with a nod, showing it's okay with him to send Sidney ahead.

Carver nods. "Alright, then. Lets move. When in town," he adds, pausing a
bit, "Report to a Captain Smolders of the Belgian army. There is an HQ on
the eastern end of the town.". And he heads off to the rest of his men.

Moreau looks up at Morgenstern when the call for scouts go out, but his
answer is a shake of the head. He's a lumbering farmer, he is. Not the
stealthy sort.

Mason gives a stern nod to Sidney, "Sounds good." Looking towards
Morgenstern, "You want to go or do you want me to lead the scouting party?"
Mason takes a moment to glance over his shoulder ensureing no more
cigarettes are lit.

Thomas covers his nose with the back of his wrist to suppress a sneeze. His
attention is on the exchange between Morgenstern and Mason.

Sidney gives a single nod back. "Looks clear ahead to me. Just give me the
word, I'm ready to move." and quiets as he draws up some charcoal to smear
on his golden face.

"I'll go with Sidney," Morgenstern decides. He checks his rifle once more.
"Let's go. Keep on your toes," he grunts and begins climbing carefully out
of the ditch."

Cleary grins as he watches the Frenchy stumble around in the dark, pointing
off down to the east, "Thattaway mate…" he says with a smirk.

Sidney sneaks along the road to the east, pausing after a moment to motion
with a gesture beckoning others forwards.

Hensworth watches as two of his comrades move forward to scout ahead for the
rest of the unit. He offers a quick prayer for them and turns his attention
back towards his sector.

«Ground Combat» Morgenstern moves East <E>.

Moreau strains his eyes east as the corporal and the engineer press ahead.
He takes a deep breath. No more prayers or memories. He gets his rifle in
hand, getting it ready. He will need it soon enough.

Mason motions for the soldiers to prepair for move. His hand signals to the
east. Corporal Mason picks up his rifle and pats the man beside him in the
line on the back signaling it is time to move. His rifle is then held in a
ready position, pointed slight below the horizine as he moves to the east.

Sidney turns his head to look further east, remaining within the trench of
the ditch. His boots get soggy with mud, but the young man appears to be
keeping out of sight of spotters.

Morgenstern moves in slower than Sidney, slipping some in the mud. He
catches up to Sidney, gesturing eastwards with a raised eyebrow, silently
asking of the sapper sees anything.

«Game» Underwood wields his Lewis Gun!

Last to the party, Underwood gets the Lewis ready for the last bit of fun.

Sidney points ahead, then turns to Morgenstern and shakes his head. A soft
whisper, "Clear". The Australian readies himself as if prepared to move
forward again.

«Ground Combat» Mason moves East <E>.

Webb passes the order down the line, with two quick taps on the shoulder of
the man next to him. He looks back to the corporal, then rises to one knee,
ready to move.

Morgenstern can't see anything either, nods at Sidney and then makes a
sweeping gesture to show that it's clear for those behind, before he starts
crawling onwards east.

Cleary watches the Frenchy give a typical french reply, shaking his head and
muttering, following the rest of the group.

Hellfire Corner
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

A shell pocked road wends its way down the valley sides towards the Belgian
town of Ypres itself. There is no cover here at all, off the road its just
bare plains, if there were hedges here they've long since been blown away.
The road itself has a canvas 'tunnel' of sorts set up with a metal
framework, the idea being you walk through the canvas and out of sight of
the enemy spotters who have a good line of sight to this place on the
opposite side of the valley. The poor state of the canvas - rent and torn by
shrapnel - show what little protection that is.

It is currently night time.

Sub-Rooms :

1. Drainage Ditch

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 15 Cover : 120%
Stealth : 80% Inf.Move : 90%

West <W> East <E>

Sidney nods back to the French man, and moves to follow. As he turns his
head a bit, he spots Mason and others catching up. A simple nod to those men
as he moves forward as a scout.

Mason continues to move along the drainage ditch. He takes up a position
that allows him to provide overwatch over the scouts. His rifle poised and
pointed eastward ready to fire in a moments notice.

Hensworth crawls in from the west, hugging the ground tightly. He tries to
be careful about getting his rifle dirty, but there is already dirt on it.
As the unit stops, he stops and raises his rifle to a firing position while
lying on the floor.

Mason motions for the soliders to continue pushing eastward. Once again the
Corporal takes point giving him the best eyes on over the scouts.

Moreau moves forward when the signal is given, skulking ahead as quietly as
he acn.

Morgenstern gets up to move onwards as the others begin to filter in,
crouched down and stealthily moving.

Sidney begins to advance once more, pausing only for Morgenstern to travel

«Illumination» A Very light goes off over the battlefield!

Mason continues to closely watch the scouts. In a hushed whisper, Mason
states to Webb, "Should they make contact, we form a line on them on my
mark. Pass the word back."

Sidney follows Morgenstern, going silent as he creeps forward under the
light from the sky. He's ducking more, hunched over, as an added reaction to

Sidney creeps through the ditch, moving along the dirt path of the road
towards the east.

Morgenstern lets Sidney pass him by, pausing to alternate the order of their
movement for a bit. But he's carefully scanning the area up ahead, eyes
straining to pick out unusual things.

Webb mutters under his breath as he catches up to Mason, rifle barrel rising
as he pauses to scan for targets.

Mason continues to march in an eastern direction always watching the scouts
ahead of the mainbody. His rifle continues to be pointing eastward for any
signs of danger. Every once in a while during the movement, Cpl Mason peers
over his right shoulder to ensure that there the rest of the squad is still

Cleary keeps moving right along with the others, making sure his kit dosen't
jingle around too much, at the same time keeping his head down, focused on
the man infront as he slides up along the ditch.

Sidney comes to a stop, squinting as he tries to peer ahead for any signs of
the enemy or other soldiers. This time, the light gives his view an
advantage, though he still tries to avoid staring up towards the flare

Sidney adds a motion over to Morgenstern of 'clear'.

«Illumination» A Very light burns out.

Moreau continues his creep along the ditch, his jaw set in that same grim
look. He's trying not to think of anything but going forward and looking

Morgenstern gives the sign to those behind, one more of those careful
sweeping gestures, urging them to move on. He begins his treck eastwards

Sidney keeps his head down, and starts moving again to follow the corporal
in blue.

Mason continues to advance the squad behind the two scouts. Everything
appears to be moving along just fine for the moment. Hopefully whatever laid
a head would be found by the scouts. Mason givers Morgenstern a thumbs up as
the rest of the squad continues to follow in his footsteps.

«Announcement from Death!»
No doubt they'll soon get well; the shock and strain
Have caused their stammering, disconnected talk.
Of course they're 'longing to go out again,'
These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk.
They'll soon forget their haunted nights; their cowed
Subjection to the ghosts of friends who died,
Their dreams that drip with murder; and they'll be proud
Of glorious war that shatter'd all their pride…
Men who went out to battle, grim and glad;
Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad.

Sidney draws in a breath, and advances forward after a delay in rubbing
grime from an eye.

Morgenstern as before, Morgenstern can't see anything and gives Sidney his
signal of it being clear, then moves back a bit to let the sapper get a
better look while he cocks his head to listen.

Sidney comes up somewhat delayed this time, and has a swipe of earth on his
cheek below the eye. The young man tries to peer ahead again, needing to

Carver continues his trek. He's moving to the back now, checking for
stragglers and would-be deserters, letting others pass him by.

Underwood is doing his best to be a good soldier, not thinking or worrying
as he continues moving along somewhere towards the rear.

Moreau is doing his best to stay low and stay alive. If he manages to be a
good soldier during that, so much the better.

Sidney squints for a moment, then turns to the other man. His hand waves a
flat gesture, palm down, 'clear'.

Morgenstern nods once and then gives the signal back to the others to move

Mason continues to peroidicly looks over his shoulder ensuring that the
squad is staying togeather. In the darkness its hard to make a head count,
but all appears well. His attention is once again returns to the scouts a
head waiting for a signal. Spotting the signal he continues to lead the
troops forward.

Sidney gets up, with head down, carefully taking steps to sneak through the
ditch towards the east in the darkness.

Cleary it's pretty hard to get lost in a ditch, just follow the man infront
of you. Muttering about not having his Stokes, the Aussie moves along with
the rest, going about as fast as the slowest man.

Sidney doesn't motion easily now, though. He quickly lifts the hand, a
gesture of 'Hold!'. Then a single finger is lifted, and directed easterly
towards the ditch ahead. The thumb lifts to imitate the spike of a German
infantry helmet.

Mason raises his hand to a fist telling the squad to stop their advancement.
He then points towards his eyes then further east signaling that an enemy is

Thomas stops and hunkers down, clinging to his rifle with rather white
knuckles. He looks up and down the ditch, pausing to wipe some mud off his
hands and on to the older mud his uniform.

Sidney nods in return to the French soldier's indication of having seen the
same enemy soldier.

Moreau stops his crawl, squinting ahead at the vague shapes of Sidney and
Morgenstern, then looking back to Mason. Waiting for further instructions.
He raises his rifle a notch.

Mason looks to the solider behind him which happens to be Private Webb,
"Should you hear gun fire, we move advance. Pass the word onto the next
soldier. One sentry lays a head."

Morgenstern is thinking it over for a moment. He can only see one german up
ahead. He begins a series of gestures, pointing to himself, then at the
baoynet and then up ahead towards the enemy. Clearly, he intends to move up
ahead and try to do this the stealthy way, if possible.

Hensworth stops crawling as he sees Mason hold up his hand and follows
Mason's fingers to a potential enemy position. He raises his rifle, looking
for the enemy but cannot locate one… yet.

A moment passes, at Mason's signal, before Webb remembers to breath,
exhaling a low breath. He nods, gives Mason the 'thumbs up' signal, and
passes the order down the line.

Sidney nods back to Morgenstern, and points to the bayonet on his own rifle,
but it's clear by the grimace on his face the Australian's not keen on his
own ability to use it. He points to Morgenstern, then down to the ditch
ahead, and finally to the French bayonet with another nod. Turning to those
behind, he shows his palm in a 'hold' gesture.

Morgenstern simply nods once, then begins to move.

Cleary passes on the signal once he recieves it, leaning against the wall of
the ditch as he waits for the procession of troops to begin moving once

Sidney turns back around to look ahead, keeping low and not moving himself
now. He watches as the other scout advances.

Thomas just nods as the order reaches him, busy straining his eyes to try
and see Sidney and Morgenstern. Although it's not -them- that he should be
trying to watch out for.

«Illumination» A Very light goes off over the battlefield!

Sidney frowns, lifting the rifle he's carrying to sling it on his back and
draw out a pistol.

«Game» Sidney unwields his Lee Enfield SMLE!
«Game» Sidney wields his Webley Mk VI!

Mason digs his feet into the dirt in preperation to charge forward should
shots befired. His breathing is still relaxed as the vetran has been in many
tight spots like this. Charging to soon could expose the scouts, but acting
to late could result in them not recieving the cover they need. Nothing to
do but wait and watch at the time.

Sidney draws up the pistol, and starts trying to crawl forward under the
light of the flare, keeping to the ditch's shadows as best he can with a
slight motion of 'forward' to those behind, and points to the spot he's now

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Mason motions for the soliders to continue moving forward in at a regular
pace. A hand is waved infront of his throat as he then points a head. As the
artillery begins to fall from the sky, Mason takes cover.

«Game» Mason changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Webb changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Moreau changes his style to TakeCover!

Cleary ducks his head as the shells thump into the earth around the ditch,
muttering to himself, wincing as the concussions wash over him, trying to
become one with the floor.

«Chemical Weapons» Your eyes are tearing up and you can barely breathe!
«Game» Cleary changes his style to GasDefence!

Hensworth looks up as the whistle of incoming artillery rounds begins. As
the artillery shells rain down, they make a huge clump clump clump. He
continues to hug the ground.

«Game» Underwood changes his style to GasDefence!
«Game» Moreau tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Hensworth tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!

From Hellfire Corner, a male voice shouts, "Gas Gas gas!".

«Game» Carver tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Webb changes his style to GasDefence!

Moreau doubles over, coughing, as the gas hits him, struggling to get his
mask in place.

«Game» Thomas tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!

Underwood pulls on his gas gear in a hurry. Oh joy.

«Game» Mason assists Webb!
«Game» Underwood assists Thomas!

Cleary mutters as he smells gas, quickly tugging on his mask, "Masks on!" he
shouts, his voice muffled. Seeing as others as struggling, the Aussie moves
to help those in need.

«Game» Cleary assists Moreau!
«Game» Thomas tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Moreau tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Mason assists Webb!

Hensworth coughs as he struggles to get his mask on!

«Game» Cleary assists Moreau!

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Underwood then heads on over to the first poor moron who can't seem to get
his act together.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

«Game» Underwood assists Thomas!
«Game» Hensworth tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Carver changes his style to GasDefence!
«Game» Cleary assists Hensworth!

Carver is gassed along with everybody else, but a man of discipline, he puts
the mask on.

«Game» Moreau tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Thomas tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Underwood assists Thomas!
«Game» Hensworth tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!

Moreau is doubled over coughing and hacking into the ditch, so he's not in
much of a position to fuss with gas mask equipment just now.

Mason smells something odd in the air and immedietly reachs for his gasmask.
His rifle is dropped to his feet as he begins going through the procedures
tought by him in basic and yet tested so many times on the field of battle.
It takes the solider little time to prepair himself from any further gas

Thomas is not a man of discipline. So he seems like he's on his way to
coughing up an entire lung right now. He nods gratefully at the help,
although that's the only thanks he's capable of offering right now.

«Game» Moreau changes his style to GasDefence!
«Game» Thomas tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!
«Game» Underwood assists Thomas!

Hensworth continues to cough and curse as he can't manage to put on his

Moreau finally manages to get his mask on over his face. He collapses on the
ditch floor for a moment, trying to get lungs and eyes unclouded.

«Game» Hensworth changes his style to GasDefence!

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

«Game» Thomas tries to put on his gas mask but is too busy coughing and
tearing up and can't get it on!

«Illumination» A Very light burns out.

«Game» Moreau assists Thomas!
«Game» Thomas changes his style to GasDefence!

Mason looking towards Webb, "Move up and tell the scouts to hold up. Let me
see whats keeping the rest of the squad." The incoming artillery doesn't
seem to bother the old vetran as much as it does other. Yet, still when a
shell does expose close by it causes him to flinch.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, landing near Drainage Ditch!
Carver suffers 5 wound damage to his left chest.
Thomas suffers 4 wound damage to his left hand.
Moreau suffers 4 wound damage to his right hand.
Moreau suffers 2 wound damage to his left arm.
Hensworth suffers 3 bruise damage to his left arm.
Hensworth suffers 6 wound damage to his abdomen.
Hensworth suffers 2 wound damage to his left chest.
«Ground Combat» Carver has been killed!

Carver has been here since the very beginning. But usually at the back. Not
today. A shell screams down from overhead and turns the ditch into a
festival of flying limbs and gore. Somewhere in the middle of it is the

Hensworth 's head falls to the ground as his lungs suck in the bitter
cleansed air from the gas mask's filter. He writhes and coughs, muttering
softly so that no one else can hear what he is mumbling about through the
mask. It takes a couple minutes for him to recover and then… BAM! An
artillery shell explodes nearby, sending shrapnel into his torso!
"AHHHHHHH!" He screams. "Ima hit, chaps!" What crappy luck this man has now.

Thomas folds up on to his hands and knees, although at least his mask is
finally on. He just stays put while he tries to get a grip on things, making
deep, rattling-sounding wheezing noises. He sounds like a pair of bagpipes
filled with motor oil. And then… there's the artillery. Thomas doesn't
even have breath to yelp when some shrapnel catches his hand.

Cleary winces as he feels the shell hit the ditch, incinerating the Officer
and a good chunk of the other men. "Shite.." he curses, gritting his teeth
as he hunkers against the wall.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Moreau had just managed to get himself breathing properly again when the
artillery started flying. He lets out a cry of pain as his arms are peppered
with shrapnel. His right wrist comes out of it particularly bad, blood
spurting through the blue fabric of his uniform. But he doesn't come out of
it as bad as the Major. "Merde…" is all he can gasp when he sees the
splattered officer.

Mason comes rushing in from the east and sees something worse then he had
expected. Seeing the mangled bodies of the soldiers was nothing new to Mason
but this was really bad timing. He quickly begins looking over the squad
trying to access how bad everyone is."

Hensworth moans and murmurs with a burning piece of shrapnel in his abdomen.
Luckily the heat of the shrapnel has cauterized his wounds, but it is still
painful. His rifle falls into the dirt and he struggles to sling it around
him, having been drilled to the point to never leave his rifle, even when

Cleary glances around a bit, then to Mason, "WE SHOULD GET OUT OF THE
SHELLING!" he shouts, trying to be heard over the artillery, and through his

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Thomas tucks his hand under his right arm, rocking back and forth for a
moment. Distractedly, he goes to pick something off the lenses of his gas
mask, and finds that it's a piece of bone. He just sort of flicks it away.

Mason through the gasmask which causes his words to come out difficult to
understand, "Keep moving. WE need to get out of this artillery barrage!"
Mason then reaches to grab Hensworth assisting the man to his feet, "Lets
move it soldier. Stay here and you mgiht catch another one."

«Game» Mason assists Hensworth!

Moreau hastily struggles to get some field bandages wrapped around his
wrist, before propping himself up. "I am not so bad, Corporal," he says to
Mason. "I will not make much work of shooting, but it is just my arm and
shoulder. He is worse off, I think…" He nods to Mason. He doesn't mention
Carver, who's obviously worse off than anyone, splattered as he is.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Hensworth is pushed in from the west by his comrades in an effort to get him
out of the kill zone. He rolls around, writhing in pain and cursing the
Germans madly.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Hensworth is covered with blood from himself and many others. So much for
camouflage, eh?

Leon is almost like a corpse, lying in the mud with his eyes tight closed,
bound up tight. Whenever a shell lands, he twitches violently.

Moreau manages to struggle east under his own power, albeit grunting with
pain as he does so.

Cleary reaches behind him, grabbing ahold of Moreau's webbing and tugging
the frenchie forward, doing his best to keep the wounded man moving out of
the shelling.

«Game» Cleary assists Moreau!

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Mason continues to assist wounded as need be as he leads the soliders to the

Thomas coughs and wheezes eastwards, automatically wincing at the artillery
fire. He doesn't seem too distracted by it, despite the shenannigans just a
moment ago - it's more like he's flinching out of reflex.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Webb has caught up with Sidney by the time Mason arrives. Webb is presently
watching over a prisoner - a German youth who has been hastily bound.

Hensworth rolls in from the west, pushed like a log by his comrades. "Keep
moving, ye bloody lummox!" whispers one of his comrades to him. All
Hensworth can do is groan in pain.

Morgenstern is suddenly returning back and moves over to Sidney and begins a
whispered conversation. "You scout alone now. I'm going to help everyone
move onwards as quickly as possible," he explains, then looks at the others.
"Mason, status?"

Moreau presses on east, wheezing and bleeding.

Cleary struggles up with the rest, keeping ahold of Moreau, helping him
along as best he can, fumbling with his rifle and mask at the same time.

Sidney nods back to the corporal once, affirming. The Australian turns to
try to advance, moving ahead through the ditch towards the East alone.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves East <E>.

Mason takes a squat in the drainage ditch using the little bit of cover that
it provides, "Looks like we have 3 or 4 wounded. 2 KIA. Still looking into
the situation. I dont know where the Major is."

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Game» Morgenstern assists Hensworth!

Moreau takes a deep breath, answering the 'where the Major is' question for
Mason. "Major Carver did not make it, Corporal. The artillery…he did not
make it. You would not even recognize what is left of him." For his part,
his right arm and left shoulder both show signs of blood.

Thomas idly tries to dust some blood and bits of earth off himself as he
continues onwards, his hand still tucked under his right armpit. He's off in
his happy place right now, no doubt.

«Game» Cleary assists Moreau!

Morgenstern nods to Mason. "Alright, I'll help people, you keep a lookout
east as before." He listens grimly to Moureau. "Poor old bastard," he
murmurs, then moves over to start helping Hensworth to move onwards.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Game» Morgenstern assists Hensworth!

Mason nods to Morgenstern then Moreau as he discovers the news of the Major.
He would have to worry about that later. His attention is then turned
towards the east providing an over watch for Sidney.

Mason motions to the east, "Lets move out, hopefully the Belgium unit a head
has medics. Lets get these guys out of here before they got worse."

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage rips through Hellfire
Corner to deadly effect, filling the air with lethal shrapnel!

Hensworth blubbers around like a big baby as Morgenstern helps him out. He
wipes the blood off his mask and is rewarded with the horrific sight of a
large chunk of shrapnel embedded in his abdomen. "CRIKEY!" he murmurs…
then faints.

Thomas glances to Mason, then does just that. The sooner they're there, the

«Game» Morgenstern assists Hensworth!

Mason arrives in the area and motions for Sidney to continue holding his
position, "We have some wounded back here that we are trying to address.
We'll move out in a few minutes."

Sidney gives a nod back in return. "Clear ahead." he whispers. "Did a shell
hit the men behind?" as he tilts his head in question.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Sidney still has his gas mask on, cutting his ability to spot enemies as
well as be hidden himself.

Cleary helps along some of the wounded, keeping his head low as the group
shuffles up the ditch, "Where's this damn town?" he asks, pausing a bit to
help a wounded man over a fallen ammo crate.

Mason nods, "A Shell hit the trench. We're bringing the wounded here,
applying firstaid, then we will continue to press forward."

Hensworth 's limp body is being dragged by Morgernstern, having fainted in
horror of his wounds.

Moreau trudges along on his own. His legs are still in good working order.
Maybe he can try to aim his rifle with them, when it comes to it.

Sidney squints in disbelief as he spots the young prisoner being ordered
forward. "Can't Fritz stay back wtih the badly wounded? I'd rather have him
tied up away back from the fight than be with us when we need to work
together quicktime."

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner

Morgenstern is practically carrying Hensworth while at the same time trying
to take cover, in gasmask. Not an easy mission. "We're not leaving anyone
behind," he says harshly, catching Sidney's words. "Let's move on."

Mason shrugs, "He is back there with Morgenstern. You know whats even
scarier? That fact taht they are shooting it while they know he is out
here." As an artillery round expodes outside of the ditch, Mason hits the
ground taking cover. A little to close for his comfort.

Sidney frowns again with a look to young Leon, obviously not happy with a
prisoner being led along into the mission. He snorts softly, turns to crawl
forwards in the darkness of the ditch.

«Artillery» German Light Arty artillery barrage batters Hellfire Corner
«Artillery» Artillery barrage at Hellfire Corner has lifted!
«Game» Mason assists Morgenstern!

Thomas cradles his bad and and eyes Leon; his good hand fingers the trigger
guard of his rifle. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what he's
considering. "Just shoot him."

«Game» Cleary assists Morgenstern!

Underwood wipes some mud off himself as he comes stop, as the artillery
stops he looks to the sky like he expects something worse to fall down on

Cleary glares at Thomas, pausing a moment to help another wounded man,
"Would you like to be shot if you ever get captured?" he asks, glaring at
the other man through his mask.

Sidney slows and tries to peer ahead, attempting to make out any figures or
movement from his spot in the ditch with the mask over his face.

Webb, who has been tasked with watching over the prisoner, manages to look a
touch bewildered even behind the visage of his gas mask. He keeps his weapon
pointed towards the prisoner, all too mindful of the debate going on behind
him. As silence reigns in the wake of the barrage, he looks up, peering
about in disbelief. What? It's over already?

Sidney turns back to motion 'clear' to those behind, nodding forward to his
current position.

Morgenstern attempts to help Hensworth, by removing the shrapnel in his
guts. Not an entirely good idea, but at least he doesn't make things
/worse/. Not helping either. He ties some bandages around the man's stomach
to at least stop the bleeding.

Mason continues to watch Sidney as the scout moves ahead. His eyes fixed on
the shadow of a man waiting for an all clear signal. Once the signal is
given, Mason motions to move forward.

Cleary pats the wounded man on the shoulder, wiping the blood from his hands
and picking up his rifle, moving off to the east after Mason.

Sidney nods as Mason and others start to arrive, and he begins to creep
forward with his mask still on to scout ahead of the others.

"He's a German. We shoot Germans," Thomas grunts at Cleary. "I don't see how
it makes him less of a German just 'cos we're not in combat with him." And
that's his two pennies for the day.

«Ground Combat» You notice Leon arrive at Hellfire Corner.

Sidney is obviously slowed now from all the puttees down and rubber gloves
and the gear on his face. It's taking the sapper more time to move forward.

«Game» Morgenstern assists Hensworth!

Morgenstern isn't move that far behind the others as he's dragging Hensworth
along. The two keep up. As he said, he's refusing to leave anyone behind
here. Not here in this ditch in the open where a shell can kill anyone.

Mason reaches for his gasmask. With a deep breath of the filtered air, he
slides the mask off his face for a brief moment before he recreates the
seal. Hopefully the gas was cleared otherwise the small dose of gas would
likely catch up to him tomorrow.

«Game» Mason changes his style to Stealth!

Moreau follows along, keeping up without too much trouble for now. He stares
at Mason when the corporal dares remove his mask. It's enough to make him
hold his own, protected, breath.

«Medic Code» Morgenstern looks you over!

Mason after feeling no effects of the gas, he removes the mask again
slipping it into carrier case. "It appears to be clear. Keep your masks on
for another minute just in case."

Cleary ignores Thomas for the time being, eyes focused on Mason, seeing if
the Corporal falls to the ground in agony, waiting for the cue to remove his
own mask. He nods in agreeement with the Canuck, waiting for further

Morgenstern spots Sidney up ahead. "Clear to move," he whispers. He nods at
Mason, keeping his mask on for now and begins moving onwards to the east.

Thomas coughs behind his mask, and presses on. He just eyes Mason, in no
hurry to remove the gasmask just yet.

Webb likewise doesn't appear to be paying too much heed to Thomas's advice.
His trigger finger rests against the trigger guard as he gestures Leon

Sidney adds a final nod, and starts moving ahead alone. He's sneaking
without the embrace and awkwardness of gas defence, still in the ditch.

«Game» Webb changes his style to Stealth!

Mason looks to the other soliders, "Take your masks off. Get ready to move
on my signal."

«Game» Moreau changes his style to Stealth!

Hensworth is limp against the wall of the drainage ditch, with sputtering
and wheezing through his gas mask due to the earlier gas exposure.

Leon isn't in a particular hurry to take the mask off either. But then his
hands are all tied so he probably couldnt even do it if he wanted so.

Moreau lowers his gas mask as he continues east, with no little reluctance.
He tries not to breathe the air too deeply when it's off.

«Game» Moreau assists Morgenstern!

Thomas takes his mask off. He spent long enough putting the damn thing on,
it's like he doesn't want to remove it again. He checks himself, taking a
second to try and wrap a bit of rag around his hand, and looks to Mason.

«Game» Thomas changes his style to Stealth!

Underwood stops and rests with one knee on the ground, he looks at Mason and
then slowly pulls his mask off, putting it away before he adjusts his weapon
and gear.

«Game» Underwood changes his style to Stealth!
«Game» Cleary assists Morgenstern!
«Medic Code» Morgenstern successfully performs first aid on Moreau!

Mason motions to move eastword, "All clear gents. The town shouldn't be that
much further. Keep your eyes open for anything."

«Medic Code» Morgenstern attempts first aid on Moreau but fails.

Cleary tosses some extra bandages to Morgenstern, sitting in the base of the
trench to pull his mask off and restore it in its carrier, searching around
in the dark for his rifle, getting ready to move out as quickly as he can.

«Game» Cleary changes his style to Stealth!

Webb pulls off the mask, not as hesitant as some. But then by now it's
pretty obvious to him that folks aren't keeling over. He eyes Leon,
contemplating removing the prisoner's mask… but opts to leave it in place.

Webb herds the prisoner off to the east, following Mason.

Morgenstern does his best to bandage people, hardly nurse material. But
maybe some of it will help. He works in a rushed manner, aided by the others
and finally signals that everyone should move on again. He picks Hensworth
up and starts moving.

Moreau murmurs a thanks in French to Morgenstern when the corporal tends to
his wounds. It helps some. His right wrist isn't bleeding quite so much
anymore, and he can palm his rifle again without screaming in pain.

Mason looks over his shoulder to peer at the troops checking their
conditions. Keeping his words to himself, he just motions to continue the

Morgenstern checks everyone else and seeing that Thomas is also injured,
moves over to start bandaging him up somewhat.

Cleary moves along with the others, keeping his rifle ready and his head
down as he moves eastwards.

Thomas dutifully holds out his hand as Morgenstern approaches to bandage it.
He makes a point of looking the other way rather than dwelling on it.

Morgenstern is more successful with Thomas' hand and grins grimly at the
young Brit before he once more helps Hensworth eastwards. He stops and peeks
eastwards. "Alright, town's just up ahead?"

Thomas examines his newly bandaged hand, then goes back to eyeing Leon. He
may well just shoot the German himself, but he's not normally one to rock
the boat.

Mason moves along the ditch towards Morgenstern taking a knee beside the
man, "We have the town in site. Just a little further ahead. I think we need
to pull the scout back. Its no longer a matter if we stumble on one or two,
I think we'll make contact with a large force at the entrance of the

Leon is inscrutable beneath his gas mask. Its a kinda muddy gas mask too,
eyeholes all fogged up. His slumped shoulders give him a defeated sort of
aura though.

Hensworth finally wakes up from his fainting spell, being moved around like
a ragged doll. He murmurs, "Aye… am I dead?"

Moreau tries not to look at the bandages over the bloody spots on his arms.
He smiles tiredly at Hensworth as he wakes. "Not yet, my friend. Not yet.
But we have a ways to go."

Sidney hrmms, "I should hop ahead just once more. We have to be sure the
town's still in friendly hands, right?" He looks over to where Morgenstern.
"It's still a little ways, a couple hops."

Morgenstern looks between Mason and Sidney. "Alright… move up one more
session, but after that we're all together."

Cleary keeps his mouth shut for the time being, letting the NCO's hash out
the plan, his hands still gripping his rifle, muttering to himself, just
wanting to get into the town.

Sidney bows his helmetted head in a little nod, and after a look to the
wounded Hensworth, quietly frowning at the bloodied uniform he sees on the
man, he turns back around to advance, choosing not to take a look at all at
Leon that time.

Webb looks to have aged about a decade on the advance up the ditch. He's
dirty as sin, his face bathed in sweat and grime. He looks from his charge
over to Thomas, the Canadian's glare making it clear that he doesn't approve
the suggestion.

Hensworth mutters in response to Moreau, "I'd feel better dead at this
point. The pain is torture…" Though this sounds suicidal, he isn't intent
on dying just yet. He fumbles with his gas mask because it is hard to

Sidney glances over to Thomas quickly, not expecting movement behind him so
soon. He frowns a little but makes no comment, turning back to try to gaze
ahead towards the town.

Mason continues to stay there on a knee looking over the soliders while
still keeping a loose eye on the scouts a head. "We'll be arriving in the
town shortly. We dont want to spooke the friendlies there and have them
shoot at us. We'll get you guys some medical attention once we enter the
town. Stay strong, you'll be patched up soon."

Sidney draws in a deep breath, and motions 'clear'. He nods then, to Thomas,
and draws a hand up to beckon the others forwards. "Sun's rising." he
murmurs quietly.

Mason also motions for the troops to move further east.

Morgenstern moves to help Hensworth again. "You'll be fine. We'll get you to
a medic. And no heroics from you, just stay low and we'll take care of the
enemy." He starts moving again.

Cleary yawns a bit, rising up and following after Mason as quickly as he
can, glancing back to make sure the wounded are still ok.

Morgenstern lowers Hensworth down again and now moves over to Leon. "Take
the mask off," he orders the young soldier, in pure German. "Have to gag
you." He pulls out a dirty scarf.

Hensworth chuckles at Morgenstern's last comment as he is assisted by the
NCO. "I'm in no shape to be heroic…" He notices that the chunk of metal
that was in his abdomen was removed, and is relieved. He finally pulls off
his blood stained gas mask.

«Game» Hensworth changes his style to Standard!

Sidney gives another nod, but this time doesn't begin to advance himself. As
he hears the corporal order the young prisoner, Private Sidney mutters low,
"Leave it so he can put his mask on himself, if he needs to. I wouldn't even
force a dog to go without one here." He draws his wrist up, rubbing at his
own eyes a bit. "I got some tear gas in my eyes back where they shelled us.
I hope it wasn't anything else mixed in."

Leon trudges along in the ditch, boots now thoroughly filled with mud and
water, looking miserable.

Thomas stays put, letting his rifle hang on its strap so that he can hug his
bad hand.

Mason watches the town a head trying to assess the situation. As a plan
comes to mind he looks over towards the other soldiers, "Alright when we
move, Cleary, Webb and myself will watch our flanks. The rest of you keep
your eyes forward for anything.

SInce the prisoner's hands are tied, it falls to Webb, who has been
shepherding the prisoner along, to remove the gas mask. He slings his rifle,
and cautiously slips the mask from Leon's face, tucking it under his left

Cleary nods in response to Mason, flicking the safety off on his Enfield as
he prepares to move onwards, his head turning a bit to look northward for a

Moreau glances sidelong at Leon, his lips curling into a sneer. But he
leaves the German alone. He nods to Mason, focusing forward. Ever forward.

Morgenstern nods to Sidney and proceeds to gag Leon to effectively shut him
up, taking the mask off himself since the prisoner can't very well do it
with hands tied. "Alright, let's move on." He gives Leon a prod to get him
moving, then goes to help Hensworth again.

Morgenstern nods to Sidney and proceeds to gag Leon to effectively shut him
up. "Alright, let's move on." He gives Leon a prod to get him moving, then
goes to help Hensworth again.

«Ground Combat» Mason moves out of Drainage Ditch.
«Ground Combat» Cleary moves out of Drainage Ditch.
«Ground Combat» Moreau moves out of Drainage Ditch.

Webb takes once glance back at the prisoner, before moving out.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves out of Drainage Ditch.
«Ground Combat» Webb moves out of Drainage Ditch.
«Ground Combat» Underwood moves out of Drainage Ditch.

Hensworth moans as he stands up again and leans heavily against Morgenstern
as they move out.

«Ground Combat» Hensworth moves out of Drainage Ditch.

Sidney nods. "Ditch ends here." said a bit unhappily as he steps to crawl
out of it. "I don't see any friendlies in town yet either."

Cleary clambers out of the trench, moving off to the east when he sees
everyone else is ready.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves out of Drainage Ditch.

Underwood looks back at the ditch as he climbs up from it, letting out a
deep sigh at the same time.

Moreau sighs heavily. It's always something more. With a grimace, he climbs
out of the cover of the ditch. He's not too grim about it. Not like the
cover did him much good, anyway.

Morgenstern :begins to climb out, going slow as he's helping Hensworth.
"Headquarters is east in town. So we got some distance yet."

«Ground Combat» Morgenstern moves out of Drainage Ditch.

Mason slips out from the drainage ditch and motions for the troops to begin
moving east. Slowly Mason walks scanning the windows of each building his
rifle checking for snipers or spotters. With the sun begining to rise, he
also takes the oppertunity to look for communication wires.

Thomas pulls himself out of the ditch, pausing to get a good look around
before climbing out entirely. He tries to keep a low profile, clearly
uncomfortable with being out of cover.

Sidney hrmms softly to himself. "I see some trees on the other side of town.
It's not a big town at all." as the dawn rises over the eastern horizon, the
tops of the trees framing the glow.

Menin Gate
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

The medieval walls around the town of Ypres did not save it from modern
artillery, but the old gate into the city is, by fate, pretty much the only
thing left standing, saved as it was by being sheltered from German fire at
the opposite end of the town from the front line. A huge arch over the road,
to enter the city, one must pass through the Menin Gate.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Reserve Trench

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 1 Cover : 70%
Stealth : 110% Inf.Move : 100%

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

Mason scans the flanks as he moves along with the squad. Nothing appears out
of the ordanery to the north.

Morgenstern passes through the Mening Gates, supporting Hensworth. Even at
this time, he can't help but to be impressed by them, glancing up into the
arch as he passes beneath. He then focuses his attention east, letting Mason
handle the checkout to the north.

Cleary glances to the north, then the south, keeping to the sides of the
streets, pressing his back against the walls, glancing at Mason for the
signal to move forward again.

Cleary glances at Mason, nodding to the east, "See some friendlies up

Moreau looks up at the arch of the Menin Gate as they pass through it.
That's a sight, even if he is seeing it while covered in blood and muck and
other battlefield refuse. He keeps his rifle close, suddenly missing the
cover of the ditch all the more.

Webb moves down the opposite side of the street from Cleary, his gaze
sweeping up at the blasted out windows as the squad moves through the gate.

Underwood looks at the gates more than anything else as he passes through
them, but as soon as he's through his eyes go back to scan what is in front
of him.

Mason simply nods to Cleary's statement as he scans, "Alright, lets continue
to push east to the friendly line." Mason lowers his rifle slightly to a 45
degree angle pointed downward to the ground. He takes the time to ensure
that his rifle doesn't sweep any of the other soldiers in the squad as he
presses eastword.

Cleary glances around, spotting a nice, safe looking trench. Not really
enjoying his position in the relative open, he looks to Mason, "In the
trench maybe?"

Thomas glances around, but soon finds himself staring up at the gates,
rather gormlessly. Once he's through them, he looks over his shoulder to
watch them as he walks away.

Sidney makes it in as the rear, looking around once he's reached the others.
Only having just arrived, he's not scoped the area as the others might have.
The pistol's ready in his hand for surprises.

"I think I see the dugout up ahead, must be the place," Morgenstern says
quietly, moving steadily onwards with an arm around Hensworth.

The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Not one stone is left standing on another in the Belgian town of Ypres.
Three years of incessant bombardment have literally levelled it. Not for
nothing was, after World War 2, this place twinned with Hiroshima.

The inhabitants left years ago. This would be a ghost town, if not for the
military presence of three armies - British, Belgian, and French.

It is currently dawn.

Sub-Rooms :
1. HQ Dugout

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 1 Cover : 70%
Stealth : 110% Inf.Move : 100%

Obstacles :
West <W> Wire-5

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

Sidney mutters, "Bum luck if Fritz's friends are throwing a party in the
redoubt." and tries to smile a tiny bit as he reaches the forward position.

«Ground Combat» Mason moves into HQ Dugout.
«Ground Combat» Morgenstern moves into HQ Dugout.

Smolders is in the dugout, talking in Flemish to an aide. A few more Belgian
soldiers can be seen about the place, and what was Carvers column is filing
into the ruined town.

Cleary keeps off to the side, taking cover amongst some ruins, not wanting
to crowd the dugout with Privates, he knows better than that.

Morgenstern allows himself a sigh of relief. They've made it so far. Amazing
how much trouble you face when you just want to get to the war itself. With
a grunt he helps Hensworth into the dugout, squinting over at the Belgian

Mason spotting an allied dugout, he begins to motion for the squad to
takecover. "Find soem cover behind those building. Webb, Cleary, Keep your
eyes to our flanks." With that Cpl Mason moves into the HQ Dugout, enjoying
the safety of the earthwalls.

Thomas gives Sidney a bit of a dark look for that comment, then follows
Mason's suite, crouching down behind a pile of bricks. He sinks down in to a
crouch-cum-foetal position.

Moreau peers ahead at the Belgian soldiers. He follows Mason's orders
gladly, getting himself into some cover.

Sidney just nods a little, more to the words of the Canadian corporal than
anyone else. He steps to the edge of the dugout, but doesn't enter within
its earthen walls. A glance down to the pistol he's wielding, then to the
rifle he's shouldered.

Hensworth stumbles along towards the defensive positions in the town and is
eased into one by Morgenstern. "Thanks, chap." he says to the French
Legionnaire. He grimses at the pain he is enduring and sits down, waiting
for a medic… no wait… hoping for a medic. Hanging from his neck is the
blood stained gas mask.

Smolders looks around the place for people in charge of the reinforcement
column, but when he doesn't see anybody, he settles on a two stripe. And he
speaks to Morgenstern in French. "You are the fresh column? That shelling
earlier was for you?". He eyes the rather forlorn column, so much for
reinforcements. "Where is the commanding officer?".

Hensworth manages to use his rifle as a crutch, leaning against it because
leaning back hurts.

Underwood sits down behind the closest ruin, eyes on the ground, and it
looks like he's preparing to wait here for quite some time.

Cleary peeks over the lip of some rubble, looking eastwards, yawning a bit
as he keeps a lookout for anything of interest.

Morgenstern gives Smolders an ironic smile. "Wouldn't call us fresh any
longer. The shells were for us, yeah." He points over at Leon. "Caught that
one along the way." He's speaking French as well, with his accent sticking
out. "Major Carver got shelled to bits and pieces. This is what you've got."

Sidney looks eastward, then rubs his eyes a little. "Anyone want me to cover
the section of town over there?", with a gesture to the north. "Digger me's
got no idea where the Germans would even come in from."

Mason only understands the most simplest French and leaves the talking to
the other Corporal. Mason just peers at the two hoping body language will
help give him a clue on what the sitation is. A rag of what used to be a
uniform is removed from a pocket and used to whipe down his face. The rag
works poorly as it only smeers the mud on his face more.

Smolders waves a hand. "My troops are deployed to the east, you can rest a
little easier now at least." he says, in heavily accented English. "I am not
your commander but in the absence of one, I would advise to get some rest!
As best you can anyway. I have received clarification of your orders from
General Birdwood, the attacks in this sector are to continue as planned."

Morgenstern nods his understanding. "Yes, Captain. I'll get the men settled
in." He doesn't come to attention or salute, knowing that he shouldn't at
this instance. Instead he turns to Mason to translate. "Troops are deployed
to the east. Captain says we should get some rest. Attack is to proceed as
ordered. So, let's get settled in for awhile."

Smolders beckons Morgenstern to approach a little more closely and
conspiritorially as well, eying the others.

Thomas idly watches, but it's moot as to how much he can follow. He doesn't
seeem particularly interested; whatever happens, happens.

Mason nods to both of the men. "Aye Sir." is Masons responce before slipping
out of the dugout. The rifle is slung over his shoulder as he approaches the
troops, "On your feet gents. We're holding up here for a time to be
determined. Time to get some shut eye." Quickly scanning the houses located
in the area, a suitable place that appears to be abadoned catches Mason's
eye. Pointing the building out, "We'll hold out there and crash out." He
looks between the soliders to see if there are any questions.

Morgenstern sees that Mason got it in hand. An eyebrow goes up at Smolders,
but he moves closer and leans in for some conspiratorial talk. Never know
about officers.

Sidney sights a bit, turning to reach down to his belt and pull out the
canteen. He takes a drink from the water there, and draws a few drops to
moisten a cloth in an effort to wipe his face clean from the earlier grime
and muck of the ditch. The young combat engineer then manages to take a seat
on a broken stone wall. Then comes Mason's command to get back up. A groan
follows as Private Sidney stands, and starts moving more towards the
northern end of this block of rubble.

Cleary rises up from his position, shouldering his rifle and moving to join
Mason. He peers into the abandoned building, grinning a bit and moving
inside rather casually. Not seeing much in the way of furniture, he selects
a relatively flat stretch of ground, setting his rifle against a wall,
dropping his web gear and easing down for a bit of a snooze.

Hensworth is helped by a nearby comrade up and towards the rubble where they
are supposed to "crash out." He moans, wondering where that darn medic is.

Moreau can't hold back a sigh of relief at the prospect of a little rest. He
even chances to fantasize about a visit from a proper medic. He unslings his
canteen and takes a quick swallow, standing and waiting to shuffle off
somewhere. Perchance to collapse.

Underwood slowly climbs back to his feet as he follows Masons orders,
muttering to himself as he goes to get some rest.

Thomas breathes out, and seems to relax marginally, closing his eyes. He
doesn't move, though. No, he's staying right there. That pile of rubble is
perfectly comfortable for the moment.

Whatever Smolders is saying, it's clear that Morgenstern is near shocked. He
just stares at the Captain, his face turning red, as if he's getting very
angry. "Yes, Sir," he says through clenched teeth to the Captain. Without
another word, he turns and walks over to be with his men. How the hell is he
going to explain this?

Sidney sits back against a blasted mix of stone and plaster with a few
wooden timbers against his head, facing away from the east. "I bet that
German bloke was sent out there to wait and shoot up a flare to signal their
gunners. Sending a scrap of a lad out to do that, knowing he'd get killed."
The blond Australians face lowers, frowning. "Killed by his own guns."

Cleary yawns boredly, leaning against his pack, ignoring the chatter of the
others, knowing full well it would be a good idea to get some kip before the
battle, no sense wasting it.

Mason waits a few moments for any questions. The order was simple and he
excepted to soliders to tired to really care much more then shut eye at this
point. He moves behind one of the near by buildings making sure the building
is between him and the eastern front. A cigarette is produced from his shirt

Thomas briefly opens one eye to watch Morgenstern walk over, but seems
uninterested as to why the guy looks so mad. Sleep. Sleep takes priority.

Moreau has found a convenient place to lay down, bleed and try to relax.
He's taken his photograph out again and is staring at it, eye heavy.
Morgenstern stomping over makes him look up again, though. He sighs. No good
can come of this.

Webb has a look of weary disbelief about him as he trudges his way back to
the squad, his shoulders slumping as he moves through the building to find a
relatively comfortable spot to set down. "They say in London that if this
continues to 1919… Haig will be out, and Arthur Currie will have command
of British Empire forces in Europe," he remarks distantly as he slumps down,
back against a wall. From one pocket, he pulls a small metal flask, and
ventures a carefully rationed sip… just enough to kill the lingering
aftertaste of the gas.

Morgenstern needs a cigarette bad now and lights one up. He joins Mason and
stands there fuming, literally and figuretively. "We're supposed to use as
little force as possible out there," he says, teeth still clenched. He takes
a hasty, deep drag off the cigarette. "We're making one last attack…
before the peace treaty come into effect at 11 o'clock." No wonder he's mad.

Mason shoulders slump a bit as his head turns from left to right. ANother
drag is taken from the cigarette before he lets out a heary sigh.
"Well….." a short pause is made by Mason as he collects his thoughts, "You
never know, the last one fell appart. Who knows if this one is for real or

Thomas's eyes snap open again. Well, that ruined his nap. He looks to
Morgenstern as if to confirm this is true, but it doesn't look like he's
kidding, does it? The Private just stares. It's like finding out that
Christmas is cancelled because you've just found Santa Claus' dismembered

Moreau slips his photograph back into his pocket, staring at Morgenstern.
"But there is no purpose to it!" he bursts out, voice low but indignant. He
can't believe it.

«Ground Combat» Mason moves out of HQ Dugout.

Morgenstern rubs his temple, scratching under the helmet. "Nothing in this
bloody war has had any sense." He has to break the news for everyone, so
moves around to tell everyone to 'use as little force as possible.'

Sidney blinks sharply, turning his head from his distant seated position to
regard Morgenstern. "He knows an armistice is coming up, due on the morrow,
and it's already signed and they still want to send us out there?" There's
no attempt to mutter that one, the aussie speaks it clear and full of

Cleary smiles a bit, "You really expected to get off that easy? Haig wants
to get his name in the papers… his last hurrah…. Just take your time
till 11 an you'll be fine."

Hensworth says "Just HOW are we going to use as little force as possible?
Yell at the Jerries, BANG BANG?"

Webb is thoughtfully silent for a moment, looking up at Morgenstern
wide-eyed. And then he starts to laugh. It's not a cheerful sort of laugh,
and indeed it looks as if he makes every effort to resist the impulse before
it breaks through. But it's all so absurd and ironic. He really can't help
it, even as he clutches his side with one hand and covers his mouth with the
other to muffle it.

Thomas glares at Cleary as if he's considering punching him, then carefully
puts his rifle down so that he can hug his knees and stare at his feet.

Underwood blinks as Morgenstern hands out the 'order', then he blinks a
couple of more times, and for the first time since he egg-bomb, he looks a
little happy.

Morgenstern makes a clarification. "Not Smolders fault. Orders are coming
from higher up. He asked me to use little force, he doesn't want this
anymore than we do." He glares at Webb who is laughing. But after awhile the
corner of his lips begin to tug suspiciously, and he soon grins, especially
after Hensworth's comment. "Or… we could throw pebbles at them and ask
them to consider it being a grenade and to fall down appropriately."

Mason just shakes his head as he watches Morgensten pass the word to the
other soliders. His attention is now focused on his cigarette as he gets
lost in his own thoughts over the issue. No need to kill the moral more by
saying anything, there really wasn't much he could say at this point.

Moreau drops his head, shaking is, stunned by the pointlessness of it all.
But Webb's laughter has the same ripple affect on him. At last, he can't
help but let out a desperate chuckle. "Perhaps we can just stand across a
street and insult one another. It would not be much less effective than all
we have done before. Merde. Is this what we've come to?"

Sidney grumbles in a low voice, but loud enough to be heard by all the
squad. "Use as little force as possible", articulated deliberately and
clearly. "Tell me, guv'nor, what number is there more little than nil? None
at all? Follow the bloody orders to the letter." and snorts.

On some level, Webb surely wants to crawl into a hole and die. That little
voice of sanity in the back of his mind is expressing its utmost
mortification at his own reaction, but it's not a hundred percent in charge
at the moment. In trying to hold it in, tears start to form in the corner of
his eyes. And then it dies down, and he pulls out that flask again. He
raises it in a gesture of a toast, and remarks dryly and irony-laced, "Hail
Caesar. We who are about to die salute you."

Webb proceeds to pass the flask around to whoever wants it. It's a shame to
do something so absurd without a little alcohol in your system.

Morgenstern is not late to take that flask and drink from it, before passing
it onwards. "Thanks," he says. If he's going to go out there 'not being so
aggressive', he might as well be a little intoxicated.

Moreau has tears in his own eyes when he lifts his head back up. He doesn't
seem to know whether to laugh hysterically or weep hysterically. He settles
for just continuing to chuckle in that humorless, tired way. "Die. Perhaps
we will. I have not seen any other way this will end for me, for some time."
He waits for that flask to come his way. "You had plans for a cafe, you
said?" he asks Morgenstern. "That would not be a bad life, in peace."

Mason crawls out of the make shift bed that he had created in the sleeping
quarters. Rubbing his eyes, he grabs his rifle and shuffles to his feet. It
wouldn't be long before that last fatefull battle would take place. The news
from last night still lingers in his head.

Thomas remains where he is, not going for the flask. He doesn't laugh, cry,
shout or anything… Just continues to stare at his feet with a look of
utter bafflement. He's probably been like that since they first arrived.

Morgenstern nods to Moreau. "A cafe. I'm fond of Arras. I'll stay there."
And he too goes to get some rest, a few hours of shut-eye before the Final
Battle. He awakes, not exactly rested, hardly hopeful but determined to do
his best. And, he proceeds to shave, using some teawater and a broken
mirror, and a rather dull razor.

Sidney reaches over for the flask, lifting it to his lips to take a gulp no
matter what the manner of beverage within. He tightens both cheeks with the
swallow, likely not finding the drink to be his usual, and coughs out a
breath before passing it on to the next man. "Well…" muttered after a
moment of thought. "If I live tommorrow, I'm going home for Christmas and
there better be a fancy sheila with a good Coopers Spiced half waiting for
me there." He quiets for a moment, "I knew I should've joined me mates in
the Light Horse Regiment."

Smolders arrives upon the scene, and heads over to all the makeshift
dugouts, rather slowly, perhaps even a little reluctantly. "Gentlemen, its
time? I appear to be in temporary command."

Cleary murmurs quietly, rising up from his makeshift bed. He clips his web
gear back on, donning his steel hat and picking up his rifle, stumbling to
his feet and moving outside.

Mason decides that he going to pass the flask when it comes to him in the
circle. "No thanks. I want to keep my head clear for this." While the
thought of this order is to be depressing, there was another way to look at
it. This would be the last battle…

Hensworth moans, as he struggles to get up. The shrapnel wound in his
abdomen looks particularly nasty.

Morgenstern wipes his face off on a dirty towel. That he didn't cut himself
is a miracle. And the shaving was only so successful. Attempts to clean up
the uniform haven't worked that well, but his boots are looking alright.
"We're ready, Captain," he rasps at Smolders. "What's the plan?"

Moreau didn't really sleep much. He just lay awake, staring at the sky,
thinking. He doesn't bother to shave when he's roused up from that state. He
does try to get some breakfast and a drink. He then meanders over to find
out where he'll be told to die today.

Thomas doesn't look up as Smolder's approaches, but at least his eyes move
in his direction. Reality seems to have settled in by this point, and he
looks quite heartbroken.

Underwood shakes his legs to life, looks over his weapon once before moves
out to join the rest.

Smolders looks over Hensworth when he gets near. "Looks like this one isn't
going anywhere. A Blighty, as you call it.". He then inspects Moreau, and
replies, a little distantly to Morgenstern as he examines the wound, "Given
the heavy casualties among your officers I've been empowered to grant field
commissions in your unit."

Sidney didn't sleep much at all, really not any. All optimism and good
spirits seem drained from the normally cheerful Australian lad, not even
shaving himself in this forward salient position. As Smolders speaks, the
combat engineer simply looks over and watches with lips closed grim.

Hensworth offers pathetic resistance to Smolders' last statement. "I can
fight, suh, I just need uh… someone to help me to the battlefield?" Well,
considering the futility of the mission, maybe this man has dodged a bullet
and is going to capitalize on it. What a bastard he is, isn't he?

"We've got several wounded," Morgenstern says, nodding curtly. Here's some
hope for some, they might get a blighty and be saved this fate. "Thomas and
Moreau are wounded as well. Probably can't shoot," he tries. "They're pretty
bad off." He glances around to see if he can convincingly lie about someone
else being wounded. It takes him awhile to get his brain onto the other
topic. Field promotions. "I see, Sir." When you don't know what else to say,
'I see, Sir' usually works.

Mason over hears the mentioning of there being commisions. The thought
distrurbed him, "Sir, dont you know this unit is cursed?" While said
half-jokingly, there was still truth to it.

Moreau cradles his wrist, which is now quite encrusted with dried blood and
some ugly-looking attempts at field bandaging. He doesn't seem to care
whether this will get him out of the fight or not. He doesn't appear to
expect it too. He's not that lucky. Right now, he's more interested in
staring at the interplay between Morgenstern and the Belgian officer.

Thomas quietly watches Smolders, just catching that bit about the promotion.
He doesn't really react, but slowly blinks once. Ow. Jesus.

Morgenstern wets his lips and looks over at Mason. "Corporal Mason is quite
the tactician, Sir," he tries. "Been with us for quite awhile. Hell of a
soldier." He's speaking French too, the bastard.

Mason might not be able to speak french, but he does understand his name.
The wiley bastard of a frenchman was no doubt selling him out. "Sir,
Corporal Morgenstern here is our oldest vetran, we all take our ques from

Smolders apparently has read Carvers files, as he nods. "You've got quite
the combat experience, Corporal Morgenstern. I've read your file, and it was
quite the read. I'm impressed. Congratulations, Lieutenant.". He reaches
into a pocket, pulls out a whistle and passes it to Morg like it was on fire
and it burns his fingers. Yeah, he's got his own motives here.

Morgenstern swallows hard, eyeing the whistle like it's a grenade. He slowly
reaches a hand out for it. You'd never see someone more reluctant to become
an officer, ever. Those whistles, how he's hated them, him and every other
soldier in this war. And now he's being given one to use. "Thanks, Sir," he
rasps. He gives Smolders a lopsided, tired smile, like he just was given his
death sentence.

In the morning, Webb is a little cleaner, and somewhat rested. However new
he might be to the unit, he finds himself grinning like an idiot as he looks
on at the spectacle of Morgenstern's promotion.

Thomas observes all this in silence. Despite himself, he can't hide a small
wince. When you think you have it bad, there's always some poor sod who has
it -worse-.

Smolders salutes Morgenstern, and then, after looking over Moreau and
Thomas, pronounces them both fit for duty. He's seen worse. Hand scratches,
thats alright.

Smolders has his own ass to think of after all if he lets too many off.

Cleary grins a bit, chuckling to himself for a moment as he waits for the
slow risers to get up and moving, yawning again.

Mason laughes quietly to himself as he extends his hand to Morgenstern as if
to shake the mans hand. Then with a wicked grin, he raises that same hand to
his brow saluting the new Lieutenant. "Congrulations SIR." You sure know
that he emphasizes the word 'sir'.

Moreau is unsurprised by Smolders' pronouncement of him as fit. It just
makes him sigh. Again. He's done a lot of sighing today. And over the course
of the war. He looks to Morgenstern, with great sympathy. Poor bastard.

Morgenstern does get off a very off-the-book salute in return. Then the
whistle is tucked deep down into a pocket as if it's burning his fingers. He
sure understands Smolders wanting to get rid of it. He almost startles as
Mason salutes him, giving the Corporal a glare. "Bloody hell, Mason. Don't
make me punch you." But then he grins at the man and salutes him back as
well. "Good thing I won't have time to get used to being called Sir.
Wouldn't want to get into the habit."

«Ground Combat» Smolders moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Cleary moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Morgenstern moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Moreau moves East <E>.

Allied Lines
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Mud. More mud. Even more mud. Theres mud everywhere! The cold weather means
the ground is fairly hard, but the battlefield is a uniformly brown colour
nevertheless from past flooding. There isn't a whole lot of cover here
either, the soft ground makes digging trenches difficult as they require
constant maintenance, and the craters from artillery shells fill in within a
couple of days.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Reserve Trench

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 1 Cover : 100%
Stealth : 100% Inf.Move : 100%

Obstacles :
West <W> Wire-5

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

Sidney rises to a stand, brushing off his uniform. "Our sergeant will be so
pleasantly surprised to hear our Corporal Morgenstern has been promoted."
The Pommy accent's a clear change from his normal western Australian.
Sarcasm drips, though not seeming to be angry at Morgenstern himself, the
look passes more to the Belgian.

From Allied Lines, a whistle blows!
From Allied Lines, a whistle blows!
From Allied Lines, a whistle blows!

«Game» Moreau changes his style to Sprint!
«Ground Combat» Sidney moves into Reserve Trench.
«Ground Combat» Moreau moves East <E>.
Hensworth has arrived.
«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at Allied Lines.
«Ground Combat» You notice Sidney arrive at Allied Lines.

Sidney appears to be following the trench eastwards, rather than walking in
the open. He is advancing, though, not earning yellow feathers.

Mason makes his way over to Lieutenant Morgenstern giving the officer a
hearty nod before saying anything. There was a time to joke with the news
promoted lieutenat, but here on the line it was different all togeather.
"Sir, what are your orders?" Mason states to the 2nd Lieutenant.

«Game» Mason changes his style to Banzai!

Sidney fixes his eyes eastward, towards No Man's Land. "Clear between the
lines." Of course, it's full daylight. There's no real chance for anyone to
be sneaking hidden.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves into Front Line Trench.
«Equipment» Mason has dropped Flare.
«Ground Combat» Webb moves into Front Line Trench.
«Ground Combat» Mason moves into Front Line Trench.

Morgenstern started the war in mud and he's ending it in mud. It's poetic,
in a way. His boots, earlier cleaned, are muddy after half a minute. He's
smoked his last cigarette on the way. The rifle is checked, it's filled with
ammunition, he got his grenades and gasmask. He looks at each men in the
small group, memorizing their faces. At Mason's approach, he inhales deeply
and stares out towards the east. "We'll go over the top. And make our way
towards the enemy as fast as we can, and attack. We'll charge them, across
the field of mud." His voice is filled with irony. "I will blow the whistle
when it's time to go Over The Top." He holds a hand out to Mason. He doesn't
say anything else, he just wants to shake his hand.

Cleary moves up through the trenches, Rifle slung over his shoulder as per
usual, still muttering about his stokes. He moves into one of the bays,
leaning against the wall idly, pulling up his collar a bit to shield himself
from the morning chill, glancing up and down the line idly.

Moreau waits silently. It's hard to tell how long the Frenchman has been in
this war. And it's now hard to tell if he'll come out of it or not. But he's
seen enough done to his country not to expect to. Many men have died before
him, in may situations just like he's in now. He doesn't expect any
different outcome for himself.

Thomas is never going to look at a whistle the same way again, after all
this. Assuming he survives it. His gaze keeps shifting from Morgenstern to
the battlefield ahead.

Mason looks down at the offered hand and reaches for it. With a steardy hand
shank, Mason looks up at Morgenstern, "I'll see you on the other side
buddy." With his other free hand he gives Morgenstern a hearty pat on the
side of his arm. Releaseing his grip from the handshake, the Corporal steps
away heading down the line looking towards the rest of the troops. "Get on
your feet! Weapons and ammo only! On your feet!"

Sidney snorts to himself, very quietly, as he starts to step up from the
trench and readies a grenade. "I will run unto Kingdom Come. Yea. Run to
join my Lord under the shining light. Yeah brother.", speaking in an odd
accent, some minority tongue from Down Under.

Webb can't resist a glance skywards as Morgenstern runs through the briefing
(such as it is). My, what a lovely morning. That disconcerting grin is back
on his face, that suggests that the new guy might have come to the unit just
a little unhinged. But then what use is sanity here? He sheds his pack,
unslinging his rifle and fixing his bayonet as he climbs up to the firing
step to ready for the advance.

Hensworth leans against the trench wall, watching and anticipating the fight
that we would not be joining due to his wounds. He awaits for the stretcher
ride… first to the field hospital, then to another hospital, and finally
home… provided he survives his wounds.

Sidney holsters his pistol, and with a distant gaze draws up a Mills bomb.
He's holding it in his hand, not plugging the explosive into the barrel of
his Lee-Enfield rifle.

Cleary smirks at Sidney, snapping the cup onto the barrel of his enfield,
loading a blank round and inserting a bomb into the end, ready to be used
when he gets a bit closer.

Morgenstern nods to Mason and then begins to walk down the trench to issue
some advice. "We want to move fast into their side. So, just run as fast as
you can."

Thomas stands and waits, clearly as tense as hell. Come to think of it… If
he lives through the war, his new hobby is going to involve smashing
whistles with hammers.

Moreau hurries up and waits, for the end.

Mason shouts down the line, "MOUNT UP! Get on the wall and on the COs call
advance!" With the order being given, Mason finds himself a nice spot on the
wall of the trench. His boots kicks at the dirt a bit allowing him a nice
grip for his foot. If all works out, he would be outside the trench before
the germans even began firing.

Sidney murmurs. "Why don't we take bottles of wine instead? Hold them up and
someone call out in German offering a drink to those that surrender, that
the peace agreement's already signed?"

Morgenstern can't do much more. He pulls out the whistle and looks down at
it. He rubs a thumb over some smudge on it, and then squares his shoulders,
once more looking down the row of soldiers waiting to go over the top.
Something in the mud catches his attention and he reaches out for it. It's a
single poppy petal that has somehow ended up there, perhaps carried by
another soldier, now long since gone. He pockets it. He steps up, getting a
good handhold. The whistle is raised to his lips.

Morgenstern blows a whistle!

Underwood gets ready to do this one last time, eyeing Morgenstern and the
whistle, and once it's blown, he goes up and over as fast as he can.

Cleary grins as he hears the whistle. The Aussie clambers up the ladder,
gripping his rifle tightly as he presses on with the rest, heading eastward
into the unknown.

Mason shouts, "FOR CANADA!".

Aubrey has arrived.

Webb tenses as he awaits the sound of the whistle, then propels himself up
from the trench, his rifle coming up as he bursts over the top.

Aubrey hums a little to himself as he gets ready, looking around at the
others for a few moments.

No Mans Land
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row
That mark our place, and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Shell Hole

Room Modifiers :
Elevation : 1 Cover : 100%
Stealth : 100% Inf.Move : 100%

Obstacles :
West <W> Wire-5 East <E> Wire-3

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Thomas but misses!
«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Cleary and hits!
Cleary suffers 6 wound damage to his left hand.
Cleary suffers 6 wound damage to his left chest.
«Ground Combat» Cleary has been killed!

Thomas climbs out the trench and starts running like there's no tomorrow
(and there might not be), gunfire snapping at his heels.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Morgenstern and hits!
Morgenstern suffers 6 wound damage to his right chest.

Sidney runs east, hitting wires as soon as he gets out on the broken plain.
The machine gun zips bursts of sand beside him, men falling in cries of pain
and agony. Holding but one item, he tries to crouch down in cover.

«Ground Combat» Sidney moves into Shell Hole.

Morgenstern rushes east but takes a hit rather soon. He stumbles, but raises
his rifle and tries to shoot nevertheless.

«Ground Combat» Webb moves into Shell Hole.

Cleary makes it about two steps, before taking a good stiching across the
chest and going down, with the rest.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves into Shell Hole.
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 7 wound damage to his abdomen.
Moreau suffers 2 wound damage to his right chest.

Mason continues chargeing as ordered towards the enemy line. Bullets
cracking through the air and wizzing by do not phase the vetran yet.

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!
«Ground Combat» Morgenstern fires his Berthier at Ivo but misses!

«Ground Combat» Mason fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood moves into Shell Hole.

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Morgenstern and hits!
Morgenstern suffers 6 wound damage to his left hand.

Aubrey rushes forward, frowning a little bit as he hears the gunfire, and
sees people go down. He then drops down to the ground, trying to look for
those enemies.

Moreau runs east. And, perhaps predictably, runs right into machine gun
fire. Some things never change.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Mason but misses!

Sidney calls out, "I'll try to cut wire, but we're in a poor position for

Mason :yells at the top of his lungs as he watches the troops take cover,
"Keep Moving!!!"

«Game» Sidney changes his style to TakeCover!

Underwood jumps into the shell hole, getting the Lewis down and ready as
fast as he can.

Thomas ducks in to the hole and hugs his rifle, having gone rather 'tharn'
at the moment.

«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Matthias and hits!
Matthias suffers 8 wound damage to his left hand.

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Morgenstern and hits!
Morgenstern suffers 4 wound damage to his head.
Morgenstern suffers 4 wound damage to his left hand.

Morgenstern stumbles onwards, blood spraying from his hand as it gets hit
badly. But he's not down. Yet. It'll be a wonder if he makes it all the way
to the other side.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Mason but misses!
«Entrenchment» Sidney works on clearing obstacles from East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Underwood deploys his Lewis Gun!

Sidney pulls out the wirecutters, reaching towards the nearest coil and
trying to snip it into pieces.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Mason but misses!

takes a few moments to aim his rifle, before he fires off a shot at one of
the machine gunners. "Hah! As easy as hunting animals!" he says to himself.

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Underwood but misses!

Aubrey takes a few moments to aim his rifle, before he fires off a shot at
one of the machine gunners. "Hah! As easy as hunting animals!" he says to

«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Matthias and hits!
Matthias suffers 4 wound damage to his right chest.
«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Underwood but misses!

Mason continues to charge forward towards the German lines, "Keep moving!
Keep Moving!! Your going to die staying here!! Get your asses up!!" His arm
his waived over his head to signal for the troops to keep charging forward.

Moreau moving, but he's not moving very fast. His guts are in danger of
spilling out at the moment, which has slowed him down. He's stumbling toward
the shell holes, crouched. More in pain than in any strategy to avoid fire.

«Game» Underwood changes his style to Banzai!
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!

«Ground Combat» Walter fires his Kar98k at Aubrey but misses!

From Allied Lines, a male voice shouts, "FOR KING AND COUNTRY!".

«Ground Combat» You notice Hensworth arrive at No Mans Land.

Morgenstern can barely see now. "Keep moving!" he shouts as well,
encouraging them onwards. And he's still moving.

«Ground Combat» Morgenstern moves East <E>.

Underwood has the Lewis down and ready to go, not until now he starts to
look towards the enemy lines for targets.

«Ground Combat» Mason moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!
«Ground Combat» Webb moves out of Shell Hole.

Sidney snorts as a gunner fires a trail of shells near him. He keeps working
the cutters, "They want to play. Bloody fools." and furiously snaps with the
tool at wire.

«Entrenchment» Sidney works on clearing obstacles from East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo but misses!

Muttering rapidly under his breath, Thomas climbs back out the muddy hole in
the ground to try making a break for it again.

Aubrey fires off another shot at Matthias, grinning a little bit. "I'll get
him," he mutters, readying the rifle again.

«Ground Combat» Thomas moves out of Shell Hole.
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from German Lines (20

Hensworth awkwardly crawls… more like a snake as he heads towards the
enemy lines.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from German Lines (20
«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo but misses!
«Artillery» Feuerwaltz! artillery barrage batters No Mans Land
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo but misses!
«Artillery» Feuerwaltz! artillery barrage batters No Mans Land
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Underwood but misses!
«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau moves East <E>.
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo but misses!
«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Webb but misses!
«Ground Combat» You notice Thomas arrive at German Lines.
«Ground Combat» You notice Hensworth arrive at German Lines.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo and hits!
Ivo suffers 1 wound damage to his head.

«Ground Combat» You notice Aubrey arrive at German Lines.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 3 wound damage to his right leg.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Sidney but misses!

Morgenstern makes it as far as to their line. He's practically crawling the
last few meters. In the corner of his eye, he sees Mason dying. Then he's
sprayed with bullets right over his chest and he falls down, lying still.
Dead, maybe.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Matthias but misses!

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Thomas and hits!
Thomas suffers 8 wound damage to his left hand.
«Ground Combat» Thomas has been killed!

Moreau has kept moving, as his lieutenant instructed. Not that he's going to
do anyone much good, in the state he's in. Still, he can try.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Grenades from German Lines (20 0)!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Ivo but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Moreau but misses!
«Game» Moreau wields his Mills Bomb!

Hensworth is somehow rolling around and sliding around like a snake, despite
his wounds. It would be a hilarious sight for the Germans to watch such a
severly wounded man approach them in this way.

Ivo takes a hit to his forehead, cursing and pressing a hand to it. Blood
gets in his eyes but he keeps firing.

«Ground Combat» Matthias undeploys his MG 08!
«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Matthias and hits!
Hits hard cover.

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Aubrey and hits!
Aubrey suffers 6 wound damage to his right arm.

Walter keeps his head low as bullets fly and soldiers die, picking targets
at random and firing again.

«Ground Combat» Walter fires his Kar98k at Hensworth and hits!
Hensworth suffers 5 wound damage to his left chest.

«Ground Combat» Hensworth has been killed!

Matthias drops the machinegun, holds up his hands. "Krieg kaput! Krieg

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo but misses!

Thomas arrives just in time to catch sight of Mason and Morgenstern's
corpses. There are a lot of corpses, but their seem to stand out. He
falters, momentarily distracted, and it's fatal - he doesn't even see what
hits him when he's torn to shreds by machine gun fire.

«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!

«Ground Combat» Ivo fires his MG 08 at Aubrey and hits!
Aubrey suffers 4 wound damage to his right chest.
Aubrey suffers 8 wound damage to his left arm.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Ivo and hits!
Ivo suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.
Ivo suffers 8 wound damage to his head.
«Ground Combat» Ivo has been killed!

Mason continues to charge towards the enemy line. He jinks left and right
trying to make himself a more difficult target for the german machine guns.
His arm raises once again over his shoulder signaling for the troops to
continue to charge. At that point a pink mist sprays out from the Corporal's
back sending chunks of flesh and uniform along with it. The soldier falls
down to a knee gasping for air as bullet ripped through his lung. The body
falls to the ground twitching as he holds onto life….

Charging forward, Aubrey fires off another shot at Matthias, before he gets
hit in the arm, and lets out a loud shout, before he drops down towards the
ground. And he gets shot more. Evil.

«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Ivo but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Mills Bomb at Walter but misses!

Ivo fires his machinegun one final time before he's distracted by Matthia's
shouting. He looks over in that direction, and then takes a bullet to the
head. He slumps over, his machinegun falling silent.

«Game» Aubrey changes his style to TakeCover!
«Game» Moreau wields his Mills Bomb!
«Game» Webb changes his style to TakeCover!

Hensworth is hit yet again and just stops slithering like a snake. Dead or
not, he is pretty useless right now.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Matthias fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Matthias but misses!
«Game» Matthias unwields his MG 08!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Webb but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Matthias but misses!

Bullets zipping past him, shells stinging him from behind, pink mist in the
corner of his eyes, Webb charges forth, then drops, bringing his rifle up to

«Ground Combat» Webb tries to fire his Lee Enfield SMLE at Walter but his
weapon is jammed!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Webb and hits!
Webb suffers 4 wound damage to his right hand.
Webb suffers 6 wound damage to his abdomen.

«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Gerhard fires his Kar98k at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau but misses!

Aubrey is badly injured, but he keeps on firing for now, grimacing a little

Walter ducks down, hunching his shoulder as the bullet zings by close enough
to hear the aggravated whine and returns fire.

Moreau has slumped on the ground, bleeding, a good portion of his belly
exposed to the world. He groans.

«Ground Combat» Walter fires his Kar98k at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Webb but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Webb but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau but misses!

Morgenstern isn't dead yet. He too groans and a hand moves, before he falls
unconscious again, his helmeted head draped over his arm.

«Ground Combat» Gerhard fires his Kar98k at Aubrey and hits!
Aubrey suffers 3 wound damage to his left hand.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter and hits!
Walter suffers 8 wound damage to his right arm.

«Game» Webb unjams his Lee Enfield SMLE!
«Ground Combat» Aubrey fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau but misses!

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Webb fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!

Aubrey gets hit again, and fires off a quick shot, while still being as much
behind cover as he can. Looking around for a few moments, "Think, Mike!
Think!" he mutters to himself.

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter but misses!

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 8 wound damage to his left leg.

He's been hit several times. Pain is everywhere. His rifle shakes in his
hands. But he bites back the pain enough to unjam and squeeze off a shot.

«Game» Moreau unwields his Mills Bomb!
«Game» Moreau wields his Berthier!

«Ground Combat» Webb fires his Lee Enfield SMLE at Walter but misses!

Mason lays on the ground his hands clenching his chest as he despertly gasps
for air. The collapsed lung prevents him from breathing. Lucky for Mason,
shock is now taking its course as the pain in his body begins to fade away,
much like the light in his eyes. Bits of blood begin to spew out from his
mouth after each labored breath. His hands are now red and slick from the
blood pouring out from his chest. A small pool begins to collect around his

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Aubrey but misses!

Walter hits the dirt face first long enough to dodge more incoming fire,
taking the time to swipe one hand across his eyes before picking another
target, the same one from before and snaps off a return round.

«Ground Combat» Gerhard fires his Kar98k at Webb but misses!
«Ground Combat» Walter fires his Kar98k at Webb but misses!

Moreau has yet to fire his rifle yet, in this final battle in this war to
end all wars. So he lifts it and, while laying on the ground bleeding,
attempts to line up a shot. Because, what the hell?

«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Berthier at Walter but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Aubrey but misses!

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Aubrey and hits!
Aubrey suffers 8 wound damage to his right arm.
«Ground Combat» Aubrey has been killed!

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Walter and hits!
Walter suffers 6 wound damage to his right chest.
Walter suffers 2 wound damage to his right arm.
«Ground Combat» Walter has been killed!

Aubrey frowns as everyone seems to be firing at him. So he stays where he
is, glancing up once more. And that exposed him enough for him to get shot
again, and that seems to be the end…

Morgenstern wakes up again and listens to the guns being fired. He's rather
out of it, but he remembers one thing clearly and that was seeing Mason
going down rather close to where he is. He rolls over onto his side and
tries to see him, blood all over his face. He wipes some of it off in a
letharic, tired gesture and blinks, focusing. There. There's someone close.
With one arm, he drags himself towards Mason. "Mason…" he rasps. He
doesn't know what to say.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Webb and hits!
Webb suffers 6 wound damage to his right leg.
Webb suffers 8 wound damage to his right hand.
«Ground Combat» Webb has been killed!

«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau but misses!
«Ground Combat» Underwood fires his Lewis Gun at Matthias but misses!
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Rifles from German Lines (20 0)!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Berthier at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Matthias moves East <E>.

Walter is in the process of lining up another target when suddenly the world
explodes in brilliant light, and then fades to nothingness. No tunnel. No
pretty lights. No fanfare. The end.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm undeploys his MG08/18!

Moreau is still alive, by some miracle. Not that he has a lot of opportunity
to enjoy it. He fires off an ineffective round, groaning.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 1 wound damage to his left leg.

Hensworth lies crumpled on the ground, about to breathe his last breaths. He
seems to laugh as he dies, perhaps about the irony of surviving so long yet
dying at the very end or at the fact that he could have stayed behind rather
than go on the foolish assault. But it does not matter. He looks up at the
sky and sees a bright light, the image of a blurred figure appears. "Come.
It is time." the figure booms. His eyes don't blink anymore and becomes cold
and distant. His body just lies there, the spirit within escaping into
another dimension.

«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Berthier at Wilhelm but misses!

To his credit, he's still crawling forward towards that trench, still
working his rifle, as his blood soaks the earth beneath him. Still crawling
forward as that final burst of machinegun fire cuts him in two.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau but misses!

Mason 's bloody hand is removed from his chest as he takes a hold of
Morgenstern's shoulder. His breathing is labored and gurgled as his airway
fights to stay open. The Corporal is almost mute at this point only
muttering something in a complete whisper. With a strong cough blood spatter
flies out from Mason's mouth. The Corporal is fighting hard to stay alive,
but the wound is fatal and his life could be measured it minutes at this
(The unidentified @emit being Webb)

And Morgenstern and Mason aren't even technically dead yet - although the
powers that be are certainly working on that - and somehow, that makes it
worse. Thomas tries to get up - he manages to get himself half off the
ground, but most of his guts remain behind in the mud. The Private stares
blankly at his ruined torso, then decides to just curl up.

«Ground Combat» Matthias moves North <N>.
«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau but misses!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau but misses!
«Ground Combat» Gerhard fires his Kar98k at Webb but misses!

Morgenstern moves up close and lies down next to Mason, pulling him close to
let his head rest on his arm. He leans in to be able to hear the dying
corporal's last words. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he says, his own voice
labored and out of breath. In a sudden fit of frustration, anger and
sadness, he pulls out the whistle and throws it towards west. The metal of
it glitters in the sun when it arcs, and then it falls down into the mud.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 5 wound damage to his left hand.

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm fires his MG08/18 at Moreau but misses!
«Ground Combat» Moreau fires his Berthier at Wilhelm but misses!
«Ground Combat» Gerhard fires his Kar98k at Moreau but misses!

Moreau lets out another sharp scream as yet another bullet tears through his
hand. This time, right as he's gripping his rifle. But he's not dead yet.
He's probably wishing it, by this time. But not yet.

«Ground Combat» Eisen fires his MG 08 at Moreau and hits!
Moreau suffers 5 wound damage to his abdomen.
Moreau suffers 7 wound damage to his abdomen.
«Ground Combat» Moreau has been killed!

«Ground Combat» Wilhelm deploys his MG08/18!
«Ground Combat» Wilhelm undeploys his MG08/18!

Moreau doesn't have to wait long. A hail of machinegun bullets tear through
his stomach, scattering whatever's left of his guts onto the field in a
shower of red and gore. He can't do more than gasp and scream as he falls to
the ground in the final, painful throws of death. Like so many before him,
the French farmer bleeds out the last of his life on the grounds of the war,
in these last hours of it.

«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from German Lines (20
«Ground Combat» You hear the sound of Machine Guns from German Lines (20

As the carnage of war rages around the battlefield, Mason is oblvious to it
all. The bullets snaping into the dart near his twitching leg doesn't even
register a reaction for the mortaly wounded soldier.
"Never……forg.." his last words slowly fade to an unable
gurgle and his airway becomes clogged. This causes a violent twitch in his
body before his body becomes limp and lifeless. The soldier had fought to
the end and now was at peace. The horrors from the 'War to end all wars'
that he had expereince would die with him. It was better this way, how could
one ever return home and explain what had been experienced here today.

Allied Lines
The Grid-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <

Mud. More mud. Even more mud. Theres mud everywhere! The cold weather means
the ground is fairly hard, but the battlefield is a uniformly brown colour
nevertheless from past flooding. There isn't a whole lot of cover here
either, the soft ground makes digging trenches difficult as they require
constant maintenance, and the craters from artillery shells fill in within a
couple of days.

It is currently daytime.

Sub-Rooms :
1. Front Line Trench

Obstacles :
West <W> Wire-5

West <W> East <E>
North <N>

Underwood arrives from the South.
Sidney arrives from the South.

Sidney walks in with Underwood, the two alone and both having a single arm
bleeding badly with no bandaging.
Sidney comes from the north with him, unlike most of the others crawling
back. And the two are walking, not crawling.

Sidney mutters. "We need a medic. Shot to the arm, Underwood and me." He
pauses to look around to make out who's present, and any sign of nurses in

Morgenstern is being brought in on a stretcher, carried by two stretcher
bearers. Amazingly still alive, and half conscious though barely coherent.
He's been patched up for now but needs more serious medical attention.

Cleary is carried in on a stretcher by a pair of stretcher bearers. The
Aussie is smoking a cigarette, clutching a bottle of brandy, muttering
something about bad officers and Stokes mortars.

Underwood puts his right hand in his pocket as he comes closer to the
people, muttering to himself "Four pointless years of stupid orders, I sure
hope it's over" He seems to be getting angrier and angrier with every step.

At the trench line, Corporal West notices the troops returning from the
front lines of combat. It was a shame that so many had left and so few where
returing. Even more disturibing was the amount he could count on one hand
that could actually walk back themselves.

At the eleventh hour…
…the battlefield finally falls silent. The ever present distant rumble of
guns which has been the perpetual background noise for four years on the
Western Front is gone.

Captain Smolders swallows and looks up over the parapet, and doesn't
promptly get his head blown off. A good sign.

Corporal Rothschild keeps pace with West. And, when he's pretty sure the
other corporal isnt' looking, drops a little behind him to light up the
cigarette he's got tucked behind his ear. "Hell of an armistice they set
up," he observes to his fellow Marine between puffs, voice low. "Wonder if
they've got a torpedo ready for our boat home?"

"Looks like this gang met quite some resistance out there," Grant offers,
with a bit of a shrug from where he stands not far from West. Shaking his
head a little, as he looks out to see if anyone else is crawling back.

Sidney lifts his chin. "The Germans are blokes just like us. I hope the lad
we took prisoner can get home soon, and spend time with his family just like
I hope I'll be doing back home for Christmas." He frowns again, shaking his
head before he then looks over to Underwood. As he hears the American, the
Aussie snaps, "They honored the peace out there just as much as we did!"
with a jerk of his hand to indicate the east.

"Well. Looks like its real." Smolders says. "We need to go over there, see
to the wounded, and remove the German weapons."

West peers out into the lines, "I think thats the last of 'em." The corporal
then spits out a bit of the chew that is tucked in his lip. As Cleary passes
by on a stretcher, West pats the wounded solider on the head, "You made it
mate. Stay strong." The next soldier to catch his attention is Morgenstern
who looks to be the worse off of the group. Though, he doesn't say another
to the Officer. Everyone knew he would be treated just fine being an

Cleary is carefully passed over the trench, no need to get stuck in their
winding confines now that the war is effectively over. Wooden planks have
been set down to better carry the wounded, Cleary easily being carried to
the rear dressing stations.

Rothschild watches the wounded soldiers as they're carried by, but he
doesn't seem to know what to say to any of them. He's been there before.
There's nothing right that really comes to mind. He just smokes some more.

Waiting, waiting and more waiting - listening to the sound of shelling not
so far away. And the sound of gunfire. Kathleen waits near the ambulances
with the other medical staff for the inevitable casualties, drawing her
cloak more tightly around herself for warmth. Some armistice. As they start
to fill in, she moves forward grimly to meet them.

Christiane is one of nurses brought in to tend the wounded. She follows
Kathleen as the wounded are brought in, looking more tired than anything
else. It's hard to celebrate peace just now. Her eyes do scan the faces of
the Belgian officers she occasionally passes, but she has to concentrate
more on the casualties.

Grant watches the ones carried off, shaking his head a little bit, "Makes
you think about the ones who didn't make it," he remarks, quietly.
"Especially those guys who was there ever since we were back in training…"

Underwood pulls out his right hand from his pocket and looks at it, "Looks
like I've earned me some rest. Someone else will have to go over there and
collect guns." He looks at the unscratched observers, "And there we have

Webb is among those brought back on stretcher, wounded multiply by shrapnel
and machinegun. Somehow there was still enough of him left to collect and
bring back. The Canadian's eyes half-open. He wants to move his hand up to
shade them from the sun, but his arm won't move. "Am I dead," he mumbles
with genuine curiousity.

Kathleen comes to Sidney first, since he was calling for a medic. "Here,
let's have a look at that, mate."

Morgenstern turns his head to the side, looking at West as he pats Cleary.
It's with a coughing laugh he realizes West isn't doing the same for him. In
his hand he is clutching the poppy petal. "Never forget," he tells West in
passing, in a harsh whisper, staring intently at him with eyes that burn
with a sort of feverish conviction.

Sidney looks to the machine gunner at his side. "We both need a nurse to
give some affection to our arms." and tries to chuckle. He sucks in his
breath as two start looking them over, nodding quickly to Kathleen. "Yes,

Christiane is sent to tend Underwood. She's been at this long enough that
the damage to his arm doesn't even cause a wince. "Something for the pain,
Private?" she asks, readying the morphine needle before he even answers.

Sidney tries to hold out his right arm, the muscle penetrated with the
impact of a machine gun shell, tearing the flesh. "I'm trying not to think
about it hurting. Imagining myself with a sheila visiting up from Perth
giving a few nips." His teeth grit together as he tries to grin.

West looks over at the passing Lieutenant. "They'll get your fixed up in no
time Lieutenant." The Corporal turns his head spitting out more of the
tabacco product. Looking back that the officer, West notes the excess blood
on the uniform. He could only assume that most of it came from the soldiers
on the line. With a deep sigh of relief and regret, the Corporal gives the
Officer a bit more of his attention, "You have more soldiers out there

Underwood shakes his head at the needle, "No, don't think it will help." He
looks at the bandaged hand, a bit numb, "Thanks anyway"

Rothschild stands back a little as Morgenstern presses the poppy into West's
hand. He takes a deep breath, even taking his cig out of his mouth before he
does so. "I'm sorry we couldn't do more to help you boys in the final push,"
he says to the lieutenant. He felt like he needed to say it. "It's over
now." That's the most comforting thing he can come up with.

"Soon you'll be there, mate," Kathleen assures Sidney, examining his arm.
"'Tisn't so bad." It's only a small lie. The wound is serious, but at least
life-threatening. She bandages it and notes, "This will hold you until you
make it to the aid station." She then echoes Christiane's offer of pain
medication, holding up the ampoule questioningly.

Morgenstern was conscious enough to know that anyone who is not here, is
dead. "No," he tells West. His tone manages to be flat, despite it all. Long
practice and the fact the war is over… Who's going to complain? "The ones
back there are dead." He coughs again, gesturing for the bearers to hold
still there. Hey, they even obey. Officer-dom has its perks. "Mason died 1
minute before Armistice. Thomas, just before that. 1 minute."

Sidney lets out his breath after Kathleen finishes her examination. "Could
you just give a little? Like just to the arm, not to knock me silly?" in
response to the question. He does manage a slightly more relaxed smile at
the thought of it. "Rainy season down under, now. They'd be loading the
cattle from the stations into the locomotive carriages back home."

West taking the petal in his hand. The Corporal is a bit confused, but tries
to hide it as best he can. "Its a sad thing Lieutenant. Just know you did
your best, your men did the same, and what happened was out of your control
and was choosen by fate. Dont get yourself coughtup in what you should and
shouldn't ahve done. It gets you no where." Of course Corporal West doesn't
understand that Morgenstern is a combat vetran from the start of the war. He
only sees the 2LT bars and figures him to be a replacement officer.

Grant stays quiet for now, looking over at the Lieutenant for now. Grimacing
slightly as he listens, before he shrugs a little bit. "A brutal thing this
war, sir," he offers, before he adds, "Be glad it is over now…"

Underwood pulls up a cigarette with his undamaged hand, sitting down against
the trench wall, he looks at it for a moment before he turns to look at the
opposite wall.

Christiane nods to Understood, putting the morphine away for now. But she
keeps it close at hand, should it be needed. She gets his wound tended to as
best she can. Clean and dressed, at least. "That was not so bad," she says
softly. "Your will heal fine, in time."

Rothschild stands near West as he talks with Morgenstern. He's not much of a
military man, himself, despite his stretch here. He nods to himself at each
of the names the lieutenant gives. As if committing them to mind. "Mason.
Thomas. Right."

Underwood looks at Christiane like she speaks some very strange language
before he finally nods at her, then he resumes the staring.

"Aye, moving them to market. Mud everywhere, but nothing like this,"
Kathleen agrees to Sidney's musings. Even she manages a light smile to that,
calm even in the face of so much pain and suffering. After so long at this,
she has to be. "This will ease the pain a bit," she says, giving him a small
injection. "Rest easy, mate. It's finished now." She pats his good shoulder
reassuringly and then steps over to Christiane.

Morgenstern turns that intent burning stare on Rothschild as he repeats the
names. He nods at him, as if approving. Don't forget, that nod says. "I'll
be fine. I'm opening a cafe. In Arras," he explains to West. "Drop by
sometime. Come visit France when it's not all mud." ANd then he asks the
bearers to carry him off, closing his eyes.

Sidney might not have felt much of the needle, but he does suck in his
breath as the adrenaline's fading and the nerves returning messages about
the torn flesh and pain. "Yike." as he takes a moment to grimace. Finally,
looking back up to Kathleen. "Where you from, if I can be asking?" and tries
to present a smile despite the feelings from his arm. "Not Cairns-way. Down

West was a career soldier and a seasoned vetran before even showing up to
Europe. "You got it Sir." The Pennsylvanian man states. With a slight
chuckle to help easy the mood, "Not even quiet sure where thats at

Grant blinks a bit as he hears Morgenstern's words, "You're staying here,
sir?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Rothschild manages to meet Morgenstern's stare, though his own gaze is more
tired than burning. He raises a hand, to wave him off. "You're a mensche,
Lieutenant," he calls simply as the French soldier is carried off. It's all
he can come up with.

Kathleen shakes her head to Sidney. "South. Echuca. You're from Cairns?" She
stays nearby, within conversation range, but begins dressing another
soldier's wounds.

Morgenstern doesn't hear, or he doesn't listen. He's brought over to be
tended to by nurses and doctors.

Christiane watches Underwood with growing concern. But there's not much else
she can do for him now. The less visible wounds he suffered will have to be
sorted out later. She moves on to the other wounded. There's a never-ending

Sidney chuckles to KAthleen's comment, "A Mexican, eh." with a bit of a
wink. Obviously he didn't mean the North American nation. "Me, I was a bit
of a jackeroo before I signed up. A real Sandgroper." He nods over to where
she's working on another soldier. "From Derby, actually. Not many people out
back of beyond." He seems to be starting to feel the impact of the morphine.
"Really a dream to know the war's right over."

West watches the Lieutent get taken away for medical attention. Corporal
James West looks about the other wounded soliders, "I thought I was coming
here with a step up over most having fought in Mexico, but there is nothing
that could have prepaired any man for this." The Corporal then leans forward
slightly spitting once again onto the ground. His arms cross at his chest as
he looks over the remains of the wounded soliders. Looking towards
Rothschild, "Suppose we'll stay here a couple more monthes before getting
shipped home."

Grant overhears the corporals speaking, and smiles a little, "As long as
nobody's shooting at me, a couple more months sounds okay," he offers to
them. "It's not like I'm really missing home too much."

"I read about it. War," Rothschild says to West. "That's about all the
combat experience I had. I had no clue…" He sucks down some more smoke,
shrugging. "I suppose so. Home. Seems strange, to be thinking about going
back." Now that he's to it, he sounds almost reluctant. "What are you going
to do, when you get home?"

"Aye, that's me," Kathleen agrees with a ready smile, pleased to be hearing
the familiar lingo. Even more pleased at the thought that soon she'll be
home again, hearing it all the time. "It's still hard to believe." She
surveys the scores of wounded being brought in, and a frown settles over her
features. "Especially today."

West looks between the other two Marines then with a short laugh, "Hopefully
making Sergeant. These bastards still have yet to put my paperwork in."

Grant grins a little as he hears West, "Planning to stay in the military,
then? That would make it two of us, I guess."

Sidney seems to be relaxing more, the morphine deadening the pain and nerves
in general. "It's a beaut, to be going home." and turns to lazily grin to
Kathleen. "If you're ever up visiting 'round King Sound, feel free to pass
by Derby and stop by the roadhouse. Will Sidney's my name, and we'll need no
goodbyes, that way."

"You're staying in?" Rothschild looks at West like the man's insane. "I'll
leave to it. I never want to hold a gun again. Not that I've got anything
better." He frowns. "The girl I was supposed to marry is playing mattress
tag with a goddamn Episcopalian. I was thinking of staying, actually. I
didn't get to see much of France. I'd like to go to Paris. Maybe even
beyond. Get a look at the pyramids."

West digs his finger into his lip to remove the chew tabacco. The wad is
thrown to the ground and Wests looks towards Grant, "I be figureing that
hard stuff is over, its all down here after this. Why clock out now?"

Kathleen smiles, "Derby roadhouse. If I'm ever out back, I'll be sure to
stop in." She ties a bandage around another man's head, murmuring some soft
words of encouragement to him before sending him on his way. "Kathleen
Campbell, by the way," she introduces herself to him in return.

Grant is unable to hold back a grin as he hears West's words, "Sounds like
an excellent plan," he replies, with a bit of a grin. "Personally, I guess
that if I left and went home, it would all go downhill again." Another brief
pause, as he shakes his head, chuckling. "So I'm staying in as well."

Rothschild shakes his head at the both of them. Then, pulls his hand up in a
salute. "You're menschs, the both of you," he says with a wry grin. "Better
men than me. Even if you are crazy for it."

Having slipped in and out of conciousness, and back in again, Webb is
beginning to grasp the reality of what has transpired today. He manages to
tilt his head, looking about, his gaze searching for those who he went over
the top with this morning.

West gives a loose shrug, "I've already given the Corps 6 years. No need in
leaving it now, home is pretty distent to me at this point. Not much of one
left anyways." The Vetran of the Mexcan Revolution and now WWI, looks about
the other multinational soldiers collected here. "Never again, will you guys
see a finer bunch of men. This is why I'll stay in. No one outside the
Military in a couple years will ever understand this."

When she's had a moment to get away from the wounded, Christiane starts
taking a longer look around the battlefield. At the faces of the Belgian
soldiers, more specifically. She wanders about, scanning them. But, if she's
looking for something, she can't seem to find it.

Sidney just smiles, his expression going a little dreamy as he wobbles a bit
in standing. A reach over to rest an elbow on a fellow infantryman, likely
Underwood, and watches Kathleen tend the wounded down the line. "G'day Miss
Campbell. No goodbyes, then." and seems to no longer be feeling any pain at
all. "Bonzer to find a true blue sheila up here in freezing France." His
breath lets out, his mind drawing to a dreamlike bliss as he wobbles again
from perhaps a mix of morphine and the glow of feeling the war's at an end.

Rothschild nods in agreement with West on that note, at least. "That's why I
don't think I can go home just yet," he says. "Hell, maybe it'll be good for
me. See the pyramids, view that fine Hebrew craftsmanship. Maybe I'll start
writing again. I've got something to write about now, at least."

"Soon you'll have all the sheilas you can stand," Kathleen offers cheerfully
to her fellow Aussie. Noticing Christiane moving off, Kathleen follows after
her. When the other nurse pauses, Kathleen catches up. "All right, Chrisa?"

Grant chuckles a little bit as he listens to what's being said, "Ah, but
it's the crazy people that has good lives," he offers, before he adds to
Rothschild, "And you must be a little bit crazy as well. After all, you
survived it, right?"

Christiane doesn't answer Kathleen. She's cornered a Belgian lieutenant, and
is questioning him in rapid, desperate Flemish. She tries again, in English,
just in case someone else might hear who can be helpful. "His name is Julian
Courtlandt. He's a lieutenant. Like you. He was stationed here, last I
heard. I just want to know where he is…" The Belgian officer doesn't
answer her. But the look on his face suggests he knows the name, as well as
where the man is. And he's rather not say.

Kathleen hears Christiane's question, a grave expression coming over her
face. She waits by her friend to hear the news, not liking the look on the
officer's face.

Sidney had been resting an elbow on or near where Underwood was standing,
but now with Kathleen moving practically out of sight to consult with
another nurse, then Australian combat engineer with his bandaged arm starts
to step away from the dressing station, but stumbles a bit with foggy daze.
"Real yobbo, Will, can't keep to yer feet." to himself. He draws in another
breath, and takes a few more wobbly steps to where he can sit down.

West nods to Rothschild, "If war teaches you anything, its to enjoy life."
At this moment, it truely does set in with Corporal West that the war is
over. Removing his helmet from off his head, a giant grin appears on the
mans face. "Happy Armistice Day!" The man shouts as he tosses his helmet
into the air. The war was now over. Reaching into his jacket, he produces a
small flask filled with whiskey. Giving it to Rothschild first, "Drink some
and pass it along."

Rothschild gives the flask a sniff before drinking. He grins. "That's some
good kosher stuff, West. Here's the men who're still in Belleau," he says
simply, before taking a long swig and swallow. He passes the flask on to
Grant, then takes his own helmet off and tosses it into the air. "We're done

Grant takes his own helmet off as well, but simply drops it to the ground,
with a bit of a grin. Taking the flask, he sighs momentarily. "To those that
didn't make it," he offers, quietly, before he takes a long swig of the
liquid, handing the bottle onwards.

The Belgian soldier reaches out to take the nurse by the shoulders as she
babbles to him. "Christiane…" he says softly. Yes, he knows her name. The
lieutenant's face is stoic and sad. He says something to her in Flemish.
From the sound of it, it's trying to be comforting. But it's not. At first,
Christiane just stares at him. A second later, her face crumbles. She goes
limp and would fall, if the soldier wasn't holding her up. "Julian…!" she
wails, brokenly.

West takes the flask from Grant and holds it high into the air. "For our
brothers that fell of yesterday." The flask is then thrusted into the air
again, "…And for out brothers that fell today. May their memories live
with us forever. They are the best men we will know." The flask is then
pressed to West's lips as he takes a swig from the flask. His eyes are
moisten up a bit as joy and sadness wash over him. Spotting Webb near by,
West heads in the mans direction handing the flask to him, "Drink up. You've
earned it."

Kathleen's face crumples as well, seeing Chrisa receive the news. Tears
spring to her eyes, though they do not fall. She reaches for Christaine's
arm, offering a little nod to the soldier that seems to offer to step in if
he should desire.

"Amen to that, James," Rothschild murmurs to West. His own eyes are getting
a little misty. He blinks hastily, retreating back to the cloud of smoke
behind his cigarette. "Never again. I'm never touching a gun again. Not even
a damn pistol."

Webb manages a crooked grin, blinking slowly at West. He weakly raises his
intact arm, which would be the left one, and waves off the offer. "Kidding
right," he manages to murmur, before he adds grimly, "I just got here."

Sidney drifts off to slumber where he's found a place in an old wooden
chair. The ratty piece of furniture had somehow escaped the firewood hunt by
the Belgians.

The Belgian officer passes Christiane off to Kathleen. All he can mutter is,
"I'm sorry." Christiane can't say anything just now. She just sobs, whether
in Kathleen's arms or his. As if she'll never stop crying.

Kathleen takes Christiane into her arms, holding the other nurse tightly.
"Oh, Chrisa, I'm sorry." It seems so inadequate, but it's all she can offer.
"I'm so very sorry."

West takes a knee beside Webb's streatcher. With a hearty grin the Marine
says, "Weather you've been here from start to finish, or even just one
minute. What you've experienced today earns you the right to walk proudly
and hold your head up high. Should you be British, Canadian, American, or
even German, we are a group now bounded togeather for as long as our stories
shall be told." Once again West offers the flask to the wounded Webb.

Grant keeps quiet, as he watches West's action, shaking his head a little,
"Quite a poet that one," he remarks to those nearby, rather lightly.

Rothschild stands back, listening to West. He nods to Grant. "I've seen men
paid more for worse," he says. "Including me." He nods a little at the
words. He doesn't look sure if he believes them, but that was nice.

Christiane is beyond any words now, comforting or otherwise. She just cries.
When she's lost the strength to wail about it, she just goes into quiet,
stifled sobs.

"I'm a lot closer to the latter than the former," murmurs Webb through
gritted teeth, managing a grim-sounding chuckle and a matching smirk. But he
accedes to West's offer, and reaches towards the flask. "Feels somehow…
like it was all overdue." He handles the flask carefully, lest he spill, his
hand shaking just a touch as he manages to lift it to his lips for a sip.

Kathleen continues to hold Christiane, crying now herself. Out of sympathy,
for her friend's loss. Out of relief, that all this is over. And out of
despair, for all the men who died today for nothing.

West continues to stay on his knee beside Webb. The vetran is overcome by a
mix of emotions, to understnad that the war was finaly over was a bit to
much to handle right now. With a grin on his face, he pats Webb on his good
shoulder as he stands up, "You just let me know when your done with that.
You've earned the right to drink my flask."

Webb takes but a sip, then lowers the flask from his lips, reaching up to
hold it up for West. "I'd have more," quips Webb, "But it's just occurred to
me that my liver might be back in the shell hole." His steel-coloured eyes
swivel in their sockets, taking in the 'ambiance' of the aid station. "How
many of us made it back?"

"So," Rothschild says to Grant. "You think you'll ever go back to Philly?"

West taking the flask back from Webb, he holds it as if to cheers the man
before sipping from it. "Not nearly enough. Your Lieutenant mentioned two by
name, Thomas and Mason. I dont know about any others. Sorry mate."

"Maybe for a short visit, or something," Grant replies, a bit thoughtfully,
after a few moments. "I'm not sure if home is much of a home for me again,
after this experience."

"Wonder what the history books will say about us," muses Webb. "Charging the
guns, not 30 minutes before the end of it." That grim smirk plays across his
lips once more.

Rothschild nods. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I can't imagine strolling back
into my dad's shoe store in Jersey right now. I don't even feel like the
same guy I was, when I left." He adds his smirk to Webb's, snorting.
"There'll probably be a lot of talk about our glorious last advance against
the German hoards. History's written by the victors. And most of the guys
who end up writing it are schmuck who never saw anything of what it really

West shrugs loosely at the thought, "One never knows with history. I
woul…." his words suddenly stolen from him by Rothschild,
"Yeah…well…pretty much what that guy right over there said." Pointing
towards Rothschild with his thumb.

Grant chuckles a little bit as he hears that, "Probably those guys who just
sit back at the rear, doing absolutely nothing," he offers, with a bit of a
smirk. Shaking his head a little bit.

"A footnote in all probability," answers Webb, his gaze distant, that
lopsided smirk lingering, though subtler now. "Notable mostly for its
absurdity, I suspect. How many hundred thousand of us died for that dirt
before we drew our turn?"

Rothschild nods to Webb. "A footnote if we're lucky. I doubt anybody's going
to remember any of us. We'll be lucky if they remember the battle." His
cigarette is running down so he puts it out, grinding it under his boot.
"Some of the papers I've read, they're talking about this as 'the war to end
all wars.' Maybe. After this, I can't imagine anybody being stupid enough to
start one again." *re*

"War has always been stupid. Always hellish," muses Webb in reply. "I'm hard
pressed to think that what we went through was notably more hellish than a
mudfoot at Sevastopol, Waterloo, Gettysburg or Marathon. We just upped the
scale." His eyes half-close, his arm laying across his chest, "Someone
always thinks it's a good idea. But I'll be fearsomely pissed off if he
turns out to be a Corporal from the trenches."

"It'll probably be a Captain or a Major instead," Grant offers, a bit
absently, as he looks out onto the field again.

Rothschild shrugs to Webb. "Maybe. But I doubt anybody who /really/ went
through this'll want to start all over again. Not a corporal, or a private,
or anybody who got blood on their hands. I don't think we're so different,
really. From each other, or the Jerries. The ones I saw were all just kids.
Hell, my family's still got people in Germany. I could've put a bullet
through a Rothschild cousin, for all I know."

A couple of orderlies arrive from the operating ward of the aid station.
Their surgical whites are streaked with blood, and their eyes bely a long
day ahead. It's Webb's turn now, and as his stretcher is lifted, he looks up
to the Marines, and manages a nod, "Hate to leave so soon… but I think I
have an engagement. Thanks for the drink, gentlemen." One hand rises,
managing a vague wave as he is carried off to surgery.

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