After The Wiring Party

Who: Lots
Where: Front lines
When: December 15, 2005
Summary: The aftermath of the previous log.

Elise comes tumbling back into the trench with the rest of the entourage that had gathered, Chaloux, Antonia, Wallace and Singh, among others. The left sleeve of her blue dress isn't all that blue anymore, but she also knows she's not precisely the worst off. "Doctor," she hisses, nodding to Chaloux and Wallace. In other words, get to work!

Wallace makes it up and over the trench, but that's about it. He falls into the mud, luckily on his right side, and just lays there, blood seepping from a rather nasty wound to his jaw, rendering him unable to speak.

Antonia comes fleing No Man's Land with Singh, heading for the trench. Her skirt has ripped from a time she fell while trying to grab for Elise and Wallace, shoes moddy as she skids towards the trench.

Singh makes it back to the trench after Elise and Wallace, breathing hard, trying to keep some pressure on the whole new wound he's sporting to his left wrist. "How is the Frenchman?" he asks, his tone gruffer than usual. All that hit his composure hard. Suddenly, his eyes widen on Elise. "Are you hurt, Nurse?"

Chaloux doesn't die, though it's a close enough call. He is pushed into the trench and rolls over onto his back, unconscious and bleeding all over. He sees that light at the end of the tunnel, and… then he's suddenly sucked right back into wetness and misery and a whole barrel of pain. Not that he wakes up quite yet, it's nice being unconscious.

Seems that someone was considerate enough to pull the almost dead Walsh back into the trench. How nice of them. So now he's just down in the Trench, with no helmet, and stirs slightly.

At Singh's question about her arm, Elise flaps the hand on her good arm at him in a 'Shut up, that's not important' gesture. With the Doctor having her pick of patients, Elise moves for the one nearest her. The bandages got dropped somewhere out in no man's land, and the crash station, well, she isn't going to be running for it. No. She grabs her skirt, jerking it up and reaching for one of her petticoats instead, pulling hard and tearing it near the (clean) top. It'll have to do for a compress for now!

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) rolls up and through the mud, bumping along wildly as he swerves and pulls to a stop with a crank of the gear near the trench.

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) The driver, Corporal Stanley, eyes the light artillery shell blasting near. "Sound off if you're coming aboard, else I'll have to pull her away."

Chaloux makes a groaning sound, suddenly. It might be some encouragement for whoever cares if he's alive or dead. His eyes pop open suddenly and he rolls his head around to try to figure out if he's dead, or in hell. It feels a bit like hell, but spotting Elise, he stares at her and realizes that nopes, he's still alive. He doesn't look like he's all too happy about it though, instead trying to make out what else is going on. Seeing the near dead Walsh nearby, he says the first thing coming to his mind; "It didn't jam, Walsh."

Antonia gets to work immediately in the trenches, getting to the most wounded and the closest first. Which, lucky lucky, is Wallace. She falls to her knees beside him, starting to bandage the worst of his bleeding as she shouts instructions to the others. The sight of the ambulance makes her blink. "What the hell are they doing?" Didn't anyone remember the last time the ambulance got caught in artillery fire?

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) Stanley grits his teeth with that hit, and jerks the gear back and guns the throttle to move the motor ambulance along, turning back towards the rear lines.

Wallace pushes his rifle out from underneath him, feeling someone or something pulling at him. He tries to ask if everyone made it out but it only really comes out as 'eeerywun oww', and the pain from the wound to his jaw (or what remains of it) sends his pupils wide and his gaze skyward.

"Where am…?" Walsh rails off, after having opened his eyes. Sitting up a little, he blinks as he hears those words, and is unable to hold back a grin. "That's good." He then shakes his head, muttering a little at himself. "What does a man have to do to get killed around here?"

Chaloux has an answer to that. "You just be stupid and go try save your friends, you get killed soon enough."

Cooper moves south quickly, he frowns a little as he does so, the shelling catching him a little off guard it would seem.

Elise grits her teeth as she holds her left arm to her side, shifting so her left side isn't able to be seen by Chaloux, and uses her right to press her petticoat-compress to Chaloux's leg to stem the blood. As she hears the groan, the nurse looks up to the Frenchman's face, and she manages a faint smile. "And even that isn't garanteed," she mutters in french.

Antonia's eyes stay down on Wallace, as she gets his bleeding under control with expert hands. At least the man wouldn't die out here on the field from something as undignifying as blood loss. Not if she could help it.

Kevin has arrived.

Walsh grimaces as he hears those last words from the Frenchman there. "Sorry…" he mutters, tears coming to his eyes. "Didn't mean to fuck it all up…"

A new soldier comes in from the north, apparently just arriving from another company, "Reporting For Duty."

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) The motor ambulance wildly wheels through the mud, half crawling the embankments as gears screech into place. Finally, it comes to a stop with a jerk near where Antonia's gathering wounded.

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) Corporal Stanley is at the helm, in the driver's seat, and his eyes open wide and wild, adrenaline rushed, perhaps indicate that driving a motor vehicle is a fairly new experience for him.

Antonia sits back on her heels long enough to wave both her arms over her head towards the ambulance. "Here! Get these men loaded, /now/. Got to get back the station!"

Kevin looks around at all the injured men, "Anything I can do to help?"

Chaloux begins to laugh, at that. He's only mostly hurt in his legs, he can laugh. He seems to find the situation hilarious, or maybe he's just gone a bit nuts. "The war is messed up," he explains to Walsh, finding no blame to lay. His earlier comment was just a bad attempt at a joke. He looks back to Elise, trying to focuse through the still remaining dizziness. And he's still clinging to the Chauchat.

Wallace finally, blessedly, finds that gentle place that all wounded seek… unconsciousness.

Cooper peers and comes up towards Elise, though as Antonia starts signalling he moves towards helping getting people loaded into the Ambulance, being mostly unwounded and all. "Walsh!" he says, moving to help the man.

Elise smiles at Chaloux, and even goes so far as to wink at him, before she looks up at the ambulance. Thank God! "Ere!" she calls, not having a second hand to try and help Chaloux up with. She'll keep the pressure on for now, about all she can do for the man. He can yell at her later.

Walsh still looks quite… troubled, before he gets something else to focus on. "Where's my helmet?" Panic comes for a little while, as he shouts out once more. "Where is my helmet?" It's probably still out there somewhere. He then blinks as he hears someone mention his name. "Have you seen my helmet?"

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) Stanley calls out from the motor ambulance, "Doctor, can you drive this beast? I managed to aim it here, but only the Good Lord could grant me getting wounded back safely."
Long distance to Elise: Chaloux has no actual wounds so don't need real nursing, not sure you know or not.

Antonia keeps her hands against Wallace's wounds. "Corporal Stanley!" she shouts as she recognizes the voice. "Corporal! I can get the ambulance back. But I need you! Come here and hold this man's wounds, get him into that thing now!" She turns to the other medics. "The rest of you, get moving! Before these man die…"

(From Rolls Royce Ambulance) Stanley jams a few of the rods and levers, trying to keep the iron beast in place. Once it seems to be peacefully chugging stationary, the door is swung open in its hinges and Corporal Stanley slides out to land with a plop in the mud. "Ohhhhh" comes the low groan.

Stanley lifts his head up after the fall, looking around with a painful grimace as he rubs his left leg.
"Walsh I think your helmet is still out there. Just, you'll get a new one cuz I'm not going out after it." He looks down at the man and asks, "Good enough to walk over to the Ambulance?"

Elise looks over as she hears some fool reporting for duty in the middle of trying to deal with wounded. "Fine, great, get over ere and elp vis zis man!" she calls to Kevin sharply.

Kevin nods to the obvious nurse. "Yes Ma'am." he goes over to help with the nurse.
Antonia looks back at Wallace as she waits for help. She can't let the man's wounds go, too much blood spurting…

Singh pays little attention to Kevin at the moment. He's rather preoccupied. "Is there anything I can do to help?" he asks Antonia, sounding desperate to be of any assistance.

Stanley pushes himself up from the mud, trying to hop on one foot over to where Antonia's tending Wallace's serious wounds. "I have my first aid kit, if that'll help Doctor." He stops to rub his left leg at the thigh, "I'm afraid I'm unable to help bear a stretcher."

"I can walk," Chaloux says and stares up at the sky. Not moving an inch, cause he really can't walk.

"I need to get out there…" Walsh mutters, before he seems to calm down a little, with an effort. "It wasn't the legs that got shot," he mutters, before he tries to get to his feet again, and finds himself needing to grab hold of something to steady himself with. "Where was I hit again?" he mutters. Still bloody from hits to stomach, head and left hand.

Chaloux suddenly pats himself down in some panic, and opens up one of his bags with trembling hands, taking out the whiskey bottle. He sighs in relief; it's still whole. He cradles it to his chest and tells Walsh; "We'll get that whiskey later."

Antonia shakes her head to Stanley. "Already done what we could of first aid. I've got to get him back for surgery…" She looks at Singh, her eyes stinging a little bit when she sees his arm. "Corporal, help Corporal Stanley if you can. Put pressure there." She points to Wallace's leg wound, then turns to shout to an aide. "Sir! Bring a litter! I shall help you carry it, just for God's sake let's go!"

Cooper helps Walsh to his feet, and starts to practically carry the man towards the ambulance, "It doesn't matter, you're alright Walsh. Even for an Irishman." he says, "You'll be fine, c'mon we're gonna get you to this ambulance, and you'll get back to the doctors. Alright?"

Elise shakes her head sharply at Chaloux, though she smiles. "Not right now, Achille. Later. For now…" She bends, and using her teeth on one end of the slowly reddening fabric, she uses her other hand to tie the compress in place. Bwah. That being done, she lifts her hand to summon a second litter. "Ere, a litter ere!"

Singh also looks rather stung by the condition of his arm. He nods to Antonia readily enough, making his way over to assist Stanley as best he can.

Stanley nods to Singh, speaking more quietly to his fellow corporal. "If you're able, getting the wounded into the ambulance is key. My leg got bruised at the wound again, but I don't think it's broken."

Stanley turns, then, to attempt to climb aboard the motor car, this time from the rear.

Medical Station
[The Grid]-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <
Here still in the shelltorn earth is a large bunker where the wounded can be tended. Barges ply a fairly makeshift looking jetty, evacuating the wounded back to Arras when space permits.
Perhaps the most depressing part of a depressing part of the world, the bunker is always filled with wounded - men lie on the bunks with gunshot wounds from snipers, or suffering from concussion caused by a nearby explosion, or, worst of all, left hacking up their lungs in bloody chunks and gasping for breath after a phosgene attack.

Antonia pulls the ambulance up to the med station, parking it and going around back to pull the doors open. She shouts for help from inside to get the wounded into the bunker…
Stanley has to take his time, very carefully twisting around to drop his good leg first, then draw out the wounded left leg with some assistance.

Samantha is out front, so she can help get the others down from the car.. she gently pulling Stanley out and then going to the others.

Walsh grimaces a little at the drive. "At least…" he mutters to himself, grimacing a bit.
Cooper has jogged along behind the ambulance, arriving a few moments after it does. He quickly moves to help the wounded out of it, listening to whichever doctor is ordering him about at the moment.

Singh disembarks along with Stanley. His exit is only easier by comparison. His legs are still working, at least, but the bloodied condition of his left arm has him occupied.

Chaloux just hands over the bottle to Walsh after a quick sip of his own, once they're in the ambulance. Arriving to the med station he's back to his mostly normal self, except for a certain grogginess. "Closest so far. But they keep missing me. Didn't hit the heel, no can kill me then," he explains to Walsh. He sighs. "Now that show will wait. No dancing in tutu for awhile."

Stanley limps his way down into the medical tent's rows of cots.

Walsh shakes his head a little as he hears that part. "I'm sure people's sanity will be saved, then," he offers with a bit of forced lightness. Taking a long sip from that bottle. "You know, right now it would be excellent to get completely drunk," he says, as he hands the bottle back.

Wallace is lying on a litter, insensiate. He's been bandaged up somewhat, but the wounds to his left leg and arm are still visible, and the lower half of his face is a mess of blood, tissue, and bone.

Antonia directs nurses to help those who can still walk, in a voice that carries through the bunker. She gives an order for Wallace to be prepped for surgery, sprinting off to clean her hands before she runs back to the surgery area with him.

Samantha is completely cool and calm, helping get people inside.. until she sees Wallace. Then she stops dead in her tracks, all blood living her face. "…M-Murdock.." She whispers out.. just staring..

"Home, sweet home." Walsh is unable to hold back that comment as he's brought into the medical station again, grimacing quite a bit more.

Stanley hops over to the far cot he'd been using while here, and drops into it with only his leg getting any concious care to be easy with. "Whew" softly, to himself. His head turns to look over towards Wallace being carried away and the man goes silent, worry in a frown.

Singh also watches Wallace being carted off, shoulders tensing, swallowing hard at the condition of the young Scotsman. Not pretty, that.

Cooper is just carting folk around right now.

Stanley tries to lift himself and get a better look over at Corporal Singh after his view of Wallace is blocked by white uniforms.

Walsh most pointedly doesn't watch as Wallace is being carted off, closing his eyes instead. Sighing a bit as he keeps his eyes firmly closed, for the moment.

Singh sinks down onto the cot beside Stanley, staring in the direction Wallace was taken. His expression a display of grim sadness, and more than a good share of guilt.

Samantha has managed to snap herself back into working, and is helping clean and bandage some of the lesser wounded men even as she just always looks across her shoulde towards surgery..

Stanley offers softly to the Indian NCO, "Badly hit, I'd say. I hope he makes it." watching towards where Wallace is being operated on.

Cooper is now mostly useless. He looks over thouse who are injured and waiting for surgery with a frown before he turns and starts back towards the front line.

Singh's only reaction to Stanley's words is a slow nod. He closes his eyes, as much to block out the world around him as from pain, murmuring softly to himself in Punjabi. Praying again, and far more fervently this time than when he went out into No Man's Land.

Elise is, herself, unable to watch as Luke is carted off, someone having managed to get him back from NML. He's going to need surgery after Wallace, no doubt. She gives quiet instructions to the aides as to the various priorities for the soldiers as there are too many for her and Sam to handle on their own. She then moves to start on rounds herself, starting with those who are less injured and more coherant. Lucky Singh.

Walsh sits up on his cot now, opening his eyes again finally. Just watching the others in the room rather carefully, for the moment.

There's not a lot left of the whiskey. Chaloux takes another sip, lying in a bed now and awaiting treatment. Wallace is watched as he is moved into surgery and the French one takes another big gulp of whiskey before he hands over the last to Walsh. "Well," he says and stares up at the ceiling, "the wire is out. General will be happy."

Stanley bows his head while Singh prays, lowering his eyes as if respectful of the manner of the other even without comprehending the language. Both his hands clasp, too, at the palms. No movement of the lips, though.

Walsh takes the offered bottle again, almost dropping it, as he keeps his eyes right in front of him, for a long while, before he nods at the words about the General, which causes him to snap out of his thoughts, at least for a few moments. "Lucky him," he comments, words dripping with sarcasm. And then he drinks that last of the whiskey. Quietly.

Elise doesn't want to interrupt, but she can't leave Singh's hand bleeding all over his lap, Toni would never approve. But she doesn't speak, offering at least that amount of respect. Taking a seat on the bed beside, she sets his hand on her leg, not having her other to hold it with. She studies the wound quietly.

Singh opens his eyes, as if half in a daze, when Elise comes to tend him. "Are you all right, Nurse?" he asks. "That was…that was not a good day."

Elise gives her head a slight shake, eyes closing for a moment as the room spins just a bit. "No, eet vasn't a good day. But ve vill manage." She avoids the question about how she is, offering instead, "Zees eez not as bad as eet looks." As an aide brings a bowl over, she reaches to snag the cloth from in it before it is even set down. "This may sting." she warns.

Stanley remains silent, his head bowed and eyes lowered in the cot beside the one Singh's seated on. No words from the young man, though his ears are perked slightly listening.

Cooper looks around the med station for a moment, and then he makes his way towards Stanley and Singh. He slips his hands behind his back and waits to be adknowledged.

Chaloux rolls his head to the side so he can watch Walsh. He's wearing all his equipment still and it's a bit uncomfortable there on the bed, but at least he's no longer bleeding all over. "So, you will dance on the show?"

Singh tenses himself for the sting, but his mind is still too busy to dwell on the pain. "I thought…we were nearly back. Back to the line. Nearly safe. Then the Irishman went down and…it came apart like glass…shards of glass…"

Elise keeps her voice pitched low and soothing. "Do not sinka bout zat right now. You are safe, ve ave you all back." Maybe not in one piece, but they're all back. Almost. As she gently cleans the wound, she lifts her head to seek out Sam, making sure the other nurse is alright. She can imagine what is on the other woman's mind.

Walsh blinks a bit as he hears that question, and doesn't answer for a long while. Just watching Chaloux, before he finally blinks, "What?"

In the back, a medical team is still surrounding Wallace. A curtain has been drawn but it often droops or is pushed back in a rush by a hurrying nurse. Antonia's smock is blushed in Wallace's blood as they work.

Stanley lifts his eyes spotting Cooper's standing near. Lifting his chest to draw in a deep breath, the Canadian nods to him. "Yes, Cooper…?", seperating his hands for the moment.

Chaloux glances over at Singh and gives the Corporal an encouraging grin from a pale face. Only now does he realize that Elise too is injured and he looks positively angry for a moment, glaring at her, blood returning to his face. He snaps out of it as Walsh talks to him, looking back to the other soldier. "You promised me that," he lies. "Before you fell unconscious. Said you will dance at the show if you get back." Chaloux is saying that with an obvious lie to the whole thing, more as a joke than anything else.

"Orders Corporal?" Cooper asks, standing up a little straighter. He looks to be one of the few unwounded people in the medstation.

Walsh blinks a bit again, "I did that…?" he asks, not getting that lie part at all, in his confused mind. "When?"

"Not all," Singh corrects Elise, softly but gravely. He blinks up at Cooper, jarred out of his post-battle brooding by the man's voice. He sighs. "Take your ease, Private. And pray for the Scotsman." His arm is completely bloody by now, the signs of the wound spreading through the fabric dressing.

Elise is quite good at ignoring things. Yes, she is. She simply continues to clean Singh's wound, allowing him to deal with Cooper without interruption.

Stanley turns his head to study Singh's manner and current expression, not addressing any words to the fellow while the man's praying. He hears what Singh finally speaks to Cooper, and nods a bit to that. "There is one thing you might do, Cooper. Make sure your belt's loaded with full clips of ammuntion, and your rifle's got a full clip too." He pauses there, looking over down towards where Elise and other nurses are. "It appears the wounded are getting treatment now, with no more to help carry in." and nods a bit.

"Yes Corporal." Cooper replies to Singh, before he notices who is tending to him. He frowns a little and starts to move towards Elise, but he seems to realize something, sets his jaw, and instead moves off towards where Walsh and Chaloux are.

Chaloux grimaces and digs around under himself, pulling away a piece of wire which has been stuck on his uniform, and through it into his skin. He eyes the piece, holding it up in front of his face. "I am only trying to fool you," he explains to Walsh. "You were out of it when I got out into No Man's Land. Thought you were dead already. Glad you are not, because I think you would look nice in a tutu." Hey, if he can't banter uselessly when in the medical station, what else is he supposed to do. As Cooper comes over, he upnods his way in greeting and holds out the piece of wire, about three inches long, blown apart from a larger chunk by shells, or possibly cut off by someone clearing wire. "Something of a memento, eh?"

Finishing the cleaning of Singh's hand, Elise places the cloth back into the now-pink water in the bowl. Reaching for the fresh bandages which had been left beside it, she begins to carefully wrap the wound to keep any dirt from getting in. "Did you vant somesing for pain?" she wonders quietly of the man. Last chance before she moves to the next!

Singh is about to say no. But he's also about to start screaming from the pain in his hand, which would probably be far more unmanly. "Thank you, Nurse," he murmurs.

Stanley watches as Cooper steps away, and closes his lips with a concerned tiny frown, making an effort to lay his head back to recline in the flimsy cot. No words spoken, he just stares ahead with the din of the medical corps and wounded soldiers in the background, slowly becoming white noise to his ears as he starts to feel fatigue.

Walsh looks a bit relieved as he hears that it wasn't true, before he grimaces, nodding a bit. "Getting shot both to head and stomach can do that," he offers, quietly. The moral of the story is… bullets are no good part of the diet. He then offers a quiet nod to Cooper as well, grimacing slightly.

Cooper smiles at Chaloux's momento, he kneels next to the soldier's cot and says, "I think I've got one to top it. Remember that hun who got in our lines and tried to blow us up with our own gun?" he asks. The man nods to Walsh, as he produces something from the front pocket of his blouse.

Antonia finally pushes aside the curtain shielding Wallace's body. The man would require more surgeries tomorrow…probably more than one. But that's what they can do for now. The other medics wheel Wallace's gurney to a secluded area…as secluded as it gets around here, anyway.

Elise giving Singh a nod, she shifts his hand carefully into his lap before she stands slowly, her calves braced against the bed to make sure her own balance doesn't give out. She looks over her shoulder as the sound of the gurney being moved reaches her. She offers a faint smile to Antonia before she follows Cooper over towards Chaloux and Walsh.

"The head is no big loss, stomach is worse. You could be unable to drink whiskey, that would be bad," Chaloux quietly tells Walsh, tired but in good spirits. And bantering is helping. "I have a vague memory, yes," Chaloux replies dryly to Cooper, raising his eyebrows curiously, lifting his head up to see what it is Cooper has there.

"But how would I manage to drink the whiskey if my head went goodbye?" Walsh replies, unable to hold back a grin at that. He then nods a little at Cooper, looking up to the man, quietly.

Samantha turns her head quietly from one of the other soldiers she was working on.. she sees Wallace being wheeled out and she abrupt turns around so she can finish wrapping the man's leg… forcing herself not to be shakey but she just slightly is. She secures the bandage and turns around, looking across if anyone else needs her.

Cooper holds out an obviously spent .303 round, deformed from where it struck Kraut flesh, "I got the doc to get my bullet back for me. Not too bad looking for a peice of lead that saved us from getting blown to bits." he says. To Walsh's question he smirks, "Well, if you lose your head, you just don't taste it going down. Might be an improvement."

Singh lays back on the cot he's chosen to collapse on, quietly letting Elise finish her work on him. He rolls his head to one side as Wallace is wheeled out, straining to get a glimpse of the Private.

Chaloux eyes the bullet, letting out a low whistle. "That is a memento," he agrees, dropping the piece of wire on top of his Chauchat which he's finally let go of, it's now lying to the side in the bed. He refuses to even look at Elise. Not a whole lot grateful, is he?

Antonia draws a curtain around Wallace after she details for the nurses the details of his care. She pulls her smock off slowly, balling it up so the blood faces in, and hands it off, stripping her bloody gloves. Her shoes are still spotted with blood, as is her uniform skirt where the smock didn't catch everything.

By this point, Elise's arm has probably stopped bleeding, if only because she's ignored them long enough and, perhaps, because some of the mud from the trenches ended up in it (and hiding the red colour, as well). Ignoring that, however, she moves to check Chaloux's bandages, letting the trio continue their banter as she works. He needs real ones…

Walsh whistles a bit as he sees that bullet, "Nice," he comments, before he grimaces at the comment about the taste. "No, it's the taste that's half the fun, you know. He then grimaces a little, "Do you know how many we lost out there?" he asks, finally.

Kevin walks into the Medical Station, just standing off to the side of the entrance to not get in the way of anything, and he just wonders what happened for a while before he asks, "What happened?" loud enough to carry out to the troops he saw in the trenches.

Cooper pockets the round, "A souvinier from my last weapon." he says to Chaloux, before nodding to Walsh, "I think we lost that Canadian fellow…otherwise just a whole lotta wounded." As Elise approaches and checks Chaloux's wounds, he frowns and moves to her side to whisper something quietly to the nurse.

Singh just lays on his cot, well medicated, eyes roving the place, taking in the damage done from their latest outing.

Samantha is trying to do anything she can just not to flee to Wallace's side.. so she sees Elise's arm.."Nurse Dupres… come here. Sit.. let me see that arm, please." Samantha asks gently, her voice not as strong as usual.. but she holds her hands out for the woman's injured limb.

"A little wire party," Chaloux explains to the newly arrived Kevin, watching him curiously for a moment. He turns quiet as Elise begins to overlook his bandages, looking around the room and focusing on Singh for a moment. "Corporal, how is your arm?" he wonders. "Good job with the wire. Should keep the huns off our trenches for awhile."

Walsh looks up at Kevin for a few moments, blinking a little, "Who are you?" he asks, finally. He then sighs a little as he hears what Cooper was saying, nodding a bit. "Poor lad. He even…" And there he trails off taking a few deep breaths.

Elise shakes her head slightly at whatever Cooper says, wanting to stay busy, to not think about how close she came to not coming back. If she keeps busy, she can pretend that she's fi… Hearing Samantha, Elise lifts her head and sighs. Hesitating a moment, she stands slowly, before making her way towards Sam. She needs to be kept busy more than Elise does. "Eets nosink." she insists. Right.

Kevin looks to the man who asked his name, "I am Kevin, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

Antonia washes her hands slowly, then dries them, glancing about the room of men. She doesn't move to immediately attend to any, though, instead heading for where Sam might be.

Kevin says "Whos the person you're all talking about?"

Cooper follows after Elise for a second to make sure she gets helped by Samantha. As soon as that is taken care of he makes his way back towards Walsh and Chaloux. He looks over at the newly arrived Kevin, and then back down at Walsh, translating, "Colonial."

Samantha shakes her head quietly.."You were shot. It is more than nothing. Now sit..Is the bullet still in there?" She asks gently, carefully grabbing a pair of scizzors and cutting off the bit of material from around Elise's arm. They will sew another sleeve on later.

"Eet vas not a bullet, I don't sink," Elise assures Samantha softly. "Artillery." That should be all that needs to be said, really. Less predictable in the damage it can do, and without leaving a clean little round scar, damn it. "Ow are you feeling?" The last is asked more quietly, and as one concerned woman to another, rather than nurse to nurse.

Walsh nods a little as he hears that, "H…ow…" He takes a few moments to gather himself, before he asks, "How long have you been out here?" The question asked rather quietly.

Kevin says "Just shipped in tonight."

"Samantha," Antonia says as she comes up to them. Her voice is rather unlike it usually is, professional and directing. Now it's closer to the voice Samantha used to hear from Antonia, before they came to this place.

Chaloux watches Walsh, finding nothing witty or humorous to say. He smooths his hair back over his scalp, looking instead at Samantha and Elise as the latter get treated, and it kind of boils over. He speaks, in French, loudly. "Artillery! You just ran out there, with bullets whizzing around and artillery dropping on our heads! What kind of war is it if we even allow women to get killed in No Man's Land? At least leave that small illusion of… decency!"

Samantha jumps a moment as she hears Antonia's voice.. putting the scizzors abruptly down at her side so she actually doesn't wound Elise further in her own shakiness. She turns her head, stating quickly.."Yes, Doctor?" Forcing some strength to her voice, some hint of professionality.."I am working on a patient."

Singh turns his head slowly toward Chaloux, managing something of a grin at that. An incredibly forced one, but a grin nonetheless. "It was not so much as I would have hoped, but it is something, at least. I pray it will be enough to hold them for now." His grim expression returns at the Frenchman's words to Elise. All he can do is nod an agreement at all that.

Elise finds her own inquiry about Samantha's well being going unanswered, but she hears another attack in a different language. Turning, she frowns and retorts to Chaloux in rapid french just as fiercely as he chastised her, "And if I hadn't gone out there, you wouldn't have gotten back. I wasn't shot, and you think with all of you being hit, that is just pure chance? No. They respect that 'decency' as much as we do to their nurses."

Antonia ignores Chaloux, talking to Sam. She ignores the professionality, cutting straight through it with a kind of moment that's getting rarer and rarer for her - soft humanity. "I wanted to tell you that Private Wallace has pulled through surgery. He will make it." She watches Sam's eyes.

Samantha does a slight look at Antonia as she says that.. and Sam nods faintly.."T-thank you… thank you, Doctor.." She whispers quietly, and then looks back to Elise, giving a faint smile, "I.. I am fine.. I think you need the night off, though." Not quite so shakey as before.. but her eyes are down, a few tears down her cheeks as she goes to getting a cloth and actually cleaning Elise's arm out..

Walsh looks quite relieved as he hears Kevin's words. "Good, I was beginning to think that you'd been here at least as long as me, and that I'd just forgotten." He looks genuinely relieved for that. He then looks between Elise and Chaloux, blinking a little as he listens, without understanding what they're saying. He then looks back to Kevin, "Welcome to the nightmare, lad," he offers quietly.

Kevin says "I shipped in from another unit about 10 miles north, fighting has pretty much stopped up there."
Kevin says "I was actually told I was coming here about 10 hours ago, I had very little time to prepare"

"It is not about their decency, it is about ours," Chaloux retorts with a snort, leaning back down into the bed, too damn tired to argue much. "And we are here to die! We are here to rush out there being shot for a piece of land that has not been taken for months! It is just mud! Half of the time I don't remember this is still France!" Alright, now he's getting totally off topic; but he needs to yell at her. "At least let us die without dragging the young women along too. It's enough seeing hundreds of thousands of young men die." Just raving mad, he is. He glares around at everyone just defying them to disagree; which might be tricky for most who doesn't talk French. He curses, then digs out his cigarettes, his moment of drama queenery over with.

"I agree!" One of those many unnamed wounded comments fiercely as he hears Chaloux's outburst. Of course, since he's Welsh he had no idea what it was about, but still. It's the principle!

Elise opens her mouth to respond to Chaloux, but ends up snapping it shut as she hisses softly as Sam begins to clean the wound. She instinctively tries to pull away before forcing herself to still. "Go," she murmurs, shifting back to her accented english, "Go and old is and. I am sure zee Doctor can clean my arm." She looks up past Sam's head to Antonia for agreement.

Wallace shifts slightly off in his cot as Death himself it seems feels the need to taunt the private. He doesn't open his eyes, instinctively understanding that he's really only going to come to terms with existence one sense at a time. So, of course, it gets to be the hardest one: feeling. And so there he lays, slowly letting the burning sensations subside enough to even think.

Antonia is still quite ignoring Chaloux. Her eyes stay on Sam. She reaches up to dab her sleeve against the tear on Sam's face. "I will finish with Nurse Dupres," she agrees with Elise. "Samantha, do you want to be assigned to Private Wallace's care?" She asks, without any pressure in her tone.

Walsh blinks a little as he listens to the outbursts, and reaches in the direction of one of his pockets, to pull out his own cigarettes. First trying it with the left hand, he whimpers in pain, and then changes hands, grimacing a bit. "What was that all about?" he asks the Frenchman, quietly.

Singh is mentally far removed enough to react only minimally to Chaloux's French speech. Pain meds are nice that way. He does attempt to increase his rapidly fading focus on the man. This seems important.
Kevin says "I dont know France french well, but it was something about decency."

At that touch against her cheek, well.. two new fresh tears appear. She pauses a moment, not wanting to abandon her post, but as both the other nurses say it.. Sam just nods, "T-thank you… thank you both. I.. I really am sorry.." She hands off the cleaning cloth to ANtonia and all too abruptly turns, practically jogging across the room for where she saw them wheel his bed.. just a few more tears on her cheeks as she comes to his side..

Cooper peers at the two arguing Frenchies, and then shrugs a little. "I should get back to the front maybe…"

Chaloux seems to calm down a bit when Elise doesn't respond to him; he watches her get treated and sort of deflates in on himself, lighting a cigarette up to share that moment of smoking with Walsh. "Nothing," he replies dully. He glances at Kevin, realizing that a few might very well have understood, but he doesn't seem especially concerned. He squints at Cooper, then grins slightly his way.

Glad Sam doesn't need any further urging, Elise looks down at her own arm. Too proud to ask for painkillers that she so often gives the soldiers, she simply sits, stiff-backed, waiting for Antonia to continue the process.

Wallace is beat up pretty well. A bandage is wound around his head to hold his jaw shut, and bindings work their way down his left side. Surprisingly enough, his entire right half seems unphazed by the experience, and experimentally he clenches and unclenches his hand, rather oblivious to the world around him.

Samantha sees Wallace actually.. clenching his hand.. and Sam immediately reaches down to take it… Not squeezing it, just lightly grasping.."..Murdock…" SHe whispers quietly… coming to kneel right next to him… at his side, her other hand slipping around his as well.

Walsh looks like he's about to comment on that 'nothing' but decides not to, as he sighs, looking around for a few moments as he lights his own cigarette. Looking around the room again for a few moments as he sighs.

Antonia takes over caring for Elise's arm as Samantha moves away, keeping her eyes on the French nurse to give Sam a little privacy. That dingy curtain up by Wallace barely did any good.

Singh switches a blurry look between Chaloux and Elise, brows arching slightly. Even at present, he's coherent enough to get something out of that.

Wallace keeps his eyes closed, still not ready for that, but the hand that Samantha has gives a weak squeeze, his thumb brushing across her knuckles in the best show of affection he could provide at the moment.

Samantha leans her head down, pressing her forehead against his hand as well.. just leaning there a few moments, crying silently… so hopefully no one can see, and giving him what touch and contact she can…"I-I'm here… you.. you'll be alright.." She whispers after a few moments.

Elise clenches her good hand as she closes her eyes for a moment. "I guess I vasn't fast enough bringing zee boys back," she offers to Antonia, trying to keep herself distracted more than anything else.

Kevin looks to Walsh, "You like cigars?"

Chaloux smokes in quiet for awhile, managing to sit up. He stares down at his bandaged legs, wriggling his toes a few times which is followed with a faint grimace of pain. Still, he has no reason to complain, a glance given to the curtan which behind Wallace is lying. "Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever," he mutters to Walsh.

"That's why we're still here, you mean?" Walsh comments to Chaloux, with a momentary grin. He then turns his attention back to Kevin, "Cigars? Well, those aren't bad," he replies.

Cooper sees that he is no longer really needed, and turns to make his exit.

Kevin hands walsh a Cigar, and passes one to the french man, "I agree with you on the evil people live for ever."

"Bloody right," Chaloux replies to Walsh, using his favorite English word. He accepts the cigar with a surprised look at Kevin. "Thanks. Achille Chaloux," he introduces himself, a hand held out to the newly arrived one.

Kevin shakes the mans hand, "Kevin Tomlin.:

Antonia looks at Elise as she says that, still cleaning the woman's arm. "You were not the one shooting at us. That is the only place that blame is required to go. We did what we could."

Kevin gives his lighter the Chaloux first then Walsh for them to light their cigars, if they want to right now.

"Thanks," Walsh offers to Kevin, offering a hand as well. "Alexander Walsh. Some people down where I served earlier used to call me Crazy Alex." Not that he would have any idea of why, right?

Wallace squeezes Samantha's hand with a bit of his returning strength and turned his features toward her, even though they were mostly hidden by bandages and gauze. Slowly he opened his eyes to look over at Samantha at his side, his chest slowly rising and falling as he fought through the haze of pain that clouded his mind.

Elise chuckles softly, or as close a proximity as she can manage to the sound. "I meant to avoid zee explosion. Eet vasn't a bullet." The wound is very clearly not a bullet hole, after all. Her free hand remains clenched on her knee. "I vill still be able to do my job, von't I doctor? Eet shouldn't take long for zis to eal?"

Kevin shakes walshes hand, "So what happened out there tonight, full story. Unless you're not ready to talk about it."

Cooper stops at the exit, looks back over his friends laying about wounded and starts towards Elise. He moves to sit next to the woman, and gently takes her clenched hand. "I think you'll be fine." he says to the nurse.

Samantha turns her head enough she can kiss his hand, just a few soft kisses there against his knuckles.."No.. no.. don't move. Just… rest. Just sleep… do you want something more for the pain? Just.. squeeze my hand if you do.. I'll get it. I'll be your nurse… I'm taking care of you… Just rest.." Samantha rambles out, not really able to stop her hushed, quick whispers.

Walsh has also decided to save the cigar from when he's feeling a bit better, it seems. At the question, he shrugs, "We shout at them, they shot us." He then closes his eyes for now.

Chaloux waves the lighter away. He's just too damn tired to smoke a cigar right now, collapsing back into the bed after finishing his cigarette. "Crazy Alex…" he murmurs, eyes blinking. "I tell you later, Kevin. But short story is… we laid some wire and did our job." And he just falls asleep, just like that.

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