A Long Night Medic Station And The Front

TLG Log: A Long Night
Who: Too many to write down
Where: Medical station to start, later on at the front line.
When: December 12, 2005

Medical Station
[The Grid]-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <
Here still in the shelltorn earth is a large bunker where the wounded can be tended. Barges ply a fairly makeshift looking jetty, evacuating the wounded back to Arras when space permits.
Perhaps the most depressing part of a depressing part of the world, the bunker is always filled with wounded - men lie on the bunks with gunshot wounds from snipers, or suffering from concussion caused by a nearby explosion, or, worst of all, left hacking up their lungs in bloody chunks and gasping for breath after a phosgene attack.

Stanley is in a cot, the blanket now being drawn back by his hand to offer a view when the medical corpswoman approaches. That left leg is wrapped in bandages, a serious wound at one spot as if from a large caliber bullet. "Good morning." to Wallace, in return, smiling a nod to the greeting by Antonia as well.

Garner scoffs to Stanley. "'long as you don't take any more unnesscary risks. Then you headstone might make Sergeant before he does." He gives a short, grim chuckle to his own morbid joke, beforing looking up to Samantha, a bit suprised. "Oh, ah, fine." He looks behind himself, as the clothing's removed "Wait, I'm not hurt that badly…." Sam will notice Garner's right hand shaking noticably, a tremor largely absent from his left.

Singh chuckles wryly at Stanley. "Perhaps." He sounds doubtful of his future sergeant status. He's also laying on a cot, with a mild rash from mustard gas and a bandaged wrist, but he doesn't look too bad off. He offers a nod and polite smlie to Wallace. "Good morning, Private."

Samantha frowns a bit more as she sees that slight tremor in Garner's arm. "Soldier.. why don't you have a seat and at least let me look at these? Please?" She leans in a bit closer, trying to make a bit of a joke.."Come on… make a girl feel useful for -something-. Or do you want the doctor?" SHe's teasing, even if there was a small part of her that felt vaguely useless these days. She then reaches down, trying to get his shirt unbuttoned and off of the worst of his injuries.

Chaloux comes stumbling in, not because he is injured, but because he is carrying another French soldier over his shoulder in a fireman's grip. Without ceremony, he dumps the poor man on the nearest flat surface which isn't the floor. The wounded soldier is whining loudly and squirming about, a big dark spot coloring his shoulder. Chaloux looks disturbingly untouched about it, looking around with a squint to possibly corner the first available nurse or doctor.

The man here would be well-described with the word 'tough'. He's the type o f guy who, if you cracked a rifle butt over his skull, would simply turn around and look at you questioningly. He is, of course, of a very above average build, his frame built around muscles gained from either exercise or manual labor. He's got black hair, and green eyes which, contrary to what his body structure would tell you, look inquisitive and alive, for now. A small scar runs close to the mouth on the right side of his face, a number of centimeters below the eye.

Antonia lets Samantha handle Garner's little show of bravado, her attention on Stanley. She clears dark hair off her face and pulls a rickety stool up beside Stanley to check over his leg, giving him a grateful nod as he moves the blanket. Her fingers are feather light as she touches the skin just enough to be able to see how the surgery is healing up. Her lips purse slightly, but that's the only reaction that the deep wound gets from her. She turns, reaching to the side of the cot for her medical kit, and sets about changing the stained dressing for a fresh one. "How does your chest feel, Private?" she asks as she works on his leg. "We discovered some stray shrapnel there last night and removed it. Hopefully it has lessened your pain."

Garner gives Samantha a small grin, turning back and taking a seat down on his cot. "Well, I suppose if I need to make a girl feel useful, I've done my good deed for the day." He notices the look given his trembling hand, and moves to hurridly grip the edge of the cot to stop it. "Eh! Looks like you might have a bit more of a job ahead of you." He says, pointing with his left arm to the bleeding French Soldier. A move that, cleverly enough, attempts to take attention away from his quivering.

Stanley's head turns to look attentive to the doctor, "There's no pain now." and smiles a nod down to the man's own bandage-clad ribs. "You were right about how it's healing nicely." He smiles, and draws up his hand, "And the frostbite's gone as well. Just the leg where the Hun machine gunner decided to practice on has any pain."

Singh shifts his eyes up when Chaloux enters, watching the Frenchman dump his comrade. "I believe that man requires some assistance," he calls, not staring too much from where he lays on his cot. That kind of thing isn't exactly unusual here.

Samantha's eyes go wide a bit as she sees the french men coming in. She frowns momentarily to Garner.."Sit still… I will be back. Just two minutes." And Sam quickly walks over in the other soldier's direction, giving a brief smile and a nod to Chaloux, "Hullo, sir.. What happened here?" She asks as she goes to carefully peeling back the bloodied clothing from the wounded soldier's shoulder, her motions gentle and trained but quick as can be.

Mike notices he has almost full movement of his leg again and smiles to himself.

Wallace leans around the group and spots the doctor, but sees that she's busy with a patient, and so he quietly waits. "Well, soon I'll be up there to help, if the doc gives me the go-ahead."

Chaloux looks up and over at SIngh when he hears that voice. He nods over at him in recognition, shooting him a toothy grin as if pleased to see him again. And there's Stanley too; he lifts a hand in a quick greeting, before he focuses on Samantha. "Mademoiselle," he tells her, voice raspy and gravelly. He clicks his heels together, then bows quickly and formally, before he explains. "Sniper. He is, how do you say… making lots of noise. He'll live." He looks down at the wounded man and offers, real helpful, in French; "It is only a fleshwound, Dupont."

Antonia raises her head, looking over at the Frenchman and his comrade. She doesn't quite move yet, letting Samantha do the intake and assessing the situation briefly with her eyes before she finishes up Stanley's leg with efficient swiftness. She glances at Stan's hand and nods. "Yes, that looks quite better. I think you'll be just fine Private; it's just this leg that's going to keep you out for a while." She wipes off her hands as she finishes with the dressing.

Mike looks to Chaloux, "Nothing is a flesh wound around here."

Singh inclines his head a notch to Chaloux, returning the smile with a slight one of his own. His eyes do shift to the 'fleshwounded' man he brought in, but his expression remains carefully neutral. "Help?" This question is directed to Wallace.

Stanley groans and offers a nod. "Eh. So true." and offers a moment's passing smile as if trying to put up a brave face. A look then over to where Chaloux is speaking, nodding to him. "Good to see you, Fusilier.", the Canadian adding a touch of French to the Gallic man's rank. "Your skill with a machine gun will help stop the Huns from sending more men here, next skirmish, I guarantee."

Samantha doesn't know french. Some bits and pieces, but that is about all. She gives Chaloux a gentle smile, "We'll take care of him." And finishes gently pulling back the uniform from around the wound. "Indeed… just a graze, really. Bullet not even in there. Let's clean this up." She reaches back for as clean a cloth as they get around here, dunking it in one of the near by water basins and grasping some soap. She goes about the matter with a clean professionality..

Garner gives a slight rolling of the eyes toward the standing Frenchmen. "Damn show-boating French." He says, under his breath. A bit louder, "Not to make light of the situaton, but you think your friend would have learned to keep his fucking head down." He says, before turning to Wallace. "Wait, that guy's a machine gunner?" He looks a bit confused.

"Aye." Wallace turns and moves back toward the supply part of the bunker, bringing out a blanket and a few clean swaths of gauze to Samantha. Hearing the question about his abilities he just shrugs and nods toward the newcomer. "Nay, the Frenchman."

Seeing matters in hand, Dupont well taken cared of and his whining having stopped much because there's a woman here, Chaloux digs around in his pockets and listens with a bland sort of non-caring manner on what Garner tells him. He grunts towards Stanley, then heads over first to Singh, offering a few cigarettes over, then to Stanley doing the same. It's the only thing not in short supply, regularly given out to the soldiers.

Singh gives Garner a mild look at his comment about the French, but he makes no comment. He does nod an affirmation of Wallace's response. He smiles when offered the cigarettes but shakes his head. "I do not smoke, thank you." And he does sound truly grateful to be offered them. "How are you called, Frenchman? I do not think I ever heard your name."

Antonia returns Stanley's blanket down over his leg and stands up, looking around at Samantha and the two Frenchmen. Whether she understands the French or not is impossible to tell. She closes her kit, stepping over to Singh as she waits for Samantha to finish prepping the shot victim. She and Chaloux get there at about the same time and she looks over the Frenchman's face before she turns her attention to Singh. "May I have a look at your hand, Corporal?" she asks, not that she needs his permission. But she asks respectfully.

Garner 's confused expression lessens, but doesn't go away. "Really? Why'd you call him a Fusilier, then? I thought that was another word for rifleman." He coughs. "Mind you, I'm not sure it's French, or not. Doesn't sound French." He coughs again, and simply observes the French Machine Gunner. New peopleare always somewhat interesting.

Samantha rather quickly manages to clean out the Frenchman's shoulder, wanting to get back to Garner who's body is over half covered in various fleshw ounds, but she does her job here. She then carefully pats it dry with a dry towel and tapes a bandage over top. She smiles to the french man, "Just.. rest. You will have a bit of time here to recover. Try and relax.." And then the redhaired nurse returns to Garner, only stopping on the way to get a fresh, clean cloth to finish cleaning out his wounds, "Sorry about that. Now… I was stripping you, yes?" She asks with a smile, looking over to Wallace and noticing he has some fresh bandaging as well. She smiles thankfully to him.."..Good afternoon, Wallace… thank you.." Her eyes drop, almost blushing just a bit to talk to the man. Her attentions return to Garner's wounded chest.

Chaloux gives Singh a look as if he isn't sure what to think of someone who doesn't smoke, then shrugs and waves a hand, instead digging out a paper-wrapped tiny little package which he offers over instead. It contains a sugar sweet. Just one. But it's always something. "Achille Chaloux," he introduces himself simply to Singh. "I only die if someone hurts my heel," he adds, self-deprecating humor coming to the fore. He politely steps out of the way so that he does not hinder Antonia, then clicks his heels together once more and bows quickly.

Stanley accepts just a single cigarette, offering a nod to the French soldier's gift. "Merci." He adjusts the blanket to cover his form below the center of the chest after the doctor draws it back over his leg. There's a glance at the bandages still on his chest for a moment, and just offers a quiet smile of pardon as the fag gets slipped above his ear for now. "I'll have a smoke later." to Chaloux. Hearing Garner's comment and question, the man just shrugs a bit. "Private's certainly not a French rank. Just a bit of change to keep all the nationality's straight in my mind out of respect."

"Of course," Singh replies to Antonia, offering his right arm to Antonia before the words are even out of his mouth. "It feels better. Stiff, but I am hoping that will lessen when this comes off." He rolls his bandaged wrist tentatively. "Not that the work I do here requires extreme deftness." He allows just the slightest note of bitterness into his tone as he says that. He grins, taking the sweet, and getting a good laugh out of Chaloux's introduction. "You are quite safe here then, I think. The Huns have few Trojans in their ranks. I am Aman Sher Singh."

Garner gives a nod. "Yes, I beleive that's where you left the process." As Samantha takes of the shirt, the cause of the wounding becomes clear: A slight exposure to some sort of blistering agent, probably mustard gas. He notices Samantha's flustered response to Wallace, and raises an eyebrow. "You two wouldn't happened to be…. familiar with each other?" He asks. He turns to Stanley. "Still, I thought Fuilser was a rifleman. They talked a bit about it in traning, but I wasn't really paying attention at the time."

Antonia looks at Chaloux for a moment after his quip, then actually manages a pursed-lip smile, brow quirking. A witty Frenchman. Go figure. She doesn't interrupt their banter, crouching by Singh's cot to inspect the man's mangled hand. She slowly undoes the dressing, keeping the actual wound as much out of Singh's view as she can as she checks on it. The surgery had repaired it quite well, and she can't keep a subtle bit of relief off her face as she sees how it's coming along.

Sam just… stops for a moment. Haulted, quietly shocked as she hears Garner's words. She blushes all the harder and after a moment of relearning how to breath, she shakes her head and goes back to gently cleaning out the wounds on his chest…"N-no… no. He… He saved my life.. t-the.. other week… Is a…." Samantha stammers out, now almost unable to even look at Wallace, so completely humiliated.

Chaloux gives Singh a small smile. "Good to see you again," he notes, English broken but well understood. He too takes a long good look at Singh's arm, then also looks pleased that it seems to be looking like it'll get well. He makes no comments on the first time they met, and the situation around that. The interaction between Garner and Samantha makes him raise his eyebrows and interestedly watch for a moment, before he smirks and turns attention to Stanley again. "How bad is it?"

"Private Garner!" Antonia says quite deadpan, her attention down on Singh's arm ever though her voice carries quite well. "/What/ have I told you about harassing my nurses? I don't take kindly to men who don't learn their lessons, you know."

Singh shifts a look in Garner, clearing his throat rather pointedly at the Private. Nothing more than that, but his expression is not best pleased. "You may wish to spare him some of your cigarettes," the Indian says to Chaloux. "It will give him something to occupy his tongue." He does look back to his hand when Antonia unwraps it, frowning in thought.

Stanley tilts his head, regarding Samantha for a moment curiously. Chaloux's question snaps his focus back to the here-and-now, and the young Canadian lifts a bit up. "The leg smarts sore, but it'll heal." and nods back down to it. "A German machine gunner decided to cut me down while his mates were advancing towards the trench." His mouth clamps shut hearing Antonia's scolding of Garner.

Wallace misses a step, just a beat, but continues to move through the bunker, handing a few of the blankets off to nurses that need them. Finally he moves over toward where Samantha tends to Garner and gives the man a glare. "You sound like you've got drugs running through you, so I'll pretend you didn't overstep yourself." His accent thickened in his irritation, but the change was momentary as he put a hand to rest on Samantha's shoulder. "Besides, not like I wouldn't do it again." The words of Antonia cause him to pull his hand back and snap to attention\; gotta love that military training.

Garner almost backs off from Sam, as she gets excessivly flustered. "Oh. That's all?" He says, sounding a bit suspicious, something he realizes a moment later. "Not that I'm saying there /would/ be anything else, mind you, but you look more embarassed than when I caught my sister in a bar with one of my work mates-" Singh's clearing of the throat is given a glace, but Antonia's reproch is giving a snap-to and a stammer. "S-S-Sorry, ma'am! I-I didn't mean any harm by it!" A quick turn back to Sam. "My a-apolgies, miss. Didn't mean to cause you any embarassment!" His hand is /really/ quivering now. It lessens a bit as he gives Wallace an embarassed smile, but steady stare. "I… I apologize." My God. One simple word and things get out of hand.

Chaloux's lips turn into a little grin. He's amused, enjoying the show, eyes suddenly glittering. He gives Stanley a grunt which sounds positive and friendly, so he's most likely happy that Stanley will live. Taking Singh's suggestion, he leans over and offers Garner a couple of cigarettes. "Take the… advice from an older man. Do not tease the one that cares for your health." It is said with such dryness, some people might get thirsty. And then, he winks at Antonia, still very amused. First time anyone's seen him acting anything but grumpy or dour.

Samantha doesn't notice Singh or Stanley's looks, as her back is to them right now as she's engrossed in cleaning up Garner's wounds and making sure there is no mustard gas left on his skin. But she heard Antonia's words, and sees Garner's suddenly all too flustered look, her eyes now going slightly wide. She didn't want to traumatize the soldier.. She was just.. embarassed. Now the only thing keeping her from exploding with blushing is Wallace's hand on her shoulder. She turns her head a moment, giving him a faint smile, about to say something but then he too snaps into an attention stance. She… just shuts her mouth, going back to her work. She murmurs to Garner after a moment.."No.. no.. it's… fine. Just a mistake. It's fine.."

Stanley finally speaks in a quiet voice during a break of silence after Antonia's sharp correction of the other man and the apologies that followed. "Happy St. Valentine's Day, Miss Cole." quietly to Samantha, even though her back's to him and she's tending the results of mustard gas.
Singh is unamused but he offers Garner no verbal reprimand. Antonia has that well in hand. He does grin darkly when Chaloux offers the private his cigarettes.

Antonia doesn't seem to notice anyone else's reaction but Garner's. Lucky man, he was. Not. She drapes a blanket gently over Singh's hand, turning around and glancing up at Garner as he stammers about. She shakes her head. "Shocking how some men forget their manners at the swish of a skirt," she comments dryly. "Leave the matter be, Private, and I'll thank you not to be /quite/ so inexcusably forward again, particularly to a woman so deserving of respect as Nurse Cole. Understood?" She watches him for a response.

Garner gives Samantha an embarassed smile. "No, no, I, ah, I apoligze. Sometimes I'm just to curious for my own good. Think I was born with a startling lack of common sense, but the doctors didn't catch it." He turns to the Frenchman when free fags are offered, and looks like he's about to say something. He hesitates, though, and finally just gives a smile, and takes what's offered, placing them in his shirt's right breast pocket. "I thank you for the advice. Don't have much experiance with women, besides those in the family." He moves his eyes to Antonia, who gets a more nervous smile. Understood, ma'am. I meant no offense. Too curious, ma'am." Well, his day just took a nose dive. Over a damned word!

Sam's eyes go a bit wide as Antonia -still- lectures Garner. She shakes her head.."N-no.. it.. It was fine." She then looks up to Garner's eyes a moment, giving him a faint smile, "I.. I'm sorry, Private." She really didn't mean to get him in trouble. She was just a little flustered is all. Now all the mustard gas has been cleaned out of his chest wounds and she pats them dry, carefully reaching over for the disinfectant/pain killing salve they have, using minute amounts against his skin.. just enough to cover the area before she bandages it.

Antonia seems to accept Garner's flustered response. Her chin tilts up very slightly and she then inclines her head towards Garner, her iciness dissipating now. "Thank you, sir," she replies, with a faint smile and quirk of brow. "As for the experience with women, might I suggest asking women to join you for tea rather than conversation which turns them so flush. Much appreciated." After a moment of looking him over she says, not without amusement. "At ease." Then she looks back at Singh's hand, uncovering it so she can finish her work.

Stanley grimaces with a frown, laying his head back on the cot and staring up towards the tent fabric as Samantha seems to fully ignore his quiet words to her that stood out in the moment of silence.

Sam manages for a moment to actually glance over in Stanley's direction.. blinking.."…Valentine's day?…it's.. that time?" She didn't even entirely know what month it was, though it was past Christmas by a good few weeks she realized. She gives Stanley a half smile… but goes back to Garner. Antonia's words just continue to make her work nervously. She didn't mean to cause near the rukus.

"No man understands women," Chaloux murmurs to Garner, then he moves to the side again and seems content to just hang around, stealing himself a few moment's of peace… among the wounded soldiers. Absentmindedly, he puts a cigarette between his lips and searches for matches, then changes his mind and tucks it away with a shifty-eyed look.

Singh nods to himself as Antonia goes on with her berating, watching the whole thing with a certain admiration. He pops the candy Chaloux gave him into his mouth with his good hand, letting the wounded one lay still beside him on the cot until Antonia starts working on it again. "May I have a pad and paper when you're finished?" he asks.

Wallace hears that the reprimand is not designed for him and softens his stance. He looks down at Garner with a slow shake of his head and just sighs. "Easy to get flustered, all things considered. Life is learning, and all that. Go on, get some rest." He turns his head toward Samantha and flashes her a grin along with a quick nod. "Evening to you, Miss Cole. I'm to see the Doctor to get cleared for duty."

Garner shakes his head slightly. "No apology nessecary, ma'am. I won't mention it again." To Antonia, he gives a nod. "Thank you for the advice, Doctor. I'll take it to heart." HE regards Wallace with a slightly softer gaze. "I'm finding that true. He gives a quick glance to Chaloux, but doesn't say a word. There'd be no easy way out of a response to the Frenchman. His right hand is now only shaking as much as it was when Sam first saw it. It doesn't show signs of lessening any furthur.

Stanley continues laying there, quiet and not speaking. Staring up towards the fabric of the medical tent above.

Samantha turns her head, eyes going a bit wide as she hears Wallace is going back out to duty. Yes.. that stops her a moment, but there isn't anything she can do about it. She just nods quietly, "…Alright…Wallace. Come… Come back any time. Be careful." SHe calls after him, really rather the same farewell she gives any of the soldiers even if there is a slight shakiness to her voice. She then looks back to Garner, finishing bandaging his chest and moving on to clean out and salve his arm. She frowns at the shaking.."..Private.. are you feeling alright? I think we're going to keep you in here on rest a few days.'

Making his way into the medical station rather slowly, face displaying some of those familiar blisters from exposure to gas, Walsh shrugs a little to himself as he stops inside the entrance pausing there for the moment.

Antonia wraps the bandages gently back around Singh's hand, looking at his face. "Pad and paper? But of course, Corporal." She can't help but glance at his hand, though, at that request. She seems to hesitate before she clears her throat. "If you need any assistance with writing…please do let me know." She couldn't be sure if his damaged hand were his dominant one or not. Hopefully not. Her head turns as she hears Wallace in the background and then Sam talking to Garner. Letting the nurse handle Garner for a moment she focuses on Wallace. "Sorry, what was that?"

Singh smiles at Antonia, shaking his head. "I can get on with this well enough," he says, raising his left hand. He's a south paw, apparently, though he certainly makes enough use of the right one in his work. "But I thank you for the offer." That said he falls quiet, relaxing onto his cot.

Garner gives a nod to Sam. "Sure he'll be alright." He says, quickly. When Sam remarks about his shaking. He grimaces, slightly, and looks to his hand. He gives what is supposed to be a reassuring smile to Sam, but what just comes across as slightly shifty. "Oh, I'm fine. No wounds but the mustard gas." Another look at his hand. "It isn't wounded, or anything. JUst hasn't stopped shaking." He coughs, "Sincelasnight. I'm sure it will stop in short order." Another shifty smile.

Wallace makes a show of shrugging. "My shoulder… hasn't hurt all day. You said I'd have to come back to get cleared, Doctor."

Chaloux can't dawdle here any longer, so he starts making his way out, giving Stanley's shoulder a light pat on the way, and Singh another nod. Walsh is also nodded at as he passes him by at the entrance. Soon as he's outside, a cigarette is lit up before he heads back to 'work'.

Stanley opens his eyes to turn his gaze over to Chaloux at the pat, "Good evening." to the man. "Be safe, and I assure that you are a gentleman with the ladies eh." and manages a smile. "Unlike me, from the back woods of Orillia."


Later the same night…

Allied Front Line Central
[The Grid]-----> > > > > THE LOST GENERATION < < <
Here you are at the end of the line, the very cusp of the Allied war effort. The efforts of the free world are focused here, on nudging this line, inch by tortuous inch, towards Berlin.
The front line trenches are the least habitable. Constructed under the fire of the enemy, with little opportunity to adjust or improve them, they are barely trenches at all but cavernous, flooded, collapse prone pits, mostly inhabited only by rats, or the dead.
Fritz is to the east, not all that far away. The wise man keeps his head down, for snipers ply their trade here, at the absolute front.

Chaloux is hunched over as he moves into the front line trench, activity beginning to filter through the ranks. He carries a Chauchat and is masked up at the moment, fully expecting a gas attack.

Cooper is resting up against the side of the trench. As the sound of artillery reaches him, he looks off to the east. The man checks his rifle over, and then moves into a position to keep an eye out on the front.

Chaloux grins grimly behind his mask, moving up next to Cooper and nodding at him. He too peeks over the edge and squints. In the light of a flare, he spots two Germans moving into no man's land, and he begins to deploy his weapon.

Cooper spies the Germans moving off in the distance as well. He steadies his rifle, takes aim, and then fires over at the Hun.

Chaloux is kind of busy using that unreliable Chauchat at the enemy, cursing as he notices the germans moving that close.

Cooper growls quietly as the Germans keep moving towards his position. He glowers at them, before taking aim and firing a second time.

Schulze begins his nefarious task - planting a satchel charge on the 75.

The Chauchat rattles loudly and one of the German's go down. "The other one!" he calls out, pointing over at Shulze, beginning to swing his weapon in that direction.
That'd be Chaloux shouting.

Mike says "Get the germans in the sandbags!"

Schulze continues to work.

Cooper lines up his shot, and then plunks Schulze once right in the chest. He smirks a little, and then swings his rifle over to the next German.

Mike aims up and attempts to shoot

Chaloux almost missed the other German, not having noticed him. With one dead, he almost starts looking back over the No Man's land, until realizing there's another. He curses and swings the Chauchat back again.

Franz fecks, so much for that, as the demo man goes down. He tries to get the hell out of here.

Cooper grumbles as he continues to shoot, "Fucking Huns, get the fuck out of here."

Mike draws up a bead.

Mike grins to Chaloux, "Nice shot!"

Schulze gets riddled by the jamalot, and falls, with so much lead he could be used as a pencil.

Cooper calls, "There's more coming." Across the line as he peeks out at the next man he can see.

Chaloux is looking a bit crazy, the mask pushed up over his head just so he'll see better, eyes a bit wild. And that machine gun is rattling off continuously, only pausing as long as it takes the French soldier to reload. The fact that the Chauchat isn't jamming today is a small miracle. Riddling the Germans with bullets, they sure look a whole lot messy.

Mike looks as Garner enters, "Two Huns down, two more in No Mans land."

Antonia keeps her head down as she gets through the trench, staying behind the lines of men shooting and loading their guns. Her kit in hand, she sets it down and kneels beside it, keeping a watchful eye for those who look like they may need it.

Chaloux curses. "Merde. I have no ammunition," he explains to Cooper, looking around for more. "Is there anyone having some?" he calls out, a bit desperate.

Garner moves as quick as blisters will allow, and falls on the Trench wall, searching for a target over the lip. "No, you think?"

Cooper shakes his head at Chaloux, "I don't have any for you. Just for my SMLE." he replies. He peers over the top of the trench, and then takes another shot.

"There's guests out here, I see?" Walsh offers a bit lightly as he reaches the line part of the trench, moving over to look out across the fields, and starting to aim, as he sees the enemies out there.

Cooper keeps peering at the man setting up his MG, he seems to be attempting to get a clean shot at the man.

Mike looks as the MG is Deployed. "MG!"

Mike says "I've got a bead on the MG."

Walsh fires off another shot at the MG using Hun, but misses again. "Nevermind who gets him, just make sure he'll die," he offers.

Garner fires off a shoot, and grunts. "Damn Germans. I needed the recovery time, too." He quickly chambers another round, and quickly sets up a shot. He doesn't grimace from the blisters, and his right hand has stopped shaking.

Chaloux is cursing and moving over to grab another Chauchat, temporarily busy finding himself something else to shoot with. Cursing that he didn't make sure to have more ammunition.

Cooper pops off a couple of rounds at Schwach, but does not seem to be hitting his target. The man grumbles a little and then asks, "Can we call arty on him?"

Antonia watches the Frenchman for a few moments, raising an eyebrow. Then she turns her attention back to the others, keeping one hand against the trench wall as she listens to the sounds of the shots.

Mike says "Got em!"

Garner misses another shot, and grunts is slight anger. He searches the trench, and spots a number of rifle grenades, which he moves towards.

Mike grins as he gets a shot off at the Hun.

Walsh fires and misses again, but it doesn't seem to outwardly bother him much. "Good one," he offers to Mike as he sees the shot hit. "That'll slow him down a bit."

Mike says "Got him."
Mike says "Hes down."

Garner manages to grab one Mills, but doesn't have time to set it up, before Mike calls out a kill. "Damn. No action

Garner looks around. "Cooper, come with me. I think we'll need to check the line south of here.
Cooper mutters something, and then pops up from where he is to move quickly in the direction of the Saucy Can. He's obviously out to remove the demolition charge the Huns were originally planning to place.

Mike says "I'm coming also"

Chaloux drops the other Chauchat as that one is also out of ammo, contemplates one of the bombs but decides not to.

Antonia breathes easier as the call goes up that the MG operator is dead. She looks towards No Man's Land, as if the quiet were still unsettling.

Garner coughs. "Damn it. Alright, Mike, with me. Only Mike though. I'll shout if I see anything." With that, moves again slowly, toward the South, keeping low.

Mike limps along side garner, moving to the south lines.

"Excellent," Walsh offers, as he ceases the shot he was about to line up. He then looks back out, considering for a few moments.

Chaloux grabs a rifle instead and finds that it has some ammunition, so he settles for that. He looks around, seeing that people are moving south; he decides to remain here and keep an eye on this part of the No Man's Land, peeking over the edge of the trench.

Antonia stays where she is in the trench, glancing at the French soldier and then turning her head to watch the men headed for the Saucy Can.

Cooper slips into the sandbagged emplacement and checks over the Saucy Can, before he retrieves the demo pack, slinging it over his shoulder, and a souviner from his first kill, and starts making his way off the front. He calls, "I'm going to get this back to our boys and let them handle it."

"Come on Jerry, where are you?" Walsh mutters as he looks out into the no man's land, rather carefully as he waits.

Chaloux keeps his mask pulled down for once, intently staring out over No Man's land. The flare burns out, and vision is next to nil. "They are done," he suggests to Walsh, gesturing over at the Saucy Can. "They wanted that one."

From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "No huns to South's East!".


From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "Are you getting hit with artillery?".


From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "We're getting hit with artillery down here.".

Chaloux glances over his shoulder for a moment, noticing Antonia now. He stares at her for a moment, nods her way, then looks back out over No Man's Land.

Walsh keeps his gaze out in the direction of the enemy line, as he absently reaches for a pocket to take out a cigarette, and some matches. Absently lighting the cig, with a small shrug.

Chaloux takes Walsh' example and lights a cigarette up too, cupping it in his palm to keep the glow from giving his position away. He's not exactly relaxed yet, but the worst /seems/ to be over, for now. He glances over towards the german corpse over in the sandbagged trench, cool eyes sweeping over it, not allowing himself to show any feelings.

From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "Shelling has lifted south. No Germans sighted!".

Antonia notes Chaloux's look when the Frenchman glances at her, but she says nothing. She stays crouched where she is, her pale eyes watching one of the other nurses tend to a minor injury down the line.

Walsh shouts, "ALL QUIET UP HERE AS WELL.".

Chaloux has to smirk at the timing of Walsh's shout back, as artillery suddenly begins barraging their position. He turns and looks over at Antonia again, and the other nurses, and gives Walsh a nudge with an elbow. "The wounded," he grunts, pointing at them. "Let us help get them back."

The sudden barrage makes Antonia scream before she even realizes she's doing so. She turns her face towards the wall for a moment to protect her face, then lifts her head and grabs her kit up.

From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "Any gas on your end??".


Walsh ducks down as the artillery barrages starts hit, muttering a little. "Can't a man even enjoy a smoke around here. Stupid Jerry."

Antonia brushes hair back from her face, muttering something about her own reaction to the sudden sounds. She sighs and joins her other nurse, aiding a young man who wasn't exactly prepared for the barrage.

From Allied Front Line South, a male voice shouts, "No Gas on this end! Artillery has ceased for the moment!".


Chaloux spits his cigarette out in favor of putting his mask back on. He swings his Chauchat over his shoulder, then drops the Enfield and goes about getting wounded helped into cover, dragging someone who's hit with shrapnel into a better position.

"Come on, just stay low and let us now if you smell anything, and it will be all right," Walsh says, in an attempt to lighten the mood in the trench, before he looks over at one of the soldiers, who happens to be a rather short lad that seems to have come straight out of school. "Well, if you smell something other than Parks shitting that is," he adds lightly.

Chaloux ducks down at another barrage comes down, and he covers the body of a wounded with his own, as dirt rains over the two. Miraculously, none are hit, so he quickly gets up and moves over towards Antonia and the other nurse, gesturing insistantly. "Don't stay here," he says, voice muffled under the mask. He looks over at Walsh, nodding thankfully at him for the inspiring talk.

Antonia arches a brow at Chaloux, effectively ignoring him as she continues with what she needs to do. She tosses a roll of bandages to her nurse, who's nearly run out while working on a soldier's arm, then picks her way over to them to give her hand on it as well.

Chaloux glares at Antonia through the glasses of his mask. He brushes some dirt off, which really doesn't serve a purpose since he's basically a big mud pile right now. "This is no place for women," he tells her stoically. He's got his mind set, there. One of the old-fashioned types who'd rather see women in the kitchen, or possibly in bed.

Antonia presses her hand down upon the young man's leg wound, glancing up at Chaloux. "With all due respect, sir, if you spent as much of your time lashing at the enemy as you do at me, we could all go home a little sooner. Now do you mind?" With that she returns to work.

Walsh glances up and out at the lines again, but ducks down as the barrages comes.

Chaloux finds himself stunned at the retort from Antonia. He blinks behind his mask, struggling to find the words to this very independent woman. In the end, he's kind of saved by the bell, throwing himself at the doctor to cover her as the barrage hits very close, shrapnel flying through the air. The ambulance gets even more destroyed.

Antonia is quite crushed as Chaloux demonstrates his masculinity. The air knocked out of her lungs she lowers her head as dirt falls atop them. Hands pressed to the ground she struggles underneath him, the only thing she can really think about being the patient she was just interrupted from caring for. "Blasted…" and some other words Chaloux may or may not be able to translate.

Walsh has kept all his attention on the line, as the Barrage seems to have lifted. In fact, if someone would approach him with a knife, from behind, it's almost doubtful that he'd even notice it.

Chaloux has just 'jumped' Antonia in a chevalier attempt to save her from shrapnel. She's not exactly thankful though, cursing at him. He gets up much more slowly than he has to, then takes her upper arm and pulls at her to help her up. "I'm sorry," he tells her, dead-pan, "did your dress get dirty?" He looks up, cocks his head, then pulls the mask down.

Garner slowly moves in crouch from the south, and leans aganist one of the trench walls, taking sometime to cactg his breath. He lifts off his mask, and scans the crowd. "Been silent for a while now. I think the current offense has let up."

Garner only then notices the Frenchman, and Antonia. He gives a quick smirk, and mutters, "Show-boating French…"

"No." Antonia says as she pulls her arm from his and stands up on her own. "Did /yours/?" Kneejerk reaction, that one.

Walsh turns slightly as he hears the words, unable to hold back a quiet smile. And somehow, he's managed to keep his cigarette in good order, and continues the smoking, rather thoughtfully.

Chaloux lets go of her arm, giving her a lookover; there's an actual hint of concern in his eyes for a moment, as he's making sure she's not injured. He picks some dirt off his sleeve, with slow, deliberate meticulousness. Then he gives Antonia a cocky grin before he turns to walk over and help move some other wounded. "Give me some help!" he calls over at Garner and Walsh, bending down over a man with a wounded leg.

Garner grunts, and stands up, moving a quick as he can. a pained expression on his face, over to another wounded man, hositing him up, and supporting him with his hand under the armpit.

Antonia straightens her uniform jacket with pursed lips. Chaloux's lucky she's taking out her temper there instead of on him. She turns to her medical crew, helping to get the men out of this damned place.

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