A Letter To The Cold North

From Pierre

To: Arvidsjaur church, priest. Read it to Family Stromberg, Arvidsjaur, Sverige (Sweden).
I am in france yes we, we are faiting agenst the germans, yes. I somtaims Wunder wat ouer king thinks ov dis and wer in France his family caim from. We ar doin qwate wel, yes. I got a litel to clos to a faier and burnd my hand a litel. I us a mashin gan her. You shod hav one for hantin. We ar alwais in a dip trensh, so we do not see much ov the enemy and we ar rader saif ther, yes. I wil be home to visit in faiv yers to so dont expekt me to soon.
Korporal Markus Morgenstern helpt raitin the letter.

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