A Letter To Son

Son, I don't know if you will ever get this letter, but I pray that you do. I wish I
could've seen you grow up. Know that I love you and I always did. I had to leave, and there
is not a day that I do not regret the actions that led to me leaving. I was a young fool,
who led a life of lies.

Today, we leave for a big battle. I don't know how I've managed to survive so far, I have
been wounded many times but never enough to put me out of the fight. Maybe I will die
today. If I do, my thoughts will be with you to the last.

There is something you must know. I do not fight with the Germans, with my country
brothers. I am in the French Foreign Legion, and I fight with the French and the Brits and
all the other nations. Yes, I have killed Germans. Some would call me a traitor, but in

Your father,

Markus Morgenstern

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