A Letter To Mom

Letter to Mom from O'Riley

Dear Mother.
Ive asked the help of a nurse to help me write this..The war did not really help to bring wisdom in the form that will help me write a letter myself. I miss home, I miss your food and well I really miss the open grassy fields of home more then I ever thought I could.
Strange people down here, have a black Corpral. Imagine that mom, he is as dark as the horse we have at the barn.
I try to be brave, I do what the officers tell me and I will be damned if we wont reach Berlin.
There is a woman down here, well there is more the one woman but you know what I mean, she is not very unlike you..Hard as rock and scary.
A real woman that, and she seems to know how to keep a house in check. The other women who work under her is soft and looks about to fall into tears most of the time, but she. I guess she is the kind a real man would marry if he wants more then just eyecandy.
So what to tell you of the war; I live, people die and its muddy. It looks a lot like the pigs den, and we live like pigs here.
//Your son Sean.

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