William Engelbretson

Private William Engelbretson

Born: January 14, 1917
Died: July 17, 1937

Private William Engelbretson of K Company of the XI International Brigade was holding a position overlooking the intersecting roads of Mediana to stop any potential Nationalist counterattacks. On July 17, 1937, a sizable Nationalist force attacked Mediana from the west. Private Engelbretson, who was doing sentry duty, saw the approaching enemy force and passed the warning down to the rest of the unit. Seeing that he had to stall the enemy until the rest of K Company could get in position to beat off the attackers, he and a band of fellow Comrades tried to hold their position as best as they could. The enemy rushed their fire and then engaged them in savage close quarters combat during which Private Engelbretson was mortally wounded by a burst of submachine gun fire. His bravery and dedication to his unit and the World Revolution will live through those who survive.

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